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Prime and Elitas first meeting chapter 3

"AUTOBOTS ATTACK" Optimus commanded.


After I heard Megatron say 'attack' I heard my leader say 'attack'. I was ready for what was to come. I got in a ready stance for my opponent who was no other then Barricade. We fight almost every time it seams, like we're brothers or something but I know were not. He came at me full speed and all I could do was stare as he came towards me. At the last moment I leaped to the side out of his way I rolled and got back up on my pedes and faced him.

We circled each other waiting for the other to strike. I saw him twitch his hips and he leapt at me, I engaged him. I caught his waist and pushed him back and on to the ground he was stunned for a moment so I took my chance I punched him in the face hard a few times. He grabbed my hand and then my other and pushed me off him and got his gun out then shot me in the stomach area and then in the shoulder. I was leaking energon quickly which was not good. He came closer to me and put his gun on my chest near my spark. I thought 'this is it my last hour.' Then I saw Acree and I smiled and then thought 'if I can keep him distracted long enough I might live though this… I hope.'


"Fare well bug we won't meet again. BWAHAHAHAHAHA." I said and I knew it was true, he was helpless. He smiled and looked back up me and I was a little confused as to why he was doing that.'

"Is that all you got." He said.

"HA as if bug. Now say farewell to your friends because you won't see them again. At least…not in this life time."

My gun was powering up by the second and it looked like the end was near for the yellow bug. Then I thought to my self Megatron will be pleased that I got rid of the Autobots best scout. Then I heard a shot and next thing I know I'm on the ground. I tried to get back up but I was shot again and then it was darkness.


'As I ran for some cover I saw Barricade go after Bumblebee so I decided that he might need my help. I ran after them and found some cover behind a rock I got my plasma rifle out and aimed at Barricades spark chamber, he had Bumblebee on the ground with his gun on his spark, so I took aim and fired. He was thrown of Bumblebee and hit the ground hard.'

I then ran at him shooting him again but this time with my normal gun he got up but I quickly stopped that I shot him again in the chest and he went down for good or at least I think.

"Hmm never stood a chance against the Autobots." I said.

I then walked over to Bumblebee and asked him if he was ok which he was except for the wound on him.

"I'm fine just a bit sore in places nothing that bad." He said.

"But your wound, your stomach, your leaking energon." I said.

"That's nothing but a scratch."

"No it's not. I will get you patched up my friend just stay still OK. And no arguing got that." I said sternly to him.

"Ok. I'll be quiet…your sound like Ratchet."

"I'll take that as a compliment but wait until you see Moonracer, I think she's worse."

"Oh joy two cranky medics. Just what we need."

"My point exactly, now hold still and let's get you patched up."

"How do you know how to patch a bot up?"

"Well when one is alone, one must learn these skills and I learned a couple of things from Moonracer."

"Oh right got ya."

After I patched him up I got a transmission from my commander.

"Hold on Bumblebee, I'm getting a message from Elita…..we need to move NOW."

"Wait! What?, Why?"

"I'll tell you long the way."

"OK. I hope nothing bad has happened to her or Optimus."

"Ya me too." I looked away. I wish little bee.

"Why haven't you got a transmission?" I asked.

"I think my comm link got busted with my fight with Barricade."

"Oh right. Ok then lets go."

"Right behind you."

They transformed and drove off to find their commanders and comrades hoping they weren't too late.


'After I saw megatron walk up to Optimus, I drew my weapons out, they don't call me the weapon specialist for nothin' or Optimus' body guard. After Optimus yelled attack I was ready, I saw the Decepticreeps split up to take on my comrades. I tried to keep a lock on Optimus but I lost him. Then I herd a missile coming behind me. I jumped out of the way just in time.'

"That was a little too close I think."

"HAHA prepare to die old man." Skywarp said.

"Old man. HA. I maybe older then you but I can still kick your aft back to Cybertron."

"Will see about that Autobot scum."

"Bring it Decepticon turkey."


'I shot at the one called Ironhide he dodged most of my hits but I managed to get a few in. I laughed every time I got a hit in. He just growled at me but while I'm in the air and warping, no one can stop me. Though I admit he is good for an old bot. I'm amazed that he can move that fast I got more shots in and he acted like it didn't even scratch him.'

