Doji closed the door and picked Ryuga up bridal style, kissing him feverishly and threw him on the bed. Doji lay on top of Ryuga, starting to undo his shirt and kiss his chest. Ryuga moaned and fiddled with Doji's tie; once finished Ryuga wrapped the tie around Doji's waist and pulled his against his body. Doji bit into Ryuga's shoulder, making another love bite on his body, drinking the sweet blood that leaked out of the tiny wound. Ryuga grabbed onto Doji's hips and grinded him against himself; rubbing their bodies together in passionate love.

Ryuga awoke sweating, sitting up and ran his fingers through is soft snowy locks. Doji stirred beside him and pressed his body against him more. Ryuga lifted the blankets off of his body to see his full erection that was leaking at the tip; groaning Ryuga tried to get out of bed without waking the sleeping wolf. Ryuga slowly pried Doji's grip off of his waist and Doji turned around. Sighing, Ryuga slipped off the bed and headed to the bathroom, brushed his hair and waited for his erection to decrease so he could put on his pants that Doji has brought, along with all the rest of his clothes. Putting on his pants Ryuga walked out of the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Doji's feet and smiled evilly.

Ryuga stroked a finger down the middle of Doji's foot, watching his foot twitch slightly. Ryuga grazed his nails over his heel up to his toes and Doji stirred and grunted. Ryuga chuckled and scratched Doji's foot on the side, moving his fingers between his toes and tickling the middle once more. Doji squeaked and pulled his feet under the covers, cringing and snorting in disturbance. Ryuga stifled a laugh and pulled himself closer to Doji, flicking his ear and caressing his neck. Doji scrunched up his shoulders and grunted and tried to hit what was disturbing him. Ryuga bent down and licked Doji's cheek, breathing on his face and followed over to Doji's ear; biting and nibbling on it gently.

Doji awoke and felt Ryuga leaning over him, feeling him lick at his ear made Doji try to turn his head away. Ryuga must have not known he was awake because he started to move the blankets down and feel Doji's sides, tickling them slightly and squeezing his sides. Doji held in his burst of laughter and kept his eyes shut; swinging around and batted Ryuga upside the head. Ryuga groaned and sat on Doji's hips, thinking of what to do; he grinded himself against him but then thought of the baby. 'What if I hurt it?' Ryuga thought, he immediately got off of Doji and sat quietly beside him. Doji opened one eye to see Ryuga sitting at the end of the bed, tilting his head curiously he stretched and yawned, "You're up early, already dressed too." Ryuga turned around and nervously looked around, "It won't hurt the baby right? Like when we… Do it." Ryuga looked away and his cheeks burned.

Doji sat up, smiling at his mate, "No it won't, but it's nice to know you care." Doji said hugging Ryuga. Ryuga smiled and embraced Doji also. "Of course I would care Doji; I care for you and the baby." Doji kissed Ryuga's forehead and smiled warmly; getting out of bed Doji carefully moved over to the edge, clutching his stomach and took a deep breath. "Are you okay?" Ryuga asked fearfully, moving a hand to Doji's shoulder. Doji quickly jumped up and ran to the bathroom; retching was heard and Ryuga's shoulders drooped. Doji returned and sat back down on the bed, stretching his back and laid down, placing his head on Ryuga's lap.

Doji sat in his office, scanning over the names of people who have made it to Battle Bladers and those who are nearly. Ryuga was off to training and the other three such as Reiji, Tsubasa and Yu were off on another mission. "Intruder alert. Intruder alert." Doji rapidly opened up the cameras on his computer but all he seen was a flash across the screen; suddenly his office doors were busted open, revealing none other than Phoenix. Doji slowly stood up, "Sit down Doji." Phoenix spoke harshly; Doji froze, "and what if I don't?" He sharply replied back. Phoenix grunted and stalked towards Doji, Doji held his ground and stared intently at the masked stranger. Doji stood face to face with Phoenix until a strong hand gripped his shoulder, forcing him down on his chair. Phoenix leaned over him, "what are you up to Doji?" He said menacingly. Doji swallowed nervously and he suddenly felt sick; his skin immediately went paler than ever and he clutched his stomach. Phoenix leered back looked down on Doji, tilting his head as Doji's breathing went shallower.

