Oh my gosh, it's been forever since I've uploaded something on this site. I think this little one-shot is worthy enough for my little 'comeback'. Although I'm still embarrassed by my Hetalia fanfics, this one was cute enough to upload.

First of all, let me just say that I simply adore AmeIta and love writing about them. Second of all, this one-shot was actually originally part of this big, crazy idea I had with this huge loveweb of craziness. I even drew it all out. It was confusing. Anyways, in this idea, Feliciano was in love with both Alfred and Ludwig and was all like, "OMG, I'm the worst boyfriend ever for loving another person!" Said-idea did not go as planned, but did lead to several smaller ideas that you might see pop up.

Hope you enjoy this cutesy, but corny one-shot.

I do not own Hetalia. If I did, there would be state-tans and Mexico would have a design already.

Holding Alfred's blue-and-green jersey to his chest, Feliciano makes his way down the school hallway. A sigh escaping his lips, Feliciano lifts the shirt to his nose and inhales the scent of cologne and fast food that stuck to all of Alfred's clothes. He loved that smell. It never failed to make him think of the hyperactive, handsome quarterback. Smiling to himself, Feliciano hugs the jersey to his chest once more.

Up ahead, he could see Alfred rummaging in his locker with a frown. His smile growing, he quickens his pace.


Alfred turns his head. Upon seeing the Italian boy, a smile breaks out across his face. Feliciano's beaming face always managed to cheer him up. Quickly jamming a book into his backpack and zipping it, he shuts his locker and jogs towards the other boy.

The moment the two reach each other, Alfred pulls the smaller teen into an embrace and presses his lips to his. Feliciano smiles into the kiss, allowing his eyes to slide shut as one of his hands finds it's way into Alfred's hair. The couple stays like that for a few moments before finally breaking apart at the sound of someone clearing their throat. Tapping her foot, Ms. Hassan crosses her arms.

"Keep the PDA to a mininum, Mr. Jones and Mr. Vargas." Ms. Hassan states, "If I catch you two again, that'll be detention."

A goofy expression on his face, Alfred salutes the woman. Putting a hand to his mouth, Feliciano giggles. Ms. Hassan, however, looked less than amused.

"Got it, Ms. H!" Alfred exclaims.

With a roll of her eyes, Ms. Hassan turns to go back into her classroom. As soon as he was sure she wasn't watching, Alfred presses his lips to the top of Feliciano's head.

"Now, that was what I call a good morning kiss." Alfred says playfully, grinning down at his boyfriend.

Laughing, Feliciano stands up on the tips of his toes and pecks Alfred on both cheeks.

"You always say that, Alfie." Feliciano chimes, "By the way, you left your jersey at my house again. Romano wasn't too happy when he found it tossed on the floor."

Alfred chuckles, taking his jersey and stuffing it into his bag.

"Thanks, babe." Alfred states, intertwining his fingers with Feliciano's, "Do you want me to walk you to your class?"

Giving Alfred's hand a tight squeeze, Feliciano nods.

"Of course I do. You know I love spending time with you." Feliciano replies.

Feeling himself melt at the sight of Feliciano's loving expression, Alfred leans down towards his face and kisses him gently. Moving his lips to Feliciano's ear, he finds himself whispering the very words he was thinking.

"That's what I love about you."