(A/N)-Hey guys, this is DwyerCas. I had to write a poem with mystery in it for English, so I wrote took a break from my other story "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" and wrote this poem. I don't own Supernatural.

Mystery Spot

Watching your brother die again and again

This horrible time loop never seems to end

He's your brother, protector, and your very best friend

You pray that he'll wake you up and the hellish nightmare will end

You're caught in a time loop of more than 100 Tuesdays

All the times your brother's have turned into haze

You realize the Trickster has stuck once again

You want to take back all the nasty things said

Waking up to Asia is how you start every day

Hearing "Heat of the Moment" leaves you dismayed

Your brother teases you and gives you a smile

He makes you feel better, at least for a while

But then you remember, with a feeling of dread

You know exactly how this Tuesday will end

He might choke on a sausage or get hit by a car

And the falling piano might leave a few scars

Electrocution by razor was deadly as well

He slipped in the shower, deepening your hell

The dog that attacked him left him for dead

Then there was the axe that took off his head

Being poisoned by taco was a little bit strange

And then he was shot at point-blank range

You thought it was Wednesday and over, but then,

You watch your brother get shot once again

The game is over but the nightmare goes on

You can't wake up and your brother is gone

And so it begins, you're hunting alone

It hurts just to breathe, because you're on your own

On the outside you're pale, on the inside you're dead

Quite frankly, the grief, has gone to your head

You wish he could hold you, like when you were young

And protect you from the nightmares, from night until dawn

But now you're alone, you're all by yourself

Not even your old friend Bobby can help

You betray your friends and spill innocent blood

And at night the tears come in a desperate flood

Then, once the pain is starting to heal,

The Trickster returns and returns with a deal

He'll bring back your brother, back from the dead

And the Tuesdays will just be in your head

You beg and you plead, and with a great sigh,

The Trickster brings back your brother, okay and alive

Your brother sold his soul to keep you alive

He only has one year to stay by your side

In a few months time, he'll be gone for good

You need to let him go, you really, really should

You wake up on Wednesday, happy again

That horrible time loop finally came to an end

You hug your brother, and you both can tell

You'll both find a way to save him from hell