Hey guys!

So I love that some of you stuck with this story till the end! Every review, fave, and alert made me jump for joy. They helped me get through all the writer's block and doubt over the story.

But there are still some loose plot lines that I need to tie up. So, if any of you haven't noticed, I already started the sequel. It's called Fix Me, and it will be chronicling Hermione's recovery, her relationship with Ron, and some other stuff. If you liked this you'll probably like the sequel. I've already got two chapters up :), but it only has three reviews :(. So please, go check it out, fave, and review, and you will honestly make my day.

Also, I'll be uploading the original "Broken" as a seperate story, pretty soon, the one before all the editing annd changes, because apparently some people liked it better. I'll title it "Broken original" so as not to be confused with this one. So, yeah, just thought I'd let you all know about that.

And I'm also looking for a beta, not exactly sure how to do it, but... if anyone's interested let me know.

Alright, well thanks so much!