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Rose P.o.V

The heavy doors closed behind me sealing off the reality of the world outside. It was dark inside the club the only lights were those flashing colours and shapes over the dance floor, packed with sweaty human teens. After scanning the area for signs of Strigoi I headed over to one of the circular bars where eight others sat. Two were passionately lip locked, their drinks long forgotten. And almost all the others were in the process of flirting but there was one man that stood out.

He was hunched over the bar, a bottle of extra strong Russian Vodka clutched tightly in his hand. Unfortunately he sat in darkness and the shadows masked his features concealing his face from my view. He was clearly a depression drinker; he uses the alcohol to wash away his sorrows.

My attention was drawn away from this mystery man as the sound of raised voices filled my ears from the other corner of the club. Two human men stood face to face in a heated discussion a girl sobbing on the floor. Tensing, I watched as the taller man drew back his fist ready to strike but the newly consoled girl sprung from her position grabbing on to his arm, a pleading look on her face. Eventually he spun around and stalked out of the club dragging the girl after him. Satisfied with the out come I turned back to the bar and was meet by the friendly looking bar tender.

"What can I get for you tonight darlin'?" He asked with a slight southern drawl.

"Surprise me!" I said spinning around to face the club once again. Young human couples swayed, grinding intimately against each other to the fast paced beat of the music. Suddenly my view of the dance floor was obscured by a tall figure, a man in his middle twenties with shaggy black hair, grey eyes and an obvious smirk at what he thought would be his next catch.

"Hello Gorgeous, what your name?" Luckily I was saved the hassle of making an excuse to turn away from him.

"One Sex on the Beach." I was slightly shocked at the voice behind me, it was the bar tender. "Oh honey when you get home put the kids to sleep I have to work late tonight."

"You-" the man stuttered from next to me. "Err um yeah I just saw my date gotta go." He was off in a flash zooming to the dance floor. I laughed lightly as I brought the drink to my lips.


"Don't worry about it. The little crap is a regular always harassing pretty girls."

"There's must be some way I can repay you?"

"Just keep buying drinks as long as you're here."

"Will do." I said happily holding up my drink and taking a long swig.

Three drinks later I was getting bored. I know me, Rosemarie Hathaway, getting bored in a club packed with hotties that must be something you'd never expect but I had grown up a fair bit over the years. I had seen a deeper meaning to life through Christian and Liss, and I was fully prepared to find it for myself as well but to do that I figured might as well hang up my danger-seeking belt.

But as you know it is very unlikely for me to get bored in a club and tonight was not one of those times, on my way to the dance floor I shuffled along the back wall to avoid all the sweaty couples making out. "The bitch should know her place." A voice bellowed, definitely a man, shortly follow by the sound of something heavy knocking into the clubs metal trashcans, let's just say it was my initiative that told be the heavy thing was the speakers voice. That certainly caught my attention and there was no way this night was going to be boring in anyway. "The woman is dirt under the finger nails of men like me."

"Well you can hardly call yourself a man." The trashcans were knocked again but this time I knew it was the dude trying to stand up. A girls' sobs were audible even over the noise of the fight. Damn, it was probably the group from earlier going at it again. I stalked over to the thick back door that had failed to close properly and was now giving me the access to listen in on the fight, throwing it open I moved harshly through the doorway and down the rusty stairs.

Unfortunately, I was met with the sight of soaked, mud covered and tousled men. Two on the ground rolling around, and three standing up well two were standing up and one was slumped in the middle of the two, looking terribly beat up. There was indeed a girl, the same girl from earlier, sobbing on the wet ground, her short gold dress failed to conceal, well, anything. No one had noticed me yet and I used that to my advantage sneaking up behind the girl. I gently slipped my hand into hers expecting her to scream or at least shrink away from me but she was to far gone and continued to sob. I moved my other arm around her waist and hoisted her up to her feet before slowly leading her to the steps and through the doorway into the hall where someone would find her.

I raced back outside to find the scene worse then when I had left, two more men had shown up and had seized hold of one of the men who had been fighting, the other still lay on the ground propped up on an elbow as he wiped his bloody nose.

