Duh herrow!

Well guy, I'm going overseas and won't be able to update any of my stories for about a month. But don't worry, I'll write whenever I get the chance and when I arrive back home I will post them all up. Right now I'm sitting at the gate (airport) awaiting to board the plane.

Scratch that part, I've been meaning to get this message out before I left Australia, but I never came round to it. Anyway, right now (3/7/11) I'm sitting in a hotel room, and I don't know when I'll get internet access again.

Currently working on:

A New Fight, G.I. Joe variation, currently writing chapter 2 and doing a rewrite of chapter 1 (which will have more content).

A New Fight JLU variation, currently rewriting Dark Hearts, I will combine both parts into one chapter, and also write the new part 3 as well, all of them will be combined into one chapter. I.E. Rewrite of part one and two, with the new addition of part 3, all combined into one chapter.

A New Era, writing Chapter 3

Homecoming, I'll think of something for the next chapter

Thanks so much for your supports and reviews so far. =D