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A Druid in Need

Merlin looked around, searching for something but he wasn't quite sure what it was he was searching for. All he knew was that he had heard a shrill scream in his head and there was only one creature he knew that could do that: Kilgharrah.

While he was searching, Merleiah was trying to figure out what she had heard. It was a person, she knew that but whom? Merlin's voice didn't sound like that and Bridget's voice wasn't that high pitched and the Dragon…well there wasn't any possible that that was his voice but still, if it wasn't those three then who was it?

Merleiah found herself in the courtyard, looking around for the source. It seemed that all she needed to do was follow her magic to the source but the problem was, that she could now feel all those who had magic however, she knew who's magic was who's because of the feeling they gave her. She knew who's was Bridget's because the essence gave off a feeling of sisterly love, the Dragons' essence was one of wisdom, knowledge and annoyance at something or rather…someone, though she found that one rather odd. And lastly Merlin's magic.

His gave her the feeling of happiness and security, love, hope and all the other wonderful feelings she felt around him.

She knew who had magic around her, at least in the state of trust in her magic but there were those who she didn't know. In fact there were three magical essences that she had no clue about.

One gave off the feeling of worry, but not about something, no, it was worry about someone very dear to them. Someone that seemed to be in grave danger and who they loved very much. Merleiah knew that it was the type of love you would do anything to save, even if it meant sacrificing yourself.

The second one was a very scared one. That fear overwhelmed her but she pushed it back and tried again. This time she felt worry for someone, guilt for something and immense pain that they seemed to be trying to ignore.

And the last one was faint, almost like, it was there…but wasn't quite there fully. Merleiah couldn't feel anything about this one, it seemed that whoever's essence it was, wasn't aware of their magic or their potential.

She was brought out of here trance with a small timid voice, echoing in her mind. "Please…help me…" The voice trailed off and she looked around, trying to find the source. Her eyes landed on a little boy hiding behind barrels of something and her heart broke a tiny bit. But then she felt the boy's essence give off a little bit of hope and she looked up and saw Merlin at the other end, looking at the little boy.

Now this wouldn't be a problem if she wasn't broadcasting her magic to him. The problem with letting go of your magic, letting it guide you was that it meant that you could no longer keep a barrier on your magic to hide it and that was what Merleiah had been doing around Merlin.

As quickly as she could, she severed the connection and in doing so so sharply, she felt a stabbing pain in her brain and she winced noticeably. Ouch! Won't be doing that again in a hurry, she thought. Merleiah looked up at Merlin and saw that he had been looking at her oddly. Crap! She thought but she smiled at him as she normally would and he smiled back, albeit a little hesitantly but then frowned as she heard the voice again.

"Please, you have to help me. They're searching for me. Please…" He cried out again. Then something happened that really shocked Leiah. Merlin talked back!

"Why are they after you?" He asked hesitantly.

The boy only answered with "they're going to kill me," but that was enough to send Merlin into action. Merlin ran to a door and looked around, waiting for the guards to move away.

"This way," he nodded to the boy. He waited and then ran out from his hiding place and next to a waiting Merlin who got him through the door and made his way to God knew where. All Merleiah could do was stare at where they used to be, contemplating what had just happened. If Merlin can use telepathy then he's more advanced then I thought. I don't even think he knew he could do it, hell it took me a good two months to be able to do it properly but he can do it on the first try. She shook her head as she realised what she was thinking. God, I sound like a jealous five year old again, but what I need to do now is figure out where Merlin's taken the boy and how to help him, help the boy escape without Uther killing him.

Great! This is not going to be easy!

One Destiny, Two Choices

Okay now think where would Merlin hide and injured Druid? Merleiah thought. She had lost them as they ran and as much as she hated to admit it, Merlin was always the fastest runner in Ealdor, though it may have had something to do with having the older kids chasing him all the time.

He would need somewhere safe, somewhere secure and someone who wouldn't turn him in. With that thought Merleiah smiled. Realistically there where two place Merlin could hide the boy: with Gaius or with Morgana and, as Gaius was against Merlin helping the boy that left Morgana. Morgana's it is.

Merleiah practically ran to Morgana's room and when she got there she didn't wait to be invited in, she didn't even nock. She just pushed the door open and smiled as her deduction was correct. Merlin was here with the boy and Morgana was helping him.

