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She woke up with a start, sitting straight up in bed. Nothing around her screamed out danger and she felt out with the Force just to make sure. Everything was calm and quiet. She looked down and her husband who was sleeping soundly letting out the faintest of snores.

Mara Jade Skywalker quietly slipped out of her bed walked into the refresher and closed the door behind her. She splashed some cool water on her face and looked into the mirror.

Okay Jade, nothing is going to get you, she thought to herself. So what's wrong with you? She decided to reach out with the Force again just within the apartment to see if there was anything that she could detect. What she found was not what she expected. Mara jumped back from the sink at her discovery. Is it true? She closed her eyes and put her hand on her stomach. Concentrating on herself, she felt through the Force a small presence within her. All kinds of emotions and questions filled her.

A baby? Oh my lord! Fear and joy tugged at Mara. What is Luke going to think? What do I think? Are we ready for a baby? Am I ready? Will Luke be mad? Will he be happy? Will I make a good mother? More questions crossed her mind, but she was interrupted when she heard her husband's voice.

"Mara?" Luke's sleepy voice called out.

Oh jeeze. Do I tell him now? Should I wait until I go to the med-center? No, I should tell him now, he'll feel the baby any way. Baby…She was left with that thought when she heard a rapping on the door.

"Mara, are you alright?" She loved how concerned he was for her.

She didn't verbally answer. Instead she slowly opened the door and opened herself up to the Force so Luke could read her. She watched as the realization spread over her husband's face.

Shock filled his eyes. At first, Mara thought Luke was going to reject her and fear the baby, but shock soon disappeared and a smile that could out shine Tatooine's twin suns bloomed on his face.

"Mara!" He cried out and scooped her in his arms. "A baby? Really?"

Mara was almost overwhelmed with Luke's emotion through their Force bond. She returned his hug. "Really Farm Boy, our baby," she smiled. Luke held her back just a bit and gave his wife a passionate kiss.

When they broke apart for air, Luke placed his hand gently on Mara's stomach and she could feel him through the Force feeling for their child's presence. Another huge smile appeared on his face.

"I can't believe this is happening," he whispered. "Thank you Mara."

Mara's eyes suddenly watered up. "Great Skywalker," she laughed as she swiped the tears from her eyes, "look what you made me do."

Luke gently wiped the tears from her eyes and laughed along with her. "I love you."

"I love you too Luke. I guess we're not going back to bed. Should we wake the Solo's up and tell them?"

"I like the way you think."

About an hour later after Mara and Luke dressed, Mara sat staring outside at the already busy skyline. Coruscant never stopped. It was like a heart, always beating. She could feel Luke approach her and he wrapped his arms protectively around her waist.

"Should we call them now," he murmured into her hair.

"We should tell them in person," Mara said, not taking her gaze away from the window.

"Are you okay Mara?" Luke finally turned her around to face him. She gave an inward sigh and smiled for him. She was nervous, no, scared. She had no idea about being a parent. Caring for a child was not in her plan of life. But neither was falling for Luke Skywalker. So far though, things were going well. She could do this with Luke.

"I'm good Luke. Let's go surprise them."

"Luke!" Leia answered the door, very surprised to see her brother and wife.

"Come in. Han is getting dressed and the kids are still asleep. What brings you over so early?"

"Sorry about the early arrival," Luke answered as he and Mara walked in and all walked to the kitchen. It was a rare site for Luke and Mara to see Leia in a disheveled state. She was usually groomed to perfection, ready to take on anyone or thing ready for a fight. "We actually have some, well big news for you and Han and wanted to share it with you in person," Luke smiled. He could hardly contain himself.

"What news?" Han Solo came in, kissing his wife on the head and then shoving some breakfast in his mouth.

Luke looked over to Mara and this time Mara spoke. "Well, let's just say you're going to be an uncle and aunt in 9 months."

Leia was the first to react. She gave out a small squeal and jumped up from her seat and grabbed Mara in a hug. Han laughed and pulled Luke into a bear hug.

"Congratulations Dad," Han beamed.

"Oh my gosh Mara! I'm so happy for you! When are you due? Do you know if it's a boy or girl?" Leia rushed out.

