I've been toying with the idea of doing a SEED/Star Wars crossover for a while since reading Growth of a SEED a while back and having read what there is so far of The Jedi Gundam and speaking to it's author, Skywalker T-65, you have this. For this chapter I basically modified the opening chapter of the Jedi Gundam (I have permission). However everything after this chapter will be my own work.

As a side note this is set in the Same universe as Defender just after both bloody Valentine conflicts hence SPOILER WARNING!

Disclaimer: I own neither SEED or SW. Razgriz, Blaze, Thunderhead and the names and callsigns of all the other pilots are property of Nameco and Project Aces.

C.E. 76

Captain Justin 'Blaze' Bryant was a man on a mission. Not an important mission, but a mission none the less. He and his team were one of the best in the Silent, Terminals Special forces Division. Currently he and the rest of Razgriz Squadron were relegated to patrolling for pirates at L5.

He could understand why, a lot of pirate groups had popped up following the Second Bloody Valentine War. He didn't mind so much, there was little else for them to do. However that didn't prevent him from being bored out of his mind.

So it was that he was actually happy when the sensors on their Shadow class Frigate the Phantasm picked up an old freighter of pre-Bloody Valentine vintage. And dropped it's cloak.

"Watch the bridge, I'm launching too." Blaze told his Captain, who nodded in response.

Once Blaze launched in his Silent I.C.E. equipped Eclipse in Mobile armor mode, he was joined by the rest of his team also in their Eclipse type units. With their distinctive paintjob of black with red trim. Captain Kei 'Edge' Nagase, his wingman was the first her Eclipse sporting the lightweight Flash I.C.E.

Captain Alvin 'Chopper' Davenport and his wingman Captain Marcus 'Swordsman' Snow were next out. Using the Blast and Slash I.C.E. Packs respectively.

The last out were Lieutenant Hans 'Archer' Grimm with his Ranger equipped unit and Lieutenant Christian 'Thunderhead' Rockman the teams 'eyes' as it were with the Sky Eye I.C.E.

The transport across from this formidable group had stopped and sent a code identifying itself as the Mary Rose.

"Transport Mary Rose this is Captain Justin Bryant of Terminal, stand by for boarding." Blaze ordered as the squadron transformed to mobile suit mode. Technically the Silent didn't exist hence Identifying himself as Terminal.

The transport did stop, but something was off. That was proved correct soon enough.

"Hey Blaze I'm getting weird readings from the hull. Possibly some sort of shielding against scanning." Said Thunderhead, His and Archers unit's holding position further back.

"You know you could just look at it and see that it looks odd." Commented Chopper. Making his usual jibe at Thunderhead.

"Yeah I noticed that t…" Blaze started. But before he could finish the hull of the Rose broke apart, revealing a dozen Windams and to Blazes Surprise a green N Dagger N! That marked this as a well off pirate group… most only had Daggers or GINNs. Windams and nuclear powered stealth unit or not. They were hopelessly outclassed.

Blaze didn't even have to say a word as Razgriz Squadron moved into action with deadly intent. Archer claimed the first kill the violet flash of his 'Linda' Sniper cutting the Lead Windam in half. Another two were melted instantly by a single shot form Chopper's 'Unicorn' hyper beam magnum.

"You know we do want some survivors, Chopper." Blaze said Dryly.

Chopper reply was some sort of unintelligible mumbling but he switched to his 'Fire Fall' beam sabers anyway.

Swordsman claimed the next two using the extra limb speed the Slash I.C.E. provided to drive his left 'Elite' punch blade into the cockpit if the first and then Carve the limbs and head off the second with one of his 'Broadswords'.

Blaze found himself facing the N Dagger N. As Edge disabled Windam another with several flashes of blue from her 'Sunray' plasma rifle as she danced around return fire with her improved thrusters.

