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Clara Jones had faced the impossible a many great times before. She had defeated the world's greatest villains from Dr. Doom to Magneto, sending them to jail permanently, where they would never harm anyone again. She had stopped war-like alien beings such as the Skrulls and the Kree from conquering the Earth on more than one occasion. She had even stopped war-mongrels in foreign countries from killing millions of people with their nuclear arsenals.

But right now, none of that was compared to what she was facing right now. Now she was facing her own classmate, Liz Allen, (or 'The Void,' as she now referred to herself as,) empowered with an energy source that made Liz Clara's equal by all means.

"You should've stayed away from here, Superwoman!" The Void laughed, socking Clara a million times in the stomach, causing blood to come flying out of her mouth, "Then you would've never interfered with my business and I would still be happy!"

Liz finished her onslaught of punches with a hard right throw to Clara's cheek which sent her crashing to the ground, creating a giant crater upon Clara's impact. People darted as far away from the battle as Clara tried to regain consciousness, and prepare to fly back towards her enemy and land a few punches on her.

However, as soon as she looked up, Clara could see The Void flying towards her, before The Void flew her fist straight into Clara's abdomen, almost breaking it, but thanks to Clara's invulnerability, it came close to doing so anyways.

But it still hurt like hell as Clara choked up a surprised cough of blood and then Liz grabbed Clara by the face, using her free hand to sock Clara in the face repeatedly again.

When she was done, Liz smiled at how pathetic Superwoman looked. Her face was beaten and bruised, her body looked completely broken, and now only one thing remained.

Superwoman tried to lift her arm up, but before she could do anything, The Void stepped on it, making Clara scream out in even more pain.

"Farewell, Superwoman." The Void laughed, raising her other boot to smash it through the alien's chest.

Before she could however, a faint 'Thwip' was heard, as a glob of webbing suddenly wrapped itself around Liz's eyes, taking her off balance and blinding her.

"What the hell-?" The Void asked, as suddenly, a familiar red webbing boot kicked her in the back.

"Leave her alone!" Spider-Man ordered as Liz broke through the webbing with her own heat vision as Clara realized what was happening.

No. Clara said, as she watched Spider-Man, her best friend, Peter Parker, fight the impossible enemy called the Void, No! You idiot! What are you doing here?

Clara had always known that Peter Parker was Spider-Man since the day Superwoman and Spider-Man first teamed-up to take down Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. She had used her x-ray vision while they were fighting their way up Fisk Towers to stop the Kingpin when she accidentally scanned Spider-Man under the costume, and knew that he was really Peter Parker, her classmate.

Clara had kept this to herself, though, as part of the super hero guidebook rules, but she always found Peter to be the bravest teen she knew. Perhaps even more so than she was.

Clara tried to get up, her mind calculating different outcomes to end this battle quickly, but without killing her classmate. There was one idea that instantly came to mind as a non-lethal solution; Clara's freeze breath. Clara had super-powered breath, and there was no reason why it couldn't freeze Liz. But what if she shattered? What if...

She was brought out of her thoughts, when she realized the battle was still going on. Peter dodged The Void's attacks by repeatedly somersaulting around her heat vision, but eventually, The Void got the better of Spider-Man, rushing up quicker than Peter's eyes could register, and then grabbing him by the foot and throwing him into a tree.

Clara knew what Liz was going to do in her rage, and decided that all she could do now was try, least loose someone close to her.

Sucking in as much air as she quickly could, Clara blew hards at her classmate, taking her off-guard again. Liz tried to hold on, but the powers of a million exploding suns could not understand her specific mental commands which were just 'Save me! Save me now!'

Clara, having used her breath so quickly, dropped to her knees, and saw to her relief that it worked. Liz was now completely frozen solid. She looked like an ice sculpture as her entire body and costume was now still, and her skin looked icy cold, as her body was still positioned in a way that Clara could see that she had acted just at the right moment.

Sighing relief, she went over to Peter, and after doing a quick X-Ray scan on him, found that he was perfectly fine.

"Spider-Man?" She asked, shaking him gently.

Peter awoke with a groan, and Superwoman helped him up, allowing him to lean on her for support. When his eyes fell of the frozen figure of the void, his eyes widened.

"Did you do that?" He asked, amazed.

"Yeah." Clara said, looking at it.

Suddenly, a loud roaring noise ripped through the area, as Clara and Peter looked up to see the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier flying over them.

"Great." Peter laughed, sarcastically, "The perfect ending to the perfect day."


