Not Alone

Puck walked into Rachel's dad's room, not sure what to expect. He saw the room was all white and boring. It was full of machines. In the middle was Rachel's dad. He had always been kind of small but he seemed even smaller now. Rachel walked up and gave him a kiss. She started to talk to him. Puck and Santana realized that they might be intruding. They walked out with a nod from Rachel

"Oh. My. God! The poor girl," Santana realized just how much Rachel had been hiding.

"It's alright San, we're going to help her." Puck says.

He saw a nurse looking at them and beckoned her over.

"Are you the nurse for Leroy Berry?" he asked, all business. She nodded

"My name is Noah Puckerman, call me Puck, and this is Santana Lopez. We're friends of Rachel's. We need to know… anything you can tell us about her and how she is. She has been hiding this from us and now we need to… fix things… fix her," Puck said. As a dude, he's not the best at this kind of talking, but Santana was too choked up to help (which was very rare for her).

The nurse smiled at him. "Rachel Berry has been here every day since her dad has been checked in. I tried speaking with her about her other parent, but she said that he is away and is rarely at home anymore. She leaves for school in the morning and usually is back here by five. She sleeps here as well, in the chair by his bed. Every night. She usually sits and talks with him. Sometimes not even that. Mr. Berry is usually in a haze because of his meds. This morning she was different. She wasn't dressed in her usual attire. She wasn't putting on her show. This morning at seven fifteen or so she called me. He hasn't talked." The nurse stopped.

Puck swallowed and looked at Santana who looked like she was about to start bawling.

Santana couldn't believe this. Rachel had been living at the hospital. Only leaving for school and to shower. All she did was sit with her dad without talking, because he was to zoned out. So basically, her life was sitting in a room… alone. Well not anymore. Not if she had anything to do with it.

Puck saw the resolve in her eyes and nodded. He thanked the nurse and took Santana to the cafeteria and bought them each a coffee. They sat down.

"There is no way we are not helping Rachel. She needs help. She needs friends. Puckerman, you and I are going to be there for her," Santana said, HBIC-style.

Puck leaned away from her, nodding, scared at her determination. He agreed though. Rachel had gotten rid of her show-face. She was broken and alone.

Santana leaned in. "When I was helping her get changed I saw her wrists. She had scars. She did it with her fingernails. We need to get her in a good place again, where she isn't alone." Tears fell from Santana's eyes. Puck got up, hugged Santana, and said,

"We are going to do all that." He grabbed her hand and led her upstairs. Rachel was outside grilling the nurse about the whole day. Both Santana and Puck smiled. This was the most attitude they'd seen out of her all day. She saw Puck and Santana and walked over to them.

Her eyes were puffy and tears were falling. Santana wrapped Rachel in her arms. She stepped back and said she had to run home, but she'd be back in about an hour, she whipped out her phone and walked away, making Puck smile, she looked like an army general, summoning her troops.

Puck walked with Rachel into her dad's room. They sat down on the floor, backs to the wall. Puck put his arm around her. She seemed smaller. He wandered how much she's been eating. He had felt her ribs when she was sleeping on him earlier. He pulled his phone out.

Puck: Watever ur plannin make it involve food. Rachel's 2 tiny

Santana: KK. Anyway gunna have a glee girls sleepover in hospital room. Rachel is not gunna b alone 2nite and there is no way in hell I was gunna try 2 make her leeve her dad.

Puck: KK. I'll give u and Rach a ride 2 skool in the morning, bring a sleepin bag for Rachel all she has is a blanket and that chair

Santana: Thanx. Cu soon.

Puck sighed. Santana can be a vicious bitch but once she loved somebody, and he could tell she had started to love Rachel today, she was loyal and would make sure a person never had children if they messed with people she loved.

"Are you and Santana texting about me?" Rachel asked, playfully. He looked at her. She looked tired, but calm.

"Only good stuff. I promise. She having all the glee girls sleep over in here," he told her with a smile. She smiled, glad she wouldn't be alone. He pulled out his iPod and offered her an earbud. She took it as well as the iPod. I smiled, of course she wanted to pick the song. She was Rachel Berry. What she picked surprised me.

"You're a Dave Mathews Band fan?"

She nodded with a smile as "The Space Between" began to play. Putting her head on my shoulder, she snuggled closer and closed her eyes. She fell asleep and I was glad.

I felt like a creeper the whole time, but I watched her sleep. Her defenses fell away and she was kind of smiling. God, she was pretty. Wait… what? Um… no this wasn't good. She needed me as a friend, not that.

Santana walked in the hospital with Brittney and Quinn. Tina, Mercedes, Kurt and Lauren were on their way. She had stopped by Breadstix on the way. She had made sure to order vegan, just for Rachel. Except the breadsticks, which were made with eggs. She had asked. Rachel didn't have to eat them. There were some things that were sacred.

