What the Mirror Saw: Hermione's Story by Bandgeek252

Synopsis: Hermione has been accepted to be Snape's apprentice all the while he is attempting to fulfill what the Mirror Saw for him, but what will it show her when she looks in it.

Chapter 1

August 20, 1998

"I can't believe you ditched the awards ceremony, Hermione." Ron exclaimed as he watched his girlfriend pack her truck.

"I told you I ditched because an Order of Merlin is a stupid award for what we did. I don't need that hunk of metal to tell me that I did great things. Ron, I've got the scars to prove that." she shouted back. There really was no arguing with Ron when he was being thick headed which was becoming a daily occurrence especially since that night in July when she decided to ditch the celebration with Snape.

"Do you have any idea how bad that looked? Leaving with that greasy git? People are saying you two..." Ron stopped.

"Oh yes and I truly care what others think of me. I know what they are saying. That Professor Snape and I are lovers or what not, but what is it going to take for you to believe that we went to a muggle bar, had a drink and discussed my apprenticeship which he was gracious enough to grant me. Do you realize that for all the years that Professor Snape has been a Potions Master he has never NEVER taken on an apprentice. This is the opportunity of a lifetime not some scandal on page 6 of the Daily Prophet." She loathed when people made the seedy assumption that there was something scandalous going on between her and the Potions Master.

"No what you did was insult Harry and all those who died. Lupin! Fred!" his face full of hot anger.

"I did not insult them by leaving. The Ministry did not care about the war or Harry until it was too late. Most of the Order feels the same way. The Ministry only wanted to grandstand the moment to make it about them. I'm surprised more people didn't walk out."

"There you go ranting about the Ministry. Harry has gotten over it. Why can't you?" Ron threw back at her. He knew Harry hadn't really gotten over it, but being the easy going nature he'd always been was willing to put their unfairness behind him.

"I can't because the last time we broke in they were carting off muggleborns left and right. I could have been one of them you insensitive ass." She shouted throwing her clothes in a big pile on her bed. Ever since the Final Battle Harry and Hermione had been living at the Burrow. In a way Hermione was happy being there, but it hurt too much to be surrounded by so many sad sorrowful faces. She could only keep herself so busy. It was definitely having an effect on her weak relationship with Ron. After a passionate battle kiss, she was sure they would be together forever, but after a few weeks things began to fizzle. She had always loved Ron, but after several years of hit and miss the climax of their relationship left many things to be desired. Despite all that they kept trying.

"I know, sweetie. I'm sorry, but leaving with him like that right in the middle of the award ceremony was, you have to admit, in bad taste. You looked like you were having some seedy affair with him," Ron pouted. Hermione rolled her eyes without being noticed by Ron.

"This is just typical of you Ron. You immediately perceive that I'm having some sort of hot steamy affair with every guy I talk to. It was all business you daft prat." she spat in frustration.

"I thought after all your pursuits against Voldemort you would join Harry and me in Auror training, but no you have to run off with the greasy git to pursue a potions apprenticeship. You aren't even joining the Ministry to fight for the rights and welfare of magical creatures like you said you always would. Why do you need this Potions Mastery?" Ron questioned her angrily. Hermione truly could understand his frustration for anything that deviated from what Ron perceived to be the path. Nothing could change course in Ron's little bubble otherwise he was throwing fits like a common first year. The evidence was laced throughout their friendship. From third year when Ron thought that Hermione's new cat had 'murdered' Scabbers to during their Horcrux hunt when Ron bailed on both Harry and Hermione.

"I don't expect you to follow me Ronald and so for that I expect the same respect. I am not going to be able to follow you in everything you do in life. I have had enough dark wizards to last me a lifetime. I loathe the Ministry and don't plan on working for that vile system anytime soon. This is the opportunity of lifetime and I'm not turning it down because you think we might be having an affair. I don't think of him like that and if you're a real man you would trust me enough to know I'm not going to jump the Professor's bones the minute I see him. Besides I think having a relationship with him is against the rules," Hermione lied. She had read the rules and remembered that there wasn't any rule against having a relationship between Master and Apprentice because the Mastery is granted through the Ministry, a third party tester. She just said it to make Ron feel better. Hermione huffed organizing her books in her trunk. She needed to focus on her packing, but Ron's little tantrum was grating her last shred of sanity.