"I'm impressed old man."

"You haven't seen anything yet youngen."

"Ah so you admit that you are old."

"No. I just have more experience."

I then saw that I was loosing altitude and quickly but I didn't know why until I felt a pain in my foot I looked down and around and saw that dark blue femme.


"Such bad language. Do I have to wash your mouth out with soap?"


'After I shot the Decepticon in the back err pede, so to speak. I might have stopped him from flying for now but he can still warp but at least it's more level now to fight. He glared at me, so I just smirked back at him, my sparkmate continued to fire at Skywarp, as I did. My mate got him in the face which made him growl and cry out in pain. I shot him in the leg and shoulder with my gun and did a flying kick to his chest. He fell on to his back and was knocked out cold. I looked at my mate and smiled I gave him a kiss and he kissed back we held each other in each others arms. Until we both got a transmission.'

"Man Chromia you still have it, come here my sweet spark."

"After all these years, that's all you have to say."

"What you know, how I am Mia."

"Ya. How could I not."

"Hang on a sec I'm getting a message."

"Me too Mia."

We nodded at each other and ran to where Optimus and Elita were fighting and judging by what Elita said to me they're not doing very well.


'Pathetic Megatron he actually went along with my plan for once and it's about time too. I hope this works cos if it doesn't then I'm in trouble again. I would kill him if I wasn't fighting these weaklings. Then again these two are the top officers in the Autobot army, if I take them out then Megatron will reward me. Yesss it works to my advantage.'

"Well if it isn't the pathetic Autobot SIC and TIC, Megatron will reward me for your demise."

"Right screamer as if that will happen. We didn't survive all these stellar cycles just to die by your hands."

"Well then today is your lucky day. Cos I'm going to kill you both."

"Your too weak screamer and too much of a coward to do that."

"Jazz that's enough lets just get rid of him."

"Right'o Prowel."

They started to fire at me and I missed their shots. It pays to be a jet some days. I got a couple of shots at them. I managed to hit one right in the stomach area and laughed. He went down and I saw the perfect opportunity. Autobots are so pathetic especially when they have boned. But before I fired, I was shot and started to descend the ground was coming up fast then (CRASH) I landed and hit a tree or two. When I got up there would be some revenge going around.'

'No one does that to the great Starscream second in command and air commander' "AND GETS AWAY WITH IT PREPARE TO DIE."


'I saw Jazz get hit in the stomach and land on his head. I ran to him and shot Starscream a dirty look, he laughed and got ready to fire again but I aimed and shot him in the head he came down hard and was hopefully knocked out.'

"That's what you get when you mess with a fellow Autobot." I said.

I heard a groan and immediately forgot about Starscream and ran to Jazz.

"Are you ok Jazz?" I asked him.


'As I came around I saw Prowel looking down at me. My hearing was a bit out but I think he was saying something like 'are you ok' I answered.'

"Ya, I'm fine Proweler my head and stomach hurt a bit though."

"Well it don't look that bad my friend but lets get Ratchet to check you out."

"I think that will have to wait Prowel."


(BANG) "That's why." (Starscream falls down).

"And cos I'm getting a message from OP. Though its a bit fuzzy."

"Oh thanks, well what does it say…wait never mind. I'm getting one too and it's on the emergency frequency and it sounds urgent."

"Lets not just sit here let's go and help him."

"But your injuries."

"Will be fine it's not fatal so let's go."

"And I thought I was the second in command."

So with that they went to find their commander and other Autobots to help them luckily they saw the others coming up in front of them.


Flare-ups POV

'Man why do I have to look for the new recruits when I should be fighting along side my friends and MY commander. I mean those two are just as bad as the other twins we had but at least they work hard and such. I hope their ok.'

Starlight's POV

"Hey sis let's get to that hill and see if we can find the others." Starlight said.

"OK. That sounds like a good idea." Moonlight said.

They got to the top of the hill and were shocked at what they saw.

"Oh by Primus. I hoped I never got to see this." Moonlight said.

"Me either little sis. We need a plan and get behind some cover, while we can before we get spotted by the Decepticons."

"Lead the way sis." Moonlight said in a much cheerier voice.

