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Prime's and Elita's First Contact

It was an ordinary day at Autobot base at N.E.S.T headquarters, it was peaceful and just. No twins were pranking robot or human, no fighting and human and robot was enjoying it. Everyone was relaxing, most humans were with their families except a chosen few to help look after the base. Robots were out on patrol or with human companions. And no robot or human were working expect for one. We turn to Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. He is in his office working on data pads but his mind isn't on work he his remembering his past to when he first meet a lovely dark pink femme who's name still rings in his head at times Elita-1. He heard a knock on his door so he let the mech in, it was his weapon specialist and body guard Ironhide.

"Hey prime wt ya doin?"

"No nothing old friend just remembering something from my past as all."

"Wt were ya rememberin?"

He did a robotic sigh. "well if you must know I was remembering my love and spark mate Elita-1."

"Oh well care to talk about it optimus."

"No. I would just like to have some privacy-." Ironhide cut him off from his rambling.

"Ok well in that case then I will leave you alone cos it's not often that you get some peace. Anyway I was just off to the target room."

"Alright Ironhide just try not to blow holes in the wall again because we are still fixing the wall since last time you went in there."

"Hmp well I cant help it if the targets keep movin and the twins keep annoying me."

This earned him a slight chuckle from his leader.

"Well then have fun old friend."

"I will and try not to feel down and think about Elita too much."

Don't worry I will try my friend now go and leave me to my work."

"Yes sir."

We now turn to Optimus mind back to Cybertron before the war when he was a young leader with his brother as co-ruler and when he first met Elita-1.


It was a beautiful late afternoon on Cybertron. Optimus Prime was looking out of the window in his office and he could see all of Iacon it looked so magnificent, so beautiful. But he couldn't help but notice how empty his life felt even though he was the Prime and ruler of Cybertron he felt like something was missing but he couldn't think of what it was.

Optimus' POV

It's getting late how long have I been here working… a few *cycles * hmm. Guess I should finish up here and go for some recharge and I think I deserve it.

As he left his office to head to his quarters to recharge he got a call from his friend Jazz.

"Yo wt up Optimus, ya wanna go and live it up for a few *cycles*"

Out of everyone Optimus knew Megatron and his friend Jazz were the only ones who could call him by his first name where as everybody else calls him Prime.

"Well old friend I was just going to get some recharge because I have had a long day working."

"Aww, but it's been ages since we last hung out OP come on please and you can leave anytime you want to promise."

After hearing his friend's disappointment through the connection he changed his mind.

"Ok. I will meet you in a few *nano clicks*."

"Alright can't wait to have some serious fun."

Then the line went dead and Optimus went to his quarters to freshen up before meeting Jazz. As he walked out he ran into his brother and co-ruler of Cybertron.

"Ah just mech I was looking for. May I ask were you are going."

"Megatron. I was just going to meet a friend of mine that's all. Why do you ask brother?"

"No reason I was just curious as to what you were doing brother."

"Would you like to come?"

"No thanks I have some matters to attend to, have fun brother and I will see you tomorrow at the meeting."

"Of course you will see me at the meeting tomorrow you don't have to worry about it now I must be off."

As Optimus walked past Megatron he couldn't help but have a little smirk on his face and think to himself.

Megatrons POV

Hmm my brother going out with a friend how come he never told me about him before? I might just need to keep an optic on him to make sure he doesn't stray away from me because if he does he will be in a lot of trouble hahahah. Now I must tell my forces to start making the energon raids more frequent.

Optimus' POV

As I left my brother I looked over my shoulder and did I just see him smirk...Anyway I must go and meet up with Jazz he must think I must have gotten lost if I make him wait any longer. He's been my friend as long as I can remember back when we were just sparkling before I knew about my destiny.

Jazz's POV

Where is he I've been waiting here for ages the night is wasting away he better hurry up. Then we can go and have some fun again he is the leader maybe he just got caught up with something important he better off not of just ditched me. No he wouldn't do that would he...oh there he is now few he didn't ditch me.

"Jazz thought you would leave without me, you proved me wrong."

"OP thought you ditched me for a while but I was wrong soz I doubted you old friend."

"Hmm let us go and have some fun old friend."

As they left together, they had a lot of catching up to do so they just drove though the night in their vehicle forms for a while and when they came to a bar or club they changed into their robot form. Optimus was taller than his friend and was broader as well but he had the kindest blue optics and a caring nature. His friend come up to his hip but he was quick and agile but just as kind as Optimus but he had a more teasing nature.

As they left their 3rd club they headed to a bar for a few drinks. It was silent on the way there until Jazz broke the silence with a question.

"OP can I ask a personal question?"

"Of course my friend ask away."

"What is with the face mask, I mean why do you wear it out in public?"

Optimus was stunned by this question and was quiet for a few moments then he answered Jazz's question.

"Well if you must know I wear it so no one can recognise me, Megatron said that there are mechs out here that would want to kill me etc. So that is why I wear it to protect myself."

"Right O. Well here we are the last bar for tonite OP."

"Good cause I think I have had enough drinks for a while. I wish though all the femmes would stop asking me to dance with them."

"Whhaa. You mean all the femmes have been asking you to dance when I don't even get looked at that's not fair man besides I know I'm better looking than you it must be of your size."

"Really you think so are you sure I'm not better looking than you and I think my size doesn't matter, anyway I just came out here to chat and catch up with a old friend not to dance with a bunch of femmes like you Jazz."

"What can I say I'm a femme magnet."

Optimus just laughed to himself then they transformed into their robot mode and walked into the bar and what Optimus saw was nothing like he had seen before. He looked around the bar and saw mechs over energised and out of their helms he didn't like it one bit. When they entered everyone mech and femme looked at them and then went back to what they were doing. Jazz and Optimus went up to the counter and ordered some visco which was one of Optimus' favourite drink. After a while when they finished talking Jazz went up and on to the dance floor and left Optimus at the table they were sitting on. He just blended into the back ground which he didn't mind.

After a few *groons* Optimus looked at the time and thought he better get back to Iacon because he needed some good recharge but he didn't want to leave his friend alone. But he then thought he's a big mech so to speak he can look after himself.

Elitas POV

Man I wish mechs wouldn't keep trying to hit on me they are so not my type and I hate this job but I guess the management is ok and it pays well I guess but I still don't like it. Hey now there's a nice looking mech why is he all alone you would of thought someone like him would have all the femmes all over him man what I wouldn't do to be in those big arms that look strong enough to crush yet hold you for security. He also has those big broad shoulders, nice body tone and his eyes are so beautiful, how do they stand out so well I might never know and he's tall as well. Hmm. Man what I wouldn't do to interface with him.

Elita's thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice her boss.

"Hey Elita your shift has finished you can go now see you tomorrow."

'OK. Now where was I remember looking at that gorgeous mech... Where did he go now,(she looked for a few mins and couldn't see him) oh well I guess I will see him around.'

"Bye Elita see you tomorrow" said her friend

"Ya, bye everyone."

Elita left the bar unaware that she was being followed by some thugs.

Optimus' thoughts.