Doji stood up and ran over to the garbage can, Phoenix still stood there and stared at Doji. When Doji was finished he glared back at Phoenix, "I advise you to leave!" Doji said threateningly. "And what if I don't?" The blond retorted cockily. Doji flared in rage, stomping right up to Phoenix and grabbed him by the collar. "Leave now!" Doji yelled in his face. Phoenix backed away, "I sense something strange, you're sick, but not that type of sick." Doji sat back in his chair and ignored him, "leave." Phoenix gestured like he was going to leave but bolted at Doji instead, removing the bottom part of his mask and grabbed him by the shoulders, forcing his lips on his. Doji's eyes widened in shock and Phoenix forced his tongue into his mouth, biting on Doji's lip and rubbing down his back. Phoenix pulled away and, as if by magic, flew down the hall. Doji sat there, frozen at his spot, still feeling Phoenix's lips move against his.

Ryuga returned and noticed Doji was more silent than usual. "Is anything wrong Doji?" Ryuga asked concerned. Doji looked at Ryuga and sighed, "There was a break in today." Doji said flatly. "What happened?" Ryuga asked moving closer; Doji glanced away then looked back. "It was Phoenix; he wanted to know what we were planning." Doji stayed silent for a moment then continued, "And he did things." Ryuga grabbed onto Doji's arm, "did he hurt you?" Ryuga sounded deadly. "I threw up, and then told him to leave, and then he… kissed me." Doji said quietly. Ryuga slacked, contemplating on what to say, "Did you enjoy it?" Ryuga asked; Doji turned his head around with a shocked expression. "Did you enjoy it?" Ryuga repeated. Doji shook his head, "No, not at all, it was forceful, and it wasn't you." Doji said nuzzling the nape of Ryuga's neck. "Good."

Doji sat at the large table, enjoying his food while he looked across to Ryuga sitting at the other end. "How am I supposed to talk to you when you're way over there?" Ryuga raised his voice to Doji. Doji tilted his head, "what?" he said snickering trying to get him mad. Ryuga huffed, stood up and dragged his chair all the way across the room, sitting next to Doji and smiled. "You forgot your food." Doji said laughing. Ryuga furrowed his eyebrows and stomped back down to the end, grabbing his plate and walked back. "There." Ryuga said sitting down again; Doji grinned and nudged Ryuga playfully, taking a piece of white hair and twirling it around his finger. "I love your hair." Doji said moving his hand through it. Ryuga scrunched up his nose and moved his head with Doji's hand.

Yu walked in just in time to see Doji playing with his idols smooth locks. "What's going on?" said Yu tilting his head. Doji and Ryuga immediately whipped their heads around to see Yu looking at them confused. "Umm, Doji was checking my hair…" Ryuga said awkwardly; Doji removed his hand slowly from his hair and continued to eat his food silently. Yu noticed that the conversation was over and walked away. "That was weird." Ryuga said chuckling nervously. "Yeah…" Once done eating Doji went back to his office and edited a couple files. "Your job is boring." Ryuga said yawning. Doji narrowed his eyes, "yes well it's how Dark Nebula is still up and running." Ryuga quirked a brow, "aren't I a main part of Dark Nebula?" Doji huffed, "Yes, but if nothing was organized then you wouldn't be getting to far would you?" Ryuga yawned again and laid back on the couch, slightly dozing off until sleep took over him.

Ryuga awoke when he felt weight hit his stomach like a rock, "Ryuga, wake up!" Ryuga opened his eyes to see Yu bouncing up and down on his abdomen. "Ugh, what do you want Yu?" Yu's eyes sparkled with excitement, "Doji got the helicopter ready; he told me to wake you up and there was a surprise!" Ryuga rubbed the back of his head and sat up, Yu slid on his lap and hugged Ryuga's chest, "carry me!" Ryuga looked at the boy with disbelief, he stood up but Yu held on, his grip tightened on Ryuga's shirt, pulling it down and nearly unfastened it. Ryuga wrapped his arms around Yu preventing his shirt from ripping, grunting he held Yu up and walked down the hall with Yu hugging his neck. Ryuga walked up to the roof, approaching the open doors of the helicopter and climbed inside. "This thing is like a magnet." Ryuga said trying to pull Yu off of him. Yu just laughed and squealed and held onto Ryuga tighter.

