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Baby vs. Godzilla


Baby was fighting Super Saiyan 4 Goku. He had been losing and he turned into a Golden Great Ape earlier. But he was still losing. He had been exchanging punches with Goku and blasting each other. He was panting and was starched in numerous places. He charged every single bit of energy he had left into him and shot it at Goku in a Super Galick Gun and Goku countered with a fully charged 10x Kame-Hame-Ha.

"AAAAAGGGHHHH!' Baby screamed and Goku yelled back

"HHHHAAAAA!". Their beams clashed in an unimaginably powerful explosion.

Meanwhile in the Neo Godzilla universe

SpaceGodzilla could not win! He couldn't beat Godzilla! He had defeated MOGUERA but he couldn't win! He decided he would take everybody out with him! He opened a black hole allowing his energy core to collapse but Godzilla absorbed his core and threw him into his black hole. NOOO! Were Space G's last thoughts. The black hole weakened the fabric of space and time, making it thinner and smaller.

Back in DBZ

Baby and Goku continued to clash until suddenly their energy broke a hole in the fabric of space and time. Goku took this opportunity to teleport behind Baby, He whispered

"I'm sorry Vegeta." , and with all his might punched him into the hole. It was so powerful Baby reverted to Super Baby. He came out into the Neo Godzilla world, but was so infinitely tired that he fell into hibernation for years, and he was buried by rubble falling from some of the crystals that had begun to collapse with the disappearance of Space G. He slept for years. The Godzilla that helped bring him into this world died and it's son took it's place. Many years passed and many things happened until a plague of crystals created by the thing that brought him here, carried by a meteor, ravaged the planet. Then he awoke.

If you don't know what Neo Godzilla is it's a fanon alternate Godzilla universe where some things happened differently, and it was best for my story, the next part takes place during the Neo version of Godzilla Unleashed the videogame's story-line, kind of. And if you're wondering if Baby went to let's call the 'G universe' then wouldn't SpaceG goto the DBZ universe? I think that SpaceG fell into the black hole and went wherever it put him, then the power of Baby, and Goku's clash, opened a portal into the black hole which shot Baby through the entrance into the 'G Universe' but the portal to DBZ opened after Space G was beyond it, so SpaceG didn't enter DBZ. Oh and please review!