Blaze threw his unit to the side as the N Dagger N Launched its triple clawed 'Hakenfaust' Pincer lock at him. The Eclipse was many things but resistant to kinetic weapons wasn't one of them.

Acting quickly he drew a beam saber and a 'Spark' beam dagger and charged cutting the retracting 'Hakenfaust' in half as he did so.

The green Dagger suddenly finding the tables turned opened up with the high-energy blaster in its offensive shield system. Blaze deftly avoided the heavy beams or dispersed them with his 'Veil' colloid particle field generators.

Blaze smirked as the pirate machine drew a long anti-armor sword just before they collided. Perfect.

Blaze blocked the panicked swing with ease holding the blade in place. Now the Dagger came into play as he slammed it into the Daggers offensive shield. The anti-beam coating of the shield resisted for barely a second before the ultra high intensity blade burnt it away and sank into the metal.

Noticing something wrong the Dagger N tried to back away leaving itself open.

Blaze didn't need any invitation and immediately removed the unit's shield arm with a quick flick of his beam saber. The damaged unit backed off the pilot obviously terrified. Blaze casually returned the saber and dagger to their housings and drew his rifle.

The dagger shifted ready to dodge. Blaze pulled the trigger.

And nothing happened, then the Daggers leg exploded. The pirates surprise was almost audible as Blaze blew off each of the remaining limbs without a single visible shot leaving the rifle.

Blaze looked at the wrecked unit and let out a satisfied grunt as he stowed the 'Black Light' Laser rifle.

The rest of Razgriz squadron had continued with the cleanup of the pirates without him. Only 2 were left now the other 4 having being reduced to a floating cockpit, 2 wrecks and a variety of anomalous parts obviously one had pissed of Swordsman. The last two fell as he watched one tried to run only to have Thunderhead fire a 'Sky Claw' Intelligent missile up his ass tuning him into a makeshift firework.

The last one was engaging Chopper in a saber duel normally a good idea against an artillery type. Unfortunately for the Windam pilot normal was not a word anyone would use to describe the Eclipse or any of its current pilots.

Chopper kicked the Windam away sending it tumbling before it could recover Chopper simply unfolded the 'Terminator' railguns on his units hips and slagged it. Game over.

"Damage reports?" Blaze asked.

"I'm fine, didn't even hit me" Edge reported. "Same here." Said Grim. "One of them got a good hit on me. Amour held though." Reported Swordsman.

'That explains the parts floating around' Thought Blaze.

"No damage here." Reported Thunderhead.

"Ditto" Chopper of course had to be different.

"Okay then, Swordsman It should be fine but get you're machine checked out anyway, Everyone apart from Thunderhead back to the Phantasm, and someone grab those Windams and the Dagger." Blaze ordered. His Squadron complied, though Thunderhead grumbled about having to stay out. After a while the Phantasm continued on its patrol.

Cardooine System, 1BBY~

The Rebel Star Destroyer, Redemption was fleeing an attack. After picking up a group of Jedi refugees it was ambushed by a Victory class Star Destroyer, Mauler. This wouldn't have been a threat if not for the fact that the Redemption was an old Venator that hadn't had any upgrades since the Clone Wars. The Mauler was an up to date Victory II class ship, so it was much better off. So the Rebels had no choice but to flee. On the bridge it was a scene of chaos.

"Shields are down to 75%!" the tactical officer yelled.

"Engines are at 110%! If we push them any harder they'll blow!" the engineering officer yelled.

"Are we losing them at all?" Kyle Darkrider the Captain asked.

"We are for now, but our shields can't take this forever!" the tac officer yelled back over the din.

"What about our fighters?" Kyle asked.

The other officer shook his head. "No good, the first shot hit our hanger and wrecked the fighters."

When he said that, a particularly violent tremor shook the Redemption.

"Shields down to 50%!" another officer yelled.

"Is our fire doing anything to them?" Kyle asked.

"Their shields are going down too, but we just don't have enough weapons to properly fight back!" the tac officer replied.