Doji was standing at their seats and looked to Tsubasa questionably and looked between Ryuga and Yu. "I fell asleep." Ryuga said sheepishly. "I know." Said Doji plainly; Ryuga sat down beside Doji and finally took Yu off his body and sat him down beside Tsubasa. "I like Ryuga he's so cool! He carried me here!" Yu said excitedly. Tsubasa huffed and looked out the window while Yu continued his rant that no one seemed to hear. "Where are we going?" Ryuga asked leaning over Doji looking out the window. Doji laughed, "You'll see when we get there." Ryuga sat back down in his seat and pouted at Doji, sticking out his bottom lip and looked up innocently. Doji raised his eyebrows and chuckled, pinching Ryuga's nose at the tip and held it, "that face doesn't work." Ryuga tried to grab Doji's hand but Doji held higher, bringing Ryuga's face along with it. Ryuga soon was whimpering in pain and he grabbed onto Doji's arm, digging his nails into it until Doji let go. Ryuga stuck his tongue out at Doji and Doji just laughed, rustling Ryuga's hair playfully.

The helicopter landed and they were in the forest, "Doji?" Ryuga said confused. Doji got up and jumped out of the helicopter, grabbing a bag on the way out. Ryuga followed and so did Tsubasa and Yu. Doji went through the thicket and Ryuga heard the tumbling of a waterfall. When the leaves seemed to disappear a beautiful waterfall was shown as it plummeted into the river below, water spraying gracefully on rocks. Doji handed each boy a bag, they each looked inside and found there swimwear, "you have all worked hard, take a break." Ryuga's eyes widened and he bolted forward to the trees returning back throwing his clothes on the ground; he was in his swim trunks. Yu did the same and Tsubasa followed.

Ryuga rounded towards the water and with a leap, he dived in gracefully, water surrounded him and he swam back up to surface. Seeing Tsubasa and Yu standing at the edge, "hey Yu, do you know how to swim?" Ryuga called to the little boy. Yu looked around at the water, "kind of…" Ryuga gestured for Yu to jump in; with a deep breath Yu did a cannonball in the water, splashing Tsubasa who yelled in protest. Ryuga swam over to Yu and held him above water; putting him on his shoulders and splashed Tsubasa. "Hurry up Tsubasa!" Yu said demanding. Tsubasa grunted and slipped into the water, shivering as it was slightly cold. Ryuga took hold of Yu and put him in the water, "ok swim to Tsubasa." Yu paddled and splashed his way over to Tsubasa, wiping the water from his eyes and smiled. "I did it!" Yu said triumphantly, "you sure did Yu." Tsubasa said smugly. "Hey, Ryuga!" Ryuga looked up to see Doji sitting on a ledge in the middle of the waterfall, the rock pocked through the water and Doji sat proudly at the top. "How did you get up there?" Ryuga yelled over the falls. Doji stood up and walked towards the rushing water, as if like an invisible wall Doji walked through the water and disappeared. Ryuga stared at the thundering water and suddenly Doji appeared from a small cave between some rocks.

Ryuga watched Doji as he walked along the side of the river, watching his step Doji carefully lowered himself into the water. Doji's slim body moved through the water fast and slick. He approached the younger males and smiled, "you like?" Ryuga nodded, "yes I love to swim!" Doji and Ryuga laughed together, until Yu splashed them both, "hey, what can we do?" Doji's face brightened up, "I'm glad you asked." Doji rushed out of the water and grabbed a vine that was dangling from a tree. The tree hung slightly over the river making it a perfect place to jump off of. Doji tied a loop at the end of the vine and yanked on it, making sure it would not break. "Here." Doji said standing on a log and jumped off, putting his foot in the loop and he sliced through the air, plummeting into the water with a large splash. Doji reached the surface and gasped for air, "that's what you can do." He said swinging the water out of his hair. "Cool!" Yu squealed excitedly racing out of the water.

After a few rounds of swinging on the rope and jumping off rocks, the group got tired and laid in the grass. Doji laid in the sun, his pale skin looked smooth and soft. Ryuga sat down beside him and looked Doji from head to toe, "hey Ryuga, want to play tag?" Yu asked hopefully, "it's not fun with just two people." Yu whined. Ryuga sighed and stood up, springing at Yu, "your it then!" Ryuga said running away. Tsubasa laughed and ran a different direction and left Yu standing there. "Hey get back here!" Yu said calling after the older boys. Ryuga ran circles around Yu, out of his reach to tag him, "Ha, can't catch me!" Yu huffed and sprang forward, tackling Ryuga to the ground. The two laughed and rolled on the grass, "ok you two let's get going said Doji standing up."

Doji called to Tsubasa who was inspecting a bird's nest in a tree. The four climbed back in the helicopter and sat down, Ryuga stretched and yawned. "How did you know of this place?" Ryuga asked Doji; Doji thought for a moment, "I used to come here when I was a kid, it was like a secret hide out." He said laughing. Ryuga chuckled and slacked in his seat, feeling the helicopter take off into the late evening sky.