'As I looked around for my friend jazz I couldn't help but notice a femme looking at me she was very beautiful she was curvy in the right places, her pink rosé armour kind of shone in the dim light, her optics looked amazing even from this distance. But I fear if she knew who I was she wouldn't like me because I am prime it's a curse but a blessing as well. Well I better go and find jazz and tell him that I am now going assuming that I find him...oh I see him now he's on the dance floor.'

Jazz' POV

'Man I am having such a great time it's a shame that Optimus didn't want to come out on to the dance floor with me I'm sure he would love it. O'well anyway back to the dancing with the femmes.

"Hey watch were you put your servos matey. And stop looking at my women."

"Sorry man didn't mean to as all its a little crowded as you can surely see. And I am not looking at your women dude."

"Hey, hey now we are all just here to have some fun right. Anyway I will always be with you my sweet spark."

"Fine but the next mech looking at you funny will be sorry he'd ever been here."

The two bots left.

'Few now to get back to business oh OP is coming over I wonder if he now wants to dance.'

"Jazz I need a word with you."

"Go ahead big guy."

"I'm going to go now because I have a long day tomorrow such as the meeting with the council about what is going on with the city and I have had a long day today as well."

"Ok OP, go and get some rest and it was fun hanging around with you again old friend."

"Thanks jazz and have fun and stay safe. Oh and do one more thing for me old friend."

"What would you like done OP."

"Let me know when you get home safely my friend and I will see you soon."

"Alright then safe trip back."

They grabbed each other's forearm and said their good bye's. Optimus then walked away from Jazz and saw the femme that was looking at him earlier leave and then saw some mechs that had sinister looks in their optics and decided to follow as well.

Elitas thoughts

'Hmm it's a bit cooler out here then earlier oh well. I wonder if I will see that cute mech again he did look pretty handsome and I wonder what he really looked like under that face mask. Did he have a sexy smile or something more. There you go again thinking that someone like you trying to get a mech like him it will never happen Elita and you know that but I guess a femme can imagine.'

She then heard something behind her like footsteps and more than one she started to quicken her pace. She thought about transforming but she chose against it because she wasn't far from where she lived. Then the sound got closer so she started to run and without thinking she took a wrong turn and was trapped because it was a dead end. She turned around and found 3 big mech's looking at her with lust in their optics she didn't want to get raped by thugs and lose her virginity to them either. (Yes she was a virgin). She did all she could think of which was scream.

Optimus was trying to follow the thugs as far away as possible without getting seen. He looked away for one nanosec and they were gone. After a few *nano-clicks* he heard a femme scream and rushed to find out where it came from he started to run towards the noise and heard a scream again. When he found out where it was coming from he didn't like what he saw.

One of the thugs started to laugh evilly Elita didn't like it she was scared and froze she didn't know what to do, next thing she knew two of them grabbed her arms and she screamed again hoping someone would come and save her she didn't hold her breath though. She closed her optics and waited to get violated by these mechs she knew they were alot stronger then her so she didn't bother trying to get away.

"Be good and we won't hurt you much darling heheheh."

"Ya what he said?"

"Shut up you idiot and what did I say about talking when not addressed."

"Sorry boss won't happen again."

"You're right it better not or I will punish you more severely than last time."

After that the thug just looked down at the femme in his grasp and awaited orders.

"Now where were we...are yes I remember now we were about to do some think to you that you will remember for ever femme."

"Why? What have I done to any of you? And why me I haven't done anything wrong who are you anyway the fashion police?" she said sarcastically.

"To answer your first question my dear." He put his servo under her chain to make her look at him.

"We want a little fun. Secondly you haven't done anything to us but we will to you after this. Thirdly I don't know about that one but hey no one is perfect I guess. And finally we are a secret organisation that plan to stop the council making a big mistake so you weren't far off from the police statement. And now that all your questions have been answered let's begin."

"NOOO I won't let you, get off me." She screamed and tried to get free but the hands holding her got tighter that they almost dented her armour.

Then a voice made them stop the assault on her it was deep, rich and commanding and sounded scary at the same time.

"Hey you pick on a mech your own size and desist on what you are doing to that femme NOW."

"Why should we, we were just havin a little fun that's all."

"By the way her face looks, it doesn't look like it to me so are you going to do this the easy way or the hard way?"

"Grrrr. GET HIM, RIP HIM APART." the leader of the group said.

The one thug holding the femmes right arm ran up to Optimus but he just stepped to the side and the thug just ran past him and fell over. Optimus just laughed and waited for the next move from one of the other two. Then the one on the left of Elita let go and ran to Optimus and punched him in the face. Optimus stepped back as the thug went for another hit. Optimus blocked it and punched him back in the gut (so to speak) he put both hands on his gut as he whimpered then the first mech came up behind Optimus to hit him in the head, but Optimus just back kicked him in the knee and he went down with a groan. The second one got back up and saw his friend on the floor crying in pain and holding his knee which was more than likely broken. He was enraged at Optimus and tackled him to the floor. Optimus was stunned and winded as he hit the floor but was aware of the mech on top of him hitting him in the chest plates and face. He just lifted a leg and kicked him in the groin, which pushed him off him and he flew past his leader and landed hard on his aft, hit the wall hard on his head and fell unconscious. Optimus then turned to the leader of the group he had his servos over her chassis and while doing this he saw his men getting beaten by a civil mech they were the best there was and he was not happy. So he threw Elita at a wall she hit it hard and was knocked unconscious as well.

Elitas POV

'Well this is it my body in the hands of a madman so much for saving my virginity for a hot mech who loved me. Then I heard a voice that was deep and soothing but commanding at the same time. I looked at him it was the same mech I was checking out at in the bar, why did he come after me or is it just convenient. I didn't quite catch what he said but the next thing I know one of the thugs let go of my arm so I tried to get away but the one who had my left arm grabbed both of them and I was stuck once again. Their leader just smirked but was shocked as he saw his follower fall flat on his face. I couldn't help but snicker he then slapped me around the face. Then the other thug let me go and ran towards my rescuer. I held my breath I then saw him go flying over the leader. I was stunned then I felt servos all over my chassis It felt wrong. How dare he touch me the perv. And before I knew it everything went black.'

Optimus' POV

'After I dealt with the two thugs I turned towards their leader. He looked angry like Megaton did when something didn't go his way. But I wasn't scared the femme needed help so I ran towards their leader with one of my swords I am not quite sure how I got it but it was useful at this moment in time. He threw the femme and she hit the wall and she didn't move. Then the leader ran towards me and I stuck him in his leg he cried out in agony so with my right hand I made a fist and hit him so hard that he fell on the floor heavily and his optics dimed. I then went to the one still awake and asked him who he was.'

"Who are you and who do you work for?" He asked quite sternly the mech just looked at him innocently but he knew he wasn't.

"Ok we are a secret police force that wants to stop the council from doing something not quite sure cos no one tells me anything that's all I know."

"Ok so who do you work for?"

"We work for...umm I don't know I never was told who he was" He lied Optimus slapped him in the face and the mech started to tell the truth about who he was working for. "OK OK. All I know is that he is big, silver and has quite a short temper and I think he is a lord because we call him lord,umm lord Megatron I think please don't kill me I beg you."

