[[A/N: PLEASE keep in mind during some verses that I wrote this back when Flair "retired" from WWE. At that time I thought his saying goodbye to wresting was final, hence why I wrote this xD I feel weird about posting it because of that, but it's one of my best poems and I thought I'd share it anyway :)]]

"The Long Road"

For living through the pain

Even when nothing was there to gain

You still smiled

And for this, I thank you.


The struggle broke so many others

But you never took that path

The long journey along this road

Never took your last breath away.


I can't really say I knew you

But all I ever believed is that

You're a true hero

Just for making it this far.


Looking back on this long road

I wonder what you will remember

What will you keep beside you?

And what will you push away?


How does it make you feel

To look back upon your life?

Do you regret some of your choices

Or will you happily embrace them

For making you what you are?


And now that you have reached

The very end of the longest road

You've been a hero to so many

And given them someone to believe in,

I just hope that you're still happy

And proud of what you were.

[[A/N: So there you go, a tribute to one of the greats :D Like I said... I thought he was seriously out, I wrote this fairly immediately then. But it's still good to me and I hope y'all enjoyed it too. Please review :D]]