It was supposed to be Tsuna-kun, right?

So, why was Kyoya-kun standing before her, drenched in the rain like her, arms folded and slate blue eyes staring her down?

Tsubasa couldn't comprehend what was happening when Hibari grabbed her upper arm and yanked up onto her feet, and dragged her somewhere. To her shock, that somewhere was Namimori Middle School.

"W-what are we going here, Hibari-kun?" Tsubasa asked, looking around.

Hibari did not reply.

As they continued to walk, Tsubasa noticed his hand had somehow captured her hand. She felt a blush creep up her neck. Then, Hibari opened the Nurse's room's door, and pushed her inside, him walking inside afterwards.

Tsubasa turned around only to have towel block her view.

"Dry up, herbivore," she heard Hibari command, and Tsubasa stiffened. "I'm not looking."

Tsubasa frowned, and removed the towel from her head.

"I know that," she retaliated. "Just don't think about it."

Hibari flashed a warning glare, and turned around.

"You're not changing." He pointed out, and Tsubasa nodded.

"I don't really feel like it, and besides, I'm going right back to T-"Tsubasa stopped herself as her eyes began watery. "I-I'm crying?"

Hibari watched her steadily, scowling, before thunder boomed, and Tsubasa collided into him.

"Herbivore," the prefect growled," you have a second to move away from me before I bite you to death."

Tsubasa shifted backwards until thunder roared once again, and Tsubasa collided into him again.

"B-bite me to death or whatever, just make sure I'm near you." Tsubasa whimpered, preparing herself for the expected pain.

But instead of pain, she felt something sharp pierce her bottom lip. She gasped, and something warm flooded her mouth. Tsubasa stumbled backwards, taking the culprit with her. Accidentally or intentionally, he bit her tongue, and blood slowly flowed out. He sucked on the injury. Tsubasa squirmed, but his hands held her still.

"K-Kyoya-kun…" Tsubasa managed through breaths once he pulled away for air. "Wha-what was that?"

Hibari smirked," I said I would bite you to death, didn't I?" The prefect stated.

Tsubasa's eyes widened in realization and shock.

"Kyoya-"Hibari pressed his lips to hers, ignoring her protest.

Bruising, his lips moved quickly and mercilessly. Tsubasa struggled to keep up, but couldn't and gasped when her back met the wall. His fingers entangled themselves into her brown hair, and pressed against her. She let allowed herself to melt against him, and gripped his shoulders.

"W-whoa!" Someone exclaimed, and stumbled backwards.

Hibari ripped away, glaring dangerously. The tonfas came out.

Tsubasa, panicking, caressed Hibari's cheek, and he turned to face her. Before the prefect could react, her swollen, pink lips were molding into his.

The next day, a rumor that had spread quickly said that Hibari Kyoya and Arata Tsubasa were caught making out at Namimori in the Nurse's room.

When people asked them if it was true, neither of them denied it.