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It was like any other depressing and grey day in Forks, the rain battered against the windows, my vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen, he was standing outside my classroom.

I stood up on my tiptoes as he pulled me into kiss. His hard marble lips pressed to mine, I could taste his icy breath. All too soon he pulled away smiling while my face fell into a pout, he laughed as he held my hand and walked to the cafeteria.

I was getting sick of all the Cullen's treating me like a china doll if only they knew the real me, would he still love me if he found out I'm not some love sick puppy who will do everything he asks.

There Alice joined us and we walked over to our table where their family were sitting I looked behind me and I saw my 'human' group of friends well frienemy's, Angela glanced towards us and smiled her hair was pulled into a sloppy pony-tail not her usual smooth hair-do. I felt depressed as my thoughts filled with images of St Trinians

It was taking really long to re-build the school and I don't know how long I can pretend to act like this fashion less, clumsy boring girl.

I sat down with my back towards the entrance and started eating my apple whilst thinking of the time the geek's made an apple taste like a banana with some miner side effects.

Then the doors were slammed open and I heard a couple of gasps I turned around and saw Chelsea, peaches and Chloe standing there like they own the school and searching the crowd for me.

All the guys are drooling and even some of the girls are but their mostly glaring and throwing them jealous looks.

I stop and scan the room again and I end up looking Chealse straight in the eye, she wink and whispers something to Chloe and peaches and they start to come this way by now everyone is watching.

Whispers going round trying to figure out whom these hot sexy girls are and why are they coming over to the forbidden Cullen's table and my Bella swan is looking like she just won the lottery.

They finally reached our table and couldn't hold it in any longer I gave a Alice like squeal and jumped up and screamed "CHEALSE, PEACHES, CHOLE!" and we hugged each other after about 2 minutes we let go and they all looked me up and down.

I awaited their shock and disgust at my hideous clothes and they all said at the same time "oh, my, god" and did their actions with it.

"Izzy what are you wearing" chealse said

"And what happened to your hair" Chloe added

"Ewww" was all peaches could say

"I know I look hideous but it's not my fault I'm kinder under house arrest until school starts again" I told the quickly

"well your be happy to know that were back in business'' they all said together okay it was a bit creepy but you get use to it.

We had our conversation even as we were aware that everyone was looking no more like staring at us including the Cullen's.

So I said in true Taylor fashion to all the nosy b*****"what ya looking at"

Then Emmett not being able to take the confusion any longer said in true Emmett fashion "SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON NOW"