Sideways POV

'HA while those fools are fighting, I am keeping my aft intact. Now let me see….nothing on my scanner at the mom- wait I have spotted two femmes not far from here and not to close to the goody two-shoes Autobots as well. This must be my lucky day I will capture them and Megatron will reward me for my hard work.'

Sideways started walking towards two unsuspected femmes with a gleam in his optics. He saw them looking over the hill top and waited behind some trees that were near by.

'Hmm. Here they come now and they don't seem to sense me that's just excellent. And by the looks of it they look like twins. Megatron will reward me really well after this. Now how to get them. No time to think of something. I stepped out from where I was hiding.'

"Hello ladies having fun. Come with me and I will show you a good time."


'Me and my sister were walking down the hill to find some cover but still watching the fights, when a mech stepped in front of us. He was fairly tall properly no bigger then sideswipe. He had red optics and from my knowledge red isn't a good colour I looked at my big sister she was in front of me protecting me like any other big sister. I admit that I'm a little scared right now. I know me and my sis were teached in cyber martial arts so I could defend myself if I had to.'

"What do you want con?" my sister said.

"What I want? I want you, well actually both of you."

"And why would you want us?" I said.

"I can't be bothered to explain so I'll get to the point come with me or die."


"Moonlight calm down and let me handle this." Starlight said. And I just nodded at her.


"You will not take me OR my little sister you evil bastard." The silver and yellow one said.

"Well what are you gonna do about it little one and such language from one so young."

I just laughed at the femme's statement. I mean what can two little femmes do to a big con like me.


I opened my optics and they went wide she came at me and kicked me in the crouch. That little bitch.

"(trying to breathe) You will pay for that."

Then she punched me in the face and quite hard too. But I just rubbed it off at least it didn't hurt like the kick.

"Is that all you got." (getting up)

"I'm just getting warmed up." Starlight said.

'I growled and attacked her and it was going well. I had the silver and white one on her knees and the other was standing over her in a ready position until I felt a burning sensation on my back I looked around to find where it came from and saw another femme and not just any femme my arch-enemy, this is just my luck. But I had to come back with at least one. And that's my plan.'


'After a bit of walking I was starting to worry. Because I couldn't find the new femmes I mean we haven't had them long, we found them on a rock the yellow and white one was standing protecting the silver and white one. They looked like twins to me and quite young. I thought they were younger when they told us their age. Anyway enough on the past I need to find them. Then I heard someone shouting.'


'I hid behind some trees that were nicely placed and I watched. It was Sideway's. I know that con anywhere. I saw Starlight kick him in the crouch. Good femme. And punch the con right in face I never saw her do that before. I felt kinda proud. Next thing I knew was she was on the ground on her knees and Moonlight standing in front of her in a ready stance. That's when I decided to join in, I got my gun from my sub space and shot at him. I was aiming for his head but I missed and got his back. He turned around and saw me he was angry but I was ready.'

"Long time no see Sideway's."

"Just the femme I was looking for. Flare-up how is your Carrier by the way."


"Right. Leave now Flare-up I'm busy."

"NO. You will move away from those femmes NOW or else I will kill you."

"YOU. HA. I like to see that."

"Grrrr. Fine then say your last words con."

"OK. But first."



"I looked around and saw Flare-up. She was talking to the con though I couldn't hear what they were saying so I looked at my sister. She was over me in a ready position with a serious look on her face she looked at me and smiled. I heard a bang I covered my face to protect it. I didn't feel anything then I looked at my sister she was swaying on her feet I saw a metallic rope thing (bolas I think), she was struggling to get free then I heard another bang and saw another bolas wrap round her but this time on her legs to she lost her balance and fell. I just looked at her and my mind just went blank, I was stunned and didn't know what to do.'


'I was standing over my sister protecting her when I saw Flare-up then I looked at my big sister she smiled back. I turned my head back I heard a bang and felt something wrap around me. I looked down and saw a bolas, I tried to move but couldn't, my upper body was encircled by…rope? And not just any rope a super strong metallic rope which can stop anything even a cybertronian. Shit.'



"FINALLY I get to kill some Autobots."