"Oh," Morgana cried. "Has everybody forgotten what the simple action of knocking can do?" Merleiah rolled her eyes at Morgana and walked over to the boy lying on the bed.

"No Morgana but I came to see how the boy was doing." She saw Merlin's shocked face and once again rolled her eyes. "Oh don't look so surprised Merlin, I could see you from where I was standing. You aren't very good at hiding are you?" Without waiting for an answer she kneeled down and rested her hand against his head. "What's your name?" She asked softly.

"It's no use, he won't talk to anyone." Morgana told her but she ignored her.

"What's you're name?" She asked once again only this time, she connected with him mentally. "It's okay; I'm not going to hurt you." She whispered.

The boy looked thoughtful for a moment but then opened his mouth and whispered a name. "Mordred." Merleiah smiled at the boy.

"Well Mordred, I don't suppose you know who I am but-"

"I know who you are." He whispered. Merleiah's eyes widened in shock. "You're the Lady Merleiah. Merlin was thinking about you as he helped me." Merleiah breathed out a sigh of relief.

"Yeh, but just call me Leiah, I prefer it that way." Mordred gave her a small smile and she smiled back. "Am I allowed to tell them you're name?" She asked motioning her head towards the two who were most probably trying to listen in. Mordred thought for a moment and then nodded. "Okay." She brushed his hair aside and as she did this she felt how hot his head was.

It was hotter than it should be that was for sure and Merleiah became worried at that. She turned to see that both Merlin and Morgana were looking out the window at something and as she went over to them, she saw what they were seeing.

Uther was standing on the balcony and there were crowds of people below him and he was talking to them. "Anyone found harbouring the boy is guilty of conspiracy, and will be executed as a traitor. Let this serve as a warning to your people."

Merleiah felt her heart quicken as the person on the stand spoke. "You have let your fear of magic turn to hate. I pity you."

"I can't watch this." Morgana said and she moved away from the balcony to stand next to the boy leaving Merlin and Leiah to carry on watching what was happening.

Uther signals for the man to be executed and he was pushed to the floor roughly. His head was lowered and an axe was raised. Merleiah pushed her head into Merlin's chest and on a reflex he automatically put his arms around her as the axe came down and as it did, all three and every magical creature in Camelot heard the scream of a little boy who had just lost his father. The mirror broke from the sheer capacity of the power he had used.

One Destiny, Two Choices

Bridget had heard the gut wrenching scream and while she was serving the King and his son their meals she had contemplated what had happened. She felt sorry for the little boy she had seen earlier and she had felt Leiah Broadcasting her magic and had known that she had cut it off too quickly meaning she would be in pain.

She was also worrying about how far Uther would go if he caught either Leiah or her whilst practicing magic. Her thoughts were so strong that even the King had noticed but he didn't care.

Arthur on the other hand had noticed as well and unlike his father, he did care. He wasn't actually sure why he did but he knew that he cared that Bridget looked so distraught over something and so he vowed to find out what it was that was bothering her.

After they had eaten, Bridget left quickly and Arthur excused himself shortly after - before trying to catch up with Bridget. But when he didn't find her, he went to the small corner just outside of the forest she had once told him about and it was there that he found her.

She was sitting alone on a rock, and from what Arthur could see – she had a flower in her hand and she was twirling it about between her fingertips. Her chestnut brown hair had been pulled into her side in a lazy plait and tied up with a lavender ribbon that matched her dress.

"You know, you really shouldn't sneak up on people. You never know what they may be able to do." Arthur smiled as she turned to look at him and he shrugged slightly.

"Well I wouldn't need to sneak up on you if you weren't so hard to find." He told her.

"Was I really that hard to find?" She asked tilting her head to the right. Arthur shook his head and tried to stop the small grin of embarrassment at what he was about to tell her.

"No, not to me but to others' well…" Bridget smiled and it lit up her face wonderfully. She patted the rock she was sitting on and Arthur walked over to it, sitting down next to her.

"So what you're saying is that you would be able to find me easily because you're the only person I've told about this place?"

"Yes, basically." He watched her smile a little and it was breathtaking. "So why did you run off so quickly anyway? I wanted to ask you something."

"My apologies Sire, I wasn't aware that I was needed." Arthur frowned at his title a little.