"Well, actually we just found out this morning," Mara grinned. Leia nodded, understanding.

"This morning?" Han asked confused. Then it dawned on him. "A Force thing?"

"A Force thing Han," Leia wrapped her arms around him.

"We ah, haven't said anything else to anyone though," Mara said. "I would really like to keep this a family thing."

"Our lips are sealed, right Han?" Leia looked up at him expectantly.

He held up his hands. "I won't say a word."

"Thanks you guys," Mara said slightly relieved.

As Luke and Mara headed back to their apartment, Luke suddenly had the driver of the cab change course.

"Please take us to the Imperial Med Center," he said and turned to look at his wife. "Don't give me that look," Luke said pointedly. "Cilghal is on planet and she is the best."

Mara slightly smiled at her husband. "You do take good care of me, oh husband of mine."

Mara was waiting patiently or as patiently as Mara could wait for Cilghal to come into the room with her and Luke. She was extremely uncomfortable having to be in the med-center but it was for health's sake.

Luke sent her reassuring feelings which Mara gratefully accepted.

"Hello Master Luke and Mara," Cilghal walked into the room and approached the couple. "Congratulations."

"Thank you," both Luke and Mara said at the same time. "We are very happy and excited," Luke continued with a big smile. Mara didn't quite follow his enthusiasm but smiled and said, "And we're ready to find out if it's a boy or girl."

Cilghal had Mara lay down on the small bed provided and got the ultrasound machine prepped and ready. Mara took Luke's hand in anticipation.

"There," Cilghal said after a minute. "There's you're baby."

Both Luke and Mara looked at the screen, eyes glued to the tiny figure. This is growing inside of me, Mara thought with awe. I can't believe we created this.

"Look's like you are having a girl and I would say you are about 2 1/2 months along," Cilghal switched off the machine and cleaned off Mara's stomach.

"A girl," Luke whispered. Luke looked down at his wife with pure love and aspiration. "Mara, we're having a girl!" Taking Mara by surprise, Luke scooped her up into his arms and kissed her.

Mara had to laugh. She loved this man more than anything. "Luke, dear, Cilghal's still with us," she reminded him.

"Oh, sorry Cilghal." Luke grinned.

"Congratulations again. Please let me know if you need anything at any time."

"Thank you Cilghal," they both said.

Later that night Mara lay in her bed, covers strewn across her and Luke and she was consumed by a fitful slumber.

Pain. It was an excruciating pain. Mara had never experienced such feelings before. Her head felt like it was going to explode. She wanted to scream, but only a muffled moan came through her lips. 'What is going on?' She asked herself.

"It'll be over very soon Jedi," a deep voice called to her. The blinding pain got even worse and this time Mara did scream. "Who are you! What do you want?"

Then it was gone. Sweat beaded her forehead and Mara blinked a few times to get her bearings straight. Only then did she realize that she was strapped down to a table. She reached out with the Force to feel for Luke, her baby, for anyone but almost blacked out from the void that was there.

"What did you do!" She screamed. Then she heard the sound and went deathly pale. A baby's wail. Her baby. "Don't you touch her!"

Mara gasped for air and jumped up from her bed.

"Mara?" Luke's voice laced with concern. When she didn't reply he sat up and looked at her. She was white as their bed sheet, sweat trickling down her face and she was panting.

"Mara, what's going on? Is it the baby?" Luke could feel the panic welling up in his throat, but swallowed it down.

Mara finally took a deep breath and then looked over at Luke. "It was just a dream," she whispered, but then both of them sat up very straight sensing something. "Luke, do you…" Mara never got to finish her sentence. The side of their room exploded with such force it sent Luke and Mara clear over to the other side of the apartment.

Luke was fortunate enough to use the Force to take most of the impact, sustaining minor injuries but Mara was not.

"Mara!" Luke crawled over the broken glass and debris and cradled his wife in his lap. Her head had a nasty gash that was bleeding profusely; her face had cuts and bruises forming.

Luke could hear the building alarm go off but paid no mind. Who would do this?

"We would," a voice answered his thoughts.

