Chapter 3

Cameron's POV

"Get out! I don't need you right now! I can't stand it! I thought we were over this! There is no 'we' or 'us' anymore. You don't need to take care of me! You don't need to hold my hand and you don't need to sit next to my bed!"

You listen unbelievingly and frown when you hear them arguing – you were sure the two got along quite well. You meant to help Thirteen by letting the nurse page Foreman but obviously you were wrong. Your attempt failed – how could this happen?

"But we are friends. There are 'we' and 'us' phrases! I take care of you and I sit next to your bed when you need it! That's what friends are for!"

You can't overhear the hurt in Foreman's voice when he tries to convince her to let him stay. Maybe he wasn't really over her? He possibly missed their relationship although he pretended not to care? There's no possibility to hide the fact that he needs the connection between them more than she does right now – shouldn't it be the other way round?

You've worked with him long enough to be able to feel the pain her words curse him. You wanted Thirteen to feel better, not worse. You meant to make her feel safe and cared for because she maybe wanted to have someone by her side – but now you seem to have fucked up. She seems to be freaking out, Foreman is obviously in despair and the whole situation seems worse than before.

"But I don't need it, and I don't want it either! Although we might be friends… get out! Get out of my room and just... leave me alone! I don't need anyone! You understand me?"

Maybe you shouldn't meddle with a person's life when you don't know anything about it at all? You try to appear busy by signing some charts when you hear a door opening and being slammed shut loudly. You can imagine the look on Foreman's and you surely don't want to meet it. You neither want to see his hurt and anger nor his impeachment.

You silently hope that he'll pass without stopping but of course you aren't that lucky. "I don't think that she really wants me to be here, Cameron." You look up but, meet his intense gaze and wait.. you wait for the harsh words to come but nothing happens. He just holds your gaze for some moments before he steps back. "I'll leave now.." He seems to be hesitant. "Page me…if…there's anything…"

You nod reassuringly and thank god that he's Foreman. Everyone else would have been freaking out on you but he is just himself. He's collected although you can feel his inner struggle… he hides this behind his usual mask. He's always been weak when it came to anything hurting Thirteen. He seemed to be protective and sometimes even truly emotional and open towards her but you doubt there'll ever be a situation he lets his guards down in front of you.

You're relieved when you finally watch him leaving and making his way around a corner, possibly back to diagnostics. You listen one moment, but nothing abnormal is heard from Thirteen's room so that you go back to your original task: finding this girl Thirteen was talking about.

You aren't sure whether her talking about a girl isn't only a result of her concussion but her tone was too serious, too urgent to ignore it. When you think properly you can't remember a single situation when you heard Thirteen talking like that… and informing doesn't hurt, does it?

You'll just go and call the police. If they don't know anything you'll call the hospitals in this area… and if they don't know anything either… What would you do then? You have no idea but fortunately you aren't at this point just yet.

You sit down in front of the phone and take out the phone numbers that might be necessary. Always keeping half an eye on the happenings in the ER you dial the first number and prepare yourself for the talk with the police officer.

Two hours later you're standing at the door to Thirteen's room, gazing at her peaceful features. She seems to be fragile in her sleep, her cold exterior is gone and you wonder how you're supposed to confront her. You don't want to add more stress to her since you've already fucked up once -you don't want to do it a second time- but at the same time you're certain that she'll ask after the girl anyways. And you won't have a choice then, will you?

As if noticing the presence of someone else in her room, Thirteen slowly wakes up. You hear her groan when she starts to move and you meet her gaze as soon as she opens her eyes and seems to be oriented. "Cameron?" She still seems to be groggy. The pain killers obviously wear her out and the extra stress caused by Foreman and mainly by you certainly didn't help either. "Did you find her?"

You nod deliberately. "Yeah." The dreadful tone in your voice seems to startle her and she looks at you anxiously. "She's okay though. Some light bruises and abrasions. A broken arm. Princeton General is now taking care of her and due to the doctor I talked to, she's really lucky. So much more could have happened. She'll be okay."

You see the relief washing over her but your serious expressions grabs her attention quite fast. "What else is there Cameron? You're looking at me the way we look at patients when we tell them something seriously bad happened… so don't even try to fool me. What is it?"

Experiencing so many emotions from the normally closed up doctor in such a short period of time is something you haven't been prepared for. You've always kept an eye on your replacement and admiration hit you sometimes when you noticed how unfazed she always seemed to be. She stood up to House in a way nobody else does and dealing with patients seemed to be normal business to her.

You've always been sure that there's something more behind the cold exterior and some things Chase told you confirmed your suspicion, but seeing her worried like this, is more than you expected.

"Doctor Cameron?" Squirming under Thirteen's intense gaze you know for sure that there's no place for denial. You can't prevent her from getting this information and getting it from you might be the best case possible… at least you can have and eye on her and make sure that she's okay. Yeah… you're already caring to much but that's just you. You hold her gaze softly when you raise your voice again.

"Her parents.. they're dead. I called the police and they told me they couldn't say too much because the circumstances of their deaths aren't clear, yet. She has no close family or relatives who can take care of her… so she'll be given to foster care as soon as she can leave the hospital."

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