"Call me Arthur; I think we're above all the titles." He told her. He had honestly considered her a friend, one that would listen when he needed it and be there when she needed him. As a friend, obviously, he found himself thinking. "Especially after a couple of weeks ago."

"Oh but Sire, I am but a lonely peasant and servant. How can you permit me such an honour? I am not worthy of it." She grinned and Arthur laughed at her little act as she sat down again.

"You're almost as bad as Leiah." He told her chuckling now.

"And you should laugh more. It suits you." Her arms wrapped around her knees and her head lay resting against a thin tree planted near the rock.

"What are you talking about? I laugh all the time." She gave him a look and frowned. "I laugh with the knights, at balls, when Merlin's done something stupid – see, all the time."

Bridget rolled her eyes. "Out of the three of those scenario's you only truly and genuinely laugh in one and that's when Merlin's doing something stupid. The rest of the time, it's all an act." She rolled her eyes as he looked at her with shock. "Don't look so shocked, besides, there is never anything funny at the balls."

"And you would know this how? I don't think I've ever seen you at a ball or a dance."

"So you've been keeping an eye out for me huh?" She asked. "No, I don't like balls or dances, mainly because I can't dance." Arthur looked at her once again shocked at something she had said.

"What do you mean you can't dance? Everyone can dance."

Bridget shrugged and looked up at him. "I wouldn't know, I've never tried." Arthur was once again shocked at her and then an idea came to him.

He got up and pulled Bridget up off the rock and brought her close to him. "What are you doing?" She asked slightly worried. Arthur only smiled and took her hand in his.

"I'm teaching you how to dance."

One Destiny, Two Choices

Merlin was sitting with Gaius in his chambers thinking about the boy. He had to be so careful about what he said in the presence of – well everyone, but try as he might it was harder to do than he thought.

Even so, he needed information and Gaius was the only one that could give it to him so he had to try. "Do you know much about the Druids?"

"Very little. They're very secretive people. Especially now they're being hunted by Uther. Merlin," Gaius looked at Merlin, he worried that he was hiding something and if he carried on doing what he did now then he would get caught. A shudder ran through him at the thought. "Please tell me you haven't got yourself mixed up in this."

"Me? No. Mixed up in what?" He gave himself a mental slap. He was a terrible liar.

"For someone with such a big secret, you are a terrible liar." I already know that, thanks Gaius. He thought – but still he tried to deny everything.

"I haven't done anything Gaius."

"Merlin..." He trailed off, and Merlin sighed.

"I heard the boy calling out. He was nowhere to be seen, but I could hear him... like he was inside my mind." He trailed off, remembering the scream. It had been ear shattering and quite honestly he hoped that he never had to hear it again.

"Yes, I've heard of this ability." Gaius told him. "The Druids look for children with such gifts to serve as apprentices. While they're searching for this boy, you must be especially careful otherwise it'll be your head on the chopping block."

"I'm always careful. You know me."

"Yes, Merlin, unfortunately I do."

~~One Destiny, Two Choices~~

When Merlin finally made it back to Morgana's room it was late in the afternoon. He couldn't take too long because knowing Arthur, he would give him a long list of chores to do. Come to think of it, it's odd that he hasn't called for me yet, but Merlin pushed the thought aside and knocked on the door.

Merleiah was the one to open it and let him in the room quickly so that no one would see him.

"How is he?" He asked Morgana.

"He's sleeping. He's very pale. I worry he may have lost a lot of blood." Merleiah looked over at the sleeping boy and frowned. He had a temperature and she was worried that the wound was becoming infected.

"Has he said anything at all?"

Morgana answered with a shake of the head. "No, he only talks to Merleiah, and even then it's never more than one sentence."

There was a small silence which Merleiah used to wipe Mordred's head again with a wet towel. As she did this, she noticed that Merlin was looking at Morgana intently. She felt jealousy spike in her heart but then controlled it. No, it's fine. They're friends and even if he did like her it's none of my business. Her hand tightened at the idea – so much so that when she looked down at her hands, her knuckles where bone white. She frowned as she realised that she had missed the entire conversation.

~~One Destiny, Two Choices~~

That night Merleiah sat at the dinner table with Morgana, Arthur and Uther. While they were eating their food and chatting merrily, Merleiah was thinking about what had occurred between Merlin and Morgana. It had been odd and Merleiah would have never thought that there was anything going on between the two; they were very different. If Merlin was the same Merlin she remembered then he didn't like vanity and Morgana was quite vain sometimes. If anyone, it would have been Gwen that would catch his eye.

