Hailey Potter and the Heir of Ravenclaw

Harry/ Draco romance Dumbledore bashing

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Prologue: The Lonely Isle

It was a torrential downpour when Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape apparated into the clearing in front of a forbidding tower. Drawing their hoods up over their heads they strode forward with purpose in their step and came to the tower entrance: a large archway with a gargoyle situated on the top and one on both sides. Looking at each other they stopped just shy of arch and waited. They didn't have to do so for long.

The three gargoyles moved in perfect harmony with each other and stared at the pair of wizards trespassing on lands long left untouched. After all, the tower was located in the center of the North Sea on an Island that no one could see unless you were literally standing on it and even if you know where it is you would need to have permission to apparated there because of the powerful wards surrounding the place. However over the course of a millennia spells tend to weaken no matter how powerful they are thus allowing the two to slip through the protective shield.

"Who are you to trespass upon the master's land, mortals?" the gargoyles said as one, sending shivers down the two men's spines at the leashed rage hidden within those words.

Lucius cleared his throat, "My name is Lucius Malfoy, descendent of Merlin, and my companion is Severus Snape. We are here to entreat your master to join us in our struggle."

They had to be extra careful how they worded everything. Gargoyles were notorious for only taking everything in old terms. In general, they really didn't like the modern world, which is why they mostly spoke Latin when confronted by others, making it extremely frustrating to the wizard in question when he is trying to get through a door. The only reason these three were speaking English was because Latin was not as widely spoken as it used to be and their questions couldn't be answered if the questions could not be understood.

The gargoyles looked at them through narrowed, black eyes.

Right Gargoyle, "And why do you think that our master would want to be involved in your petty wars?"

Left Gargoyle, "Your Grindelwald tried the same thing not fifty years ago and our master denied him."

Center Gargoyle, "Why should you think yours is more worthy?"

This time Severus spoke, "Our Lord cannot die. Grindelwald was a fool to fight the way he did and he paid the price for his mistakes. Our Lord however is a great deal stronger and will not fall like that fool did. So once again we entreat you to let us pass."

The three looked at each other and started a conversation in Latin, obviously so that the two wizards would not get involved. After a few minutes of deliberation the center gargoyle looked down on them and said in a menacing tone, "We shall let you pass, mortals, but know this: if you break the trust we have placed in you by allowing you entrance we will make sure that you cannot return to this place ever again."

The right one stretched his right arm in front of the archway. The left one stretched his left. And the center one brought both arms down. Then light started to shimmer in the entryway and then the entire arch was filled with it: a barrier against the outside world.

Once they passed the barrier (after making sure it wouldn't turn them to dust) they walked through a series of arches that opened up into a large room that was bare except for one thing: books. Books and scrolls littered the entire room, filling up the shelves that lined the walls and put the Library of Alexandria to shame, considering that the shelves of books extended up the walls and even when the staircase started from the ground, the shelves went up with them, giving the lord or occasional visitor constant access to books.

Cobwebs adorned every wall, telling any who entered that this place was frequented often, and that whoever owned the tower either did not live here anymore, or this was a case of Sleeping Beatrice.

But what really drew their eyes was the figure in the center of the circular room: a sphinx; and not just any sphinx, a male sphinx: one of the rarest magical creatures in the wizarding world. Sure there were female sphinxes, but there was only about one male sphinx to every five-hundred female. Not a good ratio, for the girls that is. The males for the most part loved the attention, many of them taking a harem.

By the amount of cobwebs covering his body it was very easy to see that he hadn't moved in a few years, most likely longer. Tentatively they moved around it and went up the stairs to the next floor. What they saw there was pretty much the same as the floor below, minus the sphinx.

Their journey upwards was slow, and every time they came to a new floor the sight was the same: books covered everything. Although they were beginning to notice that there were pathways through the mayhem that indicated someone had simply gotten used to it.