"So now I'm not a real man," Ron snapped, but instantly regretted it. He knew she was just throwing him a jab to get him to wake up, but she was right. He should trust her. "Hermione I do trust you. It's him I don't trust."

"Why wouldn't you trust Professor Snape? He has done everything in order to help us, the Order, and the entire wizarding world. He was even willing to sacrifice his own life to help us win the war. And you say you can't trust him." She had enough of Ron's childish behavior. "Grow up Ron!" she huffed as she left her room leaving the tall ginger haired boy behind.

"I trust him as a professor, but not as a man," Ron said softly to the empty room in defeat.

Hermione's patience with Ron's constant outbursts was starting to wear thin. After everything they had gone through together, he still did not trust her. Longing for some fresh air she decided to take a mini break from packing her truck to take a walk to the Weasley's pond. The morning was fresh and bright and incredibly warm with the rolling heat of August.

Ron, the red headed hot tempered git, still couldn't get over that night which was over a month ago. Sure it looked questionable like Ron said, but the fact that he was still questioning it after this many weeks, she couldn't stand to live here another day with his illogical jealousy. It was true that Severus and Hermione had gone out for a drink instead of collecting their medals publicly. Kingsley, disappointingly, sent them by owl in which Hermione immediately tossed hers in the bottom of her truck. She didn't care to put it on display. Her scars were enough of a reminder of the war and unfortunately she couldn't put them in the bottom of the truck along with her medal. The evening with Severus had proved to be more enjoyable than she could have possibly imagined.


Hermione and Severus exited the huge sweeping doors just as the speeches were to begin. The fresh cool night air was wonderful. Hermione felt like she could breathe again and deeply inhaled her freedom when she noticed Snape doing the same thing. It was unbelievable to see her old greasy git of a Potions Professor acting so relaxed. A sight she took in deeply, imbedding it to her memory for she was sure she was probably the first person in over 20 years who had seen it.

Severus held out his hand in perfect gentlemen form, "Would you like to grab a drink with me away from all this nonsense?"

"I would love to, but I doubt any wizarding establishment would let us have a moment's peace."

"That is why I know the perfect little muggle establishment near here that would be perfect. We'll need to alter our clothes." And with a wave of his ebony wand Hermione's petal pink dress robes were shortened to look like a pretty pink cocktail dress. She had felt beautiful and confident when she left the Burrow that night, but this elated her to comfortable as well. Wizarding clothes still felt strange on her as she twirled about swishing the skirt of her dress about. Snape without being obvious drifted his eyes up her long slender legs. His eyes widened for a moment when the swishing allowed a momentary glance at her lacy black knickers on her shapely bum. He could feel the blood start to drain from his chest to his groin in appreciation. Without another word he quickly transfigured his strikingly black robes into a straight back black suit with a white shirt and a black tie.

"So where is this perfect muggle establishment?" Hermione asked politely.

"Hold tight," he leaned in whispering in her ear wrapping a firm arm around her waist. Before the blush could fully flush across her face they were standing in front of a corner pub. "Miss Granger, this is Sir Alexander Fleming's Pub." The establishment was loud and full of smoke, but had a cozy feel to it. It was the perfect place to avoid the wizarding celebrations. Despite being a tiny corner pub the place was littered with tiny tables and chairs jammed packed with men watching the various football games on the large tvs. Hermione suddenly felt entirely too over dressed for this place, but Snape just took her hand and led her to a small table in the back of the smokey boisterous room.

Noticing her apprehension he leaned forward and whispered into her ear, "Don't worry about looking out of place. There is a ritzy hotel just down the street. It's not unusual for two people staying in a hotel to walk about the neighborhood."