Optimus was stunned to hear his brother's name pop up like this he needed to have a word with his so called brother. He dropped the mech and went to assist the femme who was unconscious. The mech he dropped scurried as fast as he could away from Optimus.

'As I walked over to the unconscious femme I got a good look at her she was more beautiful then she looked when I saw her in the bar not too long ago. As I bent down she onlined her optics those were the most beautiful ones I have ever seen in my life and I had butterflies in my spark.'

"Are you alright miss?"

'I onlined my optics and what I saw was the most amazing optics I have ever seen I saw worry and comfort in them. He asked me if I was alright I said the only thing that came to my head.'

"Wow you're so cute." She mumbled

'I then realised what I just said and looked away not seeing that cute smile of his. I hope he didn't hear me cos I hate to scare him away. I gave him an embarrassing look. But I guessed he knew I was embarrassed because my cheek plates went red.'

"Yes I'm alright thanks for asking."

'I asked her if she was alright what she said surprised me I couldn't help but smile at the comment she quickly realised this and went red primus was she cute. And why does my spark flutter when I'm near her...would it be that I'm in love. I hope so but does she feel the same way? At least she answered my question and that made my spark ease a bit. She looked like scrap so I did the only thing that I thought appropriate I picked her up bridal style and asked her where she lived.'

"Where do you live miss."

'I felt a little dizzy I guess that is because my processor still hurts. I looked up and he picked me up bridal style and he asked me something. I think it was where I lived so I told him and he carried me to my apartment which was only a few clicks away I couldn't help but snuggle into his grip and chest it was so warm and comforting I nearly fell into recharge. He must have noticed this cos he asked me some questions to keep me awake.'

'She told me where she lived and I started to walk her there from what she told me she didn't live very far. I then noticed she snuggled into my chest it was making my spark flutter again and that she was falling into recharge in my arms so I kept asking her questions to keep her awake like what was her name and directions to her apartment because I don't know Iacon that well. As I asked her one question she asked me one and we kept it like this until we reached her place.'

'After answering Orion's questions, that was his name nice one but I think he might be lying I'm not quite sure. Anyway this was one cute mech and why is my spark fluttering now. I think I'm falling in love with him that's good right.'

"We are at your place miss err I mean Elita."

"Are we and thanks." She sounded a little disappointed to leave his arms but who wouldn't.

So Optimus put Elita down gently and she stumbled and few times and landed on to his broad chest. They locked optics with each other then her cheek plates went red with embarrassment. She abruptly stepped out of his arms and quickly said good night to her hero and kissed him on the cheek and disappeared into her apartment. He stood there slightly shocked and found his spark pounding ever so quickly that he didn't want it to stop. He was in love.

As she disappeared into her apartment Optimus decided that it was time to head home after a lonnggg day. But he was happy though he had a great time with his friend Jazz and possibly found love as well. When he got home he was greeted by his bother who was tapping his foot on the floor Optimus nearly walked into him if he hadn't said something.

"And just where have you been brother of mine..."

"What I told you earlier I went out to catch up with an old friend and if you will excuse me I am very tired and going to recharge. Good night brother."

"Hold it there Optimus I want a word with you in private."

"Can't it wait till tomorrow brother? I have had an exceptionally long day and would just like to recharge."

"Oh fine have it your way brother." He sneered.

And so Optimus left his angry brother behind as he went up to his quarters to go recharge.

Megatrons pov

'Hmm I think my grip on my brother is loosening I need to remind him that we are together on this situation. If we are to rule Cybertron together we need to be on the same page but if he is not then I must take matters into my own hands even if that means that I become the new Prime muuhhahahah.'


The alarm clock went off in the new Primes room, Optimus tried to turn off the annoying sound it was emitting but failed as he fell off his berth with a thud he groaned as he got up and turned it off he looked at his internal clock he only had about 4 hours recharge. He was not happy about that he then heard a knock on his door as he got up and went to the door groggily and opened up he was surprised that it was his brother and what happened next was unexpected. Megatron grabbed him by the throat and shut the door behind them and pushed his brother against the nearest wall. Optimus' legs were off the floor he had one hand around his throat trying to ease the pain and his other was trying to get Megatrons hand off his throat but failed. Optimus wasn't built for fighting though but he was just as strong as his brother Megatron had definitely worked out a bit since they last sparred. He fought against his brother trying to kick him as such but it wouldn't work.

"Why are you doing this brother" Optimus said in a raspy voice because Megatron was slowly crushing his throat.

"I want to know if we are on the same page Optimus." he asked in a low voice.

"On the same page of what Megatron?"

"That we are destined to rule Cybertron together brother… so are you with me or against Me." he said as he creased his brother's cheek plate.

When megatron did this action and Optimus stopped struggling and looked at his brother with a bit of worry in his optics and maybe a little bit of fear as well.

"Put me down Megatron please. Besides don't we have a council meeting any *astro minute*?"

"Yes you are right dear brother let us go then." He dropped Optimus and went out of his berth room.

Optimus was glad that his brother finally dropped him he was rubbing his neck and throat to sooth the pain that was there and then coughed a little to try and catch his breath. His fuel tank was saying it was hungry so before he left he grabbed an empty cube and filled it with the energon from the energon dispenser in his room and drank it, it felt good as it went down into his tank and followed his brother to the council chamber with the cube in his hand.


Megatron and Optimus walked into the council chamber and saw the 13 council members one at the front of them and 6 on either side of the middle one. They were supposed to represent the original 13 Primes.

"What took you two so long?" one of the council members asked.

"We were busy. Optimus slept in later then usual."

"Hmm…never mind now on to more important business."

"Yes. We need to discuss something of importance."

"And what would that be council members?"

"The Energon factories are being bombed and destroyed but we don't know who the leader of the group is. And there were casualties as well" Megatron holding back a grin which only Optimus saw but thought nothing of it.

"How many have been killed?" Optimus asked in concern.

"We think around a couple hundred."

"No." Optimus whispered.

"Do we know why they are being attacked?"

"No. We don't have much information at this time but we have the best guards and police officers on the job."

"Ok then. Then what do you suggest is the best cause of action."

"We have discussed it and we have decided that we must cut back the Energon factories from the smaller towns and villages."

"WHAT" both Megatron and Optimus said in unison.

"But why that is suicide that will slowly condemn Cybertron to a slow death plus if this action is taken we will be killing innocents and the next generation."

"Which is why we have sent seekers to go out into the universe and look for more Energon resources?"

"I agree with Megatron. This is wrong."

"Well unless you can come up with a better solution it's the best one we have got."

"You are a bunch of idiots and don't deserve to be here."

"What are you saying brother?"

"What you believe them Optimus."

"No I don't, not this time brother."

"Fine then I will sort this out my self." He warms up his arm cannon and shoots at the larger desk missing the leader of the council member by inches. And walks out.

"I-I-th-think we are done here." He said in a rather high pitched voice.

"Megatron what have you done you idiot." Optimus told himself and followed Megatron.



"WHAT Optimus."

"Why did you do that brother?"

"I don't know I guess I just let my anger get the better of me."

"I don't believe it, why? Why did you do it? You were disrespectful in there and acted like an idiot."

