Between the devil and the deep blue sea – english version

Disclaimer: I do not own the work that originally inspired this piece of writing. Characters etc belong to L.J. Smith and the Production of the TV Show "Vampire Diaries"
I only own my OC.

A/N: Hello everyone! I started to watch the TV Show "Vampire Diaries" on Tuesday and from that moment I can say that I started to be addicted of that;D
It isn't very good idea just before my exam's session at the University, but - maybe because of the amount of the episodes watched everyday - I started to have this dream, you know.
This piece of writing is the very beginning of my every dream this week;D

BTW, I am Polish and I study Applied Linguistics, so I thought that it would be a good idea to present my dream-fanfic in two languages - ma native - Polish, and studied - English.
That's why I appreciate any feedback;D I want to know if it makes sense and if my English in reality had improved this past year;)
Thanks for help!


Damon Salvatore was bored to death. Well, actually, he was already death, so it didn't make much sense, but he felt just like that. He didn't even remember why he got to Europe and why he actually chose to come to Poland in this time of the year. Well, he had to admit it – he liked the taste of Polish blood. But as he spent there some weeks, he knew that it was the time to move, to go to another country. But this last night he was going to have fun. Oh yes, he was.

I was coming back late to my dorm after studying in the University Library. I missed my night bus and I had to go to another bus stop. On the other hand, I could wait for the next one, but a thought of spending about an hour in hypothetic accompany of drunks or local hoodlums in the middle of the night wasn't tempting me at all. No, I decided to go, to move.

Initially, nothing seemed to foreshadow the upcoming disaster. But then, at one moment every light on the street went out and I was surrounded by darkness. I felt that it sent a chill down my spine, I shivered with cold. Instinctively, I started to run forward. I stumbled over a protruding pavement tile and I fell down. I felt a severe pain in my head and for the first time in my life I lost my consciousness.

Damon approached the body lying on the pavement and sighed with disgust. Once again the chase ended up not like he wanted. He noticed that girl had been hurt in the head and life was escaping from her very quickly. A vampire knew that now he could just drink her blood and no one would recognize the true cause of death. The miserable life of that girl would end and he could just leave. But that was the thing that he would do any other night. That time, just to amuse himself, he decided to help her. Then - to kill her. Damon took a bite of his wrist and let his blood to fall down to her mouth. When he was sure that she was going to be alive, he broke her neck. A vampire picked the girl's body up and headed for the apartment which he rented every time he was visiting Warsaw. Now he just had to wait till the moment she wakes up and begins to turn into a vampire…