My Playboy

shika hiiragizawa

Summary: He played with women to kill time. She was an angel, pure and innocent, and witty as well. Or so he thought. When he saw her, his whole world crumbled. Now, be mine. ExT, a bit of SxS. Warning: mature content.


"Be mine," it was a whisper than rang like wedding bells in her ear.

He held her close, his head buried in her neck, as he dropped butterfly kisses everywhere. She purred happily, pushing herself closer to him. He was kissing her everywhere, she was melting so fast in his strong arms... but he suddenly stopped.

She moaned, her eyes narrowing in frustration. His eyes met hers, blue against blue.

"Answer me," he ran a finger over her thighs, and she shivered in delight.

"Yes, I am, Eriol," she said, leading his hand closer to the place where her body ached for him, "only yours."

"Beg," he whispered, shooting her an all-famous smile that turned her knees to jelly.

"Take me, Eriol!" she practically screamed, not caring they were in the woods beside school, not caring if anyone heard them. She just wanted him inside her, to fill her up to the brim...

And he kissed her lips. She kissed back, passionately, and he was a great kisser, the greatest she had ever had. His hands unbuttoned her shirt, tracing her breasts. Her pleasure was making her head foggy, and she was unable to think. She could only moan and scream his name out, for he was taking her to a place she had never known.

Chapter I: The Meeting

"You want to drink?" It was after their lovemaking, and they were in the girl's veranda. She was wearing only a shirt, which was only buttoned on her stomach. Half of her breasts were exposed. Her messy blonde hair was hastily put together in a ponytail. Her legs were shining in the moonlight. She was smoking a cigarette in between her dark red lips, and she smiled.

"Forgive me, I know you don't drink," she took the scotch, took her cigarette, and finished it in a gulp, "you don't even smoke."

Eriol was silent, not even looking at her, as he gazed at the dark sky. All the stars were covered in gray clouds, and the moon was not in sight.

"It's beautiful," she whispered, putting her cigarette in her mouth again, and setting her glass upon the bars of the terrace, where she also put her elbows, "and it's also sad."

Eriol didn't even look at her as she spoke, and she smiled sadly, "I know you only come here to fuck, and now you can go home. I know you won't come back."

"I don't have a home," he muttered, still looking at the sky, "but I guess I should..."

"My name is Andrea, by the way," she whispered, but he had already turned his back to her and left. She wondered if he heard her.


As were the nights before, he could not get a single ounce of sleep. He cursed as he saw the clock, its red digits glaring at him. 4 am! But he knew he would not be able to sleep. He would only have nightmares. It was best to wake up and leave early, he thought, before they wake up. Sighing, he dragged his tired body out of body and headed toward the shower.

The water was icy against his fatigued body, and he felt that he had made the wrong choice. It was so early in the morning, and he knew that if he did not sleep, he would have a hard time trying to actually listen to class. As if anyone listens.

He quickly dressed in his uniform, a white polo with the emblem of the school on his breast pocket, and dark blue slacks. He looked at the mirror, noticing his bloodshot eyes and the dark circles beneath it. But aside from that, he was handsome – his features made all the girls in class, and even outside class, fall for him.

The only way to kill time, he knew, because he had nothing else to do.

He messed his already messy dark hair, which was still dripping wet, and left the house.


The first period passed like a blur, but he managed to give the right answers, and perfect the quiz, as expected of him. All the girls were staring at him. He sighed and rested his burning head on the table, wishing they would all just look away. He would save the fun for later.

"Eriol," someone from the back whispered to him, "we have basketball practice after class."

He nodded sleepily, for his head was hurting so bad. It was Syaoran, the team captain. He was the closest he had to a friend, but he could not always be with him, for he had a girlfriend. He smiled sadly. He was so lucky to have such a sweet and innocent girl take care of him...

The minutes went on, and the president announced that the teacher was not in class, and it was all a self-study period. He could not ignore the white-hot pain in his head any longer, so he left class in a hurry.