I said as I went up against my opponents who were the Autobot medic and the femmes' medic man why do I get stuck with a bunch of weaklings. I mean medics really. Are they that desperate? Oh well I will just end this quickly…wait an idea is forming. If I destroy these medics then the Autobots will not be able to get repaired. Megatron will be so proud.

I fired at the 'bot' named Ratchet but he dodged. Damn. Then I fired at the green femme but she dodged as well. Son of a glitch. This is not going well. I need to do something but what.


'I'm a medic not a fighter I don't want to injure mechs and femmes but I had no choice seeing that Thundercracker choose me and Moonracer as his targets. Luckily he's not that smart. But as he started to fire at us we both dodged and I couldn't help but look at Moonracer. How she moved and looked and her face was so beautiful and mystic. But unfortunately due to my lack concentration, the D-con got a lucky shot at me. Thankfully just a scratch.


"YES. I got you medic, get ready to say hello to your maker." Thundercracker said.

"Just you wait con. This battles not over yet." Ratchet said.

"I think it is Autoboob." Thundercracker said.

And after that he kept shooting at them getting some shots in and missing others and it was the same for both medics.


'We aren't getting anywhere and we need to end this and soon for I fear that my leader may need help. I mean why wont she answer my comm. How can we get this con off us…I got it.

"Ratchet." I said.

"What is it Moonracer."

"I've got an idea as to how we can stop and bring down Thundercracker."

"Do tell."

"An EMP blast ought to do it."

"Good idea lets."

We then warmed up our EMP's and took aim at the seeker, we shot him with both and he came down like a sack of hammers. It was quite funny to watch really. Anyway onto more pressing matters like how to contact our respected leaders and Autobots. That's when I got the comm. message. I looked to Ratchet looks like he got one too. I hope the twins will be fine.'


After we took down the seeker we just stared at each other well I did. Then that's when her optics dimmed, she must be talking to one of her team mates. Then I got a message as well and looked to her and decided that we needed to move. I hope everyone else is ok.'


'Oh great why did I have to be stuck with the jet judo twins. Primus I hate them. Anyway that's what our leader ordered to destroy the Autobots and that's what I'll do. Heck maybe Megatron might reward me for taking those two out.'

"YO, CON YOU CAN'T CATCH US." The yellow one said.

"YA COME GET US IF YOU CAN." The red one said.

"I'll be happy to chase you Autobots (I sneered) and when I do I will rip out your sparks and show them to you."


Grrr. "NO ONE CALLS ME DUMB AFT AND GETS AWAY WITH IT." That's when I shot at them and I hit the red one square in the abdomen and he went down. I love it when I get my target.


'I LOVE beating cons and using our jet judo even when our opponent is not flying we still kick con aft and this won't be any different. After our talk on our link the con attacked and how ironic is this. The one time that you don't think it will happen it does. That bastard shot me, it hurt I admit. I grabbed my abdomen and held back a yelp hoping it would help. Then all I remember is going down on to my knees and closing my optics waiting for the pain to subside.


'Why did we have to be with Blackdote. Ok so he might be bigger than us, but we can take him jet judo style. I told my twin on our special link to aggravate him and it worked. But what I wasn't expecting was that he hit Sides. That did piss me off quite a lot.'


"Come then little mech, come and face the same fate as your brother. I'm going to enjoy this." He smirked.

'I saw him smirk none hits my bro but me. I was furious. So I yelled out a battle cry and shot at the con rapidly it worked, he couldn't block them all and one or two landed on his chest he went down, but not without a fight he through his blades at me but I dodged it and shot him again this time in the head and his optics went out.'

'I calmed down once I saw his optics go out and remembered my brother, I ran to him he was on the ground clutching side and his face full of pain. So I got an emergency medical kit from my sub-space (you never know when you might need one) and tried to patch him up. After that I sat next to him and waited for him to open his eyes and giving comfort through our bond. I wasn't about to leave him alone. And prayed to Primus that he will be ok.'


'After a long trip to earth we made it here and I was happy cos my favourite mech and bond mate was here and I was happy to see him again. After a quick reunion the Deceptions attacked us. I heard my leader and her bond mate shout out an attack and a look after our friends. So here I am battling Bonecrusher with Inferno. And what a mech he is and to think I'm bonded to him.'