"Your gonna pay for that you fucker." He growled hastily trying to spring to his feet. Emphasis on the try part, the stumbled almost collapsing but manage to lean on the wall of the club and gain his bearings. I was surprised that no one had noticed the fact that I was just standing there in the open observing their little problem and the girl had just vanished.

"Josh just leave them out of it this is between me and you." The man I had seen earlier slumped between what were obviously 'Josh's' minions; I think I'm just going to call him Bob.

"What's the use of having muscle men under your employment and not using that to your advantage." Josh smirked now that he was standing without the wall's support.

"You only have them cause your to week to defend yourself and anyway I could take the all in a fight." This new voice was different, the slur made it obvious that its owner was in fact drunk, but what shocked me and signaled the voice as different was the fact that I recognized it. It was the voice that haunted my dreams, the voice that haunted my day, it was his voice. Dimitri's.

What was he doing here? Tempting and beating up humans were not his forte, well technically he was mostly the one getting beat up. I watched as Josh swung his fist fiercely landing a firm punch on Dimitri's gut and then laughed as Dimitri doubled over. With a nod from Josh the men restraining Dimitri dropped him roughly and stood back as Josh knelt down to Dimitri's current level. "I'd very much like to see that."

The moon shone through the clouds, a silvery glow illuminating the dingy alleyway lighting Dimitri's hostile face. It was clear that Josh has gotten the worse of their earlier tumble but Dimitri still bore some evidence, the split lip, black eye and broken nose were only a few on his face. I was frozen in shock; this was not the man I remembered from my days as a student.

"Leave him alone!" 'Bob's' cry brought me out of my retrieve and a plan started forming in my mind.

"Be quiet, Rob." Josh laughed. So Bob's name was really Rob, that can't be a coincident. "You can start."

Wincing as I heard boot connect with flesh I was tempted to go back to my rush in without thinking way but I knew if I wanted to save everyone this is what needs to happen. I continued on quietly stalking through the shadows before freezing behind Rob and his capturers, clutching the piece of timber I had found earlier on the stairs I brought my arm back to strike and swung aim at the dude on Rob's left knocking him out cold with the one blow. As Rob had already been thrashing around wildly when the guard collapsed and his grip relaxed Rob unconsciously tore free and ended up stumbled into the other one. Unfortunately that knocked the other guard out of my line of contact and caught the attention of Josh but not the men beating Dimitri or even Dimitri himself.

The guard quickly recovered though and shoved Rob away harshly before turning to face me but instead he got acquainted with my trusty piece of timber and hit the floor cold like his buddy. By this time Rob had backed up against the wall of the club cautiously not knowing whom to fear at the present time.

"Well, well, well who is this stunning beauty?" Well now I know Josh is an egotistical coward.

"I know who I'm not." I replied.

"And who is that?" he asked relaxed.

"An narcissistic coward named Josh."

"You little–" he started furiously but I cut him off.

"Bitch? Yeah, I've been told." I smirked. "Cat got your tongue?"

"Zachary get over here and show this girl whose boss." One of the men ruthlessly beating Dimitri froze mid kick and turned his head to face josh then me, a cruel smile curling on his lips.

"Of course."

"Oh good I could use the practice." I smiled moving into a fighting stance while he just stood there grinning. He made the first move lunging clumsily straight for me but a quick sidestep to the left effectively moving out of his path and gaining the opportunity to deliver a sift kick to his chest. He fell backwards hitting his head on the dirty ground. Flicking his arms back and letting the momentum continue through his body he lifted himself onto his hands before attempting to kick my legs out from under me. But Dimitri had used that move on me one to many times and I had expected it from a cheat like Zach. Jumping to avoid it was harder since I was wearing heels but I managed before landing steadily, watching as Zach finally rose to his feet and took a fighting stance as he had finally got it in his head I was not some weak little girl.

He lent on his left foot half a second before lunging towards me from the right landing a blow to my arm, I stumbled slightly in my heels but quickly sent a blow to his nose, which he was unable to dodge in time. I smiled at the satisfying crack and the look of pain on his face. Point one for Rose, nil for Zach.

Now it gets interesting.

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