A/N: Very small blurb I felt like getting out after reading chapter 61 of Pandora Hearts. It's a wrirtten take on the last few pages with my own fangirl twist. Umm...Yep, nuff said. Slight boy/boy; don't like, don't read.

I heart Vincent and I heart Leo and I heart Elliot and still hold out hope of a return.

Save Me.

The strands of his hair were incredibly, beautifully soft. Even through a layer of fabric, he could feel it. So soft, so lovely.

The wet tracks sliding down his pale cheeks were disrupted by the soft fabric of Vincent's glove as he slid his hand up along vulnerable, pale skin, fingers pushing into his black, overgrown hair.

"I'm tired…of hiding."

Vincent pushed them aside to reveal one piercing, shimmering eye. A small breath escaped his parted lips, and he bore down on his Lord, a slow smile touching his face. Such a beautiful color, those eyes…

He gently brushed his hand across the wet face, revealing them both. They really look like…

The boy looked up at him, tears still in his eyes, so pained, so beautiful, so vulnerable and yet so hard all at once.

Vincent knew that those eyes could grant his wish, and they would save his existence by erasing it.

"My Lord Leo Baskerville."

Leo stared up at him, his gaze almost numb, as if he wasn't quite absorbing the facts of life—and Vincent supposed that he was not. The face he held, the cheek he cupped gently—this person was broken, shattered from the bomb that was Elliot's death.

Vincent breathed in slowly, his lips a breath away from his Lord's, his lips touching them, tasting wet, salty tears.

"I will obey your every word. I will protect you."

Leo tilted his head forward ever so slightly, pressing their lips fully against each other. His beautiful eyes slid shut and one lone tear drop slid off his face and made a small, insignificant stain on the carpeting at their feet.