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Chapter 2

Six months later

After my last class I told Stefan I was going back home alone and that he shouldn't be worried about me. I knew that he would be, still, but I had to reconsider some things and for that I needed a long walk through Łazienki park. It's been exactly six months since the day that I died. Every time I remembered those moments, cold shivers were running down my spine.

I have no idea what could happen if Stefan wasn't by my side that time. Not only did he explained me the whole situation, but also he took care of me and he was my guide in this new reality. Thanks to him I could easily walk in the daylight, which made my adaptation much easier. I still couldn't believe in what I was. Still, I couldn't utter this strange word: 'a vampire'. Why wasn't it just some bad dream? Why me? I couldn't get over the fact that that day someone, just because of boredom, found it funny to kill me and make me transition into this… this… thing. I even knew to whom I should be grateful for this dubious delight and it was Stefan's older brother, Damon. Just a thought of him was making me see red and I could feel my fangs protruding and the veins around my eyes showing. I didn't even have to smell blood for that.

In the end of the day, I managed to come back to my old, 'normal' life as far as it was possible. It wasn't easy though, because on the one hand my constant urge for blood was overwhelming, and on the other – it turned out that I'm some kind of very strange kind of vampire and… I'm allergic to human blood! The only antidote for my anaphylactic shock, that I was experiencing with every swallow of it, was vervain that is poisonous to me and my kind.

Very slowly, day after day, gulp after gulp, I was making myself more immune to its side effects. Of course, I definitely started to drink mainly animal blood, like Stefan. It protected me from more shocks, but also made me a lot weaker than all the specimen at my age.

Why can't I be normal even in this extremely abnormal state I'm in? I go bananas when I think that one of my characteristics that just had to magnify after my transition was my allergy that in my human life was to the insects venom, and in this next one is to the human blood, my basic energy source.

The enforced feeding with fauna didn't reduce my urges to bite into the arteries of all the people around, but it did reduce somehow my remorse related to the state of who I became. When I learned to control my reflex of showing my sharp fangs and those terrifying red eyes and veins around them around every person that I met, I could even come back to studying at the university and I could visit my family and friends.

The fact that I didn't become some kind of horrible night monster I owe it to Stefan and to his constant care of me. That's why I had to move from my dorm to his apartment where he was kind enough to allow me to live in the bigger bedroom of the two that were there. I even had my own bathroom and walk-in closet en suite, for the first time of my life. I told my parents that my friends asked me to take care of their apartment during their absence and they... believed me. I could, of course, just don't care about that and compel them to believe me, (which was one of the most interesting things about this new me that I 'traded' for my mortality.) Instead, I gave them a huge amount of the vervain tea to make sure that someday, when I got angry, I couldn't use the compulsion on them.

I had the constant urge to exercise and thanks to that, even with my generous meals that were holding back my urge of blood, my metabolism accelerated, like a hundred times. During the last months I've lost almost all of my extra kilos and I could finally be proud and happy with the way I looked.

What a pity that it happened after my death.

Also, I'd prefer if Stefan noticed those positive changes in my appearance. Especially at nights when I haven't had a wink of sleep, knowing that he's sleeping next door. I couldn't help but have in front of my eyes his tall, athletic figure, his light brown hair and his face, so handsome, with a beautiful smile and those mysterious bluish green eyes. I was wondering, why he only sees me as his friend, because I've fell for him very soon after he helped me wake from my 'coma' and stand on my two feet again. I've seen him constantly, because he decided to do the same degree as I was doing, just to keep an eye on me. Unfortunately, all my attempts to make him interested in me in the romantic sense misfired and that's one of the reasons why I needed this peaceful, lonely walk.

It was a late evening when I was finally close to the posh, closed estate with the apartment complex we've been living this whole time. I think I chose the longest detour possible to get there. I was just to enter the building when I heard with my super vampire hearing a desperate woman's cry, distant some hundreds of metres from where I was standing. In the blink of an eye I was near, able to observe the whole situation. There was a man, in the clothes that were neither new, nor washed and, additionally to that, stinking to high heaven, attacking a woman whose shopping bags that she must have had been carrying, scattered around her, on the pavement. I thought about the time when that bored psycho vampire attacked me and I reacted instantly.

Thanks to my super strength and speed I could pull back the attacker and press him against the wall, my fangs sinking in his neck to drink enough blood to make him zonk out. I checked if his victim was okay and I helped her gather her bags. With that I erased her memory, helping her come back home safely, peacefully, without constant reminder of this upsetting experience over and over again. I finally got back to this bastard who attacked her and with a strong punch I made him come back into consciousness, just to compel him and scare him enough to come back in his nightmares as a monster, preventing him from hurting anyone again.

It was after a long while, when there was nobody around, that I could take care of myself. Feeling the heat coming to my cheeks and the upcoming rash, from the secret pocket of my jacket I took the syringe with vervain and I plunged it to my vein, trying to stop myself from shouting in pain. At least the allergy symptoms stopped immediately.