"Why haven't we gone to hyperspace yet?" a Jedi asked as he entered the bridge.

"No General Skywalker, we can't without a proper plot." Kyle said..

"Well my droid has one." Anakin Skywalker said.

"Why didn't you tell us sooner?" Kyle yelled as R2-D2 rolled up to plot a jump. As the droid was though, a tremor shook the ship.

"The Hyperdrive just took a hit!" an officer yelled.

"Can we jump?" Kyle asked.

"Yes but only once till we make repairs." The engineer yelled.

"Then jump already!" Kyle ordered.

"Wait! R2 isn't done yet!" Anakin yelled, but it was too late, the Redemption made a blind jump.


Blaze was on the bridge of the Phantasm.

"Thunderhead picture call." he ordered.

"Nothing I can see, picture cl… wait something big just appeared near the edge of sensor range. Bearing 4 Orange 6 Bravo" Answered Thunderhead.

"You mean like it dropped out of Mirage Colloid?" Blaze asked.

"No it was instant MC give a peel back affect on deactivation. Besides it too big Nearly as long as the Gondwana."

"Ok now I'm curious. Can you tell me anything else Thunderhead?"

"The EM readings are off the chart and there seems to be some strange radiation that I can't pin down. That about all I can give you."

"Ok you can land now." Blaze then turned to the Captain.

"What do you think this is?" He asked

"No idea sir, do you want to check it out?" the Captain replied.

"It's new, it's unknown and probably dangerous." Blaze said smiling broadly.

The Captain sighed. "I'll take that as a yes then."

And with that the squadron of the Silent started on a meeting with destiny.


"Where are we?" Kyle asked as the power was slowly restored.

"Judging from the stars, somewhere in Wild Space." Anakin answered after checking the Nav console, "And it looks like we stumbled on a new space race. There are satellites and ships all over the place, along with some sort of interference."

"Did we lose the Imperials though?" Kyle asked.

"For now…" Anakin sighed, "but who knows for how long."

"How are our shields and weapons?" the Captain asked.

"Not good, we only have 35% shields and a handful of Turbolasers." Anakin answered.

"Any signs of another ship close by?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah, I'll get a visual now." Anakin answered.

On the viewscreen a black vessel appeared, unlike any known design.

"It doesn't carry any weapons we recognize but it appears to be the size of a Large frigate." Anakin said.

"Can we contact it?" Kyle asked.

"Not yet, our communication is still down." Anakin answered.


"That is a big ship." Commented Chopper

That was an understatement. This dagger ship was nearly as long as the Gondwana and Dwarfed the Phantasm.

"Look how damaged it is though." Edge said.

The other ship had several massive rents in its hull, and there were fires everywhere.

"Have we been able to contact it?" Asked Archer.

"We're trying but there's no response." The Captain said.

Blaze nodded. "With all the Damage their coms are probably out."

Before they could try again, another dagger ship dropped into view, the slate grey vessel immediate firing what looked like beam weapons on the other vessel, which shot back.

"Where the hell did that ship come from?" Yelled Chopper having nearly fallen over.

"Can't tell!" Thunderhead replied from sensors.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm heading out to stop this." Said swordsman sliding off toward the hangar.

The rest of Razgriz squadron looked between each other for a moment before following straight after.

Blaze tapped the captains shoulder on the way out.


"They tracked us!" Kyle yelled angrily.

"We're firing back, but a good portion of our weapons are still down!" Anakin said.

"What about the other ship?" Kyle asked.

"They're not doing anything, fat lot of help they are." Anakin said bitterly.

Just then the vessels communications came back up.

"This is Captain Justin Byant of Terminal. Both vessels cease firing at once!" the voice said.

"What in the galaxy is Terminal?" Kyle said.

"Don't know, don't care. Maybe now they'll help us." Anakin said.


"Ha! That pitiful ship thinks they can tell us what to do! What fools." The Imperial captain said.

