It took Him a few minutes to get His bearings but soon enough it was easy to see where he was.

"Hey," Peter said to Him, "You okay? You kind of spaced out there?"

"Sorry," He said, "Yes I'm fine"

Out of the corner of His eye He saw her. She smiled at Him. He smiled back.

"Master," she said

"Mary please," He told her, "I think you know me well enough you can call me by my name."

"Right. Anyway I was wondering if I might come with you"

"Of course," he said, "come along"

It was a long walk but she walked beside Him.

"Children are the only ones," He explained, "Who are able to get accepted on their own credit. A child knows no pretenses. You must all become like little children."

I once saw a child

That I didn't know

I cast my eyes downtrodden

And sadly told him so

But he looked up with a smile

So innocent and new

He said my name is Kyle

It's so nice to meet you