Morgana was also playing with her food. She was trying to figure out way to get the boy out and to his own people like she and Merlin had discussed. It was not going to be an easy matter, that was for sure; Uther was going to make this the hardest thing she had ever done and with Arthur patrolling the halls left right and centre, it was going to be even harder trying to smuggle him out. Really, does that man not have a life?

Arthur himself had found himself thinking about Bridget. She was sweet but also fiery; she wasn't scared to tease him and be herself around him which was honestly refreshing for the young prince. Not many people outside the royal family was like that, they were all to worried or scared of him.

That was why he tolerated Merlin so much; because he argued with him all the time. Merleiah was also like that. He supposed it was because she had grown up with Merlin, they must have argued with how much they were stubborn.

That led him back to Bridget.

Now that he thought about it Arthur realised that he didn't actually know all that much about her life at home. He knew that she had a mother that lived in the town but that was about it. He made a mental note to ask her about it the next time they were in there spot. Wait – our spot? What is that supposed to mean? He wondered. It's her spot, I just found her there, but then again…we go there when we need to talk don't we? Arthur once again found himself feeling something very odd and the more he thought about Bridget the more the feeling became stronger.

Uther sat watching each of the three he now called his children. It seemed that each of them was dealing with a problem and he realised that none of them had ever really talked to him about it. He would be able to fix it surely; he was the King after all.

Sighing he looked at each of them and put down his knife and fork. "You're all so quiet, what's wrong?" They each looked up at Uther and then each other. Merleiah then looked down at her plate and once again began playing with her food.

"Nothing." They all told him together and Uther found himself letting out a deep sigh.

One Destiny, Two Choices

The next day passes by in a blur to Merleiah. She was sitting and watching over Mordred while Merlin and Morgana worried over him. His fever was getting worse and Merleiah feared that if it didn't come down soon then he would die.

She took the cloth from the bucket of cold water and wrung it out before pressing it against his head. Mordred shivered slightly as he felt the cold against his hot skin and Merleiah smiled in apology. "I'm sorry, it's just I need to bring the fever down."

"I understand." he whispered in her mind. "But why don't you use magic?"

"I can't, neither Merlin not Morgana know about my magic and they cant know." She told him. Mordred nodded slightly. He felt so sorry for her, she had to hide her magic and that must have been hard to do.

"It must be very hard for you Anima."

Merleiah tilted her head to the side and frowned. "Why did you call me that?" She asked him.

"It is your name among my people, just as Merlin's is Emrys. You are both very powerful and you will help each other through many difficulties." There was nothing Merleiah could ask after that because Mordred fell back to sleep. All she could do was stroke his head, hoping to give the poor boy some comfort.

Soon after, Merlin left and Morgana soon followed after. She didn't know where they were going of if they were going together but she forced herself not to care.

Gwen cam into the room a little while later, well, it could have been a little while for all I know. "Let me care for him for a while. You need to sleep. You'll make yourself sick if you go on like this." She cared for Merleiah and Bridget would surely kill her if Merleiah became sick.

"I cant, his fever is getting worse and Merlin has gone somewhere." But even as she said it her eyes were closing.

"But you can't do anything if you become sick as well. Just half an hour Leiah, then you can come back." Merleiah looked at her friend. She had a point and if it was only half an hour then nothing much could happen, especially if Gwen was there to watch over him.

Merleiah was just about to nod when there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" She asked.

"Merlin." Gwen opened the door an Merlin sprinted inside. "Is he any better?" He asked Merleiah.

"No, if anything his fever is getting worse. I don't know how much longer he can last without the proper medicine." Merlin nodded and sprinted out the door, making his was to Gaius' chambers.

~~One Destiny, Two Choices~~

"The search for this Druid boy is becoming a real nuisance. With all the extra security around the castle, it's taking me twice as long to do my round. Is that everything?" Gaius asked.
"Morgana's hiding the Druid boy in her chambers. Merleiah's helping her." Merlin blurted out. He needed that medicine as fast as he could and right now honesty was the best policy. "When you say that Morgana's hiding the Druid boy, I take that means that you're helping her?"

"Sort of." He told him guiltily. He always felt bad when lying to Gaius but sometimes there was no way around it.