"We need to teach them a lesson." The Vice-Captain said.

"Very true. Terminal vessel this is the Star Destroyer Mauler of the Galactic Empire! Stand down, and prepare to bow down to your new Emperor." The Captain said.

"He wants 'us' to stand down?" Chopper said one eyebrow raised. "Doesn't he know that the first person against a new enemy usually ends up dead?"

"That applies to us here as well." Countered Edge.

"And what's the 'Galactic Empire?" Are these guys mad or something?" Said Swordsman.

"Who isn't?" Muttered Archer

"Enough of the chatter!" Ordered Blaze, and then tuning back to the Mauler he said, "Mauler this is Captain Justin Bryant. You can stand down now or you're going to have to lean to breath vacuum pretty quick!"

"That brat thinks he can order me around?" the Maulers Captain said angrily, "Launch the TIEs! That should be more than enough for that pitiful excuse for a ship!"

"That ships launching something! Looks like some kind of Mobile Armors!" Thunderhead reported, His unit's sensors workeing even through the hull of the ship. "Really weird deign though." Really the looked like some kind of winged ball.

"Everyone out now!" Blaze ordered.

And launch they did, preparing to fight the Armors.

"Did that ship just launch giant droids?" Sunri asked, not believing his eyes.

"Looks like it." Anakin said dryly.

The 'droids' looked vaguely like images of ancient Jedi armored up for combat, though they had a very slanted head and a V shaped visor instead of eyes. Each also had a different set of equipment.

"Are you sure all our fighters are gone?" Anakin asked.

"Your Eta made it, but we can't afford for you to launch." Kyle answered.

"They need help! Those droid's are not much faster than a Y-Wing!" Anakin yelled.

"I wouldn't judge them so soon." Kyle said.

And with good reason, too, for when Anakin looked he saw the first wave of TIEs fire. The droids scattered one or two transforming into some kind large starfighter before transforming back. One of them raised its arm and the shot's vanished not even impacting the unit and without the telltale flash of shields. Then the droids returned fire with their various weapons. The majoritory of them fired some sort of giant blaster rifle or one case a pair of pistols. Though one of them seemed to have a pair with shields over them. As he watched one of the two with a different weapon opened up the angry blast vaporized 4 TIEs without even really hitting them.

Then the last fired a long lasting red beam that cut TIEs to pieces with ease.

Three of the Imp fighters chased the machine with the two shields, which looked to be trying to make a run on the Mauler. But before the TIEs could fire, the droid pulled a one-eighty and two segmented whips shot out. Blasting straight through two TIEs before crushing the third.

"That can't be a droid. There must be someone in it!" Anakin said, years of fighting droids giving the Mobile Suit away for what it truly was.

"They are doing far better than we would." Kyle said.

Anakin nodded (though he felt he could do better) and both men continued to watch the battle.

"Man these things are fast!" Chopper yelled, since His Blast I.C.E. equipped Eclipse was being left behind by the speedy TIEs. Hell even Edge with her Flash I.C.E. couldn't keep up with them.

"They may be fast but; there still just Mobile Armors!" Blaze said.

And that was painfully true for the Imperial pilots. Fast or not, the TIEs were still predictable to the Razgriz squadron, and nowhere near as maneuverable as a Mobile Suit.

"Chopper, with me we're going for the gray ship!" Blaze ordered.

His team nodded and moved in on the Mauler. Blaze and Chopper with their heavy weapons fired first, but their shots dissipated before hitting the ship.

"What the? It has some kind of beam shield?" Chopper yelled in surprise.

"It seems different keep hamming it till it goes down." Blaze ordered indicating the Phantasm to do the same.

"Yes Sir!" his team yelled back.

"Sir we just lost our last TIE! And that ship and its machines are starting to drain our shields!" the Vice-Captain yelled.

"Double our fire, we at least need to destroy the Rebels!" the Captain yelled.

