Hey, guys! Yes, this is my latest fanfic which is a cross between Marvel and DC. What would happen if Supergirl's ship traveled so fast, it sent her into the Marvel Universe? This is the answer. Anyway, read and enjoy! Oh, and I don't own Marvel or DC. This is for fan-purpopses only, please don't sue! Enjoy!

Our story begins in the past. As most do.

Once, there was a planet Krypton. It lived peacefully until it was destroyed. While one survivor made it to Earth, a large portion of Krypton's planet was knocked safely away from danger. This would become Argo-City. So after peacefully living for years, Argo's greatest scientist, Zor-El, got married and welcomed a daughter into the world. Sadly, though, Kryptonite began penetrating the planet's atmosphere. All Kryptonians would be poisoned in a matter of weeks, the destruction of the last remnant of Krypton following shortly after.

But Zor-El managed to build a rocket for his daughter in time, and selected Earth as its destination. While the rocket did make it out okay, the blast caused the rocket to speed up quickly. The speed then ripped a hole in the fabric of space and time, sending the ship and its occupant into the hole, and out of this reality.


In another reality, Mr. And Mrs. Jones were lying on a blanket on a field, just outside of Queens watching the stars go by.

"It's very beautiful." Mrs. Jones said to her husband, as he nodded.

Then he noticed something.

"Shooting star." He pointed, as his wife nodded.

She knew not to tell him what she wished for.

Of course, he already knew it.

Mrs. Jones wanted a baby. However, every time they tried, they got nothing. They were both perfectly healthy, and there was certainty nothing wrong with them. It was just one of life's cruel jokes.

Mr. Jones looked up in the sky for any shooting stars himself.

I see the next one, He thought, I'll wish for a baby for both of us.

Just then, they noticed something in the sky. It was a light getting brighter, and brighter. Suddenly, Mr. Jones knew what it was.

"MOVE!" He demanded.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones moves out of the way fast enough so that the hot, giant ball hit the ground, which they were thankful they were not on.

When the impact was over, Mr. And Mrs. Jones approached the crater cautiously. They looked down and saw that it was a rocket. But it was way too small to be a rocket.

Suddenly, the door on the ship opened, and they two found a baby girl draped in a blue cloth. Instantly, Mrs. Joneses maternal instincts came in as she whispered to her husband four simple words.

"Can we keep her?"


Mrs. Jones had got her wish. The two successfully managed to adopt the baby girl, naming her Clara and finally have the girl of their dreams. Well, sort of.

While they did love the baby and would never trade her for anything in the world, they had to keep the secret of the spaceship hidden. So they hid it in the house until Mr. Jones built a storage house in the backyard of their home to hide the ship in.

Shortly after, that's when the strange occurrences began. When they first took Clara to the doctors, the medics could not explain why each time they poked her with a needle, the needle would break upon impact with the skin.

Yet Clara grew up healthy. Prehaps more healthy than any other child in New York. Or even the world.

Then one day, when Clara was 6, she saw her Dad was about to be struck by a car. Quickly moving, Clara got in the way of the car and took the hit...shattering the car in the process. To Clara's astonishment, she didn't have a scratch on her, and she really damaged the car's front.

It was then that her parents showed her the ship after a long discussion of how Clara came to be adopted.

When they showed Clara the ship, she noticed something there that wasn't before.

It was a small crystal.

When Clara took the crystal, she was flooded with memories from her infant age. Loving parents sending their daughter away, the rip in time/space.

Clara was astonished. Not only was her home dead, but she wasn't even in the right universe. Clara was a refuge with no true home.


It was only one night after her first freshman day in High School that Clara decided what she was going to do with this knowledge.

"Mom? Dad?" She asked, as her parents looked at her, "I think I know what I want to do with these powers."

"Oh?" Her father asked.

"I want to be a superhero." Clara said, "It's really simple. I can't get hit. I'm practically invincible. I even have my costume all set up."

"Can we see?" Clara's mother asked.

Clara went upstairs, and when she came down, she was wearing her costume. It was a long, blue spandex body-suit with red trunks. She wore red boots over her feet and had a red cape attached to the suit. The most prominent feature though was in the center of the chest. There was an upside down yellow triangle with red outlines that had a red 'S' in the center.

"What do you think?" She asked, turning around so her parents could see her.

"It's nice," Her mother said, "But don't you think it's a bit tight? Plus, aren't superheroes like Spider-Man getting a bad reputation."

Clara shrugged.

"It's not really that tight when you're invincible," She explained, "I'll manage. To answer the second question, I am aware of it, but you don't see the Fantastic Four getting a bad name. I think I'll survive."

Her parents smiled.

"Well," Clara's father chuckled, "If it's what you really want, we'll back you every step of the way."

She hugged her parents, and explained how her daily routine would go. Before she went to bed that night, she took off for her first patrol. Flying over the city, Clara used her super hearing to see if there was anything that needed attention. Suddenly, her hearing picked up on two voices outside the High School laboratory of Professor Cornelius whom she had heard about in the news.

"You ready, Man?" One voice asked.

"Yeah," The other replied, "Let's get whatever shit their cooking up and be done with it."

Clara used her superspeed and made it there within seconds. Then, slowing down a bit, she swooped down, and grabbed the two young high school freshmen.

"What the hell-?" One of them asked.

"Robby, you idiot!" The other yelled, "Why the hell did you convince me to go out here at night?"

Ignoring their banter, Clara raced towards the nearest jail, and into the waiting room, placing the two high school robbers in front of the reception's desk, as the receptionist looked surprised at what had just happened.

"I found these two trying to sneak into a high school chemistry lab," She explained, "You might want to give their parents a call and have them have a long talk with these two."

"Uh," The receptionist said, a bit shocked, "Sure."

Clara nodded and turned to fly home, but was stopped by the receptionist's next question.

"Wait!" The woman called, "Who are you?"

Clara turned and smiled.

"I'm Superwoman." She said, before flying off into the night.

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