When they finally arrived on the top floor, there were no words to describe what they saw. A man, around their age, lay sleeping at his desk with cobwebs adorning him in much the same fashion as the sphinx on the first floor. He had light-brown hair that looked like it was spelled to stay down and rather antiquated robes covering him. Taking a cautious step forward, Lucius motioned for Severus to follow when nothing happened. Just when they were about to reach him they walked smack-dab into a barrier.

And what happened next shocked them to the core: the man spoke.

"Nequam quidem es, Amun."

Granted they didn't know what he was saying, but they had an idea. "We are not Amun, milord."

The head rose off the desk unsettling the mass of cobwebs that had made themselves at home on his body. He pushed the chair back and stood up, straightening his robes out as he stood there. Suddenly a wand appeared in his right hand and the two took a step backwards.

"Abstergo," he intoned, waving his wand over his body. The cobwebs disappeared and the wand disappeared. Looking up at the newcomers, he raised an eyebrow, "Qui estis?"

They blinked, and slowly turned to look each other in the eye. If he talked like this the entire time then they were going to have a very hard to get him to join. They might be dark wizards, but they couldn't exactly force someone who spoke the language of magic to join them. He probably knew spells that had long since been forgotten, spells that their master would be most eager to learn. The trouble was, they didn't know what time he was from. He was obviously from the medieval era, or at least around there, considering that Latin hadn't been spoken for at least that long as a living language.

Lucius racked his brain for a proper greeting. Thinking for a few moments, his eyes widened, and he smirked, "Meum nōmen Lucius Malfoy est."

Taking the hint, Severus piped up and said, "Meum nōmen Severus Snape est."

The other man's eyes gleamed brightly at them, "Meum nōmen Richard Thomas Alexander Ravenclaw est."

Their eyes widened comically. They had NOT expected that. Taking the initiative, Lucius addressed the man again, "Mea lingua latīna est mala."

Richard's eyes dimmed. He nodded understandingly, "Yes, that is a common occurrence. Latin seems to be dying out. I apologize for any confusion caused by speaking my native tongue. I am. . . unused to speaking the new Anglo."

At the end of his little speech, there was no possible way for Lucius and Severus' eyes to get any bigger.

Clearing his throat, Lucius took the initiative once more, "Great lord of Ravenclaw, we have come on behalf of our master, Lord Voldemort, in the hopes of you granting us aid in the war against the Ministry and. . ."

He was cut off when the wizard across from them raised his hand, "I understand why you have come, son of Abraxas; however you have come with a great many misconceptions. I understand my gargoyles explained what happened when your Lord Grindelwald came fifty years ago." It was a statement, not a question, "So you should know what your answer will be. Wars have no meaning for me. I fought against the Snake Lord himself when he was still around and I paid the price for it. And you have nothing you can use to coerce me. Every single book and scroll in this tower is spelled to resist both natural and magical flames. And I won't even start with Amun."


Surely you didn't miss the sphinx sleeping on the first floor? He is Amun. But I am sure I don't need to warn you about sphinxes now do I?" They shook their heads, "Good, now be off with you. I have more important things to worry about than your petty squabbles."

He turned his back on them and started to walk back to his desk when Severus blurted, "There's a prophecy!"

Richard froze mid-step. His head slowly turned back to face them, "A prophecy, you say? Well do you know what this prophecy says?"

Severus took a deep breath and recited what he heard, "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies."

Richard thought hard about what he just heard, before saying, "Your prophecy is incomplete. No prophecy I have ever known has been that short. And if it was to be short it wouldn't be as long. You don't have the full thing. Did you already pass this on to your master?" they nodded. He frowned and ran a hand through his hair, "You guys are morons, you know that? You never tell another a prophecy unless you have the whole thing otherwise you are doomed to set it in motion. And I have a feeling that you did. Does your master still live?"

Severus and Lucius glance at each other briefly, "Not exactly. When I told him 11 years ago, he asked if I knew which lord it was referring to. We didn't so he didn't do anything but sit in his chair. We left a while later but the next day we came back to discover he had left and attacked the Potter residence. Naturally we had no idea what was going on so we tried to figure out what happened and only learned that he had had a visitor shortly after we left. All we know of what happened in that room was that he tried to kill a child and the curse rebounded. The mark on her forehead the only thing showing it even happened."

