A New Direction

"Ugh," Rachel said, opening her eyes and saw it was only six. She had just woken up and she was so frustrated. They had come in twelfth place. TWELTH! She should never have let Finn kiss her. She had fled their "work" date not only to focus on her career, but also she was just finishing getting over him. She was tired of being hung up on him. She got up and threw on skinny jeans, a sweatshirt, and her Uggs. Then she went to a coffee shop that was near the hotel. She got a coffee and left, just to wander around the city she knew would be her home someday.

She went back and found the glee club was getting up and ready to go to the airport. She felt dirty looks all the while but just listened to her iPod, not even really caring much. She already knew that she would be depressed for a while after this loss. As she was getting out of her taxi, she heard her name, turned around, just in time to see Jesse St. James and his trademark smirk, which she wanted to smack off his face.

He walked up and handed her a letter. She looked up at him confused.

"That is from Shelby. She sent it to me to give to you. There is also a note from me so…" he smiled, "I will see you around, Rachel Berry." He turned around after looking at me for a moment, a huge smile on his face at my surprised face. He always loves dramatic exits, even more she does. She rolled her eyes good naturedly and turned back to her glee club, ignored the mixed emotions that were in her because of Jesse's letting her go. She'd miss him.

She went in the airport and the plane, managing to avoid sitting by Finn by sitting by Kurt. The plane ride was about silent. Not wanting to be the only ones talking, Kurt and me texted.

Kurt: so what did St. Jerk want?

Rachel: he gave me a letter from Shelby and a note from him!

Kurt: and u r talking to me y? y r'nt u reedin the note?

Rachel: I honestly just wanna sleep. Didn't sleep well and anyway… the note will still b there when I get home…

Kurt: Watever u say… anyway b4 u sleep I wanna talk bout everything the other choirs did. I actually liked that one choirs version of Yeah!...

He finally let her sleep after they went through almost all of the choirs. The next thing she knew she was being shaken awake by Kurt. She got up sleepily. After bidding Kurt goodbye, she walked to her cherry red Mini Cooper. She saw Finn starting to come over and pulled out and drove away as fast as she could.

She pulled into her garage, sad to see that her dads were on yet another business trip. They always seemed to be gone. She grabbed an apple from the fridge and ran up to her room, the only room in the house that seemed lived in to her. She opened the letter and sat on her bed. She decided to start with Jesse's letter…

Dear Rachel,

Oh, what to say to you as a tata-for-now. Okay, I just have one piece of advice: Don't be with Finn. He drags you down. He can't even hope to accomplish what I know you are going to do. He doesn't have your passion.

Now enough about him and on to you and I. I love you Rachel Berry. I love the way your eyes shine when you sing. I love how you start to glow when you dance. You are the only person that I know that I can say is as good as I am.

I hope to see you in New York soon. That's right. I am staying and studying at NYU, and am planning on attending my classes this time.

Text me,


She put the note down, smiling. Who knew? Jesse compared her to himself. Dang. She moved on, opening Shelby's letter, not sure what to expect.


Hey baby. I want to apologize and offer you a proposition. I am sorry that I was not the mother you wanted but I hope, soon, that can change. Recently I have gotten back in touch with an old buddy of mine from New York when I was trying to get on Broadway. He is helping out with a competition. In this competition, a performer goes on and performs basically…and they each have a coach. Its comedy acts, music acts… just about anything considered performance. I want to coach you. This would get you amazing attention for your career. I have settled in with Beth and I hate to admit it but… I am bored. I need music in my life again. I want to fix things with you too, You have my number. Let's meet, have coffee.

I was not a mom to you. I want to be, the only way that you and I really know how to connect is through music.

Love you,


PS. Heard about your Nationals performance…we should talk about that to

Rachel blinked, not realizing till now that she was tearing up. Her mom wanted her. And she wanted to do music… Making a split second decision she pulled out her phone and found Shelby's number. She answered on the fourth ring


"Mom," Rachel paused, the term had slipped out, " I read your letter,"

"Oh. And?"

"I might be interested…" Rachel said, smiling.