"Merlin, you promised me that you wouldn't get involved." Gaius told him angrily. He really didn't know what he would do if Merlin ever got caught.

"I know. I'm sorry. I had no choice."

"Every guard in Camelot is searching for this boy, and you're harbouring him under their very noses. Can't you see how dangerous that is? What were you thinking of?" "Was I supposed to hand him over to the guards to be executed?" He would never do that. This boy was his kin, his family and to hand him over would be wrong. Never mind the fact that he was only a child.
"You think you can save this boy? What happens if you're caught? Who's going to save you?"

"You're saying it's wrong to harbour a young magician?" There was nothing Gaius could say to that really but he could still try.

"Yes but the difference is, Merlin, that your magic is still secret. Though it's a wonder how, considering how careless you are." A flash of all the times Merlin could have ever been caught went through Gaius head. There were a lot of times.

"The boy's hurt. He's really sick. I've tried to treat him, Leiah tried to treat him but she couldn't. We need your help."

"So, now you want me to risk my neck, too?" He didn't mean for it to sound selfish but it seemed to come out that way. "I wish the boy no harm, but it's too dangerous."
"But if you don't, we may as well hand him over to the guards, because he'll die anyway. You didn't turn your back on me. Please don't turn your back on him." When Gaius looked at Merlin he knew that he was set on helping him – using whatever means necessary and that include magic. The safest way to help him, Gaius realised, was to help him so that was what he did.

Gaius followed Merlin as quickly as he could to Morgana's room where – when he entered he preceded to examine the small boy.
"I will treat the boy," he began, "but as soon as he's well, you must get him out of Camelot. And woe betide anyone caught helping him. Well, one thing we know for certain."
"What's that?" Merlin asked Gaius.

"You're no physician."

One Destiny, Two Choices

The escape was tonight. Morgana was to dress in Gwen's clothes and to sneak Mordred out of the castle, using the keys that Merlin would get from Arthur and go through one of the many passage that was in the castle that Bridget had found.

It was an odd alliance to anyone outside of the castle but over the last few months, the three of them had managed to form some sort of bond which all converged around Merleiah. She seemed to be the soul of the group, the one that bonded them all together but it had gone without being noticed by all but Bridget.

She vowed however that sooner or later, she would make them all realise just how much they all needed the strong willed Princess.

~~One Destiny, Two Choices~~

The plan had failed, Morgana had been caught by non other than Arthur and as she was dragged to the Council room, she could only think of the poor little boy that she had let down and how he was no being locked in the dungeons for her mistake.

"All this time, you've been hiding the boy in my own palace. How could you betray me like this?" Uther fumed. He would have never believed that Morgana of all his children would do something like this. He knew she had a strong willed personality – she had gotten it from her father - but he never thought she would undermine him like this.

"I would not see him executed." Was the only rely he was supplied with.

"I've treated you like a daughter." The tone of his voice changed slightly. "Is this how you repay me?"

A small wave of guilt passed over Morgana but she pushed it back determinedly. "I did what I thought was right."

"You think its right to conspire with my enemies against me?"
"How can this child be your enemy? He's just a boy!" She cried out.

"He is a Druid." It seemed to Morgana that Uther had no other reason. He was being a stubborn old man that blamed magic for something that had happened so long ago. She wondered, would react in the same way if either Arthur or myself had magic?

"Is that such a crime?"

"His kind would see me dead and this kingdom returned to anarchy and you would help them." Uther was adamant that she understood the proportion of what she had wanted to do.

"Then punish me... but spare the boy. I beg you." He didn't seem to do anything so she tried again. "You allowed Leiah to live all those years ago, why not this child?"

He paused for the briefest of seconds but Morgana saw it. The pause made her hope that he would make an exception for once. But her hopes were dashed at the next words Uther spoke. "Make arrangements for the boy to be executed tomorrow morning." He barked at Arthur. The Prince frowned; he understood the reasoning behind his father executing the boy's father but this boy – this child could be no more than 12 years old. He was younger than even Merleiah was when they found her.

His conscience was screaming at him to disobey his father and help the boy escape. He didn't want this blood on his hands – whether it was indirectly or not.

In a flash, Bridget's face flashed into him mind and his frown deepened as he thought of how disappointed in him he would be. Arthur didn't know why he cared about what she thought of him, but he no longer tried to deny that he did.