Quinn followed. She felt terrible. She had immediately assumed this was all for attention. She felt guilty for all that she had done to Rachel. She vowed that, when she could, she would get Rachel alone and apologize.

Brittney was excited to give Rachel and her dad the pictures that she had been working on ever since she'd left Rachel's house.

They all walked in and were surprised to see Rachel and Puck on the floor. He put his finger to his mouth, not wanting to wake her. Quinn and Santana sprung into action. They set up Rachel's sleeping bag and Puck put her in it. He nodded to them and left.

Santana was confused. He looked like all guys did when they had something important that they had to think about: like he was about to shit himself. Wait… she looked at the sleeping Rachel. Oh. My God. Puck liked Rachel. Liked her. Not in the usual one-night stand way but in the way where there are fireworks and hearts and Valentine's Day crap. But he was with Lauren. Puck was screwed. He even mentioned breaking up and she'd probably snap him like a twig.

She lost her train of thought as Rachel woke up.

Rachel was confused. Where did Puck go? And when did Santana, Britney and Quinn get here? Hmm… he must've left when she woke up. She sat up and walked over and closed the divider of the room, which was a double but she had insisted on it being a single. She didn't want to disturb her dad. She turned around and smiled at the three, including Quinn.

"Thank you guys for doing this."

They all smiled and Santana plopped on her sleeping bag and held vegan spaghetti and meatballs (she didn't want to know what the meatballs actually were made out of) out to Rachel.

"Eat," she ordered. Rachel saw that arguing would only get her in a bad situation so she complied. It wasn't that she purposely didn't eat. She just always was caught up in her dad that she didn't let herself think about anything else. Including eating. Just then Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, and Lauren walked in, all smiling and giving Rachel a hug. Kurt's eyes sparkled.

"I got you an outfit, and you better wear it tomorrow! I want you to know I am here for you no matter what."

"Thank you Kurt," Rachel said, kissing his cheek. Clothes were how Kurt expressed himself and Rachel couldn't think of a gift that would mean more from him. He took box back with a quick "No peaking!" and went to set up his sleeping bag.

That whole night was amazing for Rachel. They all talked for hours. They talked about clothes, drama that Rachel had no idea about… actually a lot about stuff Rachel didn't know about. She had deleted her MySpace and her Facebook. She didn't mind. She was warm and happy, surrounded by her friends. The whole night Rachel noticed Quinn was exceedingly nice to her. This made her happy.

She found out that Lauren was having problems with Puck. Apparently he wouldn't go get her her Chunky Monkey about a week ago. She reassured Lauren that Puck was probably just being Puck and everything would be fine. Lauren was lucky to have somebody like Puck. Rachel felt a blush rising in her cheeks. She was jealous! She needed to cut that out. Lauren had started to become her friend and Rachel wouldn't betray that.

Eventually, they all fell asleep. Rachel was exhausted. She slept between Santana and Britney, who had drawn her pictures. Rachel had, at Britney's request, promised to draw Britney a picture of Lord Tubbington.

She wasn't alone.

Rachel woke up first and looked around. She smiled. She was surrounded by bodies. She got up and after a lot of maneuvering jumped out. She checked on Daddy. He was sleeping still. She walked out and used the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She walked out. She jumped when she saw Quinn sitting there in a tank top and sweats.

"Oh, hey," Rachel said, "I'm done so you can use the bathroom,"

Quinn shook her head, stood up, shook her head and said,

"I'm so sorry, Rachel. It sucks that I have to find out about your dad to realize that I have been so wrong in being terrible to you. I let my stupid fantasy of being a stay at home mom with Finn cloud my judgment with everything. I don't even want that anymore. I want to be here for you… Can you forgive me?" She said all at once, ending short of breath.

Rachel was really surprised. She looked at Quinn for a second. Then ran to hug her.

"Yes," Rachel said in Quinn's ear, "Also, I like your hair short like this."

Quinn was not expecting this. She laughed. She felt free. The burden that she had been feeling since yesterday was lifted, replaced by love for her newfound friend. She stepped back, had Rachel always been this tiny? She sighed, Rachel needed all the friends she could get.

The two walked back into the room. Rachel walked back into Leroy's section of the room. He was awake and was writing on his notebook. He looked up and smiled. He held up a finger for her to wait a second. She did and offered her the notebook. She looked and saw that he had written her a note. She sat in the chair and began to read.

Dear Rachel,

Good morning! I just wanted to say that I am glad you told your friends. They can be there for you in a way I can't. Hearing your laugh last night was the most beautiful sound in the world to me. You need to focus on yourself just a little more. Also, stick with that Puckerman boy. He cares about you deeply. Please tell your friend Santana that I enjoyed "passing notes" with her last night after the rest of you hit the sack. She is very nice. Oh, you walked in. You look so happy. I love you Rachel.

Hugs and kisses,


After she finished, she felt tears on her cheeks. She smiled and hugged him, giving him lots of kisses on his head.

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