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As every fan knows, Doctor Who has had more enemies than companions. Thus it is with the great L. So perhaps he felt some kinship with the killer.

"I wonder if they'll have any food here." Coil wondered aloud.

Or, perhaps not.

The BAU and Coil (and Storm), dressed up as assorted Whovians, pushed their way through the crowd, taking care to look for anyone who fit the profile.

L's Checklist:

-Sherlockian (the whole case points to it)

-Aggressive Personality (he's the dominant)

-Tall (when talking about him, the submissive looked up as if talking to him at that moment)

And in a Dr. Who convention, that's really all you need to know. How many people in that room, do you think, would match such a description?

As it turned out, two.

One of them stood in a corner, conversing with several other suspicious-looking characters. He had on a blue scarf and a black trench coat. The other was eating ice-cream with someone dressed as River Song. He wore a deer-stalker cap. Both were taking control of the conversation. Both looked to be well over 6 foot. But only one of them was standing next to Jim Moriarty.

For those who don't know, in the (fantastic) television show Sherlock, Moriarty attempts to blow up Watson. Rather fitting, no?

Anyway, amongst themselves, the BAU and Storm had decided to go after the one with Moriarty who was more suspicious, and they sent Coil and Reid to the ice-cream eating fellow. At that moment, River got up and left in a huff. Reid sat down where she had been and fidgeted with his bowtie. Coil stood behind him and turned his head sideways at the Sherlockian/Whovian. The man in question glared back balefully.

"Problem?" he asked.

"Well, we're, erm, investigating a case, and we were wondering if you could help us?" Reid said, Coil's presence behind him making him feel nervous. The suspect shrugged.

'Good, that's basically a yes.' thought Reid.

"So, where were you last week on Tuesday evening?" he asked, growing bolder as he went.


Spencer never did get to answer that question. At that very moment, a large piece of concrete fell from the ceiling and crushed the suspect. So, it wasn't him. Coil glanced to where the rest of the group was, only to find that the other suspect had reached a similar fate. Damn.

"Figured it out yet, little detectives?"

The voice seemed to be coming from everywhere. But when Coil, or rather, L, looked around, all he could see was a tiny woman in a trench coat holding a riding crop.

And then he understood. Reid did too by the look of it. He moved to grab her but was stopped by her voice.

"No, I don't think so, dear. Stay back and let me blow this, this and all of America, to the ground."

"No. Evil must not be allowed to win, Miss Adler, or, should I rather say, Mrs. Elrhoss? Your husband tried to convince us that it was a Doctor Wannabe, but he's not nearly clever enough to sell it, madam. Shall you make this, easy, or difficult?" L calmly asked.

Mrs. Elrhoss grinned. "It would hardly be fair to make this easy for you after you've made it so very difficult for me."

And then several things happened all at once. The first was that Storm (having snuck up behind) stuck her gun into Elrhoss's back. Elrhoss, surprised, dropped the detonation button. L swooped down to grab it and promptly dispatched of it.

And thus ended the great Sherlockian Paradox.





At the BAU headquarters:

The 'L' is floating in the middle of a white screen. L thanks Hotch and his team for their help with the case and invites them to join him on another case some time.

In an internet cafe in America:

"You know, Reid, you did a very good job. Almost as good as on the Marlowe Massacre of 2001."

"You were there for that? You can't possibly be. The only one who was, well, he and I were extremely close. You can't be-"

And then Spencer was cut off.

Because he had just been kissed by the century's greatest detective. He found that he was unable to talk after that point and resolved to go over the matter later.

Then again, perhaps it wasn't all that important.

Author's Note: And thus it ends. Man, I love this story, hope you did too!