"But just listen to me Optimus, brother. I had to do what I did. It was for the greater good of Cybertron and our future. And to get my point across. They were to thick headed to understand what they were about to do." He was getting angry now but he kept himself under control. And tried to keep himself calm which was failing miserably.

"I don't care what you have to say and don't call me brother again Megatron. I believed you but now, now you are not the Megatron I once knew."

"But Optimus let me ex-" he tried to get closer to Optimus but he stepped back from him.

"Leave me alone." Optimus said


"No I don't want to hear it." And he stormed off.

Megatron growled and leapt onto optimus pinning him down on his back.

"Fine if you want to do this the hard way then lets. I only wanted you to listen to me for a few *astro seconds* but no you had to storm off before I could explain my actions. So what do you say now then Prime."

He said in a low growl to him. And then he started to stroke his antennae.

"Get off me Megatron and stop what you are doing to me that's an order."

"We have equal rank Prime. Besides you forced this onto yourself."

"We DO NOT have equal rank Megatron I am Prime-." Megatron put his hand on his mouth before he could continue. So he resulted to struggling to try and get away but failed.

"You talk to much you really do brother." All he got was a muffled reply.

Then before he could do any more damage one of the guards came around the corner to where they were and was shocked to what he saw his Prime being pinned by the Lord high protector. He said as loud as he could.

"Hey get of the Prime, Lord high protector. NOW."

"Make me little worm. Besides I am teaching my brother a little lesson here now be gone."

"All guards on my position now we have an assault on the Prime. I REPEAT WE HAVE AN ASSULT ON THE PRIME."

"Nnooo." He snarled then whispered something into optimus audio receptor. "Know this we haven't finished here and I will be back just you wait brother and know that you have now condemned Cybertron to death by not being with me brother." "No I haven't megaton it is you, who has failed Cybertron not me."

With that he got up off his brother and ran with guards chasing him down the hall way. Optimus didn't hear one of the guards talking to him he just lay there on the floor rolling over in his head what megatron said before he left. 'Know that you have condemned Cybertron to death by not being with me brother.' Optimus felt guilty about those words and he was oblivious to the things going on around him. There were mechs checking him for wounds, mechs asking him questions and a medic or two barking out orders to the guards to get the Prime to a medical bay to fully check him. He was so lost in his mind he didn't notice the two mechs grab both his arms and carry him to the med bay.


"Well I can't see anything wrong with you; your systems are working at peak effiency. But you seemed shocked so care to tell me."

"If my systems are working fine then can I go?"

"No not until you tell me what happened with you and lord Megatron."

"I-I…don't want to talk about it at least not now, please can I just go, I have work to do."

"Fine yes you can go but if you need to talk you know where I am, my Prime."

"Please call me Optimus."

And with that he left the med bay and went back to his quarters then he remembered something he said to his friend last night.

"I hope Jazz got home alright I must check my messages and if he hasn't left one then I will phone him."

"Jazz here just to err (hic) you know that I (Hic) got home oookkkk little buddy." Optimus chuckled at that message.

"Hmmp good all Jazz even over energised he is funny…well (sigh) back to boring data pads. Hmm I wonder if that femme Elita is ok now I think I might visit her after I have done some of these data pads. It never ends sometimes."


"What! someone attempted an attack on our new Prime we must give him a personal body guard."

"What about the Lord high protector isn't he supposed to look after our Prime?"

"No. He only help's run Cybertron, we should have seen this coming and assigned him one sooner."

"But who can give our Prime the proper protection."

"I think I might know he is the trainer of the palace guards his name is Ironhide I think."

"Very well then we will ask this Ironhide if he can look after our new Prime."

"Right send him in and we will discuse this." "now on to more important business."


"I was so close to getting him on my side then he had to go and pull a stunt like this. GRRR. I will make him see my way or I will make him my slave. Yes that's it he doesn't deserve to be Prime. I mean its got to be my heritage as well. Hasn't it?"

"Yes my student when the time is right we will strike but now is not the time you still have much to learn."


"What do you mean I can't leave with out an escort or body guard I can look after my self thank you. Now out of my way."

"Sorry no can do my Prime I've got my orders from the council members my self."

"Fine then I will talk to the council members and see if this is true."


"So it's true that I need an escort if I want to leave here and my home. Fine."

"And here is your new escort he is called Ironhide."

"Hello Optimus Prime I am your body guard and escort."

"Now that is done leave and let us know if we chose a good body guard for you."


"So Ironhide is it."

"Yes and I have a few rules if you don't mind sir."

"Please call me Optimus I don't like the formalities. And what are your rules."

"Ok then Optimus I have a few simple rules 1) don't go anywhere with out me. 2) listen to me when I talk to you. And 3) don't go out of my sight unless in your own home. Ok and that's my rules. Any problems or questions."

"No I do not they are good rules though. And I will try and follow them to my best ability."

"Good then I don't have to knock them into you which are good."


"Now that I have a body guard/escort I would like to get out of here and meet someone."

"Really… who might I ask?"

"Well I met her last night she is the most beautiful femme I have laid optics on."

"She sounds like a nice one what is her name if you don't mind me asking."

"Her name is Elita and she doesn't work far from here so to speak."

"Really. Where does she work?"

"She works in a bar. I think it's called Macy's, um Mickerdam's, urm Mc Donald's…."


"Yes that's it. Macadams."

"The best place to get a drink and have a good time."


"Alright then I will escort you there then. Would like any help with words."

"No thanks I can handle things by my self when it comes to femmes. I was an ordinary bot like you before I became Prime so I know how to talk to a femme."

"Fair enough just askin as all, well if you need help I'm here for you and here are my communicator codes so you can contact me anytime you need me ok."

"Thank you friend and let us go then because I could use some air after what happened today."

"Want to talk about it?"


"So what did you do then…I mean before you became Prime."

"If you must know I was an archaeologist."

"Really that's very interesting."

"May I ask you what you do?"

"Well I have always been into weapons ever since I was a youngling so I joined up in the army and became a weapon specialist and I also train the new troops and do some guard work as well thus why I am here now with you my Prime."

"Hmm very interesting my friend… we are almost there now."

"Oh by the way you didn't tell me where she works."

"Simple she works at a bar I saw her last night and helped her, well escorted her home that is."

"Come again? And helped her with what exactly?"

So optimus told Ironhide what happened to him last night and how he helped Elita. He was impressed but not happy with him.

"Well I must say that I am impressed with your skills but I am not happy but I'm glad that you can defend your self but I think that I might help you with your brother."

"I don't know what you mean my friend I don't have any problems with my brother." he said quickly.

"Uh huh. Of course you don't I believe you-"he was cut off before he could say anything else.

"Hey look at that we are here now."

As they transformed into their robot modes they made their way in to the door but as they did it opened suddenly and a bot was chucked out. And both mechs looked at each other a little surprised.


"Yes my Prime."

"Try not to act so protective of me."

"Why not?"

"Because it would make me look like someone important and more of a target."

"But you are someone important…oh I see what you are saying. Ok I will keep low but if anything happens or some over energised mech comes at you we are O.U.T. out got it."

"Of course my friend now shall we."


