Mind, No-Mind (Or "Why The Society Didn't Recruit Lady Shiva")

He felt her before he saw her, a spike of lean black driven down the center of the fireplace before which she knelt. He realized he had yet to walk someone into an incinerator - definitely a trick to think about ...

"I do not know who you are, little one," Oooohh. "but I do know why you have come here." He had to remind himself how much funnier - and healthier - it'd be to only have her gut herself after she said no.

"Oh yeah?"

"Quite." The fire ebbed. She put in another log, barely seeming to move at all. He imagined the log was her leg. Felt better. "We are alike in this single respect: I too see the intentions of others before they would care to share them, both those of whom would do me harm and those who are but wind." He had to disagree with her there; some of the most boring people had the most hiddenest of nasty streaks, just waiting to stoked.

"This would go a lot faster if you'd just hurry up and say no to joining the Society already, so I can go ahead and make you eat yourself from the feet up or whatever." Her head might have shifted at that. Coulda just been the firelight. Eh.

"I disagree."

"You disa- you disagree? HA! See, you *#$*$%ing martial arts types are all the same. Next thing now, you're gonna tell me how: "My Years Of Training have honed my Mind And Body into a Cohesive Whole and I can resist you long enough to get close," right?" He wasn't surprised at how worked up he was getting, just how quickly. "WROOONG! I got news for you, Lady; that shitty bluff mighta worked for Catboy - whose stomach lining I have yet to gnaw on thankyoueversomuch Luthor for that - mighta worked once, but you? You won't even get to lift a finger, understand?" He grinned through his beard, curling his tongue at her. "At least, not till I tell you where to put it."

Woo! The one therapist he hadn't eaten had told him to give his anger its head, really let that black juice OUT! What was her name again - Quinnel, Zinfandel - whatever, she was smart - and cute. Pretty pretty. Heh. Little too little for his taste though; he liked 'em bigger. Less pixie, more zaftig.

"Quite the opposite, vile little one, my mind and body are two very discrete entities. Were you-"

"Enough talk! Speechy Time is over, now is mindRapey Time! Dr Light mode GO!" And he did. Or, at least, tried to. Whatever he'd just bounced off in there was like a mirror in the same way a lion bite is like a mosquito. "The fu-"

"- to attempt to touch my thoughts, you would find that they no longer exist for you. My actions alone speak for themselves - and act for themselves also." She rose to her feet, from the knees and, as she turned around and he looked into those shadowed features, the good Doctor began to conclude he might have made a small tactical error in coming alone. It wouldn't have helped, but there will never be any need for him to know that.

Many hours later, as Thorne amusedly lasered his ears back on, Doctor Psycho decided it was high time he spoke to Luthor again about the roster for this recruiting crap.