Re-write of the first chapter. I didn't like my writing from back then, and I had a feeling the chapter chased Readers away because it was so god-awful. But I'm still glad most readers stuck to the story aside its bad first chapters.

And NO. This isn't a self insert.

I hope you enjoy the re-write!

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Don't you ever get that feeling that something bigs about to happen?

Happens to me alot, I'm telling you. But then again, I'm paranoid. Very paranoid. I get scared of even the littlest things. I can't go in a room if I think there's something creepy (and alive) in there, I can't cook by myself, nor can I even live by myself.

But hey, I've been living alone for about a few months so far, and I'm still alive. True, most of my food that I cook gets burned, and I still can't wash my own clothes without having to look online just to make sure I did something right. And when I hear noises in the middle of the night? I refuse to sleep, cause I feel like there's someone or something in my house.

So, I suppose I don't have the best of luck being alone. I had always been told I needed to find a boyfriend to go live with, or at least let a friend of mine who's looking for a place to stay become a roomate. But, I've always liked being alone. I've never a favorite of being in groups.

And I suppose that's all my life was. Living alone in a one story house, being afraid of cooking, and going to remain forever alone for the rest of my life until the neighbors haven't seen me in weeks and barge inside my house to find my dead skeleton in bed or something.

What a sad ending.

And yet, my living alone all changed one night. How it happened? I didn't know. It's odd.

I was in my bedroom, lying in bed. My dark brunette hair was very damp, as I had just gotten out of the shower. I was wearing my baggy blue/green sleep shorts with a long blue sleep shirt. There was a TV in my bedroom that was hooked to a DVR, and it was facing my bed, so I could watch TV while lying down.

I was hooked onto a movie that was playing, that I had lost track of time. When I looked at the TV clock, it was around eleven o'clock.

"Shoot," I mumbled. I was going to be exhausted for work the next day. Not that my work isn't bad, and my boss wasn't a mean person, it just was horrible working while your exhausted. It was torture.

I got up from my bed to go make sure that the doors and windows were locked. I had already checked but I tended to be a forgetful person, so I wanted to make sure one last time before going to bed so I wouldn't have to worry all night.

After a few minutes checking the doors and the windows, I headed back to my room. I turned my light off before climbing into the bed. I let out a heavy loud sigh as my head plunged into my pillow.

"What a day," I grumbled. I felt something underneath me, so I sat up and felt under me. My hand came in contact with the TV remote. I scowled, pulling it out of my way. "Let's see what's on TV.." I pointed the remote to the TV and clicked guide.

Nothing good was on. No good movies (the movie I had been watching was already over and was on the end credits) and no good shows.

"Better turn to the recordings," I sighed, going to my TV recordings. My list of recorded episodes popped onto the screen. I scrolled down the list before going down to the folder of Regular Show episodes. A small smile appeared on my face.

I was a major fan of Regular Show. I loved it. I had the figurines, a few stuffed toys, DVD's, and a couple of t-shirts. I had been wanting a poster badly, but had no luck in finding one. I had been tight on money recently, so even if I did find one, I couldn't afford it.

A few episodes would entertain me until I was asleep in la-la land, so I clicked on the folder. After looking through the episodes, I settled on the episode 'Setting up the Chairs'. I hadn't seen that episode in a while.

Once the episode began to play, I pulled the covers and sheetsjm over me and laid down. My hair, which was still damp, made my back cold, so I grabbed it and pulled it over my shoulder so it was on my blanket. "Better," I smiled.

My eyes then began to droop a few minutes into the episode, right at the part where Mordecai and Rigby had found the 'Old School Heaven'. "Morons," I mumbled, rolling my eyes at their attempts to get away from work. But I had to admit: You've got to admire their wit.

I'm too afraid to slack off in front of my own boss. Like I said, my boss isn't mean. Yet, I still fear of getting her mad, and making her yell at me. I've never liked yelling. Especially once its directed at me.