As they made their way in Optimus looked around to look for Elita. He spotted her at the bar serving drinks to mechs and femmes. So they both walked up to the bar and Ironhide got a drink of high grade energon and Optimus was served by a familiar face. His sparked raced when he was near her but he didn't let that stop him from talking to her.

"Hi and what can I get you."

"Hello Elita."

"Orion I-I hi." She said sheepishly. And slightly blushing"

"How are you?"

"I'm fine thanks and you."

"I am good thank you."

Elitas POV

As I worked behind the bar (Primus it was annoying) I thought about last night and I thought of the mech that helped me…Orion I liked that name. Anyway after I served someone I heard that deep sexy voice again and I kinda panicked I stuttered and I must of looked like a idiot in front of him but I saw concern and comfort in his optics. I LOVE those optics they were a deep shade of blue. And when he talked to me my sparked raced like it was going to pop out of my spark chamber. But thanks Primus it didn't. And I wonder what he is doing here anyway.

"Why are you here?"

"I wanted to see you. And see if you are alright."

"Well I'm touched. And if you are talking about last night then yes I'm alright."

"Man your so cute and sexy." She whispered

"Pardon me?"

"Err (mental slap) I said that I err have to get back to work and if you want to talk to me my shift finishes in about a *groon* ok."

"Ok I can wait that long."

"Ok then talk to you in a bit."

After she told him to wait and wait he did. He went back to Ironhide and was talking to him for a while then he saw his friend Jazz who happens to be a DJ at the bar on certain nights. And it was a big bar there was a massive dance floor and small seating area around it and of course the big bar area where you can order drinks and play some pub games.

"Jazz I didn't know you worked here."

"Well I only work here once a week which happens to be tonite."

"Oh right, Jazz this is Ironhide my urm body guard."

"WHAT, why do you have a body guard you didn't the other day and why only tell me now."

"Shhh keep it down I don't want people to know that I am Prime. And I'm telling you this now because I only got him assigned to me a few *groons* ago."

"Oh that makes sense now anyway how are you?"

"I am fine thank you and how about you?"

"I'm good. And a better question, why are you here I mean don't you have lots of work to do."

"Well yes but I needed to see a femme I think I like her a lot Jazz."

"Well, well, I don't believe it my best friend has got a crush on some femme."

Optimus going red with embarrassment.

"Well it's been nice talking to you but as you can see I'm a busy mech and one more thing Prime I mean Optimus have fun would ya."

"Of course I will and you too."

And with that both mechs said good bye to each other and Optimus continued to wait for Elita which shouldn't be long now he couldn't help but smile under his mask.


"Ok I've finished my shift now what do you want?"

"Would you like to go outside and talk where it is quieter and is it alright if I take you somewhere to talk?"

"Of course I don't mind I would love to Orion."

"And for the record my name is not Orion it is Optimus Prime."


"Yes I am please keep quiet."

She just nodded and let him take her to a place where he said he would like to take her. But unknown to all 3 of them someone was following them with a revengeful look in their optics and he wasn't alone.

WHERE OPTIMUS AND ELITA (and Ironhide in the shadows) ARE

"This is a really nice place Optimus I'm a little mad you didn't tell me your real name first."

"I am sorry but I had to in case anyone was listening in."

"Well I can understand that. Now what did you want to talk about?"

Optimus was quiet because he was thinking of something to say to her but what can he say to such a beautiful femme like her.

"I wanted to well say that I urrm."

"Yes. What is it?"

"Optimus I have detected something coming your way."

"What have you detected?"

"It looks like 7 mechs coming this way."

"WHAT. 7"

"What is it optimus."

"We have company."

"Oh well that's just fragging great."

As the 7 mechs got closer the front 3 transformed.

"Well, well, well what have we here a beautiful femme and her hero? Hahahaha"

"Stay behind me."


"What do you want? We have no business with you."

"So maybe we will make business then."

He gave a signal to the other mechs and they transformed ready to fight.


"I am on my way over as we speak."

"Now enough pleasantries and down to business."

Optimus took a protective stance over Elita and she was thankful for his protection.

"No matter what happens if things get too much for me and my body guard I want you to run, run somewhere you know you will be safe ok."


"And just what is your business with us?" Ironhide now next to Optimus.

"We have nothing against you old timer. It is with these 2 we have business with. So but out."


"We don't want to hurt you old bot but by Primus we will. MEN ATTACK."

Optimus and Ironhide stood at a battle ready stance and waited as they ran towards them they braced themselves to what was to come.

All seven but one of the thugs ran towards the three cybertroians. Three ran towards Ironhide and the other three went after Optimus. The one that was left went after Elita.

Ironhide's POV

As I braced my self for what was to come I saw them break up into groups of three. The ones that came at me were medium built and looked quite tough but I will put them in their place after I'm through with them.

One of them came at me with an energon knife. I blocked it and grabbed his hand and twisted his arm around his back and he screamed in agony. I then pulled his arm up and it dislocated from the shoulder joint, I then kicked him in the knee and he went down. Then the second one came at me with his fists he looked quite powerful but we will see so I shot him in the foot and he was hopping around on one foot so I swept him. Then I turned to the last one he had a gun on him and was aiming at me so I got mine and aimed at him.

Optimus' POV

As they came at us I went into defensive mode I took a protective stance over Elita to prevent her from harm. I saw three go after Ironhide and four come for us. So I did what was instinct and told her to run away but she refused but I edged her on and she ran. Just as the four of them came up to us I saw one of them follow Elita I tried to go after her but one of them tackled me to the ground I couldn't move. The wind was taken out of me as I fell with a force. As I fell the two of them held my arms and legs in place I was struggling to get free. The one left was standing over me laughing he put his foot on my chest and I stopped moving. He held a blunt weapon and I wondered what he was going to do. Then I heard a gun going off and I shouted 'Ironhide'.

Elitas POV

Optimus told me to run but I refused to go but he persuaded me to go so I ran not sure where I was going to go. The four that came towards us split, three went towards Optimus and the fourth one came after me luckily for me he was smaller then the rest and hopefully not as strong. I tripped over and fell flat on my face I got up and the thug caught up to me and grabbed me, I struggled and so I kicked him in the knee and he shouted out in pain and I said 'YES'. He let me go after that, I then did a spinning back kick to his face and punched him in the opposite direction he was out cold. I thought I did well out in two hits I'm good. I then heard a gun shot and Optimus shouting and I forgot what he said to me and ran back to him.


We took aim to each other and fired at the same time we looked at each other he missed me but I got him he was clutching his side and crying in pain and went down I punched him in the face and was KO. I then heard Optimus shout out my name and heard him cry out so I ran towards him hoping he was alright.


I looked at their leader he was standing over me with an object in his hand I think it was a hammer or something. He looked at me and said something.

"We don't want our friend leaving now do we."

"Let me go you fragger." I shouted at him.

"Now now we aren't going to call each other petty names now are we."

"Hold him still."

"Why what are you going to do to me?"

"Just watch."