On the one hand I was full of energy after a generous 'meal', but on the other, I was still experiencing the poison's side effects. That's why I got home as fast as possible and for the first time I used the lift to get to our tenth floor.

I felt so much better, when entering the apartment I could smell some delicious dinner prepared by Stefan. After a minute the object of my affections himself appeared in the sitting room, with a smile on his handsome face. A smile, that disappeared the moment he saw the state I was in.

"What happened? Or you know what, you don't have to say anything, you always look like that after a dose of vervain." He was right next to me and he noticed my almost unnoticeable hectic flush and rash. He clearly calmed down and he even started to joke. "You attacked somebody? I guess that's all when it comes to 'Don't worry about me, I can take care of myself'."

Tired and angry about that assault, I passed him and throw my bag on the elegant, about a hundred-year-old sofa standing in the centre of the room and instead of answering Stefan right away I directed myself to the bar. I took an open bottle of the best bourbon, which, I actually don't know why, was the largest amount there. I just added some ice and I emptied my first shot. I felt better straight away and the alcohol helped with the neutralisation of the poison.

"I caught up with some scum that harassed a defenceless woman." I said in a casual tone, looking vacantly at the glass wall of the building that had a view of the Vistula River and the right-bank Warsaw. I knew that Stefan would stand with his arms crossed on his broad chest, silently waiting for me to continue, to comment it later. "I wanted to drain this bastard dry, but he stank high heaven, so I quickly decided to pass. That's why I just scared him and even though I erased his memory I promised to haunt him in his worst nightmares if he wanted to try something like that again." I finally looked at my friend's face and without surprise I noticed that it expressed a polite interest, very characteristic for him. "Nevertheless, they both have their memories erased and I made it to take the vervain before any strong allergic reaction. Now, even though I've had my meal, I'm starving. What's for our dinner?"

Stefan smiled and, with gallantry originated from him being in reality a nineteenth-century gentleman from the South, he invited me to the dining room where was our meal. It was after the first course when he decided to comment on my behaviour.

"It's obvious that you felt the need to save that woman. But did it come to your mind that somebody could see you and you couldn't erase their memory? Of course, you remembered that. It's because you always first think, then act, right?"

I just rolled my eyes and started my next course. After the dinner I went to my bedroom, tired with this evening's events, but also happy that the following day was Saturday and I mentioned my parents earlier that this weekend I would stay in Warsaw. I could just prepare myself to sleep and rest till noon, sure that no-one would bother me.

I took a long, hot bath, washed my hair using the conditioner, pampered myself with my favourite body lotion and, just to pleasure myself, put my best, prettiest, silk blue pyjamas consisting of shorts and a camisole. I also intended to stay in it, of course, accidentally, during breakfast next day, hoping that it would call Stefan's attention. Soon after that I succumbed into sleep that was supposed to help my ultimate regeneration after the poison.

Damon came to Warsaw long after the midnight. For no particular reason, in quite a short time he managed to visit Asia, South America and a large part of Europe, but then he decided to come back to Poland. He presumed that Stefan could still be there. Since he still had the urge to embitter his life, he realised that it could be fun. And fun is what he missed lately.

His presumptions resulted to be right when he saw his brother's silver Porsche on his parking spot. It was another reason to quickly get to the tenth floor. After drinking a bourbon shot he directed to his bedroom.

From the moment he entered the room he could see that something changed. A huge, oak, king-size bed that he liked so much was moved to be in front of the glassed wall that was behind the curtains that moment. In addition to this, someone's been sleeping in this bed! It came to Damon's mind to wake the intruder, but since his side of the bed was empty, he didn't mind it so much. He didn't even feel the necessity to check the identity of his uninvited guest. He got undressed and after having a short shover he went to bed, wearing only boxers (as a curtesy to his smelling nice, but definitely not human intruder).

I woke up strangely early for myself. Instead of sleeping to at least ten, this time I opened my eyes and, when I looked at the watch, it said it was six a.m. I would most probably succumb once again into a pleasurable oblivion once again if not the fact that I heared some noise behind me. It was a sound of a body turning over on the mattress. I rubbed my eyes, still not fully conscious. At the same time I was furious that somebody was invading my privacy, but there was a part of me that hoped it was Stefan. Very slowly, soundlessly, I turned over to have a squint at my uninvited guest and it definitely wasn't the object of my affections.

I froze, because instead of him I saw a stranger. A stranger that looked incredibly, impossibly... sexy. The intruder was one of the hottest guys I've ever seen live. I would put him with Stefan in my top ten, maybe even on the very top of this list. I could see his chest bare and very pleasantly chiselled. Then I looked higher and I could see his very handsome face and raven black hair that seemed to need a cut very soon.

