"Where do we start?"

Viktor and I were pacing the main room. Back and forth, promptly getting nowhere in our quest to find my missing parents. I had devoured and practically memorized every article that so much as mentioned my parents. I found myself lost in words until Viktor reeled me back in, and we started hatching a plan. Well, I guess if you call getting nowhere a plan.

It was getting dark, and I knew I would not be able to sleep tonight, unless we made progress. So we discussed.

"Vell, they could be back home, you know. I had only just realized they ver gone when you arrived. So I am thinking they are at your old house in England. They could have gone there just because they felt lured to the spot. I know that casting a False Memory Charm, can, at times, make people a little delusional-"

"My parent's are not crazy, if that's what you're implying." I calmly replied back. "I put such a heavy charm on each of them that there is no way it could have worn off. Harry, Ron," Viktor flinched at the last name, "and I, went to my old house and nobody was there. You said yourself a few hours ago that they couldn't possibly be on a walk, or traveling across Australia. You sounded like you knew something worse had happened. You're changing your points of view! You know something that you're not telling..."

"Look, arguing is not going to get us anywhere." Viktor said.

I felt like Viktor knew something, but I didn't have time to pursue that.

I needed to think back. What did all those words that I read in the room say? Missing, Wilkins, no family remaining, Australian Beach House, search teams set up by-

Viktor broke my train of thought, "I will be back. I will go to your parents' house. I know you feel we are vasting time by returning but I feel we need to start somevhere."

I nodded. "I just have a bad feeling about going back there, is all."

He nodded and turned towards the door. "Are you coming vith me?"

"I need air. And how can I trust you not to steal anything?" I smiled a little smile pained over with worry.

We then both walked out of the house, and strolled down the steps.

I took a quick look at our surroundings to ensure no muggles would see us, and then we grabbed hands, so casually as if we did so all the time. The last time, I realized, we had really held hands was at the Yule Ball. So long ago. I inhaled some salty air and looked down at our hands. Viktor looked a little uneasy. I thought of my lovely old house in England. The path leading up to the door, and then I felt the air getting sucked out of my lungs, the world getting mashed together, and then suddenly with a thud, we landed on a stone path. I looked up at Viktor who apparently didn't like Appariation too much. He looked pale. I guess he was like Harry. Once on a broom, one stays on a broom.

"Let's make this quick." I looked around the yard. Just as I had left it, and at a quick pace, I walked up the path to the door. I didn't see the need to use the spare key, so I whispered, "Alohamora." And opened the door.

I was right. Leaving Harry and Ron to clean up the mess we made in the house, was not my best idea. It looked worse than before. Boys.

Viktor came through the doorway, but I was already up the stairs and going through the bedrooms. First I did my room, but I stayed in there a little too long as the memories of many years living in this house pooled in like my brain was a pensive.

My parents weren't in my room or the next room, or the next. I did a charm to see if anybody was present. But I knew the person who was, was Viktor. It was a hopeless cause. I heard Viktor going through papers downstairs, and I decided to do a look around as well upstairs. Ron and Harry definitely messed this place up after I left. It looked different; too different. Something was wrong. Harry and Ron would be back at the Burrow by now, and I know they didn't throw papers across my parent's floor, and make a large mess by tipping over a vase with fake flowers in it. Glass shard covered the dresser and I came to the conclusion that someone unwelcome came here. Or my parents did come, and they were a little delusional, like Viktor was saying.

It didn't seem like I would find anything important, so I made a move to join Viktor downstairs. As I turned to leave something moved in the corner of my eye. I swiftly seized my wand from my pocket and aimed it towards the movement. There was a fluttering outside the window. I stared for another second and calmly put my wand back in my pocket. There I was, overacting, because a little messenger was at the window. I walked over to the oval shaped glass, lifted the windowpane, and saw the bulging eyes of an owl stare back at me. He stuck his leg out and I snatched the folded letter from his claws. He didn't even look at me again as he soared away. He could tell from my eyes that I had no rewarding food. Owls were smart.

Suspiciously I opened the letter to find unfamiliar handwriting.

Someone unwelcome is in your path.

The way the sender underlined the word unwelcome gave me chills. I watched as the owl flew from sight. I wondered who sent the strange letter. I came out of my reading trance and went for the door. It was time to leave. I wasn't sure what the whole letter was about but I didn't want to find out. If you get a letter saying: Someone unwelcome is in your path. You should probably leave as quickly as you can before someone gets hur-

I came to a halt at the bottom of the stairs. Viktor had his wand pointed down upon a man who definitely had an unwelcoming look about him. He had long hair shading his eyes and was dressed in black. He was up against the wall. He was shouting at Viktor, "YOU! You were there too! Y-you! This isn't the e-end. More... coming!" While he stuttered some incoherent words, I could tell he was about to Apparate.

"Petrificus Totalus!" Viktor and I said in sync, giving the spell double effect. The victim's body went instantly rigid.

Suddenly the door behind me banged open and I saw a mirror shatter as a spell was shot at Viktor, nearly missing his shoulder. Apparently Viktor looked like more of a threat. They'll see. I leaped behind the piano and took aim.

There were two of them. The one standing in the doorway had a black cloak outlined in red and he was shooting spells at Viktor. The other was outside, on the lawn, and from what I could see through the window, he was doing a mini dance. Viktor must have hit him with Tarantallegra.

The wizard in the doorway shot a spell at Viktor, nearly missing his left ear. I had experience with that one.