Luke jerked his head to the figures approaching him. He didn't have his lightsaber with him-it was somewhere among the debris.

"What do you want!" Luke demanded. He put Mara down and took a protective guard over her. All he could feel from them is pure darkness.

"Come now Jedi Master. I think you know what we want." Luke watch their red and yellow eyes travel down to his wife.

"Over my dead body," Luke roared.

"Not quite. We still need you for the experiment," the lead figure held out a silver ball and as Luke charged at them, he threw the ball down on the ground filling the room with fumes. Luke hit the floor right at their feet.

"Take the woman. Clean her up and fix her injuries. Leave him," they picked up Mara and left.

"Luke! Luke!" Luke groaned at the sound of his name being called. "Han, he's coming around!"

Luke blinked a few times and finally registered that his sister and brother-in-law were at his side. "Wha…Mara!" Luke shouted then winced at the pain behind his eyes.

"Luke, just lie there for a minute," Leia looked over her brother worry in her eyes and face. "We want to make sure nothing is broken."

"Used the Force to cover the blast," Luke rubbed his face with the back of his hand.

"Blast? Luke, can you tell us what happened?" Han asked.

Luke looked around the room. There were police, firemen and ambulance. The firemen were putting out the last of the embers and smoke steamed out of the giant hole that was once his room. Everything was in shambles. Luke finally sat up and a wave of nausea hit him. Whatever the beings used on him last night was, it sure did a number on his system.

"Luke, where's Mara? We couldn't find her anywhere," Leia asked uneasily.

Luke again looked at Han and Leia, this time with a blank stare. "They took her," he said softly. "They took her and I did nothing to protect her. I failed her, I failed her..." he kept repeating, in a state of shock.

"We need to get you to the hospital," Leia was very growing more and more concerned about her brother's state. Both she and Han didn't know if Luke had sustained any internal injuries and his external ones could use some stitches and bacta. They helped Luke to his feet, supporting him on each side.

"No! I have to find her!" He shouted at his sister. His eyes had gone from a crystal, clear blue to almost a smoky violet. "She needs me."

"Alright kid," Han started to lead Luke out of the shattered apartment, "let's get you over to our place and then we'll work on finding Mara."

As they walked through the shambles Luke stopped abruptly, making Han and Leia stumbled.

"What is it Luke?" Leia asked, still supporting her brother's arm. He didn't answer, instead glared at the objects. His and Mara's lightsaber lay under some broken ceiling. He shook off Han and Leia's hold and went over to the two sabers. He slowly bent over and picked them up.

"Where were you when I needed you?" he growled at the lightsabers as if they could answer him.

At the Solo's apartment, Luke sat very still on their couch and stared vacantly at the wall. Han got some very potent salts from his bathroom cabinet and held them under Luke's nose to bring him back into reality.

"Luke, can you hear me?" Han asked. Leia watched with concern, but tried to send out reassuring feelings and strength to her brother.

Luke finally crinkled his nose at the smells and shook his head. He rubbed his tired eyes and looked at Han and Leia. They could see the storm brewing in them.

"I failed her," Luke again repeated.

"You didn't know," Leia once more came to her brother's side and took him in her arms. He didn't fight it, but didn't relax into either.

"I should have," he said darkly. "I should have known that something was bothering her."

"We'll find her Luke. I'll start by contacting Talon Karrde and putting the word out. He'll have his people searching the entire galaxy." Luke just stared at Han and Han wasn't sure if anything was registering in Luke's head at the moment.

"Do you have any idea of who might be after you or Mara?" Leia asked.

Luke gave a sarcastic snort and tore himself away from his sister. They watched as the Jedi Master became unraveled.

"Isn't the whole Sith-forsaken galaxy after us?" Luke shouted and paced the room. "I don't know who did this, Leia. I'm a damn Jedi Master and I should have foreseen this coming!"

"Calm down Luke, this isn't going to get Mara back," Han grabbed Luke by the shoulders and forced him to stop pacing. "Yes you are a Jedi Master, but you are human and shit happens. Blaming yourself isn't going to get your wife back. Calm down, get a shower and sleep. Leia and I will start right now making contacts and seeing who's got a mark out for you."