After Nick Fury had thanked them both, and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents had put Liz's frozen body in a cooling cube, Clara turned to the head of the global peacekeeping agency, with a look on concern on her face.

"What are you going to do with her?" Clara asked.

"The same thing we do to all the other big-powered baddies that you hand us, Superwoman." Fury replied, "We're going to throw her in the raft. We have a special prison built for her, though, it's completely frozen, and should keep our Chick-Sticle in there forever."

Clara nodded as Fury shook her hand as well as Peter's.

"On behalf of myself and the world; thank you for your assistance." Fury smiled.

Then he left the two young heroes alone, as Clara nugged Peter for a minute.

"Do you have a minute or two to spare?" She asked.


"What are we doing here?" Peter asked, as he landed next to Clara who descended from the sky in the are where she had hid her civilian clothes.

She turned to the web-slinger, a look of serious concern on her face.

"There's something very important I need to tell you, Spider-Man." Clara said, "I know. I've know that you're Peter Parker. I've known it since we first teamed-up together against Fisk."

Underneath his mask Clara could see, Peter's eyes widden as she knew they would.

"What?" He asked, amazed, "But how? Why?"

"Shhh." Clara shushed, taking out her bag and showing it to him, "It's okay. I'm gonna keep it a secret. Here's why;"

She unzipped her bag and showed Peter her clothes, at first, Peter was confused, but when Clara put on her clothes and glasses, he suddenly realized what she meant.

"Clara?" He asked amazed.

"Hi, Pete." She smiled.

"You...you're Superwoman?"

"I am."

They stood there in awkward silence, as Peter decided it was time to take off his mask and say something.

"Why are you telling me this now?"

"Because..." Clara said, moving in, closer to Peter and wrapping her arms around his neck, "I love you."

With that, the two kissed passionately.


Meanwhile, on his blue area of the moon, Uatu the Watcher observed the events happening bellow on the planet bellow him.

"Yes." He smiled, taking notes as he flashed forward to watch the events to come, "Love. A power greater than any in any world. This will lead to Peter Parker choosing Clara Jones as his true love over Gwen Stacey and then Mary Jane after her, so that in the span of just a few years later..."


4 Years later...

Clara Jones, now a 22 year old campus resident of Empire State University, walked through the campus field, until someone covered her eyes from behind.

Clara didn't need superpowers of any kind to tell her who it was.

"Guess who?" Peter laughed as she turned and face him.

Their lips locked for a full minute until Clara pulled away and smiled at him.

"Hey, gorgeous," She smiled, "Why weren't you in class today?"

"Well," Peter said, leading her to an alleyway where no one could see or hear them, "I got sidetracked with fighting The Rhino, and then I went shopping for something."

"'Something?'" Clara asked, suspiciously, as her boyfriend just smiled.

He then produced a little box from his pocket and revealed a wedding ring in there, with a diamond that made even Clara surprised.

"Clara," Peter said, kneeling down before her, "You once told me you were Superwoman, and that you loved me. I'm here to return the favor. Clara Jones; will you be my wife."

Clara laughed, happily as she threw her arms against Peter once more.

"Yes." She laughed, "Yes of course I'll marry you!"


7 Months later...

Peter and Clara now stood side-by-side in the church, as the minister began the prayers. In the isles, were Peter's Aunt May, who while shocked that Peter would choose Clara Jones over Mary Jane, was actually fine with that, since Clara seemed to be the perfect uptight role model that Peter could use as a wife. Also in the aisles were Mr. And Mrs. Jones, who when Clara revealed her answer that she had given Peter, received a hug and kiss on the head from her adoptive parents, who were just as pleased with her decision as any good parent would be.

Harry Osborn stood there next to Flash Thompson who had been declared by Peter to be the best men at his wedding. To the opposite side of them was Gwen Stacey who had been asked nicely by Clara to stand by her when she and Peter got married. Even though Gwen loved Peter, she still respected Clara as they were best friends, and respected the decision perfectly well.

Finally, the rest of the seats were occupied by the Daily Bugle staff including the Editor, J. Jonah Jamerson who, when he found out that both of his own staff members were marrying each other, paid for the bachelor party, the wedding, and the reception that would follow after this, and made sure all the staff was there with him and his wife to help send the two lovebirds off in style.

Finally, the priest turned to Clara and looked at her seriously.

"Clara Jones," He said, "Will you have this man to be your lawful-wedded husband? Will you comfort him and support him in sickness and in health, till death do you two part?"