"Stupefy!" I yelled, "Expelliarmus!" My voice sounded weak compared to the gruff man voices being shouted. Only after I missed the man in the doorway, because he ducked behind a chair, did I realize the destruction happening to my house. Dressers shattered, tables turned over. After my spell nearly hit the intruder did he finally take a decent notice of me. I ducked behind the piano bench as his spell showered on the keys of the piano and a noise far from being a tune played. With the wizard's concentration on me, Viktor managed to hit him in the chest with a stunning spell. He went flying into the wall, and was still. Temporarily knocked out.

I got out from my cover of the piano, raced outside and knocked out the dancing wizard with my own stunning spell. Then I said, "Incarcerous," and ropes instantly appeared, and began wrapping around the now stunned dancing man. I assumed Viktor was doing the same to the longhaired wizard and the red and black cloaked intruders inside.

Viktor heaved the dancing man (who now was not dancing, but lay unconscious) into the now destroyed house. If my mum had walked in at that moment, she would have feinted right then.

Once Viktor moved all the bodies in the corner of the main room, I did another human revealing spell to see if there was any other intruders unaccounted for. There wasn't.

"Vell, wasn't that interesting?" Viktor smiled at the tied up wizards who were slightly stirring into consciousness then unconsciousness.

"Let's wait for one of them to come around so we can decently question them. While we wait lets clean up this house."

"But keep an eye out. There could be more."

So as we waited for one of them to wake up, we picked up the house a bit to pass the time. Cleaning up really was easy with magic. And I kept my eye on them the whole time.

Halfway through cleaning I remembered something.

"Viktor, uh- someone sent this..." I took the short note the owl had delivered from my pocket and gave it to Viktor.

He read the note a few times and gave it back. He looked up at me and raised his shoulders and shrugged. He was as confused about it as I was.

"They were right weren't they?"


"The person who sent that owl, they were right about someone unvelcome coming."

I nodded.

I shoved the mysterious note deep in my pocket. I didn't want to think about it for a while.

"So where did they come from? I mean, the first guy you had up against the wall?" I asked.

"You see, I was in the kitchen, and I heard a noise in this room," he motioned toward the main room we were standing in, "I thought it was you so I didn't really think much about it. But all of a sudden hands were around my throat," Viktor pointed toward his red neck, "He was choking me! Not the first thing I'd think a vizard vould do. I managed to throw him off and get him into his room. Then you came."

"It's strange I didn't hear any of it." I replied. "I'm glad your okay though," Now I knew a little of how Harry felt on our Horcruxes hunt. If Viktor had been seriously hurt, because of my own quest to find my parents, I would have been engulfed by guilt. Just as Harry was if we had been killed.

I was entranced by this thought when suddenly; there was lots of rustling in the corner of the room. The man who was first seen in the doorway was waking up. His bloodshot eyes shot open and he looked at Viktor and I. He must have been a little woozy because his words were all jumbled together. "If y-ya thinkthatj-j-just 'caus-se thishappen-n-ned, not o-over." He closed his eyes and then suddenly they were open again, and he said as clear as day, "More are coming."

Before he could pass out again I loudly said, with my wand up against his throat, "Why are you here?"

He stared blankly into my eyes.

"Answer me!"

"You look like em don'tcha!" He made a grab for my face but was thankfully restrained by the ropes. "Pretty little f-face," I slapped him across his cheek, which put him into a more serious state of mind. "Ow, whatcha do that for?"

"You know where my parents are don't you?" I sharply stared at him and thought, Please be alive. Please be alive.

"I don't know nothin. They don't tell me squat about why I am even here."

I looked at Viktor who had his eye outside and on the men in the corner at the same time. If this guy was telling the truth, more should be coming.

"How many more are coming?" I quickly asked him.

"Lots. They'll take you down in a second. If I was you, I would run."

And with that he passed out.

"Well, this is just perfect." I got up from my crouching position.

Viktor looked at me. "We should go."

"But they could know where my parents are..."

" I think if there is a chance so many vizards are coming, your parents vould vant you to leave. These people obviously don't know much about anything." He gestured towards the men bunched up in the corner.

I didn't want to go, but when I heard noise out back I knew we had to.

"Wait, I just need one sec,"

I grasped my wand and faced the unconscious men. I hastily cast a memory charm over each of them, to ensure they would not remember that Viktor and I had ever been there. I finished. It was not my best job, but it would do for now.

I went to Viktor, grabbed his hand, and all went black and suddenly there was no more air, and then there was. And we hit the sand not so gracefully. A lot was on my mind.

We had apparated right in front of the beach house.

After we caught our breath I said, "We shouldn't stay long. They probably will come here once they have realized we aren't at my old house."

"Is there anything you need inside?" He looked at the house behind us. "We should be ready for a fast getaway."

"Yeah. I should bring some things if we're going to leave now."

We came back outside after a few minutes of quickly grabbing things that seemed like they would help us. I had brought a bag, and did an extension charm on it. Not as advanced as the one I had originally done on my other beaded purse. "Just shove your things in here," I had told Viktor.

Once we were done I walked outside and took a seat right where the water stopped trailing up the sand.

I heard sandy footsteps coming up behind me. I turned and saw Viktor walking over.

"I just need to think for a few minutes," I told him. "Then we will leave."

He took a seat next to me.

It really was beautiful here. I could tell why my parent's were intrigued by it, the beauty of it all. It just flowed together so well. Palm trees, and the ocean, the salt air and sand. It just all fit. The complete opposite of how I was feeling. Unfitting. All the facts I learned. They didn't fit together. It was hopeless. I was tempted to go back to the Burrow. Tell Viktor he had done enough. Harry and Ron could help. But somehow I didn't do that.

Viktor sat beside me and said, "It's alright if you vant to go to your friends." He seemed to have read my mind. "Friends... they seem to have a vay of making one feel better." He sighed and looked down at me.

I looked up at him, "But Viktor, you see, you are my friend."

He smiled, and so did I.