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Chapter 1: The beginning

"Roxanne, you must push. The contractions are very close together now." Hunith said, holding Roxanne's hand as she pushed. All Roxanne could think of though was the pain she could feel coursing through her as each contraction came and went. "Come on Roxanne, not long now, only a few more pushes." Hunith said once again trying to soothe her.

"It hurts too much Hunith." Roxanne said as another contraction started.

"Just one more push Roxanne." And with that Roxanne pushed one final time and out cam her daughter. Hunith bundled her up and gave her to Roxanne.

"What are you going to name her?" Sarah, one of the women who had helped her deliver the baby asked. Roxanne only had to think for a moment before answering. She had thought of the name long before she was born.

"I'll name her Merleiah." Roxanne said hugging the baby to her chest. "Merleiah Rowan." Merleiah gurgled at her name and it was not long before both she and Roxanne were asleep.

10 Years later

Merleiah had grown to be a beautiful and intelligent young lady over the 10 years. She had the same dark brown hair colour as her mother and her eyes were the most vibrant green anyone had ever seen. She had a heart shaped face, porcelain skin, her lips were plush and a delicate pink and when she smiled her eyes lit up with a fire that couldn't be faked and always stood up for what was right. Her will was strong; she was level headed and had a habit for getting in trouble with her two best friends, Merlin and Will but always managed to get them all out of it. She was intelligent and had a sort of gift when it came to animals. Merleiah was compassionate though, she cared for anyone who was sick and would always help when she could.

When she was one she had learnt how to walk and at two she had already been saying words like mama and drink. Roxanne found it very entertaining that it was Merlin's name that she often tried to say, while Hunith found as equally entertaining that Merlin had become quite taken with the two year old and as they grew up, their bond became stronger and they still spent their time together.

"They spend more time together than with anyone else." Hunith stated, holding a basket of washing that was to be hung out.

"Yes they do don't they? You would think that we should start planning a wedding." Roxanne said smiling at the two of them laughing.

"Yes you would think that wouldn't you. Still, you never know about these things." Hunith smiled. She was also watching the children play and she noticed that Merlin was making one of the flowers in Merleiah's hand open and close while Merleiah was laughing and watching it. "Has anything else happened?" Hunith asked Roxanne. She looked at Hunith and nodded.

"Yes, but only little things." Ever since Merleiah had turned five, she had shown the same power as Merlin had. Little things like making things move, blooming flowers before they were meant to open and more recently she had been making people levitate. Her eyes even changed to the same gold colour as Merlin's did when he was doing magic. There were times though, when Roxanne could swear that her daughters eyes had a purple tint around the middle of her eyes when she was with Merlin, the two would look at each other and Merlin would give her whatever it was that he gave her and she would thank him but both Roxanne and Hunith passed that off as them being as close as twins.

"Well, nothing bad can come of it seeing as Merlin does the same thing." Hunith reassured her. Roxanne nodded and the women turned and carried on with their jobs leaving their children to play.

~One Destiny, Two Choices~

"Come on Leiah, try it." Merlin said holding the flower out to her. She took it from him and let in a deep breath before wrapping her hand around the flower, letting out her breath, she opened her hand and found the flower had changed from pink to red and she grinned.

"Thank god, I hate pink, it's such a girly colour isn't it?" she looked up at Merlin to see that her was rolling on the floor laughing. "Hey, don't laugh at me idiot." She said crawling over to hit him.

"Sorry, sorry. It's just that you are the only girl I know who hates dresses and the colour pink that's all." He said putting his arms up in surrender. "And hey, you're not meant to call me idiot. Whatever happened to respecting your elder?" he asked faking being annoyed but he already knew what she was going to say.

"Eh, I'm only stating facts Merlin." She said shrugging her shoulders.

"Oh really?" she said before pouncing on her. "I'll show you fact Leiah." And with that he tickled her and tickled her.

"Merlin stop! Stop! Uncle, uncle." She pleaded giving up, only to have Merlin tickle her for a little while longer before stopping.

"What was it you were saying?" he asked standing up and pulling Merleiah up too. She mumbled something under her breath while straightening her dress. "What was that Merleiah? I didn't hear you." Merlin said looking smug.

"I said, your not a idiot Merlin, only a complete pain in the a-"

"Merleiah Rowan!" Roxanne said coming out of her house with her hands on her hips. "What was it that you were going to say?" Merleiah looked down at her feet.

"Nothing mother." From the corner of her eye she saw Merlin snicker and try not to laugh. Prat.

"I thought so, just don't let me hear you say 'nothing' again okay?" Merleiah nodded and Roxanne turned and walked back to the house. By this time Merlin was clutching his stomach in a fit of laughter so when Merleiah turned around and saw him like that she hit him on the side of his head.

"You prat." She stomped off leaving Merlin still clutching his stomach and she walked right into Will.

"Hey Leiah, what's up?" he asked. He had been helping his mother do the dishes so he hadn't been able to hang out with Merlin and Leiah, so when he had finished and had come out to find them and then crashed into Leiah; he knew that they had had one of their almost weekly arguments.

"The prat, he stood their laughing while mother told me off." Will looked at her and he started laughing. "Now you're laughing at me too." She said. She was about to walk off when will caught her arm.

"Leiah, come on, you know how Merlin is. He's an idiot and besides, you two have an argument like weekly ever since you could talk." Merleiah stood there and looked at Will.

"Man, I hate it when your right." Will smiled at that because she almost never said that. "I'm going to have to apologise to him now aren't i?" She asked.

"Yep." Will said popping the p.

"Fine." She went off in the direction she came and Will followed her. Merlin was walking towards them when they found him and Merleiah went right up to him and said: "I'm sorry for calling you a prat and hitting you." Merlin smiled and told her it was fine before he caught her in a hug.

"So, what should we do now?" Will asked but before anyone could say anything Merleiah fell to the ground clutching her head.

"Raiders." She cried out and sure enough men on horses galloped through the village, sword wielded and arrows being plucked from their holsters.

"Run!" Merlin shouted and Merleiah got up and ran. All three children did. Will saw his father and they ran to him.

"Run, hide behind the house, quickly." He said to them. The three nodded and ran to where they were meant to where they joined their mothers and friends. The men were fighting and while everyone were looking at them Merlin noticed Merleiah looking round for her mother. Merlin looked back to the men fighting and saw that Roxanne was trying to get back with Jenna in her arms. The five year old girl was making it difficult for Roxanne to get to the hiding place properly but it seemed she was managing. Merleiah saw her mother and breathed a sigh of relief. There were only a few metres between them but at that moment, she stopped. The look on her face was one of pain and in that instant Merleiah knew what had happened. Roxanne fell and everyone saw that there was an arrow stuck in her back, right where her heart was and it was then that Merleiah knew her mother was dead.

Something was bubbling up inside her at that moment. It was raw power and it was trying to get out and Merleiah was more than happy to let it. Merlin felt something too, he felt a rush of power from beside him and he turned and saw something that frightened him. Merleiah was standing as still as a statue, her eyes closed and her mouth a thin line. But it was what happened next that frightened him the most. Merleiah opened her eyes and they were all gold. Not a trace of the whites or the beautiful green that her eyes once were, only gold. She raised her hand and closed her eyes, opened her mouth and words of a language I had never heard of came out.

"Qui nos fecit reddet damnum cadere sermons meos et accusam furore meo." The wind picked up and it swirled around Merleiah, it caressed her and made her hair lift up around her. Then, as the words left her mouth, the raiders were struck down where they were standing, all of them killed by an invisible force and Merleiah collapsed.

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