Full summary: Shortly after Hotaru left Mikan to attend Gakuen Alice, Mikan's grandfather passes away. Thus, Mikan was forced to live with her one remaining relative, her 'aunt' in Tokyo. However, Mikan's aunt abuses Mikan daily as she blames Mikan for her father's (Mikan's grandfather's) death, until one day Mikan finally had enough so she ran away and ended up collapsing in front of Gakuen Alice's gates… What will happen next?

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Rated T for the abuse in Chapter 1.

Running away

I wake up from my nightmare, shivering and drenched in tears. Then I remember that my nightmare was indeed my reality. Something that I can't escape from, whether I'm conscious or not. I turn my head to the photo lying next to me – it's of me smiling brightly in pigtails, with Hotaru and oji-chan by my side. I can't believe that this was taken only a year ago. I would never have imagined for things to change so drastically. Hotaru transferred schools a year ago but she never replied to any of my letters after she moved away. Then oji-chan passed away so my aunt took me in to as I was too young to live alone. I had to say goodbye to all my old friends and move to Tokyo where my aunt lived and thus was the start of my nightmarish life.

I look at the time – shoot I woke up too late! I quickly rush out of bed and to the kitchen to see that my aunt was already there, perched on a chair.

"G-good morning obaa-san," I hesitantly greet her, my eyes glued to the floor for fear of making eye contact.




I clasp my burning red cheek, wincing in pain.

"You ungrateful brat – why can't you do anything right? Is it so hard to wake up on time to make me breakfast? I should have never taken you in, you useless thing – if it weren't for me, you would be dying on the streets."

"I'm sorry," I apologise and quickly go to prepare breakfast. After setting down her plate, I tread to my room and close the door. I sigh, sliding down the door frame and hugging my knees. My blue and purple arms peek out of my pyjamas. My body is covered in bruises and scars. I wince when I poke my arm – it hurts but I'm used to it now. I want to cry, but no tears leave my eyes – I feel void of emotion. My eyes are hopeless and dull. I miss oji-chan... I miss Hotaru… Hotaru, do you even remember me? I wear a strained smile – as if she would miss such a useless person as me. I'm sure she's made a ton of new friends and is doing well at her new school. Unlike me…

I stand up and change into my uniform. It's nearing the summer months, yet I continue to wear the winter uniform. Obaa-san says that my classmates will bully me if I come in with my bruises showing. She tells me it's shameful to show my bruises to anyone, as it's evidence that I'm a bad child and everyone will hate me even more. So even though it's hot outside, I wear the long sleeves and pull up my socks as high as they go to cover my body up. I don't want to be hated by people even more.

I hear the front door click, signalling that my aunt has left the house. I do downstairs and eat her leftovers, before doing the dishes and grabbing my school bag to head out. Obaa-san says that food is expensive and since I'm a bad child, I don't deserve to eat with her until I've learnt my manners, so I always eat her leftovers as that's not wasting the food. My stomach growls – I'm still hungry but I push through the door and leave for school.

School is monotonous. Unlike before, I have no friends here. Since I'm never free to hang out and I wear the winter uniform all year round, no one wants to befriend me. When I first transferred here, I went out once with my classmates after school but when I returned home, obaa-san was furious at me for going out, so she threw a chair at me and locked me in my room for three days. I was losing consciousness by the time she finally unlocked the door as I was starved for three days and my body was aching from the impact of the chair.

When school was over, I went back home to do my homework and prepare dinner. When obaa-san came back home, I bumped into her when she walked in, causing me to drop the plate I was holding.


Silence filled the room before she yelled, grabbing my hair and pulling me across the wooden ground.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please let me go! Please forgive me," I cry, struggling against her grip on my hair.

She smashes my head repeatedly against the brick wall until I see blood dripping entering my vision.

"How DARE you, you filthy thing! You've done it this time. I knew something was up from this morning – you were planning this, weren't you? You sneaky little bastard – I guess you need to be taught a lesson, don't you, Mikan?"

"Please, no, I'm sorry obaa-san! It was an accident, I swear!" I beg.

She grabs the metal chair next to her and starts slamming it against my body. I could feel my old wounds reopening, and new gashes forming as the metal cuts through my uniform. The pain I feel is excruciating – I'm pretty certain that she's broken my arms. At this rate, I might actually die. With any remaining energy I have, I push her aside and make a dash for the front door, running onto the streets barefoot.

I can hear her screams from behind but I don't look back. I keep running and running, as far as I could from the house. I have no idea where I'm going but I don't want to go back. My feet are bleeding but the adrenaline keeps me going until I reach these tall grandiose black gates with a large gold star at the centre.

From the corner of my eyes, I see a masked kid standing on the walls of the gate, staring at me. The last thing I remember is looking into his crimson red eyes before my vision blurs and I pass out.

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