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My soul, his soul

It's not in the best shape, a little twisted

A bit worst for the wear

Kinda rough around the edges

But it's always there for me

This is my soul eater's soul….

A soul that's careless and arrogant

Stubborn and cool

But one that's my friend and my partner

But there's also another

One that's earnest and strong willed

One that's responsible and stubborn

One that needs a friend, a partner, and courage

My soul, Maka's soul…

Professor Stein had said,

"Your soul's wavelengths aren't very stable,

They're very different from one another….

They appear to be in resonance but they're not…"

Soul and I may not be the perfect pair but

He and I want the same thing

To become strong, to not be afraid, to protect one another

And to be with each other, till we die cool…

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