The woman sat up on her hospital bed, rubbing her eyes sleepily. Storm clouds covered the sun, throwing the room into a gloomy gray. She put her hands in her lap, and a glittering caught her eyes. She glanced down at the wedding band on her finger. Reaching out, she fingered it, sliding it on and off, her mind far away. She knew it was time. Sighing, she pulled a piece of paper and a pencil towards her, shooting one last glance to the window.

'It probably wasn't supposed to happen like it did. At least, you don't think so. You never believed in fate, did you? But I do. Maybe it's something about lying on a hospital bed and knowing you can't do anything to stop the end. I find it strangely funny too. I survived a hunt around the world for clues that turned out to mostly be garden plants when I was fourteen, but I was defeated by mere bacteria.

Remember when we first found out that something inside was slowly killing me? That was the first time I saw you cry in public. It scared me more then your yelling and threats to sue.

In truth, I'm more worried about you then me. You haven't even accepted my death. You were always stubborn.' Here she paused.

'I, on the other hand, know the truth. I am dying. Maybe I'll be dead by morning; if not then, then the next day.

The smell of markers isn't really helping either. Sharpies and sticky-notes made up our last memories. I've been making notes for you for over a month now. Things like "Don't forget to feed the cat," and "Leftovers need to be eaten, think of the kids in Africa." You'd help, coming up with ridiculous ones like, "After feeding the cat, go to the store and get another bird," or "Send leftovers to Africa because Amy's always thinking of Kurt."

Funny how it seems forever ago.

We've been married for three years. If it was any longer, I would have been greatly opposed to my death. But I know that you can live without me. You have before, and you will do it again, you hear me? Wherever I'm going to end up, I'll make sure that you keep on living. Pleaseā€¦ for me.

Oh, look. The sun has come out. You would think this was only weather and the storm clouds have moved away. I was always more of a superstitious person. You'll be coming over to the hospital soon. You're probably getting into the car right now, aren't you? I should probably wrap this up then. You're not going to know I wrote this until I've died.

Death does nothing. I love you and I always will. I have since you first called me 'love,' even though I was unaware. I just wish that we were to have more time. Maybe if we had gotten our act together earlier on. If only we weren't both stubborn. If only you weren't a Kabra, and I wasn't a Cahill. If you weren't a Lucian and I a Madrigal. If you weren't you and I wasn't me, we probably would have had fewer obstacles in our way. But what's a good love story without the conflict? You're a Kabra, and I guess now I am one too. You're a Lucian and I'm a Madrigal. You're you and I'm me, and it really doesn't make that much difference anymore.



Hearing footsteps outside her room, Amy stuffed the letter in a bible that she kept under her pillow. She scrawled on her hand quickly, 'in bible.' Looking up, she saw her husband.

"Hey," She said, smiling.

"Hello, love," He responded, bringing a chair towards her bed. He cocked his head. "what was that?"

"What was, what?" She responded innocently.

"What were you writing?"

"Nothing, dear. Nothing at all."

Word Count- 700 For Another Artist's 'A Little is a Lot' Challenge. Don't worry. They won't all be Amian. I had actually started out trying to make this a no couple story... oops.

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