"How you doing Inferno." asked him when we had a moment to breathe.

"I'm doing fine. You."

"Great, just great to fight by you again." I said to him lovingly

"Same here sweet spark." He said back with a gleam in his optics.

"Stop talking, and fight bots. All this talking is boring. FIGHT."

"Hey. Do you mind? I am catching up here con." Inferno said. I love it when he's so mechly.


'Bonded. Yuck. Why I don't know its wrong if you ask me why spend your life with one partner. Anyway it, felt good to fight after so long, bashing Autobots is more fun then bashing cities and humans. It's still fun just not as much. I don't believe this, I'm beating these two Bots. I know Prime got me by surprise some years ago and I want my revenge. But Megatron will get him AND his precious femme. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.'



He swung his mace at the two Autobots but they dodged by a millimetre. Inferno shot at his back while Firestar aimed for the Decepticons legs. This went on for about 5 minutes until finally the big brute went crashing down and went in statis. The bonded couple looked at each other and smiled Firestar kicked the con and walked up to inferno and planted a kiss on his cheek plate.

"You ok honey?" Inferno asked.

"Ya I will be, got nicked on my shoulder though nothing a good recharge won't cure. You?"

"Good for now. Now I just want to take you back to base and frag you senseless to make up for lost time.

"I know that sounds good now, but we have duty to attend too." Inferno made a confirming sound and off they went. When they got a call from someone.

"Help is on the way Sunstreaker."


"GET ME OUT OF THIS THING." Moonlight cried.

"I'm trying sis." Starlight said and trying to reassure her younger sister.

"HAHAHAHAH. I told you, didn't I, you stupid femmes. That I would get one of you."

"Alright stop right there Sideways. I'm warning you take another step towards them and you will die." Flare-up said in a deathly voice.

"What makes you think that I will give up this chance and prizes."

"Prizes? What Prizes?" Flare-up said.

(He chuckled darkly) "Wouldn't you like to know?"

"I just said this but GET ME OUT OF THIS THING."

"What part of 'TRYING' do you not get. Nearly done."

"Sorry, but this thing is chaffing."

"I know you've been complaining the whole time."



"NNNNOOOOOO." Flare-up said.



"Long time no see Megatron."

"Not long enough Prime."

"Today is the day that your reign of terror ends Megatron."

"Don't think so. It's says on my calendar that today is the day that YOU die Optimus Prime."

"One shall stand. One shall fall."

"Must you say that line every time we battle. Really."

"Well yes. Cos it's a famous line and such."

"You always did like the sound of our own voice Prime. But come on. Let's finish this."

"Yes. Let's."


'At last I have Optimus to myself. And what better way than to destroy him then by his own sparkmates hand. Oh I am just evil aren't I and I love it.'

"Mindwipe you know what to do."

"Yes Lord Megatron."


'I shot at the last Prime and I love it doing it. Starscream is only good for a short while. But when I shot Optimus I can do it for hours, even days. But like always he dodged my shots. Curse him.'

"You can't dance for ever Prime."

"I can try."


After Megatron dodged some rounds that Optimus fired. They both ran at each other and locked servos. And each tried to put the other on the ground. But both were of equal strength.

Mean while else where.


'After all these eons I have finally found my sparkmate again. And I am extremely happy. I was hoping no more fighting as me and my femmes just arrived and lost 2 Autobots at the same time. But I was happy to be in my handsome mechs strong and lovely arms again. That was fine until Megabutt his lost brother came and ruined our reunion. It seems we never get anytime alone even back home we had hardly anytime together. Anyway back to the now. My bond mate was fighting and boy does he look sexy. I was watching him when I heard something behind me. A quick check with my scanner and found it was Mindwipe.'

"What do you want Mindwipe?" I said in a firm tone.

"What do I want? You ask. Well what I want is this war to be over."

"Really" I asked sarcastically.

"Nah I like being evil and killing and controlling people. Like you Autobot scum."

"I won't let you."

"You don't have a choice my dear. I hear Megatron is better then Prime in everyway. If you know what I mean." He raised his eye brows.

"How can you tell for all I know you have fragged Megatron and only heard rumours about Optimus." I smirked.