"How did you come by this place?" Hermione asked amazed that this anti-social man who had pledged himself with a half-blood bent on pureblood superiority would ever know about a muggle neighborhood or better yet this pub.

"Well I..." Severus began before being interrupted by a tall buxom beauty with a note pad and pen in hand.

"What'll be?" she asked cheerfully.

"Glass of white wine," Severus stated.

"Make that two," Hermione answered. She was curious to try the many beers at this establishment, but to make the barmaid leave sooner she just agreed to what he was having. "Continue."

"Well I am a half-blood and did like to drink as a younger man so I found that it's easier to drink in peace in the muggle world. The muggle world isn't as nosy as the wizarding one. Everyone has to know everyone's business, it is incredibly frustrating. If I didn't love magic and so damn good at it so I would have given up years ago. The wizarding world is too invasive for my taste. All this blood nonsense and family trees. Inbreeding at its finest." Needless to say Hermione was shocked to hear him speak with such candor.

"You wouldn't have given up magic, would you?" she asked.

"Probably not, but I did consider it once. It was just after..." he paused for the words were too painful as Hermione's eyes widened in understanding.

"When Harry's mum died?" she offered. All Severus could do was nod. In silence they sat until the barmaid returned with two glass of white wine and left them to their business.

Severus took a small sip before continuing. "Miss Granger are you willing to become my apprentice?"

"It's Hermione, sir" she added with a cheeky grin. Snape took another drink as Hermione could swear she saw the corners of his mouth twitch into a grin.

"Of course. Hermione, you have yet to answer the question." he reminded her.

"Yes if you'll have me, but I thought you hated me all these years. Calling me a know-it-all and such."

"My role had to played with care. I couldn't afford for anyone to know where my true loyalties lied. I couldn't show you any kind of rewards for your effort because that could have challenged the Dark Lord's faith in me. I needed him to believe I was working for him the whole time. And I'm sure you got enough encouragement and praise from all your other teachers to make up for it."

"Yes, but I really wanted yours," Hermione paused as she quickly wished she hadn't said those words aloud. The implications of a deeper meaning Hermione didn't mean to share as a slight blush pinked her cheeks.

"Perhaps, but you must admit you work harder in potions than anything else because I made you work harder. Not accepting anything less than perfection helped make you into the intelligent witch you are today." He challenged her. She knew it, but she was hard pressed to admit it.

"Perhaps," she returned coolly.

"Oh don't ruffle your feather you silly witch. I'm sure Minerva had as much to do with your intelligence as I did possibly even more so." Severus offered pinching his nose in frustration. This was not how he had envisioned their evening. Maybe she was just too young for him, he worried.

"I didn't mean to get my feathers ruffled as you call it, but I, no more than anyone else, doesn't like being treated with such disdain from a man she hoped of one day gaining his respect."

"I'm sorry," he offered sincerely. "And just to cool your Gryffindor temper, I have respected you for some time now." Severus initial panic eased at her rational response. Even though he knew she had been hurt by those constant jabs, she wasn't about to let that stop her. Maybe there was hope afterall, he wondered.

"When?" she asked disbelieving.

"Since about your fifth year when you led Umbridge into the Forbidden Forest. I have been meaning to thank you for that." he added with a smirk. Hermione grinned at the thought.

"I didn't want them to cart her off, I just wanted to get her out of our hair so we could save Sirius. Looking back now, it was rather reckless." To this Severus Snape actually laughed. She had never in the almost eight years she had known him had ever seen him LAUGH.

"Your entire Hogwarts career was reckless. Come to think of it. If history repeats itself then maybe I shouldn't grant you an apprenticeship, you'll blow the dungeon to kingdom come." he teased her.

"You wouldn't deny me the opportunity to beat you at your own skill now would you?" she asked sweetly.

"No I suppose not. We'll just have to see if you can best me, your superior with over 20 years of potions experience. Now when do you take your NEWTS? I do hope you finish them before the school year starts. I'm going to need help getting the hospital wing fully stocked before those hellish brats arrive." To this Hermione simply rolled her eyes.