Where would he go? He didn't know. He could not go home, after all. He exited the building, and noticed the woods near the other buildings. It was the only place he could sleep without getting caught. He ran towards it, and disappeared beneath the trees.

"Finally," he murmured. He retreated in a rather soft bed of grass, and finally, slept.

From the window of one of the classrooms, a girl smirked.


All classes have ended, and Eriol had cut class yet again. Syaoran filled in for him, telling the teachers he wasn't feeling well. The teachers believed Syaoran, knowing both students always got straight A's. One day of rest wouldn't hurt for such an intelligent student.

In the woods, Eriol finally woke up, and his head felt better. It was hot, but it was alright, for he had good sleep. It doesn't really happen often.

"So, you're awake," a girl with dark hair was sitting beside him, "I need you, Eriol."

He smirked. "How did you know I was here?"

"I saw you disappearing into the woods. I didn't know you were so tired. What happened?"

"Nothing, really," he advanced towards her, his hands now on her thighs, "you were saying?"

"I need you," she whimpered, "please."

His lips covered hers, without even asking her name. She cried in pleasure as he quickly ripped of her panties and stroked her cavern.

"You want this, do you?" his mouth was now on her neck, sucking her as his fingers moved faster, circling her clitoris. She was already screaming.

"I want you, Eriol. Now. Please."

He had already forgotten about basketball practice.


When she was asleep, he quickly dressed, not bothering to look at the maiden sleeping quite happily on the grass. He had fondled her breasts and her mouth until she was so lost in her frenzy, her words just slurred from her mouth.

He kicked her perfect thighs, his face in disgust. How could he have touched such a slut? He zipped his pants, and left her in the woods, totally naked.

It was the same as everyday as he would seduce a girl and leave her when his sexual urges were over for the day. But it was better than returning to their house, and he could not even dare call it his own home. It was already dark, and he was hungry, so he went inside a newly-opened diner, and after ordering a burger and a Coke, he looked out the window. He was alone again.

The waitress, who looked decent when he had asked his order, now came back with his food, only after letting her golden-blonde hair down, putting red lipstick on her rather thick lips, and unbuttoning the first few buttons of her shirt to reveal her cleavage. And she even hitched her skirt a bit higher, he noticed. What a slut.

"Your order, Sir," she was trying to seduce him with her voice, making him want to barf in front of his food. She leaned low as she put her plate in front of him, letting him see her huge breasts that wanted to escape from her huge bra. He fought the urge to roll his eyes by smiling at her rather forcefully, but to her, his smile meant differently.

She pretended to arrange the salt in pepper on his right, and whispered, "I get off at 8. I'll catch you outside, I guess?" she winked at him at let him face her breasts. He just smiled back at her, and she left for another customer who called for her. All the men around him shot him daggers, wanting the beautiful blonde waitress for themselves. He just ignored them. He poked his burger, his appetite completely gone.

But what would he do? If he went home... He sighed. It wasn't even an option. He'd just have to endure it again. Another day of boring sex again. Boring, unfeeling sex. How could those girls even want such? They pinned onto him like metals onto a magnet, and yet, he was not satisfied with all of them running to her.

His phone suddenly rang, breaking his chain of thought. It was Sakura, and he was surprised, for she never usually called. It must be important, so he left the diner and answered her call.

"Hi Sakura," his voice was kind, "what can I do for you?"

"Anou... Eriol," her voice was trembling, but she fought to keep it strong, "Syaoran and I are supposed to have a date at 6pm. It's 7 and he's not here yet. I've tried calling his phone, but he isn't picking up. I just wanted to ask if he's with you."

"He isn't," he replied, smelling something was wrong, "I left class early to-"he hesitated for a moment before answering, "-to do something."

"He would usually text me if he's coming late or something. I don't think he's ever done this so..." she could not bear to tell him what she thought, but he already knew what she was thinking.