'What a crafty femme no wonder Megatron wants her. And this is the prefect plan for once it might work for a change. HAHA. Get ready femme for your precious sparkmate will not leave the battle field alive today.' Maybe I should have said that out loud rather than in my head.'

"Your sparkmate will not leave here alive today." I said smuginly.

"I highly doubt that con."

"We will see my dear."


He hit her with his Mind control ability Elita went down on her knees, denta grinding.

"STOP IT." She cried

"HAHAHA. This is part of the plan."

"You are going to play a hand in Optimus Primes destruction. HAHAHA." He laughed.

"NEVER." She screamed at him.

"It won't be long now. Soon you will under my control."

Elita tried to block out the mind control but it was a losing battle. She finally collapsed and come under his control. She woke up a minute after and had a blank look in her optics.

"Perfect... Megatron it is done."

"Excellent. Bring her to me and we will finally be rid of the pest Optimus Prime."

WHERE THE TWINS ARE (Mech twins that is)

"Hold on bro help is here." A worried Sunstreaker told his wounded brother.

"It's hard to not fall a sleep. I'm soo tired."

"Please stay with me bro. I need you. I mean who will help me with pranks and get me out of trouble. And...And...just don't leave me, I love ya too much."

"Help is here." Ratchet said. Followed by Moonracer, Firestar and Inferno.

"Well I see that you patched him up. Not brilliantly but enough to stop him from bleeding out"

"Just tell me Ratch. Will he be alright."

"Yes he will. I just need to make a few adjustments...done he's is statis at the moment but he will recover just fine."

"Thanks Ratch and I promise not to prank you for a while."


"Nothing doc bot." Sunstreaker said innocently.

"That's what I thought." Ratchet said with a smile.

"Ok if we're done here we need to go."

"Me and Inferno will stay here to watch the twins and such."

"Ok Moonracer. Firestar lets go"

"Got ya Ratch. And long time no see old man."


"What ever old man."

Ratchet mumbled something rather darkly.


"Give up yet brother?"

"No. I will never give up. Not until my spark extinguishes."

"That can be arranged brother."

Optimus fired at Megatron but he pushed it away then Megatron fired but this time Optimus blocked the shot and they did this for a minute. Then they both jumped back to catch their breath.

"Megatron it's done."

"Excellent bring her to me at once."

"Yes Lord Megatron."

"It won't be long now Prime. Soon you will perish. But not by my hands. HAHAHAHA"

"Then by who's?"

"Oh just you wait."

With that Megatron fired at Optimus and hit his mark just below the spark chamber. And Optimus came down on to his knees and tried to stand again but his legs weren't complying.

He coughed up some energon. He looked up and Megatron just gave him a smile. That was when he saw his sparkmate Elita-1.


"SIS. Don't leave me. Not now." Moonlight said still tied up.

"(Cough), I won't let that happen."

"You bastard." Flare-up said to Sideways in a dark tone and while giving him a dark stare.


"Hold on sis." Moonlight said in a worried tone.

"YOU will pay for this Sideways." Flare-up had her gun on Sideways. And fired at him. He dodged.

"THAT'S IT. I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF." Moonlight got free and ran at Sideways and tackled him to the ground while punching him repeatedly in the face. Until the light in his optics went out and went limp.

Flare-up had to drag Moonlight of him as she was still hitting him. She held her and soothed her. But she pushed flare-up away and ran to her sister who was on the ground and possibly dieing. She held her sister and cried.

"P-p-please…please P-P-Primus don't let her leave me…I won't let you die. You protected me all those years ago. Now I will do the same."

Flare-up just stared at what was happening before her. Moonlight was glowing. And then Starlight started to glow. She had to shield her optics as it was really bright. As soon as it started it finished. Flare-up looked at the twins and gasped.

"How did you do that?" she asked with a confused look.

"Don't know. But we both have this power. And we can only use it so much because it kinda drains our sparks." Moonlight said while catching her breathe and collapsed.

"Moonlight." Flare-up shouted and ran to her. "Well done." She smiled then went into statis.

"Moonracer. We need assistance."

"We? Did you find the twins?"

"Yes. But we kind of got into a fight with Sideways."

"What happened?"

"Tell ya later. Both girls are in statis and need a ride to base. And Sideways just got back up. Got to go."

