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It had been a week since the incident in the gym with Dimitri, and I had not seen him since. It was clear as daylight that he was avoiding me but I was also avoiding him. I hadn't even told Liss about the kiss. She's developed a habit of calling me everyday at my midnight, which was starting to make me look like a zombie.

"Hathaway! Are you listening to a word I'm saying?" Stan scowled.

" Not a single one." I replied, always willing to fuel his anger. I mean you could see his veins compulsing. I wonder if I tapped one whether it would explode or not.

"You better learn to tune down your attitude, Miss Hathaway. It'll get you in a lot of trouble with the Royals now that you're an official guardian." He muttered before stalking away.


"He's right though Rose." I turned to see Alberta coming up on my left.

"I don't give a damn. Besides if he's rude to me I'll just be rude back. He knows I'm an official guardian, he said it himself, but he still addresses me as Miss Hathaway. I mean what's with that." The words seemed to flow from my mouth as if in a race to get out.

"It's his way of dealing with troublesome students. You know that as well as I do." She laughed as we headed for the perimeter of the campus. I'll tell you this once, guardian shifts suck.

"I'm beginning to wonder how long he's been teaching here."

With a quick goodbye we both headed in separate directions and began to walk to perimeter looking for anything that's not supposed to be there. I'd gotten lucky having two night shifts and one daylight shift (human time) each week. This was my daylight shift and I was bathing in the suns warmth when I heard some high-pitched giggles. Gotcha. I, ever so quietly, slipped towards the giggles and finale burst through the trees surprising the five students. Two girls and three boys, all dhampris. (? Don't know who to spell it sorry?)


Their reaction was sooooo funny; I swear the blonde boy pissed himself. The empty vodka bottles were all the proof I needed that they'd been drinking.

"Come on. Kirova's office for all of you." Their faces; priceless.

After they handed over the three-vodka bottles left over I escorted them to the principles office, all to familiar with it myself. Luckily I wasn't the one listening to Kirova's lecture. Though I felt sorry for them I knew they had been doing the wrong thing and if they had any Moroi with them they'd all be dead if I was a Strigoi.

"Guardian Hathaway, are you going to get that?" the receptionist said.

"Huh." She inclined her head towards the pocket on my jeans and only then dead I hear the incessant busing. Ring, ring…

"Ring." I couldn't help myself.

"Hell-oooo, Rosie-Posie. How ya doing?"

"Spark-star. I can't believe I'm saying this but I miss your sarcastic mouth."

"As I do yours, as I do yours. Any-hoo, I was wondering if…" he seemed almost uncertain whether continue or not.

"Don't worry Pyro I won't tell anyone your secret and your only dating Liss to make Andre jealous." I whisper yelled making the receptionist look at me strange. Well, I just showed her how nice my middle finger was looking today.


"Okay okay. What you want?"

"Well…um…you now how Mrs. Dragomir holds that annual lunch thing. It's coming up and I need your help to find something to wear."

I didn't even try to hide my laugh with a cough as I headed to the guardian dorms. "What? Why don't you just ask Liss? She'd be more than happy to help you, though she'd be happier with the clothes off as well as hers."

"Ew. It's just wrong you know that much about my sex life. But any-hoo you know how Lisa gets. First it's the shirt, then jacket, the shoes, cufflinks…"he trailed off knowing I'd got the point.

Did you know even if your looking in front when your walking while talking on the telephone you still don't see things in your path. I walked straight into a hard wall, not wall chest. A hard and incredibly high chest that belonged to a certain Russian. The impact sent me down and down I would have gone if two strong arms hadn't grabbed me.

"Rose! Rose you still there? Is it a yes or no? Rose."

"Yeah, what. Oh yes sure. Bye." Hanging up before he replied. My gaze traveled up the chest in front of me until my eyes were met with two deep dark brown ones. The difference was these eyes were stormy and hostile. Totally different from what I knew them as. For a moment I thought I saw them change to something else, something softer, something kinder but that something vanished just as quickly as it had come. "Hey, what wrong?"

"Nothing." Was Dimitri's curt reply as he suddenly released my arms and marched away.

"Dimitri." I called but he was already disappearing from my vision. Man he was fast.

Turning around I stuffed my phone in my pocket and picked up the vodka bottle lying hazardously on the soft grass but not before noticing one was missing. Now I knew why teachers always had a full stash of alcohol. You confiscate it, you keep it.

I kept walking but was no longer heading to my dorm but somewhere else. Somewhere undecided just yet. I found myself in the church of all places. Father Andrew was no where to be found so I just lay down of one of the front pews, opened the vodka and drunk away gazing up to the gold angels painted on the ceiling. One bottle later I was reciting the words to my favourite book. First Death by Rebecca Forrester. It was the bit where Sophia was listening in as Christian (ironic huh) was yelling at Isobel because he thought she was cheating on him but you find out she was actually questioning Jason why he was besotted by Sophia when he'd hardly met her, or so she though.

"Why? Why would you do something like that to me? I thought…I thought you loved me."

"'What the hell are you talking about. I do love you, I love you so so much."

"Yeah right. You're just saying that. Who is it Gabriel? Zander? Jason even. Oh god its Jason isn't it I should of guessed earlier I mean you keep glancing at him in class."

"Christian Eric Romeo. You listen to me. I am not cheating on you with your brother or anyone for that matter. I love you. You. Not Jason or anyone else." Isobel/me yelled. "Besides haven't you noticed how besotted by Sophia Jason is."

"What are you doing here?" Jason line hung in the air but it was not me who had uttered it.

"Dimitri." My sensing awakened from their alcohol-induced state of numbness. Though my brain remained foggy. "Why did you kiss me?" The second the words left my mouth I regretted them.

"I didn't."

"Yes you did. A week ago in the gym."

"It would be best for both of us if we just forgot that mistake, Miss Hathaway. Your forgetting I'm a married man, it clearly meant nothing to me." I don't know why it caused me so much pain as he said those words I knew were true. But really he didn't feel any of the care I'd felt.

"It's Guardian Hathaway." I said coldly standing up and leaving the empty vodka bottle where I'd dropped it an hour ago. "Besides I've already forgotten that thing that happened in the gym as it was an obvious mistake." I snarled and the word 'thing' sounded like the most revolting thing ever. Not looking back I ran, not knowing where I just ran. I wanted to cry, to be able to let out this sadness and frustration as Liss said but I couldn't. No tears came, they never did.

Back in my room I flopped onto the bed exhausted and already drifting into a light sleep. After taking a gulp of vodka, of course. My dreams filled with swirling colours and a golden light. Spirit. Later that night I was woken by a door slamming near by and muffled Russian curses as something fell to the floor. But I knew I couldn't do anything. I didn't dare move just listen as Dimitri stumbled around his room. There were a couple of bangs as furniture hit the floor but I could tell he was fine. But then the noise stopped and there was silence.

The silence was broken by a sob. A heart-wrenching sob. And soon one sob turned to two and to turned to three.