"It's a wonder they still let you teach," she paused considering that the professor might take it the wrong way, "You know with your wonderful attitude towards children, I mean. And yes my NEWTS will be taken on August 15. If you give me a few days to prepare I can be at Hogwarts the 21st . That way we'll have plenty of time to work on those potions before those hellish brats arrive."

End Flashback

Hermione could feel the tension roll off her tight shoulders the minute she saw the pond. A gentle breeze seemed to soothe her aching headache and fiery temper. She looked back at the patched up Burrow with a heavy heart. Where once it was noisy and full of life now it felt equal to a tomb. She had never factored in just what losing one of their own would do to the Weasleys. Fred's death took such a toll on the family, Harry and Hermione both felt like they were intruders upon a mournful family rather than the happy guests they used to be. It was completely understandable. Both Harry and Hermione knew that it would take a lot of time for the Weasleys to come back out of their shells, but even then they would never truly be like they were.

Arthur poured himself into his tinkering, but didn't ask as many questions of Harry and Hermione as usual. He just, in Hermione's opinion, wanted something to do with his hands. While Molly would sputter about cooking and cleaning like normal and then every other hour or so burst into uncontrollable sobs. Typically one of the boys or Ginny would be the ones to console her. Bill came around for breakfast every morning sometimes with Fleur and sometimes without. She knew to give the Weasleys space. Charlie was planning on returning to Romania after Ginny went back to school, he just couldn't take all the sadness. Percy, the family outcast, stuck to George like glue and began helping at the shop. A move that surprised and warmed Hermione's heart. She knew he would have never taken on such a position if Fred were alive, but with the guilt about to consume him, Percy needed to take care of something and George was it. Percy handled the finances and ran the store along with Ron occasionally while George was on his latest bender. Now George was despite his fairly sober appearance at the Celebration Ball George hadn't been truly sober since. The whole family was walking on egg shells around him. Everyone knew they had no idea what he was going through and while many of the Weasleys were busy with their own pain, Hermione and Harry were getting worried about the once cheeky twin.

That was one reason Hermione had jumped at the chance of an apprenticeship. Staying here was just too much for her anymore. The whole family seemed to gather at breakfast and dinners and those were the hardest times she couldn't seem to avoid. This way living at Hogwarts she would only have to intrude on the holidays. She knew the Weasleys loved her like a daughter, but she also knew that she couldn't comprehend what they were going through. As far as she knew her parents were still alive and well, they just didn't know she existed.

Her eyes were brimming with tears as the thought of her parents brought an awful. Sometimes not knowing what had become of them was so much worse than the thought of them dead and gone. Pulling her mind far away from those gloomy thought she turned her mind to ponder her conversations with Professor Snape, now Severus. The gravity of this change in status was not lost on her. His mind, the opportunity to learn from such strong fierce intelligence was so appealing to her that she was completely lost in thought and didn't hear her other best friend.

"Hermione," Harry called out grasping her attention. Harry had been a mixture of relief and worry these past several months. Deep down all he wanted to do was move on and start anew, but he just couldn't jump up and whistle all the pain away. While he had finally wanted to start a fresh relationship with Ginny, the Weasley were so busy with their pain that Harry had grown attached to Hermione. The two friends both orphans at the moment they stuck to each other when the pain got too much to bear.

"Oh hey there Harry. I didn't see you there." Hermione brushed the tears she didn't realize had fallen. The Weasleys seemed entitled to their pain while Hermione and Harry just had to sit back and watch. It tore them both up, but also annoyed Hermione a bit in the end. Hermione and Harry both had lost so many friends and family to this blasted war and the Weasleys seemed to act like they were the only ones suffering.

"Hey there Hermione. All packed?" he asked trying to keep the conversation from Ron. Those two had been at each other's throats since the Celebration Ball and he couldn't deal with it anymore.

"Just about," Hermione replied cheerfully. "I really am looking forward to this chance. A mastery in potions can take me just about anywhere." she said dreamily.

