Chapter Nine: The End of the Beginning

"PREPARE TO DIE! TAKE THIS, HAAAAAA!" Baby shouted and sent the Ultimate Super Revenge Death Ball Final at Burning Super Godzilla. BSG's orb glowed and suddenly the spirits of Titanosaurus, Kumonga, Kamacuras, Angiruis, Rodan, King Caesar, Zilla, and Gorosaurus flowed out from it in the Nova Blast their multi-headed visages roaring valiantly and clashing with the Death Ball.

"AAAAARRGGHH!" Baby screamed and then Biollante charging energy into an atomic blast from it's mouth joined the struggle. The Death Ball advanced closer and closer until its aura overcame Biollante and it screamed as it dissolved into radioactive energy. Then its energy joined the clash and the tables turned. As the blast advanced on Baby he realized too late that he had his back to the black hole and then the blast hit him.

"AAAAAGGGHHH! NOOOO! AGH! ARGH!" He screamed in terrible pain. The blast was so intense that it began to separate him from Vegeta's body.

"WAIT, NO! NOOOOOOOO-!" Him separating from Vegeta's body cut off his scream and they both flew into the black hole. Baby got up slowly and looked around. He was in the center of an empty vast black shifting wasteland littered with crystals. Suddenly holes opened up around him and looking at the black sky and horizons he realized he was in the center of the black hole. Then he saw Space Godzilla sitting atop a crude crystal throne. It roared and Baby yelled

"JUST F**KING GREAT! ANOTHER GIANT LIZARD!" Space Godzilla roared angrier this time and Baby then said

"Oh, great. I hurt it's f**king feelings." Space Godzilla even angrier now advanced and threw its fist down.

"HOLY BLACK ON A POPO!" Baby cried and then quickly attempted to re infect Vegeta but a sudden tunnel through the fabric of space and time opened up and then Vegeta was gone.

"Oh, shit." Baby said then turned his attention to infecting the big lizard in front of him. He flew up and perched on his head, he formed and energy blade but suddenly a crystal rose out of the ground and blasted him. He fell of but recovered and landed on the back of its head. He held on as it roared and swung around, and then he pierced its skin and jumped in. It cried and began to jerk and veins began to stick out as it struggled for control. Then it's crystals on its shoulders and the crystal it erected sent out purple waves and his psychic powers threw Baby out. Baby yelled furiously and charged towards him but another space-time tunnel opened and engulfed him. Space Godzilla advanced toward the portal to New York but then it closed. It roared furiously and ran towards it and stomped and punched and threw objects around, but its portal to freedom was gone.

~Back with Vegeta~

Vegeta flew through the tunnel and was still unconscious. Then a side tunnel opened and he was sucked into it. He suddenly fell onto the ground in his universe just seconds after Goku had kicked his infected self into the hole. Goku looked over and seeing normal Vegeta ran over and cried

"Vegeta! You're alive!" And picked him up in a big bear hug. Vegeta woke up and looked around then he looked at himself and veins began to stand out.

"Kakarot…WHY ARE YOU HUGGING ME!" He screamed and Goku let go laughing and putting his hands behind his head. Then he began to explain what had happened as far as he knew and Vegeta, having somehow retained memory of his Godzilla universe adventure explained what else had happened. This is where their story ends for now, and Baby's story truly begins…

Where will that tunnel take Baby? Find out next time on…Dragon Ball BT!