This time everything registered to Luke. Han was right. Even though he had the right to be frustrated, hurt and angry, it wasn't going to get Mara or his baby back any sooner.

Luke's shoulders slumped in somewhat of defeat and exhaustion. He nodded and headed toward the refresher.

Han turned to Leia. "Call Karrde. He'll want to know one way or another about Mara. I'll go over to the security and look over tapes and talk to people. We'll have to watch for your brother and make sure he doesn't kill anyone in the process."

"Luke! Luke…" Luke shot up from his bed, Mara's voice echoing in his head. She was calling to him.

"Mara," he whispered. "I'm here." He sent her through their Force bond; hoping that she would feel him, know that he was coming for her.

He ran a shaky hand though his already tousled blond hair and decided against going back to sleep. He sat there for a moment longer recalling last night's ordeal. Who were these beings and what did they want? He remembered clearly their eyes. Their fiery red and yellow hellish eyes burned into his skull. And experiment… Luke leaped out of bed and ran into the living room to find no one there.

"Leia? Han?" he called out.

"Luke, what is it?" Leia came jogging into the room where Luke stood.

Luke was starting to get that wild look again and Leia grabbed his hands sending him soothing thoughts. It helped.

"Leia, these beings said something about an experiment right before I passed out."

"Did you get any feelings as to where Mara was?"

Luke shook his head. "No. God Leia, if they hurt her…"

Leia cut him off. "Luke I know you love her to the end of time, but having these dark notions won't help."

Luke studied his sister for a moment. "You're right. I'm just…

She again brought him into an embrace and this time he hugged her back. "I know Brother. I know."

By the afternoon Luke had somewhat gotten some sleep and some composure back. He had never felt so out of control in his life, not even in his worse moments.

'Mara…' Luke sent out with the Force again. 'Be strong my love. I am coming.' Luke hoped that she felt him. He didn't feel anything back from her and dread settled in his stomach.

Han returned and updated him and Leia on what he found out.

"I went through last night's security tapes and talked to flight control." Luke held his breath. "Nothing unusual came up on either."

"How can that be?" Leia asked confused.

No leads, no nothing. I'll find her. Somehow, I'll find her. "Thanks Han," Luke said softly.

"I also talked with Karrde and he has everyone on his side on alert and searching. He was just as frazzled."

"Thank you. I've got to go." Luke started to head to the door when Leia stopped him.

"Luke wait! Go where? We don't have any leads."

Luke looked down for a moment and then back at his sister. His voice passionate, deep and dark, "I'll find her. I'll travel the universe and back, spend a life time doing so, but I'll find her. And if for some reason I don't, I'll die knowing that I tried. You have the communication codes to the Jade's Sabre?" He waited until Leia nodded. "I'll be there. Update me as soon as you hear anything." With that, Luke was gone.

Mara struggled from the sleep to hear mummers all around her. She was very groggy and as she tried to stretch her aching body, she realized something or someone was pinning her down. She blinked a few times, trying to clear her vision and then turned to one side when she heard some soft voices. Mara stretched out with the Force to get a better awareness of her new captivity, but when she did she had a nasty surprise.

A harsh pressure that almost felt like she was drowning came over her followed by a searing, burning pain behind her eyes. She couldn't help but let out a startled and pained-filled yelp.

"Ah, the Jedi is finally awake," one of the voices approached her. Again, Mara had to blink several times to clear her vision and wished her hands free so she could rub them.

"Who are you?" Mara rasped out. Her throat hurt among the other parts of her body. She squinted at her captors. The voice stepped right up to her and she finally could get a good look at him.

Tall, lean with muscle built around his arms and skin a deep violet color. Mara had shivers go through her entire body when she met his eyes. Those violent, vile red and yellow eyes. His face was sharp and teeth sharper. She let her eyes wander down his arms to his claw like hands and saw his sharp bird like talons. She had never seen a species like this before.

He bent over her and stared right into her eyes. "You're worst nightmare."