But before any action could be taken, the Rebels broke into the communication lines.

"This is Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker! Terminal vessel, the domes on the tower are their shield generators! Destroy them and that ship is defenseless."

The Maulers Captain looked absolutely horrified. "Cover the Generators!" he yelled.

But it was far too late, as a violent tremor testified. One of the machines appeared out of nowhere in front of the bridge, holding a blue blade. The Imperial Captains last thought was what the blade was. 'Lightsaber.'

As they watched the reduction of the Mauler from a proud man of war, to a floating hulk, Anakin and Kyle wondered what they had gotten themselves into, along with the rest of the crew. The lightest equipped machine was hovering in front of the bridge, with a blue blade that Anakin immediately recognized, being as he had one on his hip. It was a lightsaber, right down to the hilt and emitter, just massively scaled up.

"This is Justin Bryant, stop operations and prepare for boarding, Hopefully we can work something out." The lead pilot said.

"We copy that, we'll meet in the hanger." Kyle replied.

"I suppose I should go fetch Ashoka after all here's where the fun begins." Anakin said.

Meanwhile in separate corners of the galaxy, two Jedi Masters smiled, feeling a shift in the Force towards the light side. On the capital planet of the galaxy two Sith Lords were angered by the change and immediately set out to find the source of the disturbance in the Force and destroy it.

As I'm using Skywalker T-65's Chapter Anakin is light side. I'm keeping Palpatine's apprentice because I feel I can create my own given time. I'm using Ashoka mainly because I want an 'Alien' To make it more believable for the SEED squad.

As for the Eclipse here you are with all the I.C.E. (Interchangeable Combat Eqipment) Packs that have appeared as well as the Shadow class ship. I must apologize for the length of the spec sheets. Also if you want to know about the N Dagger N look it up using MAHQ cause I didn't make it up.

It's the sort of Machine that on everyone's do not cross list. – Cpt. Justin 'Blaze' Byant

Model number: RMS-03 (Gamma)

Code name: Eclipse

Unit type: Mass production, Transformable Multi-role Mobile suit.

Manufacturer: RA industries

Operators: The Silent (Terminal)

First Deployment: N/A

Accommodation: Pilot only, in panoramic cockpit in torso

Dimensions: 18.64 meters

Weight: 31.2 Tonnes (With no I.C.E. Pack)

Armor materials: Classified

Power plant: Classified

Equipment and design features: AR-D-048 "Daemon Skin" Beam resistant armour; Mounting system for Interchangeable Combat Equipment (I.C.E.) packs; Sensors range unknown;

Fixed armaments: 2x IW-068K "Slinger" 40mm CIWS, Fire-linked Mounted in head only usable in MS mode; 2x CQ-158B "Fire Fall" beam sabers, Stored in inner wrist Armour, Hand carried in use. 2x CS-D-037 "Veil" Colloid particle shields, Mounted on forearms. 4x IW-068K "Slinger" 40mm CIWS, Fire-linked Mounted in wings, usable only in MA Mode;

Optional fixed armaments: I.C.E. packs;

Blast I.C.E: Heavy Weapons Pack

Put this on and anywhere in my line of sight is the last place you wanna be – Cpt Alvin 'Chopper Davenport

Model Number: EP-056-ICE-V-218-HW

Mass Addition: 7.9 Tonnes

Equipment: SU-O-834 "Crossfire" Multi Target Sensor Array;

Fixed Armaments: 2x PC-219C "Quake" Concussion Pulse Cannons, Mounted on shoulders (Over wings in MA mode); 2x HC-542P "Skyray" Heavy Plasma Induction Cannon. Mounted on back (Under wings in MA mode) fold under arms when in use. 2x FC-073K "Terminator" Rail Cannons Folded under hips, Spread out when in use;

