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Ok well this was just a little drabble I made up when I was visiting my sister and they were playing corn hole.

This is what really happened to Reid, everything after Reid's car stopping on the train track didn't happen!

Why did his days always end like this?

Looking to one side he sees a train heading straight towards him. Looking to the other he sees a big blue police box, what?

Hearing the horn of the train Blair he whipped his head to look at the giant moving piece of medal! He had to move, he had to get out! This seemed to knock him out of his stupor, and he frantically pulled at the seatbelt. Though no matter how hard he pulled the belt would not budge!


Hearing a voice with a British accent he turned back to the side with blue box only to see a lanky man with brown hair and a square jaw sitting in the passenger side. How did he get in the car, why would he want to be?

And why was he wearing a boa tie!

"Wh-what are you doing, get out of the car. Don't you see the giant train heading straight for us?" Reid growled at the skinny man! "Do you have a knife or anything that I can use to get out?"

The English man gave a little crooked grin and pulled out a thin silver stick. He aimed it at the buckle of the seatbelt and the little silver stick came to life.

"What are you doing get-" "shut up, quiet, I'm trying to do thisss, ah yes!" with a shout of joy the Brit put his stick in the inside pocket of his tweed jacket. Pulling at the seatbelt Reid found that it had came undone. The genius' eyes couldn't help but widen. What was that thing, and how did it get the seatbelt to come undone?

"Come on, into the tardis. As much as I like trains I've never really wanted to be hit by one." Giving another grin after his statement he pushed the car door open and then ran into the blue box.
Looking back at the train Reid realized it was getting closer, fast. Should he follow the strange man into the box? His brain told him not to, the Neanderthal was probably from Oakdale after all! Heaven knows they probably would think that if a train was coming they would simply step into a box and disappear. Just like they think you can simply call a world renowned neurosurgeon to come and magically give their boyfriend their sight back!

There was something about this man.

"Well is it your goal to become a pancake?" the strange man said as he stocked his head out of the box. With that Reid gripped the dash and the back of the seat and propelled himself forward towards the box. The only thing he could think was 'I must have caught something in Oakhell to be doing this!'