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The Dream of Three

Airpaw energeticly ran with her mentor, Boulderfall, who gracefully slid throught the part of the moor that had grass nearly a fox length tall.

"Now Airpaw," He said, "This field will help you get the idea of what it is like battling in ShadowClan or ThunderClan territory. It's not flat like the moor, and you can't see if someone is sneaking up on you."

He was right about that. Airpaw had ran out of camp as a kit, and she ran into this feild. She had gotten so lost in it she didn't notice her father, Webblaze, walk up to her with the rest of the hunting patrol.

Boulderfall weaved through the grass, and by the time he was three rabbit lengths away, she lost sight of him. Now, she had to use the wind to help her sneak up on her mentor, and to keep him from sneaking up on her. She kept her back to the sun, knowing that if a cat would be coming in her direction, the light of the sun would distract them... unless Boulderfall was approaching her from behind. She opened her mouth and drank the scents of the feild. He's behind me, Airpaw thought, he's going to attempt an ambush. Humph!

She stalked from her spot with her back to the sun and hid behind a rock. Her mentor would be confused now, because she had changed her route. Time for the hunter to become the hunted!

Just then, Boulderfall emerged into her veiw, just as confused as she hoped he would be. But suddenly, a strong wind blew from behind the blue-eyed apprentice, and towards her mentor and the moment the breeze hit his nose, he picked up her scent and headed towards the rock.

Mouse dung!

Quick as lightning, Airpaw jumped from the rock and landed on her mentor's back and, with claws sheathed, fought in a tumble of brown, silver, and white fur. In the end, they were both exausted, and collapsed near the rock, purring in laughter.

"I got you, oh wise Boulderfall." She panted.

"Oh, shut your mouth. I was still able to find out where you were since you didn't stay low to the ground." Boulderfall shot back, although he was still bubbling with laughter.

"Hey, I was still able to confuse you, managed to surprise you, and you just played along."

Boulderfall stood up. "Fine. You won, but we need to go now. I have to talk with Quailstar."

Airpaw nodded, and bounded after him. Her eyes wandered and locked on Boulderfall's muscular brown shoulders.

He isn't just handsome, Airpaw thought, He's so kind and never talks back to anyone. But he's still greiving for Lilactail... Great StarClan!

Airpaw caught herself mooning off the way her friend, Waterpaw, would when the tom-of-her-dreams Oakpaw passed them. Airpaw's pelt felt like it was burning, and she slowly began to race aheead of her mentor, but he soon caught up with her with amber eyes round.

"What's wrong?" he mewwed.

Airpaw's claws dug in the ground. "I, uh, was going to ask Quailstar if I could hunt on my own... you know, since WindClan's numbers have been declining." she murmured. It was half-true. She had been dying to hunt on her own without a bunch of older cats nagging her about the way she hunted.

Boulderfall was silent before answering, his round eyes hidding an emotion. "I'll let you go as long as you're back... by sunhigh, Ok?"

"Ok!" Airpaw beamed, licked her mentor's cheeck respectfully, and ran towards the most plentiful area of hares on the moor.

"Ask me anytime!" he called after her.

The sun beat on her pelt, and she was suddenly lost in deep thought. Soon, she realized why Boulderfall had been silent and why he had paused when he was talking to her. What he was thinking was clear: I'll let you go as long as you come back alive.

Airpaw stretched as she placed a very plump hare and two finchs on the fresh prey pile, and she purred when she saw Jaypaw enter the camp. As Airpaw's blue ones beamed with joy,her blue gray sister's green eyes gleamed with triumph with a moor hen almost twice the new apprentice's size hangging.

Jaypaw quickly raced to the elders den, where purrs of pleasure quickly boomed, which were soon joined by Airpaw's thoughts of her sister happily getting mouse bile to get the fleas and ticks out of the elder's fur, for that was the type of cather little sister was

Airpaw was so caught up in that daydream that while she was walking from the fresh prey pile, she bumped into the medicine cat apprentice, Harepaw, and ended up in an akward position with their noses touching.

She leaped nearly a fox length in the air when she felt a rush of embaresment and awkwardness. "H-Harepaw! I'm sorry, I-I wasn't looking where I was g-going!" She stuttered.

Harepaw shook his head when she finished mewwing. "I wasn't looking where I was going either." He said, his voice betraying the excitment and nervousness he held in. He flicked his tail, and began speaking again. "I need someone to escourt me to the lake, and I was wondering if you would."