He slammed the object down on to my knee cap and I cried out in the pain that overwhelmed me. He laughed and did it again but to my other knee. I tried to hold my pain in but I couldn't he then walked back up to my head and told his buddies to lift me up I couldn't stand, my legs just couldn't handle my weight. I think they were broken. He then punched me in the face and abdomen luckily I held in my screams. He then kicked my knees I grunted at the pain but ignored it. I was very angry and wanted to rip these guys apart if I could stand. He grabbed my chin and I looked at him he said.

"What is your name?"

"Why do you want to know?" I growled at him

"Cos I do, NOW TELL ME."


"Fine we will just have to make you then." He punched him hard and then got his energon knife out.

"Now will you tell me." Pointing the knife towards his face.

"Fine my name is Orion Pax."

"Orion Pax, hmm. Interesting name."

He put the knife towards his face and cut his cheek enough to let out some energon but not a lot. He winced in pain Ironhide and Elita were getting closer but were still quite away from him but not that far.

"YOUR LYING TO ME, WHAT IS YOUR NAME, your real name."

"Fine my real name is Optimus."

"That's better now I will teach you a lesson in not to mess with us in the future."

Optimus growled at him.

"Do your worst."

"PRIME I'M COMING. HOLD ON." Ironhide shouted.

"Optimus I'm coming as well."

"Wait, wait your Optimus Prime? The almighty Prime. Our leader. Ha oh how the mighty have fallen."

"Hey boss why don't we ransom him, he will be worth quite a bit."

"Do you know the penalty for assaulting a Prime?" Optimus said a little breathlessly.

"Urrm." Punches him

"Shut up."

And at that moment Ironhide comes up behind the leader of the group and points a gun towards his head and Elita comes up as well with a metal bar in her hands.

"Release him this instant" Ironhide growled at him

"Of course old timer. You heard him boys."

They nodded their heads and he ducked and they through Optimus at Ironhide. Ironhide caught him and the three legged it as fast as they could with the other four in tow behind them. Ironhide gently put Optimus down on the floor and looked him over.

"Aww man my first night at being your body guard and I failed." He said sadly

"It's alright my friend we didn't expect this to happen, it's not your fault." He said solemnly and almost a whisper.

"But I feel like it is all my fault Optimus."

"Please don't blame yourself."

"We need to get you to a medic. Can you stand up?"

"I don't think so." And passed out from the pain he was in.

"Can you transform?"



"Is-is he…"

"No I don't think so. I think he's just unconscious."

"He needs medical help. But we are far from any help."

"I don't think so. I know someone who happens to be a medical officer and he's a good friend of mine."

"Where is he?"

"I'm not sure we… well don't kinda get along."

"Oh why is that?"

"Well lets just say that I only go to him if I hurt my self or umm accidently to others."

"Ok but we need to think about getting Optimus some help now but we are far from where I live how about you."

"Actually I live about *half a click*away. Can you help me carry him that far?"

"I'll try."


So they each grabbed one arm and lifted him up Ironhide took most of Optimus' weight. They talked little to each other both hoping that Optimus was alright. In this time Ironhide made a call to his friend.

"Hey Ratch can I have a word with you its very important."

"Who have you blown up now or better yet what part of you have you blown off."

"For once it's not me."

"Then who?"

He sighed "its Optimus Prime."


"Come to my house and I will explain."

"Ok I'm on my way."

End of conversation

"Hold on Optimus."

"Are we there yet because Optimus is no light weight,"

"We are here right when I open up…actually you open up."

"Why me?"

"Cos I can hold optimus while you unlock my door."


She opens the door and they put Optimus on Ironhides' sofa and Optimus groaned as he is layed down and Ironhide leaves and waits for Ratchet. While Ironhide does that, Elita is next to Optimus' helm and strokes soothingly and whispers comfort to him and prays to Primus that he is alright. There is a knock at the door and Ironhide opens it and let's Ratchet in. He takes him over to where Optimus is lying and Ratchet gets his tools out from sub-space that he packed. He examines him and after a few tense moments later he stands up and turns around to face them.

"Well…" Ironhide asked nervously

"He will be fine just a bit of recharge and I need to examine him again just to make sure everything is fine. But I think his knees are badly damaged from looking at them."

"Ok then, Elita can I have a word with you."

"Huh oh ya of course." She stands up and leaves Optimus alone with Ratchet.

Ironhide nods to Ratchet and leaves with Elita by his side.

"I hope he's ok."

"Don't worry Ratchet is the best."

"Ironhide can you come here please."

"Ya sure thing, if you will excuse me." Elita nodded at him.

"What do you need?"

"I need help carrying him to the nearest hospital."

"For what reason?"

"He might need surgery I'm not sure as I lonely brought a few essentials with me."

"Alright then should I tell Elita?"

"Yes she can come as well. I can see she likes him."

"You noticed it to." Ratchet nodded.

Just then Optimus came around

"Urgh. What happened? And where's Elita and who's this?" Rubbing his head

"This is a good friend of mine his name is Ratchet. And Elita's fine she's here and safe. "

"I know that name and I recognise you from earlier. And I'm glad she's ok. Where is she?"

"She's outside I'll tell her she can come in now."


"Well…I wouldn't think about moving or putting any weight on your legs."

"OK…Oh yes now I remember that thug he slammed that hammer on to my knees."

"Really well we need to get you to a hospital to do a full medical scan to make sure everything is alright."


"Optimus you're OK." She hugged him and he held back a wave of pain.

"Sorry forgot that you were injured my bad." She kissed him on the cheek that was not damaged and he blushed a little.

"I'm glad that you're Ok." He said with a smile.

"Sorry to ruin this moment but we really need to get you some medical attention. If this injury is left unattended to it could grow worse."

"Yes. But one question…How are we going to get there?"

"Well luckily I thought of that and I called for assistance. They should be here now."

So with that Ratchet and his assistances took Optimus to the hospital which Ratchet came from (which wasn't far) with Ironhide and Elita following behind them. The journey was quiet until they reached the hospital. They got optimus out and into one of the private rooms to examine him. Ratchet worked on his smaller wounds and patched him up. Then he checked his knees and made a diagnosis and recorded it on a board.

After a half a goon he went into surgery to fix his damaged knees. It took about 2 goons to make them right again. Optimus was lightly sedated and when the operation was done he went to recovery ward in to a private room for his privacy. Ironhide was waiting outside guarding the private room which Optimus was recovering in. Elita was in there watching him and waiting to talk to him when he came out of the antithetic.

Ironhide's POV

I don't believe it Optimus nearly died tonight some body guard I am. I won't let it happen again not as long as I live and my spark is still in my chamber beating. He was lucky tonight and he fought well for someone like him and it's not many mechs that can take a beating like that. Well the least all I can do now is to be more aware and not let something like this happen again. Elita is in there now waiting for him to wake up from the operation. I think she loves him but I could be wrong. And Ratchet is in there as well checking him over and his charts man I hate hospitals I really do. I mean I spent most of my time in one of these when I was younger.

Ratchets POV

As I was looking at Optimus' charts and his breathing which was normal I saw Elita sleeping on a chair next to Optimus and her arms and head were on the bed. She looked peaceful. Any way Optimus should be awake soon and so far the operation was a success if I do say so my self. I hope Ironhide doesn't take this too personally but time will tell I suppose. Well Optimus is healing nicely and is sleeping the antithetic off.

