Different (A Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides story)

I had never laid eyes on a man before, but almost immediately I understood why my sisters held them in such low regard. These men were stupid, sluggish, stinking, and so concerned with taking our maidenhood that they no longer cared for their own safety. They were the most repulsive creatures I had ever encountered.

Still, I approached one lithely and gracefully pulled my arms over the edge of the boat. This man in front of me was young, blonde and his eyes mirrored the colors of the crystalline water. His face did not force me to immediately wince away in disgust, and so, I chose him. I understood the need to take advantage of this most rare opportunity. So few men ventured into our waters, and I could not afford to be choosy.

I sang to him in almost raspy tones, my voice deep with a primitive, sexual need. He leaned his face closer to me, his eyes greedily roaming over my face and arms and down to where the water covered my breasts. His breath came in shallow pants and he grasped the edge of the small boat in order to lower his face to mine, begging me for a kiss.

Suddenly two hands grasped his shoulders and strong arms pulled him from my trance.

This new man kept his wits about him and after pulling my chosen sailor from me, pulled yet another man from the treacherous gaze of one of my sisters.

I hissed at him in my rage and tried once more to lure the sailor he pulled away from me. Before I could begin again, he positioned himself between me and the fool who had so recently begged me for a kiss.

This man was different.

He protected the others.

With a final hiss, I tugged hard at the edge of the boat, sloshing the sea and sped off toward the shore.