Airpaw simply shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I'm going on dawn patrol tomorrow so Boulderfall wanted me to get some sleep."

Harepaw flicked his tail again. "It's ok. I'll ask Egretpaw or Jaypaw then. See you later!" With that, he bounded over to the medicine cat den where Egretpaw had recently entered.

Airpaw yawned. Time to sleep, she thought, her belly full of the gigantic rabbit Boulderfall had shared with her in the morning. (She was still puzzled about how a rabbit could have been that big!) She once again walked to the appentice den, and curled up to sleep...

Airpaw ran after the rabbit, it's snow-white tail letting her know where it went. Soon, she was whizzing past Tallrock, and the feild where she had been training with Boulderfall. Soon, she noticed that trees where begining to show up, and came to an abrupt stop when she tasted ThunderClan scent. Then, as if he walked out of thin air, the flame colored tom she knew as Firepaw appeared beside her.

"Hello, Airpaw," he mewwed.

"Um... Hi... Firepaw, right?"

He shook his head. "Firestorm now."

Airpaw looked the bright-colored tom up and down, puzzled by him being a warrior when he looked only seven or eight moons old.

Then, Airpaw caught a fishy scent, which caused her to reel back in disgust. "RiverClan!" she spat.

"On this side of the lake?" Firstorm muttered, "As if this dream wasn't strange enough..."

Airpaw swished her tail. "Hey, do you want to check it out?"

Firestorm looked at her for a second and nodded. "Um, sure."

The two cats stalked towards the lake, Airpaw keeping so low to the ground it was like she was swimming in it.

Then, a she-cat appeared, waddin through the water. In fact, a she-cat with blue silver fur.

"Waterpaw!" Airpaw mewwed.

Waterpaw turned around, ears pricked and a small smile forming on her face. "Airpaw!" Then she squinted at Firestorm. "Er... Firepaw right?"

Firestorm shook his head. "Firestorm now."

Waterpaw's eyes widend, but didn't respond.

Then, for a split second, Waterpaw had stars in her pelt. Airpaw yowled in fear.

"W-Waterpaw, you just-"

She must of been able to read what had gone on in Airpaw's mind, because she nodded slowly."StarcClan's trying to decide where I belong right now, especially after being dragged from RiverClan territory, nearly drowned in the lake, and left without any help on the island."

Airpaw opened her mouth to speak, but Firestorm interupted. "What do you mean? Is there a blood thirsty rouge in our territory?"

Waterpaw looked at her paws. "Since StarClan is still deciding, they haven't told me a thing..."

Firestorm must have sensed that the subject was bothering Waterpaw greatly, because he said, "So... how's Oakpaw?"

Waterpaw purred. "He's boasting like always. Happy... at least this morning he was..."

Airpaw padded up to her, stroking her tail over Waterpaw's back. "I'm sure... that everything will be fine."

Waterpaw's pelt flickered again, this time she was star-pelted for two seconds. "I'm pretty scratched up." Waterpaw laughed dryly. "See?"

Suddenly, Airpaw was able to see what was happening in the real world. It was night, and a silver tabby was washed up on the shore of the island, barely breathing.

Then, it was back to the dream. Waterpaw flickered again. Three seconds.

"You're one of my best friends," Airpaw gasped afterward, knowing that Waterpaw could join StarClan at any moment.

Waterpaw's eyes gleamed. "You're one of my best friends, too. If I do-" Waterpaw's pelt flickered for a second, "-jpin StarClan tonight, I want you to tell Oakpaw that-"

"You love him?" Firestorm and Airpaw interupted in harmony.

Waterpaw nodded. Firestorm narrowed his eyes. Airpaw growled. "You won't die." she whispered, so inaudible that Airpaw could barely hear herself say it.

Suddenly, Waterpaw gasped, and the flickering between life and death stopped, and she disapeared.

Firestorm's eyes were stretched so wide that you could see the whites, and Airpaw, for some reason, wasn't shocked at all.


"She's alive and just woke up." Airpaw mewed smoothly, almost as if she knew what StarClan had been planning. Airpaw turned, and was about to shut her eyes and try to wake up, but Firestorm's gasp caused her to freeze.

Firestorm ran to her, looking like he just saw the ghosts of cats in Dark Forest.

"W-what is it?" Airpaw stuttered.

Firestorm looked at her up and down before answering. "You and Waterpaw are two of the cats from my dream!"

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