I felt the urge to just sit there and watch the sleeping stranger, but after a long while I came to my senses and as quickly as my vampire speed allowed me, I found myself in Stefan's bedroom. I poked him heavily to wake him up. I expected him to be angry because of waking him up that early on Saturday, but seeing the horror on my face he sit up instantly. He brushed off his duvet and sat on his bed, wearing only his pyjama trousers, (not that I would mind, because it gave me an opportunity to admire his abs). However, that moment it didn't even came to my mind.

"What's up?" he asked, taking my hand to make it stop trembling for a moment.

"I…" It sounded so silly when I tried to utter the words that I've had on the tip of my tongue. I couldn't believe that I've had to say this. "In my bed…" Oh, please, don't understand it naughtily! Or maybe? Would it be that bad? YES! It would! "Gosh, you just have to see this for yourself!"

I actually dragged him to my bedroom, pushing him inside in front of me, almost like a shield or something. I really hoped he would find some explanation to that ridiculous situation.

I was behind his back, so I could unnoticed observe the intruder waking up, stretching, sitting on the bed and sending my "handler" a huge grin that for me was breathtaking.

"Hello, brother!" He greeted him and hearing his voice for the first time made a pleasurable shiver run down my spine. I was sooo overwhelmed by my reaction to this sound that it took me a while to detect Stefan's response.


That moment, like in a kaleidoscope, I saw the images from that night when I died, for a split second I found myself in that nightmare from which I could have never woken up. It made me see red and that fury that overwhelmed me must have been encompassing all my enhanced vampiric emotions.

In a blink of an eye I took the nearest chair and broke its leg, leaving an acute end. I took that bastard from the bed and, with force never known to me, I pinned him to the wall, directing the stake right into his heart. Before I put it there, I just had to look in the eye of that scum bag that not only killed me, but also changed me into this bloodthirsty monster I became. Then, I heard Stefan saying my name and pleading me to come down. It wouldn't work if it wasn't for the fact that I made an eye contact with my killer. Regardless of myself, I found myself drawn to his beautiful, silvery-blue eyes.

Then our roles were reversed and a moment later I was pinned to the wall, with the threat of a stake in my heart. This time Damon smiled especially for me and his ironical smirk and piercing eyes left me breathless.

"Marta, how nice to finally meet you… conscious…" This time he was smiling with his eyes. I noticed how he was eyeing me up with appreciation. "I see the transition did you good, you look fantastic. Blue suits you. Just like the vampirism." Because he was about four inches taller than me, his face unexpectedly was right next to mine. At the same time the stake, earlier directed to my heart, was now right above the hem of my top. It supposedly was helping him the further exploration of what was underneath. "I should've expected you would truly blossom after the transition. I should've checked who was in my bed last night. If I knew then, I'd wake you up with pleasure…"

Six months of trying to make Stefan notice me as a woman and finally gaining my ideal weight made me hungry for the compliments and Damon's words were like honey-sweet to my poor soul and, what's more important, to my self-confidence. Suddenly I just forgot that he was this psycho vampire killer that hunted me out of boredom. I didn't even noticed that Stefan was standing right next to us, sending us death glares.

Damon was fully aware of his baby bro's reaction. It tickled his fancy and he understood it. At the same time, he found a great pleasure admiring the positive changes in his lastly changed victim. No more spare tires and chubby cheeks. Instead of them he noticed how curvaceous she was, how kissable her lips were, how beautiful was her dark brown, thick hair, tousled because of sleep, how sparkling were her hazel eyes. She may not have been an attractive girl earlier, but as a vampire she was absolutely enticing, white-hot and sexy.

He wasn't the only one to notice that, that's for sure. And that's exactly what he needed to make his baby bro's life absolutely miserable – snake him, get his girl! If Stefan couldn't just make a start on getting this girl, it was just a perfect opportunity to show he was just better and that his methods were much more effective, and for sure – more spectacular. And he could just show he just… can do this. This new challenge improved his mood, especially since he just had enough of boredom of las months.

His good mood vanished the moment Marta spoke, with her voice sweet, lovely and sonorous, but at the same time, with her tone firm and with her words forecasting problems: "Damon Salvatore, am I right? I'll be very grateful for just three things. Firstly, you moving aside now. Secondly, you geting out of my way in the future. Thirdly, next time you just letting me put the stake exactly where it belongs."

Damon absolutely wasn't going to let her go. His smile became wolfish and at the same time even sexier, when he asked naughtily: "Really? And where is it?" He drew his face even closer to hers, so that now they were only inches apart.

I couldn't believe in what I just heard. He was really starting to flirt with me! It was getting more dangerous with every minute, but it also didn't stop those chivers I was having. I could just pray for none of them to notice that. I put myself together and in the blink of an eye I was in my bathroom's door with an outfit for that day. I send a smile to the younger Salvatore and a death glare to the older one. Then, I said, supposedly, without understanding of this double meaning of his question: "I guess you really wouldn't like to know that. It could just end badly… for you." Before they were able to say anything, I just closed the door and leaned on it, finally breathing a sigh of relief.

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