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Weevils in Miami

Hello and Goodbye

Michael took a long drink from his beer and focused diligently on a spider crawling across his mother's porch. His father was leaning across the opposite railing, having an equally difficult time making conversation. After Jack and Owen had returned from their drop-off with UNIT, Owen had patched up everyone's injuries while making little clucking noises with his tongue, much to Sam's irritation. During the entire thing, Madeleine had continuously looked worriedly between Jack and Michael. She clearly wanted them to talk but did not want to force them into it.

"So …" began Jack, unsure of how to continue. His relationship with Alice was incredibly strained and he couldn't blame her. He knew how difficult it was for her. He didn't want to pursue a relationship with Michael that would just end with Michael pushing him away in the same manner as Alice. He didn't like hurting his kids.

"So …" responded Michael, feeling how nervous his father was and feeling the exact same way. He had lived his entire life without Jack, why did he need him now? While a part of him wanted to get to know this man in front of him, a part of him just didn't think it would be the right thing to do. He knew how difficult his life in the CIA had been for his mother. She had constantly had to worry about him, not knowing where he was, what he was doing, or when she would speak to him again. He didn't want to put someone else through that, because he did plan to get his job with the CIA back someday soon.

"Look," said Jack, putting down his beer and just getting to it. "Neither of us is really looking for anything, right? It's just nice to finally meet you and have you meet me."

"Yeah," replied Michael.

"And I don't want to start off this … whatever this is … with a lie. I died."

"What?" asked Michael, finally taking his eyes off of the ground and making eye contact with Jack.

"Back in that warehouse. That weevil attacked me and I died. You're my son and you should know: I'm immortal."

"What exactly does that mean?"

"As far as I know, nothing can kill me … permanently. I've died tons of times, but I always come back."

"Huh," said Michael, nodding his head slowly in an attempt to absorb this odd information. Well, if aliens were real and his mother used to fight them and his real father does fight them, anything could happen. "Does Mom know?"

"Yeah, Maddie knows," said Jack, smiling softly. "Look, I just thought you should know. I would appreciate it if you didn't tell the others though. It isn't really something that I want to get around."

"Yeah, sure. I can understand that. I wouldn't want people to know if I were invincible either."

"No," agreed Jack, chuckling softly.

"Anything else I should know?" asked Michael.

Yeah, thought Jack, but he didn't say it. There was a lot. He's more than 100 years old. He's from the 51st century, which Maddie didn't even know. He's omni-sexual and currently dating a Welsh man named Ianto. "Nope, nothing else that I can think of."

"Well, I know that you're Torchwood," said Michael. "I guess it's only fair for you to know that I'm CIA, or ex-CIA at the moment. I plan to get back in though."

"Good for you. Be careful."

"I always am."

"If you ever need any help or come across anything really weird, you can always call me," Jack told him, hoping that his son would realize how serious he was.

"Yeah," said Michael, "and if you're ever in Miami again, let me know. Maybe we could … do something."

"Definitely," said Jack. "Ditto for you if you're ever in Cardiff."


Jack had loved seeing Maddie again and finally getting to meet Michael, but he was glad to be back in Cardiff. Entering the Hub with Owen following closely behind him, Jack called loudly and joyously, "We're back."

"Welcome back, Sir," said Ianto, from behind him. Jack resisted the urge to jump at Ianto's sudden presence; he could never let the other man know how startled he was every time Ianto did that.

"Boy did I miss you," said Jack, grabbing Ianto and giving him a deep, passionate kiss.

Their kiss was broken up, however, when Gwen interrupted it. "You guys are back? You took care of the weevil situation?" she asked.

"Obviously," sneered Owen.

"Did you two have any fun in Miami?" asked Tosh. Although her question had included Jack, she only had eyes for the doctor.

"Eh, it was all work," replied Owen. "Although," he added, looking at Gwen, "we did do some socializing with some old friends of Jack's. Oh, you should have heard some of the stories they told. That was brilliant."

"What stories?" asked Gwen, looking incredibly hurt that she hadn't been invited to go to Miami with them and therefore didn't know these new stories. As much as Jack wanted his team members to get along, he wasn't going to ruin Owen's fun. He knew only too well that "What stories?" was a valid question to which Owen would have honestly replied, "No stories. I'm messing with you."

"As fun as it has been catching up, I think I need to get reacquainted with Ianto." With that, Jack maneuvered Ianto into his office. As he was closing the door, he burst into laughter hearing Owen sing a rousing rendition of "I know something you don't know" to Gwen.


It had been two weeks since Jack and Owen had left Miami and things had mainly returned to normal. Michael, Sam, and Fiona, however, found themselves looking at Madeleine with a newfound respect.

Michael had considered calling Nate and telling him that they were only half-brothers, but eventually decided not to. It would only upset Nate and it didn't really change anything between them. They were still brothers and always would be, just as the man who had raised him was still his father. Whether biologically or not, the man who had given Michael the name of Westen was still his father and always would be.

Since the Torchwood agents had left, Michael had spoken to Jack once via telephone. Jack had called to see how everyone's wounds were doing. It had been a short conversation but Michael had still appreciated it. He could be a man of few words and he had no problem with Jack being one as well.

Madeleine was simply thrilled by how the visit had gone. She felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders; she had always felt guilty for lying to Michael. Although he was still trying to get used to the idea, Michael had already asked her several questions about his father. Madeleine hadn't been able to answer all of them, but she gave Michael the best answers that she could.

Additionally, since her son and his friends had found out how bad-ass she was, they had been including her more on their jobs. While she didn't relish working with them, she preferred being able to keep an eye on Michael; G-d knew he needed it.

Putting down the picture Jack had given her of the two of them when she was a new agent, Madeleine grabbed her shotgun and followed Michael out the door.


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