"No!" Morgana exclaimed. "Please. He's done nothing."

"Let this be a lesson to you." Uther told her condescendingly. Perhaps, if I do this she will finally concede and stop this childish behaviour.

"You don't have to do this." She tried once more but it had no effect on the man that stood before her because Uther turned once more towards Arthur.

"Do you hear me? I want him executed at dawn."

There was nothing that Arthur could do at this present moment in time but he knew that he wouldn't let this child be executed while he was still able to do something about it. "Yes, Father." He agreed, already setting a plan in motion.

"What have these people done to you? Why are you so full of hate?" Morgana stormed towards Uther and grabbed his arm in her hands hoping that physical contact would do something to stop his wrath but it was only turned on her.

Uther grabbed her throat harshly and pushed her against the throne that he had been standing behind. Morgana gasped in both pain and shock as she felt what her so called 'protector' was doing to her.

"Enough! I will not hear another word! Do not speak to me until you are ready to apologise for what you've done." Uther left the throne room followed closely behind by Arthur. It was only after they had left and the door had been slammed shut that Morgana allowed her body to crumple to the ground in shock.

It was at that moment, that the care and compassion she once had for that man shrivelled and in its place, the seedling of hate was planted – ready to grow as it surely would.

One Destiny, Two Choices

This time, they were all in Arthur's chambers; Merlin, Bridget, Merleiah and even Arthur. This time they were all planning together and unknown to them, they were stronger because of it.

"Did everybody know about this but me?" Arthur asked. Bridget smiled at him slightly before answering.

"I didn't, but it was pretty easy to catch up on everything don't you think?" Arthur rolled his eyes and ignored it. "How are we going to the boy out of prison?" She asked the whole group.

"Arthur and I are going to break him out-"

"No!" Merlin and Leiah said together shocking everyone.

"I mean... it's too dangerous. You've already been caught once, and if the King catches you a second time he'll never forgive you." Merlin said.

"I'm not worried for myself." Morgana told him. She was annoyed at the thought that everyone believed that she wouldn't help Mordred because of something as silly as Uther not forgiving her.

"No, Merlin's right." Merleiah told her friend. "When Uther finds out the boy's escaped, he will automatically suspect you being involved."

"It's suicide." Merlin told her.

"Wait, not necessarily." Bridget started. Everyone turned to her waiting for her idea. "If Lady Morgana was with the King while we were breaking Mordred out then there is no way she would be suspected."

"Bridget's right. Father cant accuse you if you're with him." Arthur smiled at Bridget's idea.

"But what about Merleiah?" Merlin asked. "It would be something she would do as well, it seems that Uther would accuse Leiah of this as well." Merleiah frowned at what Merlin was going to say.

"I'm not having dinner with them. He will need help, he is still injured and if you're both left to do it then he has no chance, you'll all get captured. It won't be as bad for Arthur but Merlin will face execution for blasphemy." She paused at what she had said, "if you get caught."

"Bridget can take your place," Merlin told her.

"What?" Arthur and Bridget exclaimed together. "Me?" She asked.

Merleiah breathed in and exhaled loudly. "Fine. If Bridget wants to do it then she can but I swear Arthur, if something happens to her I will hold you personally responsible! The same goes for you as well Merlin." They both nodded agreeing with her but for two different reasons; Merlin because he didn't want Merleiah to loose her best friend and Arthur because he didn't want anything to happen to Bridget himself.

"Bridget and I are going to take the boy out through the burial vaults. There's a tunnel that leads beyond the city walls. Merlin, you must get my horse from the stables and meet me there. There's a grate that covers the entrance to the tunnel. Bring a rope and a grappling hook to pull it off."

"No- no, I can't..." Merlin began but Arthur cut him off.

"Merlin. Do you understand? If you're not there to meet us, we'll surely be caught." Merlin nodded and Merleiah sighed. It was going to be hard to pull off but she believed that they could.

~~One Destiny, Two Choices~~

That night everything was set into motion. Morgana and Merleiah went to dine with the King while Arthur got ready to leave. Merlin however had seen the Great Dragon and he had told him to let the boy die. So while he contemplated what he was doing, his conscience was warring with logic. On one hand, the Dragon had told him that this boy was going to destroy Arthur. One of the Sister's would die trying to protect Arthur and the other would be so wrought with grief that there would be a possibility she would turn to only revenge.

