Authors note: this song is called where are you now by the italo brothers..Check them out.

The weekend came, the weekend that followed Mike Frank's funeral. Everyone was still grieving all in their own ways.

Tony drove along the town alone on a Saturday night, they had the weekend off. He was just driving, to where he didn't know he just needed to go somewhere. Things were getting confusing; he had just broken up with EJ. Or did they? He was confused. He had came to realize maybe it had to be over a quickly as it started. He turned on the radio and a station was playing dance music…

Have you seen my girl?
She's got blonde hair
and glimmering eyes
I made up my mind
there was this beautiful girl
I open my eyes
and see her passing by

the lyrics that beat through the techno beat had reminded him of EJ. The case of the p2p killer had brought them together, the first time they met as the day gone on. He thought she was obnoxious she complained but the skylight and how it hurt her eyes and how she couldn't see anything on her monitor he could only laugh about it now.

Please tell me where are you now
I have to find you

He thought about where she is, what she was doing, it was only a couple days since she left NCIS. He recalled the conversation they had before she walked through that elevator door one last time. She had told him she was resigning and leaving her post. He didn't say it, but he wanted her to stay, he didn't want to beg her. He knew he needed her, he loved her he hadn't had the time to say it yet. So he said it in a way he knew how, he asked if they would ever see each other again. That was the moment where she broke his heart. He understood her she knew that, why did she have to walk away...why...

Tony punched the steering wheel in anger. Yelling at himself "damn it!"

Please just show me how
we could climb the highest sight
Together till' we die (together till' we die)

He busted in with Gibbs on his back. They faced the P2P together, standing there in an empty room EJ was staring back at him and he was frozen still. Her blue eyes remained fixed on him, she knew he would come she had no doubt in her mind. And she loved him for it, he mumbled something to her as he stood there holding his gun at Cobb. It took her a moment to realize what he said "I'm right here'. She'd seen the way he acted rescuing Ziva couple hours before it made her jealous. EJ didn't like that feeling she started to realize he was better off with someone else, someone who could give him what he needs someone like what Ziva could offer. EJ was too into the Job her mind thought about it every single day, every single second she couldn't stop dreaming about the case it was her life and Tony wanted something other than that.

I'm on my way back home
the sky is clear
and filled with stars

Tony found himself turning the corner and heading down a straight road. He parked his car staring up at the window of a building he was all too familiar with, he turned off the car and picked up his phone and dialed Ziva's number.

"Hello" a gentle voice answered. "Ziva" his voice was low" "Tony". "Can I come in?" he asked as he saw her appear at the window pulling the curtains back looking down at him. "What's the matter" she stood there looking down at him as he got out of his car and looked up, holding the phone to his ear. "I think I made a mistake" she nodded and took his answer, "Alright, come up"

He walked the steps into Ziva's Building to her apartment trying to rebuild what they had before. Before the P2P before EJ.

When the sky was clear and filled with stars and it was just Tony and Ziva before their broken hearts.

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