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It started with a smile.
Then a kiss.
And a hug.
And finally goodbye.
I walked away with a new mindset in place.

*First: Find my long lost parents (Wherever they are.)
*Next: Bring back their lost memories (Which I am fully responsible for taking away. But with only their wholehearted safety in mind.)
*Last: Bring them home, and go back to the way things were before.

Harry, Ron and I stood outside my house. Nightfall was coming soon, and I was about to leave. We were saying our goodbyes.

"Sure you don't want us to come with you?" Ron questioned with sympathy as I slowly walked away, just after releasing my hand that he desperately didn't want to let go of.

"No, I'll be fine," I assured. "After all, I was the brightest witch of my class,"

A small smile appeared on his face as he remembered the many years of my hand shooting up in class, and those many nights of me doing his homework. The smile was gone and I could see the worry in his eyes. "Hermione, just promise me you'll be careful." Ron looked seriously at me as he continued, "No recklessness, and of course, don't find another handsome, good-looking boy like myself,"

I smiled and laughed at that last part. And couldn't help but walk back to Ron, and lightly give him a kiss, but no more than that. Especially with Harry giving us his look of, Get a room Romeo and Juliet.

Our kiss ended as fast as it started and I turned to Harry and gave him a hug. Lasting no longer than my kiss to Ron. I looked at both of them, "Boys, I really need to get going. If all goes as planned," I glanced at Ron, "and it will. I will get to my parents, maybe stay there for a few days, then we'll all be back, good as new."

"Contact us if anything goes wrong," Harry added.

"Oh please, what could possibly go wrong? I've got two incredibly brave boys willing to help me at any cost..." I laughed. "I'll see you in a few days," I waved, "Well, goodbye."


"See ya Hermione."

And then I found myself blowing one last kiss to Ron; waving one last side sweep of my hand toward Harry. And then I vanished, disappearing into thin air, or as we wizards say: I Apparated.

As the air sucked me in, I envisioned where I was going: A small beach house along the coast of Australia.

Harry, Ron, and I had gone to my house, well technically broke into my house, to find out any hint as to where my parents had gone in Australia. With much searching, Ron found a leftover brochure of an Australia Sunshine Beach House for sale. I went on our home computer's History, finding information on that same Beach House, and pages and pages of flights, tourist attractions, and lastly a Real Estate page all about buying a new home. The house I was in at that moment, the place my parents lived before I took away their memories, was going to be for sale soon, but was not yet out in the market. All the more reason to hurry and bring home my parents. I learned all I could about the beach house, hoping this was the place my parents would be. I left Harry and Ron with the mess of cleaning up; certainly not my best idea.

As I surged through the air, I thought about that lovely petite little Beach House that resembled my parents' style so well.

Suddenly I was there. And the salty air surrounded me, and my feet abruptly landed on moist, soft sand.

Well that was fast; nothing quite like a good, quick Apparation.

The heartbeat of the waves behind me rang through my ears, and I could hear the seagulls flying and cawing above. I opened my eyes, and took in the beachy surroundings.
The sun shined in my eyes as I turned and scanned. There, at the edge of my vision, was the beach house. Palm trees clouded the sand, and a blue ocean swept in and out. Beaches were never on my agenda, so this was new for me. I wonder what Ron and Harry would be saying if they were here.

Again I lay my eyes on the beach house, and I waited no longer.

Here I go... I thought as I was hoping beyond hoping that this was the place where my parents were. Praying silently, I started to jog over. My skirt ruffling around me, and my frizzy ball of hair that I don't even consider to be hair puffed out around my face.

I couldn't stop my mind from wandering. I couldn't block those impairing thoughts that raided my brain, showing no signs of remorse. Never stopping.

What if I can't find them?
What if I can't bring back their memories?
What if I waited too long?
What if they never remember me again?
What if that goodbye, that I said so long ago, was really goodbye...?

The sand crunched beneath me and the waves rolled in and out, in and out, calling out to me, chanting for me to join them. As my heartbeat quickened even more I heard them.

Jump in…

Jump in…

Jump in….

It was excruciatingly hot out, and their invitation was tempting. But I was on the brink of finding out if my parents were here or not, and if they were, I was about to perform a very intense spell. How could I let myself be distracted? Spells like these took full on concentration. If I let my mind think about other unimportant things, then I could ruin my parents' minds forever.

I would so not let that happen.

I slowed my jog as I reached the steps to the house. I grabbed the railing and hauled myself up there, suddenly thinking I should have invited Ron and Harry to join me. But I made that decision long ago.

I reached the front step and then was face to face with the door.

I smiled and my white knuckles collided with the shiny, new painted wood.

Knock, Knock...

No answer.

I tried again.

Knock, knock... louder this time.


So I peeked through the window, saw nobody there and tried the doorknob. With barely a twist of my wrist I knew the door was unlocked. I pushed it open and was welcomed by a room full of classy furniture and teacups adjourning shelves and cabinets filled with china sets.

Definitely my parents' style, this has to be them.

But yet, the house appeared vacant and I seemed very much alone.

My hand closed on my wand inside my pocket, ready incase anything happened. They could possibly be out. Exploring like tourists were supposed to.

I pulled out my wand and breathed out the charm, "Homenum Revelio"

Someone was here, in this house.

Possibly mom and dad?

I walked to the closest door, suspecting this was the bedroom. I took in a breath, realizing this might be the moment I fix their memories, and I can finally get my parents back. I turned the knob. Everything can finally go back to norm-

I heard a sound, and pain cascaded down my head, as something hit the back of my head. The world went foggy, and the pain increased. I felt my eyes drifting, and my legs collapsing. The last thing I saw was a glimpse of a boy around my age as I fell into black, darkness.

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