On the other hand, he was only a small boy and Merlin believed that thought destiny had a hold on everyone to an extent; it was something that we could still control – even though it was slight.

While Merlin contemplated, Mordred was still in the dungeon. The young boy was shivering from the cold of the stone but he would be resilient. He had heard Anima contact him throughout the night, telling him the plan.

She had said that Arthur and the woman Bridget would be coming to fetch him. As he thought of the woman Bridget he remembered the power he had felt radiating off her. He had no doubt about who she was but what he did wonder was why the Lady Amore was keeping herself a secret. Surely Anima and Emery's powers had emerged and they both knew about them. He thought to himself.

Even as he thought about it however, he was plagued with the images of Anima and Emerys; they had acted like they hardly knew each other when they should have forged the Bond by now.

Mordred heard a loud noise and he let out a small sigh of relief. They were here now.

It was dark and the moon was full as Arthur and Bridget hurried the boy to the outskirts of the forest.

There, in the shadows was the hooded figure that was meeting them there to collect Mordred and did so easily as the boy ran up to him. "We are forever indebted to you, Arthur Pendragon, for returning the boy to us." The man's deep voice called out as they neared.

"You must not let it be known that it was I who brought him to you." Arthur told the man seriously.

The man nodded in agreement. "We will tell no one. You have my word." As the Druids turned to leave Bridget called out.

"Wait!" They all stopped and looked at her. She walked up to Mordred and crouched down to hug the small boy. "That was for Merleiah." She told him. Mordred smiled at her and she returned it. "Good luck Mordred and please, don't judge people's actions only on what you see." She whispered to him.

"I don't understand." He whispered back.

"You will soon. Just remember that for the next time you see one of us and good luck." He nodded and turned to go only to pause.

"You should soon tell them Amore. Anima is entitled to it." Bridget nodded and Mordred turned once again, this time running back to his family.

Bridget walked back to Arthur and he looked at her. "What was his name?" He asked.

"Mordred." She whispered to him.

One Destiny, Two Choices

Merleiah made her way through the many halls to Arthur's room. She needed to thank him for helping her, she hadn't really been doing it recently and she supposed she had to apologise for that as well, however as she was about to climb the stairs to the room she was stopped. "Excuse me Lady Merleiah," she looked around and there was a servant. One that she had never seen much before, only working in the kitchens with Mary the Cook.


"The King requested to see you." He said. Merleiah nodded and thanked him before resuming her path to Morgana's room but the servant stopped her again. "He umm…he requested to see you immediately My Lady."

Merleiah sighed and turned once again towards the servant. "Thank you. I will go there now." There was nothing she could really do. The rare few times Uther had requested immediately were not fun. They usually entailed arguments that could last for days and Merleiah had no time for that at the moment.

So as she made her way to the throne room she vowed to accept whatever he wanted her to do peacefully. As long as it is within reason of course. She thought to herself. Merleiah didn't wait for the signal to be let in, she jut pushed the door open ready to get this out of the way.

"You called for me Sire?" She asked. Merleiah noticed two men standing near the throne but dismissed them quickly. She just wanted to get to Arthur and thank him as quickly as possible. After that she needed to go to her Library to research the name that Mordred had called her.

"Ah yes Merleiah, come. There is someone I would like you to meet." She nodded and the two men walked over to her. She frowned slightly but quickly put on a small welcoming smile as she walked closer to them. "Merleiah, this is your Uncle, King Harold and his son your cousin, Thomas Merry-Weather; the King and Prince of Everance. They have come to take you to their kingdom with them."

K so I have an idea that will take Merlieah away from the season plot. Of course while this means that you wont see her in Merlin I can write out seperate chapters with her as the star. It is a BIG twist to the story but i can still keep her in it by doing that.

This also means that most of the stories will go as they do in the show but they will be centred around Bridget and Arthur more becasue in Season 2 it's all bout Arthur really, isnt it? If you like the idea tell me, if not, oh well. It's a major bridge for what is to come next.

for those of you who havent figured out who Bridget it, the clue in in her name:
Anima - Soul
Amore - Love

There's a clue for ya.

Review with who you think she is and what you think will happen to Merlieah. Will she stay or go and what about that Major plot twist? Review and if you're right i'll add you to the story.