Elita POV

Ok I know I am in love with him now I think it is fate but who knows. I was watching him sleep he looked so calm and happy *yawn* I didn't realise how late it was Ratchet came in and checked over Optimus I was thankful that the operation was a success. Man what an epic night I think I will take a little nap.


"WHERE IS MY BROTHER?" Megatron shouted down the hallway at a doctor.

"Who is your brother and please keep your voice down." Ratchet said to him.

"My brother is Optimus and you can't stop me from seeing him medic."

"Fine see him if you wish. BUT don't make too much noise please because this is a hospital and all."

"Good now tell me which room he is in."

Ratchet sighed. "He's down this corridor and the tenth door down."

"Thanks Medic."

Megatron went off unaware to Ratchet, Megatron was going and trying to stop his brothers suffering.

"Oh Optimus how weak you are it is just pitiful but we will soon end that. MUUHAHAHAHAHA."


As I onlined my optics for the first time since my operation I saw Elita sitting next to me watching me with those wonderful bright blue optics no those beautiful light blue optics which I fell in love with. I'm in love and I thought it was nothing but I wonder if she feels the same way. Now that I have slept of the anaesthetic and feel great I wonder how long I have been under.


Hmm I wish he would wake up I miss his voice his deep sexy voice. I think he's waking up now that's fantastic. Better let him wake up fully before I say something. Oh my those gorgeous dark blue optics of his oh how I have missed them.

"Hey how are you feeling?"

"Well if you must know I am feeling great. But my head hurts a little bit. How about you?"

"I'm fine thanks and the medic says that your vitals are all clear and the operation was a success."

"That's good. Err can you tell me how long I have been out."

"Yes you have been put for about a *solar cycle*."

Just then Megatron came though the door.


"Megatron what are you doing here?"

"Why I have just come to say hi and ask if you're alright." He said sarcastically

"Nice femme Prime are you just going to use her like all the rest?"

"You know I would never harm or force someone into something they don't want."

"May I ask you to leave now femme as I wish to talk to my brother alone?"

"Err no of course not." She nodded and got up and left the room to wait outside.

"Hey Ironhide." She said to him as he walked up to the door.

"Hey Elita why are you outside I thought you would be glued to his side." He gave a small chuckle. Which made Elita smile.


"AHH alone at last."

"Ok what do you want Megatron."

"Oh nothing much just your spark and full leadership of Cybertron."

"What." He said kind of quietly with a confused look in his face.

And as he was thinking Megatron brought out his energon dagger out from subspace and pointed it to Optimus spark chamber. Optimus saw what he was doing and grabbed the dagger before it could do any damage.

"Why are you doing this?"

"BECAUSE I CAN." As he drove the edge of the dagger closer to his spark.

Optimus struggled to stop the dagger from going though him but he was still recovering from the injuries and the sugary from last night. Megatron was putting more force onto the dagger to end Optimus' life but he still had some strength left and was resisting well. Ironhide was standing outside the door talking to Elita when they heard grunts and groans coming from the room behind them. He looked in and did not like what he saw.


"What is it Ironhide?"

"Optimus. He's in trouble."

"What?" she looked in and held a scream in and ran to get Ratchet.

Ironhide opened the door and Megatron stopped in his tracks.

"I see you have a body guard now Optimus and a pitiful one at that." He laughed.

Ironhide growled. "I'll show you. You slagger."

"Now that's no way to treat your superiors now is it?"

"Ironhide keep back."

"But Optimus."

"He's my problem not yours." Megatron saw the slight distraction and the grip ease on his brother's grip and saw his opportunity.

"Farewell Brother."

"WHAT." They both said in unison. Then Optimus cried out in pain as Megatron pushed the dagger into his chest and left it there for a second then twisted it and pulled it out roughly and laughed evilly and broke the window beside him and transformed away. Ironhide rushed over to the window where Megatron escaped and brought out his gun and started shooting him. Optimus put his servo over where the dagger had been and was trying to stop the energon from coming out but it wasn't working and he was loosing it fast. Ratchet came with Elita in tow and both where shocked as their Prime was wincing in pain and holding his chest while Ironhide was shooting out the window at Megatron. He rushed over to Optimus and asked him to remove his servos from his chest he did so with out question. Ratchet looked over him for any more injuries and inspected the dagger wound that his brother made. He shuck his head side to side and injected something into Optimus it was pain killers and sedative he automatically calmed down and went back to sleep.

"Luckily it didn't go right into his spark but it is pretty close to it though. But it looks like his brother cut a main energon line if we don't patch it up quick he might die."

"WHAT" Ironhide said turning away from the window.

"NO. HE-HE CAN'T DIE NOT NOW, RACTHET DO SOMETHIMG." Elita said nearly screaming at him and through tears.

"CALM DOWN BOTH OF YOU AND BE QUIET." They both shut up then. "I'm doing the best I can and we aren't going to get anywhere when everyone is shouting above each other."

"Now come and help me I gave him some pain killers for the time being but it will were off in a bit."

"Sorry Ratchet we are just-"

"I know Ironhide."

"Ya Ratchet I'm sorry too."

"Ok thank you for both apologising but we have a more important matter among us saving the Prime's life again."

"What can we do to help."

"Well one of you could assist me."

"I will, what do you need."

"I was kinda hoping you would be the one to help. When he wakes up I want him to see someone he knows."

"Ok Ratchet I can do that no prob." She went up and held Optimus' hand.

"What can I do Ratchet?"

"Nothing at the moment…wait you can send for more medics for me."

"Ok anything to help Optimus."

So once again Ratchet worked to save Primes live again for the second time that week and it properly won't be his last either. After the doctors got him stabilised Ratchet said he was fine and the other medics left. He and Elita stood there looking at Optimus with concern and waiting for him to wake up. Optimus slowly onlined his optics and looked around.

"He's opening his optics." Elita said happily.

Optimus groaned and tired to sit up but he was gently pushed back down again by Ratchet avoiding his wound.

"Humph you have had quite a few hepatic 2 solar cycles my dear Prime."

"I know."

"Alright then I will leave you to rest but I need a word with you first Optimus. So that means you two out."

"OK" Both of them said and left the Ratchet alone with Optimus.

"I don't believe it." Ironhide said out loud.

"Believe what." She said in concern for her friend.

"Why didn't I see it." He said rambling to himself.

"DIDN'T SEE WHAT." She was getting angry now.

"Don't you see I failed again." He said quietly.

Elita grabbed his shoulders so he was facing her and said to him in a stern voice.

"You are not a failure Ironhide it was unforeseen. Who know that Optimus' friend would want to kill him."

"I guess your right but-" he was cut off.

"No more it was my failure stuff ok you did your best and that's all one can do." he nodded and went to sit down in a near by seat.


"Well I am truly the best." Ratchet said with a smile on his face coming out of Optimus' room.

"Is he…ok." Ironhide said quickly to the approaching Ratchet. And Elita nodded as well.

"He is stable for now. And I recommend no visitors for a few solar cycles."

"Why Ratchet?"

"His body has gone under great stress and needs time to recover."

"Oh…ok. Can we see him." She asked him.