Two weeks had past and Luke had not heard any updates or news about his wife. He sat in the Sabre in Mara's chair staring blankly at the vastness of space. He and his whole family knew that there would be attempts on their lives they had been battling that what felt like every day. But usually it was an extremist group, or some rouge evil that they had some clue about. This time, well this time Luke had no idea. Most of the Jedi offered to help him which he graciously accepted. They still were coming up empty handed. When Luke tried to reach out to Mara, he just came up with a black wall. He knew though deep down, if Mara had died he would have felt it. No, she was alive and waiting for him. He just needed a single clue.

Mara had never been so frighten in her whole entire life. She could hear the voice in the back of her mind fear is of the dark side but right now she couldn't control it. She had no idea where she was, who or what these creatures wanted and she was afraid for her unborn child.

Mara tried to judge the days by timing when the guards would take her out of her cell and strap her down to the table, but the concept of time was all but lost to her. She crammed her neck to look down at her own body. Her head was still pounding; her arms were covered in bandages and had an I.V sticking out through the bandage and wires of all kinds were placed on her arms, legs, stomach and she could feel a couple of them tugging on her forehead.

"Who are you!" Mara demanded. The vile man or Mara assumed that's what he was rolled his chair right up to her and shoved his disgusting pointed face right into Mara's. She held back the urge to spit in his face.

He smiled showing his jagged fangs. "Fierce even in the unknown." His demonic eyes looked over Mara's pale face, sending chills straight down to her core. He reached up with his talon-like hand and Mara tried to flinch away. His hand paused in mid air and then continued to stroke her hair away from her face.

"Pity," he somewhat sighed.

"What?" Mara growled.

"You are beautiful." His hand traveled down her collar bone, to her arm and Mara bit her lip trying not to say anything to get herself or her baby hurt. "Hopefully," he continued to move his hand, lightly stroking her bandage arm and then moved it to her rib cage. Mara's breathing quickened and if she could, she would have destroyed this monster in seconds. "Hopefully," he repeated, "you're child will be as beautiful as you." His hand gently but sickenly landed on her stomach.

Rage consumed Mara. "Don't touch me!" She screamed and thrashed on the table. He retracted his hand from Mara and watched her fight. Alarms starting going off on the machines as some of the wires came loose from Mara.

"Achan," one of his assistants came running to his side, "should we sedate her?"

"No," Achan watched and waited.

From afar Luke was knocked down to the floor of his ship to what he only could describe as bullet train running into him and not quite finishing the job. His breath left his body and he struggled to get it back. It hurt everywhere. He called upon the Force to help calm himself and reached out further to feel where the source was coming from. Instead he came upon a brick wall which again knocked him on his butt.

"What the…?" Luke ran his hand through his hair. He stretched out further with the Force, trying to push through the brick wall. He managed to crack one stone…

"LUKE!" she screamed

"Mara," he whispered back to her and the stone wall was immediately replaced and she was lost to him.

Achan finally motioned for his assistants to restrain Mara back down. "Don't touch me," she struggled valiantly but to no avail. Sweat beads streamed off her head and she was breathing heavily.

"Jedi Skywalker, what we want from you isn't you." Mara furrowed her brows at him. Achan continued. "Let me explain now that you are calm. We chose you for a couple reasons. You and your husband share a unique bond with each other. It's deeper, more intimate and powerful than anything out there."

"So you must know he'll stop at nothing to find me and kill you," Mara spat out.

"He won't find you my dear."

Mara was forced back down on the table; wires that were pulled out in her fight were placed back on her. "Why's that?"

"Every Force user has midi-chlorians in their blood. The wires you pulled out and we are reattaching are connecting nanites to your brain and central nervous system. When we reach our final stage in the procedure we are going to drill a hole into your head and the nanites will all come together and direct the midi-chlorians to your offspring." Mara swallowed hard and then closed her eyes for a moment, trying to comprehend what this monster was doing to her. He explained the procedure so nonchalant, like if they were going for a walk.

"Do you understand Jedi?" He snarled. "You are going to be drained of all your power and your infant will be the most ultimate Force user there ever was. You'll only be kept alive long enough to give birth to her."

If Mara's color could become transparent, it would have. She became even paler and her skin glistened from the sweat. Oh God, Mara thought to herself. She couldn't let this happen.