Lois Lane stormed into Kent Farm, Clark hot at her heels. She was fuming, her anger directed especially at Clark, yet he could not understand why. He had just saved her yet again from being crushed by a large chunk of building that had broken off during a training session with Conner. Swooping in at the last minute, he had carried her swiftly to safety.

Clark was confused about Lois's current behavior. She had not spoken to him since the rescue, and Clark had never before seen Lois keep her mouth shut this long. He looked over at her, concerned, as she had not even made a sound that would be audible to a human for the duration of their car ride home. Using his super-hearing, Clark could hear for miles around, and could easily hear Lois's heartbeat, but that did not really count. Thinking back, Clark could not recall there being any powerful entities that could have taken Lois's voice away, so the only explanation for Lois's silence would be that she was so irate that she could not even put her anger into words. If not for his superpowers, Clark would have trembled in fear.

"Lois, are you okay?" Clark asked, carefully. All he received in response was a slow, growling noise as Lois steeled her eyes at him.

"Lois!" Clark pleaded, "Why are you so mad at me? If anything, you should be pissed at Conner, not me. He's the one that knocked off that section of the Daily Planet with his heat vision."

"Conner is a teenaged boy, and you are a grown man, Clark," Lois glared at her fiancé, "And who took him out on patrol?"

"I thought it would be good practice with his powers! How is Conner ever going to learn to control his powers if he never gets any real world experience? Without training, he would be more of a danger!"

"Then let him practice shooting his heat vision at targets on the farm! Practicing in the barn is one thing, but he's definitely not ready to use his powers out in public. Innocents could be injured!"

Clark looked at the floor sheepishly, before walking over to the refrigerator. "You're right. Conner wasn't ready for this, but he really wants to be a hero. Tess took him away to a safe place anyway, so he can't endanger anyone else, and he won't be in danger either. Look! Problem solved! How about I make you an apology dinner? Just the two of us and a nice steak?" he suggested, looking over at the love of his life, who nodded grudgingly, never one to turn down a delicious meal. Clark knew that Lois had a deep love for steak and was hoping to get back onto her good side.

"I'll be upstairs. Call me down when dinner is ready, but remember- this discussion is not over!" Lois stomped off to their bedroom, still huffing. If Clark thought that the Conner dilemma was the only issue that she was angry about, he was dead wrong.

"You mean argument, don't you?" Clark murmured under his breath as he watched Lois's retreating form, "I'm really lucky Lois doesn't have super-hearing. I really should shut up now, though." Zipping around the kitchenette using his super-speed, Clark readied all of the dinner ingredients and started on the cooking, trying to get his mind off of the argument. He truly loved Lois and did not want to see her angry.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the bedroom, Lois was sprawled out across the bed, frowning at the number she had just typed on her cell phone. "Now don't do anything rash, Lois. Nothing good ever comes from that," she reminded herself, but at this moment, she felt irrationally furious. "Why am I so angry about this? It's not as if anyone died or anything. Oh wait, now I remember- Clark just saved me for the zillionth time, but I'm a strong, independent woman who doesn't need saving! And why am I talking to myself? Clark could hear with his super-hearing!" She glanced over at the bedroom door suspiciously, wondering if Clark had been listening in this whole time, then she turned back to the tiny cell phone screen. After she had stared at the screen for an extended period of time, the numbers had begun blurring together.

Lois wondered if this was a good idea, what she was about to do, and she was unsure if she should be making such a huge decision in her current fiery temperament, but this same anger gnawed at her to do something about Clark's savior complex. She could not stand being a damsel in distress, but Clark would never stand around idly while someone was in trouble. Usually, Lois greatly respected the Blur, and was proud of Clark for his heroism, but her need to assert her own independence was quickly overcoming any positive feelings towards Clark's heroic alter ego. Finally working up the nerve, Lois pressed the tiny green call button on the left side of her phone, and placed it to her ear.

Lois waited impatiently for her call to be answered. The annoying ringing was aggravating her still growing fury, and she was about to hang up, when a voice came through on her cell phone, "Hello?"