"I'll look for her, Sakura-chan, don't worry," he assured her.

"You will?" her voice became lighter, "will it be alright? Aren't you busy?"

He looked through the glass windows of the diner to the waitress who was winking at him, and replied, "no, I'm not. I'll tell you when I find him, so don't worry. Just go home, for now. Syaoran wouldn't want you out this late."

"Thank you," she whispered, "you're so kind, Eriol."

"You're much, much, kinder than I am, Sakura-chan," he said, and hung up.

He smiled as he now had an excuse not to meet the waitress, and not even bothering to eat his dinner, ran back to school.


The door of the gym was wide open, its bright lights streaming outside.

"I thought this was supposed to be the gym..." he covered his eyes with his hand and stepped in.

Suddenly, two party poppers came at him from both sides.

"Sakura-chan! I missed you!" he was engulfed in a tight embrace, and he couldn't breathe. The scent of lavender filled his senses. The bright light made it hard to see what was going on, and the confetti didn't help.

"I'm not Sa—" but she embraced him harder, and cut him off.

"I never knew you have gotten so tall, and your chest is quite... flat," she lowered her voice to a whisper, and chuckled, "I just left for a couple of weeks, and you've changed so much... you even smell like..."

His eyes were now slowly adjusting to the light as she spoke, and noticed the gym gaily decorated. The benches were hidden by balloons and streamers, and in the center, a table of food was set. The shiny floor was covered in confetti. At the far end of the gym, a tarpaulin hung, containing huge purple letters, 'I miss you, Sakura.'

His face turned hot as he realized what was happening. He looked down and noticed long purple hair. It moved and a pale, shining face smiled at him, and suddenly it faded.

He was drowned by those amethyst eyes – where the hell did she get those? – by those soft cheekbones, rosy cheeks, and pink lips.

"Um-Tomoyo..." he heard Sakura's voice behind him, and turned. She was smiling nervously, her hands clasped together, "what's going on?"

He quickly pulled from the unknown girl's embrace, which he presumed was Tomoyo.

"Oh-OH!" the girl now quickly embraced Sakura and laughed, "I'm sorry, Sakura. I mistook you for him."

She turned to him and smiled. "Forgive me, will you?"

His heartbeat soared in his chest.

"I'm Tomoyo," she took out one pale, slender hand, and he shook it gruffly, unable to speak. Her smooth hand was softer, and way smoother than all the girls he had ever touched.

"His name's Eriol," Sakura supplied for him, "he transferred here while you were away, and now, he's Syaoran's closest buddy. Time flies so fast, no?"

He cleared his throat and broke the handshake, smiling. Compose yourself, Hiiragizawa, he told himself, this is no time to be goofing around.

"I'm sorry, I just spaced out for a bit, there," he said, "As Sakura said, I'm Eriol Hiiragizawa."

"I'm sorry," Tomoyo said, "I didn't mean to mistake you for Sakura."

Another smile. God, he was going to die soon.

"I'm sorry for calling you, Eriol," he only comprehended little from what Sakura was saying, "but right after you called, Syaoran asked me to come here... he said he sprained his ankle-"

Syaoran! The word rang a bell in his head. He was supposed to look for him, right? Now, where the heck was he?

"I'm sorry, buddy," a warm hand grasped his shoulder, "I didn't mean for that to happen. I was helping Tomoyo set up for her surprise party."

Syaoran now turned to Sakura, who was looking at his leg, and hugged her. "I didn't sprain my leg. It was just to make you come here. I'm sorry for making you worry."

Was it the bright light, or the fact that he didn't have dinner, that his head was swimming? Or was it because of the girl smiling in front of him...

Damn. What is it with her damned smile? He had to get out of the place. He checked his watch. Quarter to eight. He still had time.

"Sorry, but I have to go," he said gruffly, "Welcome back, Tomoyo."

He ran off without another word.


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