"Wait don't…" she cut of her medic and engaged Sideways.

'Sorry Moonracer but I have to do this only one of us can leave here and that will be me.'

She engaged Sideways and both fought fiercely. Both trying to get the upper hand. Sideways saw his chance when Flare-up looked towards the twins in statis lock. He punched her in the face she stumbled back and landed on her aft gun sliding away from her. Sideways ran towards her, she tried to reach her gun but couldn't. Sideways was nearly on top of her. So she got her dagger out and stabbed him when he was on top of her. He cried out in pain and collapsed on her.

"About time someone stopped you. You can finally rest now carrier." She pushed her opponent of her and checked the twins.

"You will both be home soon."


'As I looked up to see my brothers face, I saw my sparkmate she had a weird look in her optics kind of like she was when Ironhide was under Mindwipes control. That's it, that was Megatron plan.'

"Elita don't do this. Fight it." I desperately said hoping to reach her.

"She can't hear you Prime." Mindwipe said.

"I defeated you last time and I will again."

"You are barely standing. What makes you think you can defeat us." Megatron said.

"Because I have right on my side and good will prevail."

"Whatever Elita finish the job." Megatron rolled his optics.

"Elita don't listen to them." I pleaded.


'I want to stop but I can't. I'm so sorry Optimus. Please forgive me.' I can only watch as I came closer to my love, energon dagger in hand, I tried to stop but I couldn't. I had tears rolling down my face.

"I'm sorry my love." I said quietly to him. He closed his optics waiting.

"Frag you Megatron." Optimus and Elita cursed.

"Come now Elita-1 don't be like that. After this is done you will bond to me and like it."

"No I will never join you."

"Mindwipe hurry up." Megatron said in an annoyed tone.

"I'm trying lord Megatron. But she's resisting."

I heard a cry and looked down I had stabbed my one true love. In the spark none the less.

"NNOOOO." I cried. Then I felt the mind control lift and I had a pain in my spark. "What have I done?" I said quietly.

"BUT YESSS. The day has come that the final Prriiiimme…is dead." Megatron smiled and said with glee.

"YOU BASTARD." I said and throw the dagger at Mindwipe and hit him straight in the head and turned back to my injured sparkmate.

"Hold on my love. PLEASE. I love you. Don't leave me. I beg you. We only just got back together after all these years…Don't you dare die on me now." I pleaded to him and to Primus.

"Don't…worry love...I love…you too. (Gasp) If…we are to…part like this... It grieves me…to leave you. (Wince). Don't feel sorry for me. For…I have lived. I know…that you will never forget me…Dearest…I will love you for Eternity…it has been an (Cough) Honour serving…and pleasure being with you. My love."

With that he went. In my arms.

"Optimus?" I called. "OPTIMUS DON'T LEAVE ME. TAKE ME WITH YOU." I shouted and didn't care who heard me. I bent down and kissed his forehead, hugged him and cried.

All the Autobots heard Elita scream and ran to where she was. Well the ones able to. They saw that their leader, there Prime was not moving. They took their guns and aimed at the two cons. Then out of no where another con came out and attacked. The Autobots and the new con looked at each other. Then the con ran off shooting at Megatron and hit him in the back and head. He turned around and gave the most evil glare to the con.

"How DARE you betray me Sinewave. Of all the cons to do so. I never thought that Soundwaves pathetic little sister would do such a thing."

Sinewave looked a lot like her older brother. But had different colours. She was slim but well built. She had blue optics but a Decepticon symbol on her chest. Also she had various scratches and marks all over.

"I've had enough of killing innocents and ruining peoples lives. And of YOU mighty leader." She spat.

"What ever Sinewave. You where just a toy to me and ALL the Decepticons. I only kept you because of your brother. You have out lived your usefulness." He pointed his gun at her which hummed and then fired.

"Should we help her?" Bumblebee asked.

"I don't think so I mean look at her she's good. And she's winning."

"Yes. But what about Optimus and Elita?" Jazz said.

"Scrap. Your right Jazz." Ratchet said and ran off to help his dying leader. Closely followed by the others to provide protection.

She dodged and attacked him. She finished what Optimus started. She was quick and nimble and had very strong punches and kicks. Megaton was on the ground breathing hard though his intakes.


