Author: bantam-shine

Pairing: Booth/Brennan.

Rating: K+.

Spoilers: "The Change in the Game."

Summary: A collection of ficlets in which various friends & family members find out Booth & Brennan's news.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones.

Author's note: I've been in such a fluffy mood since the season 6 finale. I'm not sure how many ficlets I'll do, but it should be a fun experiment, as I've never done a Bones series of any kind. Enjoy! :)

The Contentment in the Colloquialism

Baby Mama & Baby Daddy

"Caroline." Booth stood, greeting his favorite prosecutor by bussing her on the cheek and pulling out her chair. He signaled for the waitress to bring them coffee and their usual orders.

"Cherie, what's with the sugar?" Caroline eyed Booth suspiciously and took the proffered seat, "And where is your lady squint?"

Booth blushed slightly. "Bones is on her way. Don't call her my lady squint when she gets here; she'll launch into a lecture about the alpha male tendency to metaphorically brand one's mate by -"

"Excuse me, cher? Did you just refer to Dr. Brennan as your -"

Brennan appeared beside the table.

"Good afternoon, Caroline. Thank you for joining us for lunch. I apologize for my tardiness; I got caught in Limbo."

"Is that some kind of squinty purgatory?"

"Limbo is a squinty purgatory of sorts, as it's the Jeffersonian bones storage room where thousands of remains have yet to be identified." Brennan replied primly.

Booth jumped up to hug Brennan. She leaned into his embrace; her arms tightened around him as he rested his chin atop her head. Upon separating, he pulled out her chair and settled beside her. Caroline watched the partners through narrowed eyes. The trio started eating as soon as the waitress brought their food to the table.

"Dr. Brennan, are you aware of what Agent Booth calls you?" Caroline asked, daintily eating her soup.

Booth hissed, setting his burger down, "I thought we agreed not to talk about that, Caroline."

Brennan shrugged, nibbling her grilled cheese. "Booth mostly calls me 'Bones.' Why? Is there another moniker he uses when I'm not present?"

Booth gave Caroline his best puppy dog eyes, but the prosecutor pressed on. "Before you arrived, I asked Booth where you, his lady squint, were. He answered, then requested that I not refer to you as such because of some anthropological mumbo jumbo, inadvertently referring to you as his mate."

"Ruthless." Booth muttered, scrubbing his face with his hands as Caroline calmly sipped her coffee.

Brennan deftly took one of his hands, lacing her fingers with his. Caroline choked mid-sip. She cleared her throat and smoothed her blouse in an attempt to regain her composure.

"While that designation is true in a literal sense, it does not encompass all that I am to Booth and vice-versa."

Caroline slammed her coffee cup on the table. "What are you trying to tell me, cherie? Did you two elope?"

Booth shook his head, squeezing Brennan's hand. His thumb lazily drew circles in her palm.

"Angela said that the proper colloquialism for what Booth is to me is my baby daddy."

Booth groaned, "Bones, you're not just my baby mama."

"But I'm the mother of your baby, so it follows that I'm your baby mama."

"Good Lord! You two are having a child? Who's gonna help me catch murderers if there's a bun in the good doctor's oven?"

"We've discussed the issue with the Jeffersonian and the FBI respectively, Caroline."

"Bones isn't gonna be out in the field as much when she's further along. Not to say that having a baby would compromise our work, anyway."

Caroline ignored Booth and focused on Brennan. "How far along are you, cherie?"

"Ten weeks and three days."

Booth reverently laid their joined hands on Brennan's stomach and kissed her temple.

Caroline sighed resignedly. "I believe congratulations are in order."

"Thanks, Caroline." Booth half-glared at her, jerking his head toward Brennan.

"Congratulations, my dears!" Caroline exclaimed, slightly more convincingly.

"Thank you, Caroline." Brennan smiled, "There's something else we would like to tell you."

"Color me intrigued. Go on, cher."

Booth grinned from Brennan to Caroline. "If we have a girl, we'd like to name her after you. Her middle name, at least."

Caroline's bright eyes watered slightly; she dabbed at them with a napkin, "Allergies."

"Would you mind?" Brennan asked.

"Why would I? One could argue that I was instrumental in pushing y'all toward baby mama and baby daddy bliss, after forcing a five steamboat smooch upon you that Christmas."

"We've come a long way."

Booth tucked an errant curl behind Brennan's ear. She had come to favor wearing her hair in its natural waves for low maintenance purposes during her pregnancy. They exchanged fond smiles.

"If I hadn't been rooting for you two from the beginning, I'd be vomiting rainbows and sunshine from the cuteness." Caroline rolled her eyes.

28 weeks & four days later...

Booth toed off his shoes and squeezed into Brennan's hospital bed to nap with his favorite girls. The nurses giggled at the dozing couple's humorous shirts. Per a puckish prosecutor's request, the couple wore shirts she gifted them with Baby Mama & Baby Daddy embossed respectively across their chests. Years later, they would have to explain the shirts to their teenage daughter, who would stumble upon them while looking for Booth's copy of Profiles in Courage. For now, they were content to be curled up next to each other, their perfect daughter, outfitted in a Baby Squint/Agent onesie, sleeping peacefully in the crook of Brennan's arm.