Optional Armaments: HRX-1912B "Unicorn" Hyper beam magnum (Clip fed-10 rounds per clip 2 Additional clips on rear waist armour), Stored on lower back, Hand carried in use (Mounted on centerline in MA mode); HR-425E "Luminous" Multi-phase Energy Rifle, Stored on lower back, Hand carried in use (Mounted on centerline in MA mode);

Flash I.C.E: High Mobility Pack

Simple and to the point this is about speed and little else – Cpt Kei 'Edge' Nagase

Model Number: EP-142-ICE-E-213-HM

Mass Addition: 1.8 Tonnes

Equipment: TU-M-424 "Firetail" High Mobility Thrusters;

Fixed Armaments: None

Optional Armaments CR-501B "Veritas" 57mm High Energy Beam Rifle; CRX-1617P "Sunray" 30mm Induced Plasma Rifle; CRX-2074L "Black Light" Laser Rifle. (Only one at a time, hand carried in use stored on back - Under left wing in MA mode);

Ranger I.C.E: Sniper Pack

Erm… Boom headshot…? Sorry that was bad. – Lt Hans 'Archer' Grimm

Model Number: EP-056-ICE-V-084-SN

Mass Addition: 3.8 Tonnes

Equipment: Mirage Colloid Stealth System; SU-O-141 "Lone Wolf" Extreme Range Targeting System;

Fixed Armaments: 2x CP-312B "Six Shooter" 42mm High Energy Beam Pistols, Stored in hip holsters, Hand carried in use;

Optional Armaments: SRX-1092LP "Linda" Laser Accelerated Induced Plasma Sniper, Hand carried in use, Stored on back (Under Left Wing in MA mode); SR-1182K "Spartan" Linear Sniper, Hand carried in use, Stored on back (Under Left Wing in MA mode);

Silent: I.C.E: Spec Ops Pack

My personal favourite. Boo! You're dead sort of thing. – Cpt Justin 'Blaze' Bryant

Model Number: EP-056-ICE-V-007-SO

Mass Addition: 7.1 Tonnes

Equipment: Mirage Colloid Stealth system; CS-O-515 "Angels Cry" Orbital Link; SS-O-133 "Void" Vibration Nullifier;

Fixed Armaments: 2x CQ-520B "Spark" High intensity beam dagger, Mounted on upper arms, Hand carried in use; 6x PW-576 "Smog" High Density Smoke Dischargers, 2x on Arms, 2x on torso, 2x on legs (Nose, wings and Tail in MA mode); 2x Type 9 Flare grenades on leg armour; 2x PC-7982P Pulsed Plasma Cannon, Mounted on Shoulders (Over Wings in MA mode);

Optional Armaments: CR-501B "Veritas" 57mm High Energy Beam Rifle; CRX-1617P "Sunray" 30mm Induced Plasma Rifle; CRX-2074L "Black Light" Laser Rifle. (Only one at a time, hand carried in use stored on back - Under left wing in MA mode); SRX-1092LP "Linda" Laser Accelerated Induced Plasma Sniper, Hand carried in use, Stored on back(Under Left Wing in MA mode); SR-1182K "Spartan" Linear Sniper, Hand carried in use, Stored on back(Under Left Wing in MA mode); 2 x TD-861E "Notos" Anti-ship bombs, Carried on waist armour; 12x TDX-905AM Antimatter Charges, Carried on waist armour; PT-004D "Last Moment" Target Painter System, Hand carried in use, Stored on right arm (Under Right wing in MA mode); HWX-1777L Tactical Laser System, Hand Carried in use;

Skyeye I.C.E: AWACS/Command Pack

Command and control. Not always necessary with us but the long range sensors are more than useful – Lt Christian 'Thunderhead' Rockman

Model Number: EP-142-ICE-E-117-CM

Mass Addition: 8.7 Tonnes

Equipment: SU-C-352 "Omniscience" Sensor system;

