Own Nothing.


If someone would've told Auggie Anderson last week that he would have met his match, in any shape or form, he would've laugh. He was an esteemed solider before the accident and an even better tech for the CIA after it. There was no way anyone could best him.

But she did, he knew she was a force to be reckon with when she walked onto the floor and it was complete silence. Hermione Granger head Auror for the Department of Magical Criminals. Or her "official title" Special Agent Hermione Granger of Scotland Yard.

He knew that she had tons of men working in the bull pin drooling after her, but Hermione Granger wasn't into them. She could have anyone of them, just like Annie could. But like Annie, Hermione had a sweet spot for Auggie, she made it clear when they were on a mission, which he actually got to go into the field. At her special request, when you're Hermione Granger, you get to have it your way. They played a married couple, he was inured on the job, not a lie, and they were on vacation.

She played the wife well, and he enjoyed being married to her, even though it wasn't real.

He liked it so much, he asked her out.