Chapter 1

"Maylene we need you to do a job for us." a low male voice said. "It is you who can do that job perfectly. Never forget that you come from the underground of London and you're one of the most feared and sneaky assassins around here." Hampton McFarland, a dark brown haired man in his mid 30's, was trying his hardest to persuade Maylene to come back to their organization and wrap Lord Lawford of Cornwell around her finger and marry him. It would all work out perfectly, but only if Maylene agrees to leave the Phantomhive household.
Maylene was walking around her whole room. Her glasses rested on the nightstand, while she was moving around, one hand up to her chin, displaying that she was thinking hardly. Just a few minutes ago, she had greeted Hampton McFarland at the back entrance of the Phantomhive manor, taking care that everyone in the mansion was already asleep and wouldn't notice the secret visitor. Hampton was an old companion of Maylene. She still knew him from her times as assassin. A few days ago he had messaged her that he would come and pay her visit to discuss something very important with her.
"It is you who can carry it out our organization's plan perfectly." Hampton insisted, hoping that she would give in. "And how does this plan, I can perfectly carry out, look like?" Maylene asked Hampton with a very wary intonation in her voice. "If I'll tell you the plan in all details, will you promise to resign your job as maid here and come with me?" Hampton had to make sure that everything was according to plan and for that he needed Maylene to guarantee him that she would resign her job at the Phantomhive mansion.
"Will you tell me that plan first? I will then decide whether I go with you or not." she replied to him with a very serious looking face. She wasn't really happy about that offer. She was happy as a maid here. Why should she wish for another job? Master Ciel, Bard, Finny, Mr. Tanaka, Lady Elizabeth, Mr. Sebastian... if she agreed to the offer, she had to leave behind all those people. And wasn't eager to do so, unless Hampton's offering was interesting enough.
Hampton sighed. "I'm sorry Maylene. I can only tell people who are
involved in the plan, about the plan. You understand? I can't bring you into loop as long as you don't say for sure that you're going with me and the organization." He could see that Maylene was in a difficult situation in deciding what she wanted to do. He knew, in that very moment he was sitting there, Maylene was thinking, interrogating all the pro's and contras of the offer, in her mind.
Maylene sighed in defeat. She would take the offer, although it was hard for her to leave, but why not trying another way? Also...she had to admit that sustaining the farce of a clumsy good for nothing maid began to mock her. "Fine Hampton. I agree to your ultimatums and I will take the offer and resign from being a maid. And now tell me what the plan is..."

As usual, all the servants were late to get up and Sebastian ended up to go through all rooms and throw them out of their beds. After waking up Bard and Finny from their sleep in a very ungentle manner, Sebastian knocked against Maylene's door very loudly. As there was no answer, he opened the door, only to find that it was empty. The room looked neatly tidied. Maylene's maid outfit was consolidated together with her glasses. On the nightstand was a little yellowed paper, folded together. Sebastian walked over to the nightstand and took the paper into his hands. He eyed it for a long while, before he turned around and hurried to the Master Ciel's office.
Sebastian was now standing in the middle of Ciel's office. "Master Ciel." the demon butler began and greeted his Master Ciel with a bow. "Yes,Sebastian?"
"My lord, I think someone left the Phantomhive mansion."
"And how do you come to that idea and over who we're talking about?" Ciel shifted in his seat, leaning forward to rest his head on his arm that rested upon his wooden desk. "Speak,Sebastian!" Sebastian silently unfolded the paper and hold it in front of Ciel.

Two single words were written on the paper in an elegant old English handwriting:
"Thank you"