Normal Pov

Without question the cons all ran and carried their injured or offlined comrades, and flew away.

"OUT OF MY WAY. NOW" Ratchet shouted.

"Ratchet thank Primus you're here. C-Can you save him?" Elita-1 said shakily to him.

"I might be if I can get some room to work." He said without looking up and got a few mumbled 'sorrys' in return.

"SCRAP." Ratchet cursed.

"What is it?" Elita said.

"He's loosing too much energon. What happened?" he demanded.

"I-I…stabbed him…but not intentionally…Mindewipe made me do it."

"I see…well be thankful that you didn't cut the main energon line, but a few smaller ones."

With that said sighs of relief ran over a few people.

"BUT. He is loosing too much live fluid. And if I don't get some now he will die."

After much debate and arguing someone spoke up.

"It's my mess. I'll do it." Elita said solemnly.

"Very well. Hold out your arm." She did as told and he put a line in her and connected it to Optimus' arm.

"Most of the energon lines are repaired but he will need monitoring when we get back to base. Now all we need is a plane big enough for both me and Elita and Optimus and a few others, Lennox…"

"Yes Ratchet what do you need?"

"We need a BIG plane to our location. Would you be able to send Jetfire? And possibly another plane for the injured? Can you get a fix on our location?"

"Why do you need a big plane your not that far from HQ."

"I'll explain later we need them NOW." He shouted the last word. This made Lennox and a few other soldiers flinch at his tone.

"OK. We will send him right away. As well as another plane for the rest."

"Got that. Ratchet out."

"What now Doc bot?"

"Now we wait and tend to the others. Elita will you be Ok?" He asked with concern in his voice.

"Yes. And I must find out if my femmes are alright."

"No. You will not, you must stay here and look after your bond mate."

"But what about Optimus? He needs your medical expertise."

"Elita." He said solemnly. "There is nothing I can do at the moment. Not here. Besides he is in stasis lock."

"Ok. I got you, I let you know if anything happens and comm. you immediately."

"Good girl. Now Ironhide, I want you and your bond mate to look after our leaders. Do I make my self clear."

"Yes." They both said. With a mock salute.

"So what do we do with Soundwaves sister? Sinewave." With her name mentioned she looked towards the bot who said it.

"I want to be an Autobot." She stated.


"Cos I have always hated seeing people being hurt and bond mates being separated. I only joined the Decepticons cause because of my brother, as you may know him as Soundwave."

"Fair enough, but it's not up it me to decide if you stay. That's up to the boss bot. Who is currently fighting for his life."

Me; few thats done. can any one make out the improvments i made in the first chap?

Sinewave: i know im new to this but...ya i noticed the improvments.

Elita; wow its done at last.

Optimus: about time i say.

Everyone: WOORAY.

Elita; but i have one question. why do i look weak?

Me: well ur not weak infact i like u. as for the weak thing my bad. i just had to make it sound gd ya know.

Elita: (rolls eyes)

Me; im really sorry about the long wait everyone ive been really busy like for starters my land rover, College work and other stuff. plus ive been feeling kinda down, and it only took the interent to give to get me motivated again. its hard to find motivation ya know. anyway i hope you enjoyed it. wish i knew what i put down. sorry about that.

Megatron: well i say. u had plenty of time to do short stories. why only recently do this hmmm.

Me: look at what i put dumb aft. anyway they were based on the deceps. wt more do u want?

Megatron; to rule the universe and NO ONE CALLS ME A DUMB AFT AND GETS AWAY WITH IT. again with the name calling

Me: (dodges plasma gun).and i put you in ur place too didnt i. til next time folks.

Sinewave: what about me.

Soundwave: what about you sister.

Sinewave: never mind it can wait i guess.

Me: guys its time to say good bye.

Everyone: good bye.

Till all are one.

Me: one more thing sorry if the next chap doesnt come for a while, busy with lots of things.

Optimus: not again.

Elita: damn it jade

Me: oh well i guess cant help it.

Starscream: let me put my foot in your aft and it might get her somewhere.

Me: no one will put any foots in any ones asses ok.

next time we find out more about Sinewave and what happens to our autobot leader plus some other stuff.