AN: I did this just for run, I had a idea of a Female Naruto with different body type I just don't know how I would a story. SO I just made a New What I think would be New Female Naruto for a story i'm trying to do, so i just said fuck and did this.

I don't own Naruto or Bleach because Bleach the Manga is good and Naruto the Manga is going down Hill again.

100 years later

It has been 100 Years since Naruto transformation and the world was at peace, but not because of Naruto, but because of a Futa name Ran-Ran that appear one day out of nowhere and seal the 7 tail beast that where trap inside the stone statue. Everyone talks about that day and how everyone cheer on this women, but nobody knew her true story if people would have know that Ran-Ran was once the body known as Naruto it would have cause shit storm. For those wondering why nobody knew well... Ran-Ran was 7,3 women and had skin that was jet black all over her body, she also had white lines going down her face above and below both eyes that went down her face along her neck all the way down to her Jumbo size dick that she keep seal away inside her pants. If anyone would have seen her dick it would half been tip white with two line going across it going up to her stomach were the other two line met from the face. She also has or had lines that went form her finger always to the side of her breast.

Her nipples where white and each boob had one while line that almost touch the lines coming to her boob. The seal on her stomach was same but it was white; she also had two white lines going down her back and stopping right on her ass cheeks with Uzumaki swirl on it. She also had to white lines on each backleg. But most of these where hidden under clothes and nobody would see these. Ran-Ran would go on to make a species of Human known as Vizard. This species would go on to use Jutsu, Kido, and many more techniques that would be lost over time, but like all good things must come to a end, so what do you think would happen when the Uzumaki Clan Vs Vizard clan battle...well that easy to understand all you got to do is look out the window and you have your answer.

Just then a group of kids open there door to see...



If I do a 100 Naruto and bleach story I would go 100% gore on it since I don't really see that many on the site. I just want to test to see if I could do a Black skin type warrior. I also mean black like Hair black. I have no idea what i'm saying anymore...