"I just don't know if I would be looking forward to working with Snape," Harry admitted.

"I'm sick of this! You and Ron both act as if he is some horrible man. He's not the most social being, but he's smart as hell and I have to opportunity to learn from one of the greatest wizarding minds in the world." Hermione screamed.

"Hermione! Cool your top. I only meant that Snape is a snarky anti-social teacher. We never had much fun in his classes so I wouldn't find learning a mastery under him the least bit fun. That's why I am going into Auror training." Harry shouted back at her. Her honey brown eyes fell to her feet in embarrassment. Everyone seemed to be walking on pins and needles and it was chipping away her patience, but she had to remember it wasn't Harry's fault.

"I'm sorry Harry. It's just this house..." she leaned into his open arms as he hugged her tightly.

"I know. It's not the same. That's why I understand you taking this on. As soon as Auror training is over next week I'm moving into Grimmauld place. Kreacher is over here too much, Molly is starting to get quite frustrated with his constant 'help'. I don't look forward to living in that dark house, but a dark house is better than here right now."

"What about Ginny?"

"Oh she'll be fine. She just became of age and will come and visit me during the last week before school. You'll look out for her while you're there, won't you?" Harry asked, his emerald eyes pleading as he held her in a brotherly hug.

"As much as I can. I will be able to sit with her for meals if I want, but I don't get to teach the seventh years until she'll be long gone. I will be taking over the first through third years by Christmas and then fourth and fifth just after Easter. Severus will keep the sixth and seventh years because of the importance of the NEWTS. Next year I will get to take on those." Hermione looked up to see Harry's eyes wide with amazement. "What?" she asked.

"You called him Severus." he said in complete shock.

"He told me to. He's not my professor and he didn't want to be called sir anymore. Surprisingly enough." she commented.

"You are amazing, you know that. Not only are you taking on the snarkiest person I've ever met and you're looking forward to it, but you can also call him by his first name. The only people I've seen do that were Dumbledore and McGonagall."

"I know. It's weird, but despite his foul attitude on occasion, he is actually an enjoyable conversationalist. After we left that horrid ball we had a wonderful conversation. It was so refreshing talking about something other than quidditch or death."

"It's going to be a long road to recovery. The Weasleys are trying, but you can't expect them to jump for joy when they miss Fred."

"That's not it," Hermione cried indignantly. "Okay that's not only it. They act like they are the only ones hurting."

"People deal with pain differently." Harry offered.

"Yes, but I don't want to be here to hear about it anymore. I loved Fred like a brother. I love George and my whole heart goes out to him for losing his twin, but I need to get away from here. I want to move on. I have to. It's not just Ron anymore. I do love him, but being with him is getting harder and harder. Almost doesn't have a point anymore."

"We need to leave the Weasleys to grieve and bond as a family, but that means you're leaving me for the big scary dungeons of Hogwarts while I'll be all alone in my batty house with no one to keep me company but Wallaburga Black and I don't anticipate many afternoon teas and fireside chats with her." Harry grinned with a small pout; his emerald eyes sparkling with mock sadness. Snickering Hermione merely slapped his shoulder and reassured him that everything would be alright.

"You'll manage somehow. And no don't ask..." Harry looked at her in surprise. "Don't ask me to sneak Ginny out of the castle so you two can do whatever it is you two do when you think no one is watching."

"That's alright. I have a few other tricks up my sleeve. I won't chance you getting into trouble with Severus oh I mean your Potions Master." he teased tugging on a rebellious curl.

"Oh you prat," Hermione scoffed at him.

"Hey Hermione," a timid voice spoke up from in front of the two. There was Ron standing there staring at his feet in embarrassment.

"Hey Ron," Harry offered after a few moment of awkward silence. "I'm going to go see if Ginny wants a go on a boom."

"As long as it's not your broom," Hermione implied lewdly. Ron and Harry's face both flushed crimson. Ron just glared at Harry, but didn't say anything. The raven haired boy took that as a good time to make a quick exit and ran from the two.

