Hey guys. I know, I know. You probably want to rip off my head for not updating. Yeah, well, I've got to explain something:

Something about Regular Show has gone and made me start to lose a bit of interest in it; I'm not saying that I will stop watching it, but it just hasn't interested me much, thus, making me lose some inspiration for this story. That's why I haven't been updating: I lose interest in the story, and I have to wait until I get that feeling to update. I've been getting more into different shows, and my interests goes into them.

I guess mostly I used up alot of my inspiration in December, when I posted three chapters for this story. That's more than I usually update a single story.

The point is: This story will kind of be on hiatus at times. I already have the next chapter all planned out, but I just can't bring myself to write it. Don't worry, I'm not calling it quits on this story, but all I want you guys to know is that I will lose inspiration once in a while, which is why I don't update alot.

So, definately keep an eye out, and please be patient with me.

Thanks. :)