"Until death," Clara smiled, "Always."

The priest nodded and turned to Peter.

"Peter Parker," He said, "Will you have this woman to be your lawful-wedded wife. Will you comfort her and support her in sickness and in health, till death do you two part?"

"This woman is very special to me," Peter said, smiling at Clara and then back to the Priest, "I know my answer perfectly. That answer is yes."

"Then by the power invested in me by the city of New York," The Priest announced as Clara and Peter slipped each other's rings on, "I now pronounce you both husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Peter obliged happily as Clara returned the favor. Everyone who was there applauded them in congratulations. Clara Jones had now become Mrs. Clara Jones-Parker.


"And with this marriage," Uatu noted as he watched many images unfold before him, "Many disasters are thus avoided."

He watched his viewer before him, as he noted Clara's many heroic deeds. He saw Clara and Peter fighting Norman Osborn together at the George Washington Bridge. He watched as Norman knocked Gwen Stacey off the edge of the bridge, as Clara dived down and grabbed her best friend before she hit the watter, flying back upwards and then hitting Norman in the face, knocking him both off his glider and out cold.

He then watched many years later when Nitro was suppoused to blow up Stamford, Conneticut. However, before he could, Clara zoomed into the scene, and threw him far upwards as he exploded in space harmlessly.

"Indeed," He mused, watching more events before him, "With Superwoman's help, Norman Osborn does not murder Gwen Stacey, and Stamford is saved from destruction, as well as the fact that public opinion never turns on Superheroes. Because of Clara Jones-Parker's other actions, the Skrull invaders are uncovered and disposed of early before they do any harm to superhumans. And because there is no superhuman registration act or Norman Osborn, the Goblin's Dark Reign never comes to pass. And finally, with the Red Skull and his army impassioned by Clara Jones-Parker, Steve Rogers is never assassinated, and Bucky Barnes still lives since the Skull's daughter, Sin is unable to reawaken the Asgardian Serpent, and thus uses that power to kill him. Yet even for a super woman, a legacy must be upheld as seen a few years before the modern-day changing events of the present come to pass harmlessly..."


Five Years Earlier...

"Come on, Clara!" Peter urged as Clara pushed as hard as she could, "You're strong as anything! You can do this!"

Clara shot Peter a playful look despite the agonizing pain. He was right.

Clara had found out she was pregnant several months back, and had happily announced this to Peter. Now, earlier this day, she had gone into labor, and was now trying to give birth to their children, as they had learned the Clara was now giving birth to..

Clara pushed and pushed as hard as she could, and screamed loudly, (while keeping her highly-sensitive vocal chords under control,) before she finally pushed the babies out.

Afterwards, the Doctor cut the chords and wrapped them in a blanket each, before handing them to their parents happily.

"Congratulations." The Doctor Smiled as he handed the baby back to Mr. And Mrs. Parker, "It's a boy and girl.."

The two smiled as they looked at their newborn son and daughter. They had already decided the daughter would be called May after Peter's aunt, but they still needed to decide...

"What are we calling him?" Peter finally asked.

Clara thought for a minute before deciding.

"How about 'Clark?'" She asked, "It has a nice ring to it."

Peter smiled and looked at the boy in his arms and then back at baby May.

"All right, then." He smiled, "Clark it is."


"And so it came to pass," Uatu noted as he peered into this world's far flung future, "That when Kara Zor-El-Jones-Parker and Peter Parker decide to retire, that the mantle was passed down to their off spring."

He then smiled at the image of a thirty-year old couple of Peter and Clara, lines starting to form on their face, but still as young and vibrant as ever, as they watched their newborn children fly through the sky. One was a boy with a short, blond haircut, wearing a full-body blue leather suit with red boots and gloves. He also had a red cape, and on his chest was an irregular pentagon that was yellow with red outlining and a red 'S' in the center. Flying next to him was a girl wearing the same costume. Her hair was long and chestnut brown, and her eyes were light blue just like her brothers.

"So in time," Uatu stated, as the images now disappeared, "Disasters in the far future would be deflected by the amazing duo of May Jones, and Clark Parker; The Amazing Superboy and Superwoman. Thus, it is my duty to record all of what happens, and what could happen. For who else could have the same duty as...The Watcher?"


Finally, in a world between worlds, a figure smiled, as he closed his own viewing screen of that world's Uatu finishing his monologue.

"Yes, Uatu," The figure laughed, "Who else could have the same pleasure than Access?"

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