Fixed Armaments: MB-110M, 12 Tube Missile Launcher Mounted on back (Underbelly in MA mode) 3x ASX-009M "Sky claw" 250mm intelligent missile per tube;

Optional Armaments: CR-501B "Veritas" 57mm High Energy Beam Rifle; CRX-1617P "Sunray" 30mm Induced Plasma Rifle; CRX-2074L "Black Light" Laser Rifle. (Only one at a time, hand carried in use stored on back - Under left wing in MA mode);

Slash I.C.E: CQB Pack

Up close you're screwed. At a distance… Just pray I don't catch up. – Cpt Marcus 'Swordsman' Snow

Model Number: EP-056-ICE-V-155-CQ

Mass Addition: 6.3 Tonnes (7.5 With Offensive shields)

Equipment: TU-O-1092 "Stampede" Rush Booster; EU-O-1357 "Accelerate" limb thrusters;

Fixed Armaments: 2x CQ-520B "Spark" High intensity beam dagger, Mounted on upper arms, Hand carried in use; 2x TW-1128B "Harpy V" Beam boomerang, Mounted on shoulders, hand carried in use; 2x CQ-3196B "Broadsword" Anti-ship sword, Mounted on back, hand carried in use (under wings in MA mode); 2x GW-2190K "Catch" Extensional arrestors, Mounded on waist(Under fuselage in MA mode); 2x CQ-1232B "Elite" beam punch blade, Mounted on wrists; 2x CQ-1111K "Finisher" Kinetic Spike, Mounted on knees;

Optional Armaments: 2x OS-213B "Gladiator" Offensive shield - CQ-3719B "Fire Flash" beam saber, CR-1342B "Pulsar" 37mm beam rifle, CQ-4012H "Lash" Heat whip, Hand carried in use;

Pilot: Many

Appearance: Main body is like a slimmed down version of the Murasame though all the angles are sharper. Head is also quite angular and gives the appearance of being slanted forward, Has a V shaped visor instead of eyes with a secondary circular camera below. MA mode is similar to that of the Murasame but smaller and without the centerline gun, Wings can swing in like those of the X-02 Wyvern from the Ace combat series.

Colors: Customizable by the pilot. Default, Blue-Grey with black trim Visor is blue or green. Ragriz are all black with red trim. All beam blades are blue.

Notes: The highest spec mass production machine RA industries has produced to date. Currently it is only issued to members of Terminals Special Forces unit. The Silent. It and the tempest type are currently the only unit's making use of the new Interchangeable Combat Equipment (or I.C.E.) Packs. Making them incredibly versatile.

Class: Shadow

Ships of the line: Shadow, Phantasm, Silence, Ghoul, Assassin, Succubus, Thrall, Incubus, several others under construction

Unit type: Stealth Frigate

Manufacturer: RA Industries

Operator(s): The Silent (Terminal)

First deployment: C.E. 74

Dimensions: overall length 345 meters; overall height 92 meters

Wingspan: 153 meters

Weight: unknown

Propulsion: Cold Fusion impulse engines.

Equipment and design features: sensors range unknown, Mirage colloid cloaking system. Voltaic Laminated armor; I.C.E. Pack storage and equipping system;

Fixed armaments: 3x HT-1821B "Twin warp" Dual 210 cm High-energy beam cannons; 10x Surface to ship missile launcher; 8x Surface to air missile launcher; 12x IW-3068K "Thrasher" 40mm multi-barrel CIWS;

Mobile suits: 6

Launch catapults: 2

Appearance: Flying blade shape. Does not taper to an edge though. Raised launch catapults near the back each with a 'Twin warp' on the top third turret is on the underside. Moderate size engines at the rear. Completely black.

Notes: A large frigate class ship designed as a stealth or patrol ship. It is specifically designed to carry I.C.E. Pack equipped units which reduces the number of mobile suits it can carry due to the space taken up by the packs. Though only a few have been constructed so far they have proved to be fast, tough and reliable ships.