"Wait, wait, wait you're telling me he got beat by a girl?" they nodded hesitantly. He burst out laughing. "Hah! So much for "The Snake shall always triumph over the mouse." Salazar did so love his reptile jokes, however lame they might have been," he paused. "If I was to join your cause, what could you possibly give me that I do not already have? There is nothing in the entire world that could convince me to join you. I should know after all I scoured the world for rare texts and all manner of other things that caught my fancy at one time or another. I have absolutely no needs that you can supply. Merlin's heir or no, I have no need of anything you offer."

At the end of his speech he anticipated that they would leave well enough alone and go away, unfortunately (or fortunately however you look at it) they seemed to have other ideas.

"As it happens, lord Ravenclaw," Lucius began, "I have in my possession the only copy of Merlin's journals."

Richard's eyes widened dramatically, and Lucius smirked inwardly, he had him now. No true Ravenclaw could pass up such an opportunity. Many would give their right arm and then some to get just a glimpse of the famous wizard's writings.

"Of course if you don't want it I am sure I could find someone else to give it to. . ." he trailed off, his face blank, his mind, not so much. The smirk inside his head was huge.

Richard growled, "Insufferable git. You have a lot of nerve using such tactics with me," he closed his eyes and sighed, "But they seemed to have worked in your favor, so I will humor you for now. But when this job is done I expect that manuscript in my hands, every single page. Do you understand me?" Lucius nodded, "So what is this job you want me to do?"

Lucius smirked outwardly this time, "We want you to take up a teaching position at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the History of Magic position to be precise."

If you could see him you would have wondered how a man could go from suspicious to sporting the biggest smile with the whitest teeth that either man had ever seen and they couldn't help but cover their eyes to dim it effects on them.

"History of magic tu say? Why, I don't think I will have a problem with that at all. I fact, I wanted that position about four-hundred years ago but some loon named Binns came along and they gave it to him. The idiots. But if you can find some way to get me that position, than yes I will accept," his eyes hardened, "But you must hold up your other end of the bargain as well and once the position is secured you will tell me the entire plan. I do not like being kept in the dark and manuscript or no I will walk out on this if you don't tell me everything. Do you understand me, Heir of Merlin?"

Lucius nodded his head furiously, afraid if he didn't give an immediate response that the man would change his mind. When you deal with powers beyond your understanding, it is in your best interest not to insult lest they turn their wrath upon you.

Smiling brightly, he turned his back on them and walked over to his desk where he rifled through a drawer for a while before he closed it and slipped what they could only guess was an amulet around his neck. Just before turning around he said, "Strenuus."

The effect was instantaneous. His well combed hair became messier, he became slightly shorter in stature, his body less muscular; and when he turned around to face them his face looked a great deal younger as well, in fact he looked like a first year. He had a very boyish face.

Seeing the question forming in their heads, he said, "I will be taking the position halfway through the year. I want to get to know the students I will be teaching before I step to the front of that classroom. Plus I desire to see how that fool that they have there teaches. Who did you say it was again?"

"Binns, sir."

The Ravenclaw's eyes narrowed, "He is still there? What is he? a ghost?" they nodded, "Well, at least I don't have to worry about him finding somewhere else to work."

They rolled their eyes; he really didn't care what happened to the ghost professor.

"But it will take some time to get everything together so you won't be able to start working until at least next year. In the meantime you could focus on what you're going to teach."

Richard nodded his agreement and motioned for them to leave, "We both have much to do this year so I suggest you depart and begin making arrangements and finalize the deal. Until that job is secured it will only be considered an oral agreement at best and I can deny and agreement of such quality foundation. The moment I have the paper in my hands announcing my appointment will be the day that everything will begin. Now go, leave me in peace, I have a class to prepare for."


Mea lingua latīna est mala: my Latin is bad

abstergo : to wipe off

Qui estis: Who are you?

nequam quidem es – go away

Meum nōmen_ est: My name is . . .

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