"Ron, if you're here to fight more I'm not interested."

He held up his hand to stop her. "I'm not here to fight. Hermione, I love you. You going off for an entire two years with a man who has made our Hogwarts year hell." Hermione was going to hear him out, but when she heard that she just couldn't stop herself.

"He didn't make our lives hell. Voldemort did that and Snape had his part to play." Ron's hands immediately went up in defensive pose.

"I didn't say he didn't. Geez Hermione the way you defend him it looks like... well it appears," he cleared his throat unable to continue, but his fiery girlfriend knew exactly where he was going.

"Like I'm in love with him. That's what you were going to say weren't you?" she yelled at him, her face fiery red. Ron looked down at his shoes for a moment trying not to let his temper get the better of him.

"Yeah, that is what I meant." he snapped failing. "Look Hermione, you're leaving tomorrow can we just not spend our last day together for a while arguing about Severus Snape?" The fight lost in his voice. He didn't hate the Professor, honestly, but the way Hermione adored him made him incredibly jealous especially when she would have whole arguments with him about Snape.

Her eyes softened when she realized that this probably wasn't the best way to end the summer. Despite her anger over his apparent jealousy and disrespect for someone she greatly admired, Ron was going through too much for her to simply leave things lie as they were.

"I'm sorry Ron. This isn't about Severus. This is about us and I don't want to leave tomorrow with this on my shoulders. The evening air is lovely why don't we take a walk." she offered her hand and Ron sighed taking what he could get took her hand as they walked into the lovely woods not far from the Burrow.

Ron couldn't get the little green monster off his back. He felt like it was the end, but he couldn't figure out why. She never made any indication that she didn't want to be with him other than her new found obsession with Snape. Hermione had been also incredibly distant during the summer. He was reassured by both Percy and Harry that she was simply trying to grieve in her own way, but the jealous monster would not let him be. The red headed man simply dealt with his anxiety the only way he knew how apologized and held onto her hand as if it was the last time he would hold it.

The next morning Ron hugged her tightly and repeated asked if she needed someone to accompany her.

"Ron for the 900th time, I don't need an escort. You stay in and enjoy the last shreds of your freedom because once Harry and your training is over than you're going to be busy working for a living," Hermione teased gently sending her trucks to Hogwarts with a flick her wand.

"Okay you're right. I think I'm going to go back to sleep. Goodbye Hermione. You will do brilliantly, I know it. And if you don't you can always spit in the git's eye and come back here to keep me company." he teased with a twinkle in his bright blue eyes. She almost scolded him if he didn't look so cute so she forgave him and hugged him tightly.

"I'll be around. I will have weekends and you can always come to Hogsmeade and meet me. Just owl me if you have time." she said knowing full well that Ron and Harry would have zero free time for at least for the first couple of months. Hermione would be a lucky girlfriend to see her boyfriend before Halloween. Strangely that felt okay to her, but she tried to ignore it.

Hermione hugged Molly and Ginny telling them she would be around for Christmas at the latest and she'd see Ginny at the Welcoming Feast.

"Goodbye guys. I'll see you soon." she said with the next breath she apparated just outside the castle to start her most anticipated apprenticeship.


AN: Yes, there is actually a pub in London called Sir Alexander Fleming's Pub. He's the guy who invented penicillin. I have been to this pub a few times when I was in London and it's my favorite place. The barmaids were fantastic. My friend Kira taught them how to make a screwdriver. It was awesome.

So how's this for a first chapter of my second story of the Snape's Mirror Series. I hope you liked the panty shot. I read a LOT of manga and there always seems to be a panty shot. A panel where some poor unsuspecting girl's panties are shown. So I wanted one too.

I wanted to write Snape and Hermione's relationship to be similar to the one I had with my favorite teacher minus the sexual tension. I had an intellectual crush on him (seriously the man is mad brilliant) and that is how I wanted to write Hermione's feelings toward him for now. Things will heat up over the course of this story... duh!

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