Now if Benson were my boss..I'd probably be alittle afraid to work. He yelled. Alot.

And I don't think I could live with it. And yet, the idea of living in the universe of Regular was a bit interesting.

Of course it would be interesting.

It's always a fans dream to go to the place where their favorite cartoon was. I mean, if there was a Spongebob Squarepants fangirl, she'd probably wish to be a fish and live in Bikini Bottom. That was definately something I would not be fantasizing about. As much as I love Spongebob, I don't think I'd be able to stand his annoying laugh.

My eyes were soon growing heavier, the sound from the TV fading away. I had a feeling the episode was almost over and that I should put a new episode on so it wouldn't be on my recording list all night. And yet, I felt..weak. Really weak, actually. As though my energy had left me in just a few seconds.

'Odd,' I thought. "I'm not usually this tired.." I was now more tired than ever. More tired than how I usually am when I'm going to bed. It was as though I was sinking deeper into exhaustion.

Before I could think anymore, I was engulfed in darkness. I was now fully relaxed. But, I soon started to feel cold, starting at my feet to my head. It felt as though it was a blanket wrapping itself around me slowly.

I knew this was no dream. No dream could feel this real. A loud sound of what resembled wind blowing surrounded me.

I tried to open my eyes, only to find myself unsuccesful. It was as though they were glued shut. 'Why can't I see!?' I thought, quickly panicking. I tried to struggle to get away from wherever I was, but I was bound by the invisible cold blanket. Shortly, from behind my eyelids, I could tell there was a bright light coming closer to me, as the blackness began to turn into a darkish red.

I continued to struggle, whimpering. 'What's happening!?' The sound grew louder, until I feared it was going to blow out my eardrums. The sound also seemed to be going to get faster, as though someone had increased its speed. Oh how much I wished to see to know what was going on.

The noise suddenly stopped and I felt myself falling through the air now, my eyes still closed. I then landed softly on something that resembled ground. Before I could open my eyes, I found myself falling unconcious.


"Dude, is she alive?"

"Yes, you idiot."

"Hey, not my fault that it looks like she's dead."

Familiar voices filled my ears. "What the heck?" I thought, my eyelids twitching a bit.

"Wait dude. I think she's waking up."

"Good. I don't need a police investigation going on over here."

The sound of something colliding with something soft was heard, and a loud groan of pain followed. I finally slowly opened my eyes.

"Hey, miss?" a tall blur that was standing over me asked. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, do you need a hospital or anything?" asked a smaller blur that was also standing over me.

"Where...where am I?" I asked, my eyes getting used to the light. I still couldn't see good, but my vision was starting to clear.

"You're in the park," said the taller blur, which I could make out to be a blue and white figure now that my vision was getting better. "Are you ok?" he repeated his question.

I blinked a few times. My eyes widened in shock as my vision was now clear.

Standing in front of me was a bluejay and a raccoon. An all too familiar bluejay and Raccoon.

Mordecai and Rigby.

I quickly jumped up to my feet. "Wha-!?" I yelped. "But how-!?" I had a feeling my eyes were the size of dinner plates now. I was shaking nervously, and I began to look around.

The familiar park surroundings confirmed that I was indeed in the park, and more importantly, the Regular Show universe.

"This isn't happening!" I yelped again, grabbing my hair from my head, freaked out. But this just freaked me out more. This wasn't my normal hair.

I spotted the fountain near us, and I quickly ran to it. I looked into the water to look at my reflection. Instead of my normal human face, I only saw the face of a raccoon. 'This isn't happening, this isn't happening!' I repeated in my thoughts. My heart was pounding. This was all too much.

I wanted to think more, but I soon began to feel myself losing conciousness. Before I knew it, I felt myself fall to the ground and black out.


So, I hope this one was much better than the original first chapter. I doubt many people will read this one xD And I'll be getting to the other three chapters later.