"Well he is out of it but I guess so but make it quick."

"Thank you soo much Ratchet." And she went in with a look of worry on her face.

Ironhide turned to Ratchet. "She really loves him doesn't she?"

"Hmm I agree. Well I trust you that you will keep guard over this door."

"You have my word I will not let anyone other then you, Elita and myself into that room."

"Good cos I hate to kick you're aft."


"Ok I have things to do so I will check in with you later."

(Ironhide looking though the door).

"Ya OK doc bot." he said worryingly. And with that Ratchet left quietly.


"Optimus is now recovered and he may leave." Ratchet said with a smile.

"Thank you Ratchet." Optimus said.

"Now I expect you." (Pointing to Optimus) "To be more carful."

He chuckled "Yes I will Ratchet and thank you once again."

"Your welcome now get out of here I have work to do."

"Yes of course doctor." He got off the berth and went out of the door and was greeted by a big hug from Elita.

"Don't do that to me." She said happily. What optimus got next was unexpecting.


"OWW" Optimus said rubbing his cheek. "What was that for?"

"You know why. You scared me to death twice. Don't do that again." She said angrily and with her servos on her hips. Looking mad at him. And Ironhide smirking behind them and laughing quietly.

"OK I will try not to do that again."

"Good cos I missed you." She hugged him again and he put he's arms around her too hugging her back a little tighter then the first hug she gave him. She looked up into his optics and smiled, he smiled back and without thinking their lip plates came together and they kissed. Elita broke the kiss and stepped out of his arms.

"Umm I'm sorry for that." She said sheepishly.

"For what sweet spark." He said happily lip plates still tingling.

"For that kiss. I-I shouldn't of done that." And with that she walked away. But he grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms again and kissed her again but this time it was filled with hot passion and desire.

"I love you Elita. I have ever since I saw you." He said with his deep sexy voice.

"Well when you put it like that. I umm… love you too Optimus."


I stood not too far away from Elita when Optimus came out of the room he was in for Primus knows how long. Then those two hugged and then she slapped him and hard I couldn't help but chuckle a little at that but then they kissed. I was finally happy that both of them finally done something I was starting to wonder if either of them would do something. Then they said something and she walked away a little bit but Optimus grabbed her arm and kissed her again. It was then I thought I better step in and say something.

"You two love birds finished?" I said. They both went a bit red in the face.

"Yes I do believe so my friend."

"Well I think we should be getting you back to your duties Optimus."

"Yes I believe so." He said with a little disappointment.

"Oh ya I forgot you were someone important I guess a relationship will never happen then." She said sadly. I couldn't break up these two. Humph young love.

"But you can come with me Elita. I love you. And I don't want you to leave my side it would break my spark to see you go out of my life. I love you too much I want to spend the rest of my life with you my sweet spark."

"Oh Optimus. I thought you would never ask and I would love to be with you for the rest of my life as well but."

"But what?" He said.

"We are too different. You're practically royalty and I'm just well a commoner."

"Who says? I don't care if you live in the streets or in the richest place on Cybertron I will still love you no matter what."

"Are you sure we can make this work." She said looking into his optics.

"YES. If that's what you want my dear." He said stroking her cheek with his thumb.

Ironhide made a loud coughing noise and it got both of their attention.

"Sorry Ironhide I guess we got a bit carried away there." Elita said looking down.

"It's alright but we really need to get Optimus back to leading Cybertron, who knows what kind of damage the lord protector is doing."

"Yes we must go. Elita you're coming as well."

"Ok then lets go and thank you." She kissed him on the cheek and transformed. Then the two mechs transformed after her and they were off to save Cybertron from going into chaos. They went to the capital of Cybertron which was Iacon. They transformed and were shocked at the sight. The council chambers were destroyed and the locals were no where to be seen there was a disc on the statue of their former leader Sentinel Prime. Ironhide touched it and it come on and it was Megatron's face that appeared. It said 'To anyone who finds this. I am the true ruler of Cybertron. If you don't want Cybertron Destroyed then join me and my army the Decepticons and follow me and rise up to a better future one that we will concur or follow a whimp like Optimus Prime who has false beliefs and such. Follow me or perish. And brother if you are listening to this then be warned I will hunt you down and kill you if you are not already dead. And if you stop me I will also hurt a certain femme. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Until the next time I see you brother and I guarantee that it will be on the battle field when I rip out your spark.'

And with that the transmission ended. Ironhide and Elita were gob snacked and were staring at Optimus with wide optics and jaws dropped. Optimus was furious and enraged how dare his own brother do this.

"Spread out and look for any one who is still around." They both nodded and went off in different directions.


"Anything?" Optimus asked.

"No. sorry Optimus looks like everyone left." Elita said sadly.

"Ironhide anything."

"Yes a few mechs and femmes and one or two families that are here and getting info from them now"

"Good. Comm. me when you get an update from them."

"Will do. How about you Optimus."

"Not much luck really empty streets and deserted houses." Optimus said sadly.

Then there was a big loud explosion near by and unfortunately Elita happened to be in the middle of it. She was under a lot of rubble and trapped. She called for Ironhide and Optimus' help but she got no reply. She was scared and lonely then all of a sudden a noise came from her arm and it transformed into a gun and without thinking it fired and blow the rubble away. She looked at her arm and as quickly it came it went again. She had a look of surprise on her face so with a hole in the rubble she crawled through the hole she looked over herself. She went to stand up put her weight on her feet and fell back down on her aft. Then Optimus and Ironhide came up and saw Elita fall down and Optimus immediately rushed over to her ask if she was ok.

Elita's POV

'As I got out of the rubble I tried to stand and couldn't it hurt to put any weight on my right leg I think it was broken. I looked at it and thought yep it is. Then I saw the mech I really wanted to see Optimus. He asked me if I was ok I said yes but he knew I was lying. I told him that my leg might be broken. He was comforting me and such I couldn't help but melt at the sound of his voice it was filled with concern and worry. The next thing I knew I was up in the air and in his massive arms again mmm. Primus I could of stay like this for ages in his safe comforting arms I felt like nothing can hurt me and pain went away.'

Optimus POV

'As I lifted her up she told me her leg is broken so I called Ironhide and he got Ratchet to come down here and have a proper look at her leg. She sat in my arms with her arms around my neck she looked like an angel. I knew somewhere deep in my spark that she was the one for me. Ironhide came back from looking at the building that collapsed and said that it was a time bomb. Most likely set by Megatrons lackeys. I was mad at him I don't think I could for give him and what is worst I think Cybertron is heading into a war that I fear will be a long one.'

So from there on Elita was repaired and as Optimus predicted Cybertron was ravaged into a civil war with Optimus leading the heroic Autobots and Megatron leading the evil Decepticons. Then on one mission that Elita was on commanding her femmes went horribly wrong. All the femmes that were with Elita were thought dead and all hope for Cybertron was lost as at the beginning of the war the All Spark was shot Into space and lost among the stars. Until it was found in one little solar systems light years away Earth. Optimus was devastated because he lost his spark mate in the war or did he? So the war continued till this very day on Earth.




Thats the first chapter finally remade and just for the record prime and meggy or not related but more brothers in arms.