DISCLAIMER: Touhou belongs to Team Shanghai Alice (ZUN), while Damion, my OC, belongs to me.

Genres include: Mystery, Action, Adventure, Supernatural (Touhou is already supernatural, so whatever), Occasional comedy, parody (combo attacks will have names that may be taken from other series, or parody of attacks. Still not a crossover story)

A long time ago in Gensokyo, the area was surrounded in a special border that many youkai migrate here to, with the occasional humans that pop in somehow. The border acted like a gate for outsiders to come into Gensokyo, but few have every made it out. It was called the Hakurei Border

This is not the case for this story, as the residents of Gensokyo suddenly found themselves facing youkai and new monsters suddenly arriving to cause trouble. The new monsters were rampaging about, with one another and with youkai. Their reason for causing a ruckus is unknown; perhaps it's out of instinct and confusion. Either way, the story begins with a human that just appeared into Gensokyo via Hakurei Border.

A young man dropped down from the Hakurei Border and landed in the local shrine, the Hakurei Shrine. Unfortunately, he landed head-first and lost most of his memory in the process.

Upon arrival in Gensokyo, Hakurei Shrine, the young man slowly recovered from the drop. The arrival caught the attention of some nearby shrine maidens and monks.

"Are you alright?" one of the shrine maidens asked the newcomer.

Damion, the young man, replied somewhat disorientedly, "I've been through worse and… wait, where am I?"

"This is the Hakurei Shrine in Gensokyo. Are you, perhaps, from the outside world?" one of the monks asked gently.

"'Outside world'? What are you talking… oh, wait! What are you saying?"

"This is Gensokyo, land of fantasy. It's a place isolated in Japan where youkai and humans try to coexist with one another" one of the monks answered.

"What is your name?" one shrine maiden asked.

"All I know about myself is the name, Damion" the young man answered.

"Damion, like the human name variant of demon?" one monk joked.

Without even realizing what was about to happen, Damion's body suddenly acted on its own in response to the joke. Damion's body reacted by putting up a fighting stance, and thrust his right palm forward. The result was a small orb of darkness being shot at the monk.

"What the hell?" Damion said aloud as he realized what was going on.

The ball of darkness hit the joking monk and exploded in a small blast of darkness. The attack was weak, so not much damage was dealt.

"Darkness magic!" the shrine maidens and monks noted aloud.

"Uh, what's wrong with darkness magic?" Damion asked them.

"You are a being of evil for possessing that element of magic. Evil one, begone!" the shrine maidens and monks informed him before the maidens took out their gohei and monks began praying some prayer.

Damion, somewhat alerted to danger, ran into the shrine with the monks and shrine maidens following pursuit.

In the shrine, Damion took a left into a building and practically locked himself inside. What Damion didn't realize was that there was one shrine maiden inside, and she was looking at Damion in confusion. This shrine maiden in particular had a big ribbon in the back of her head.

"Um, why did you try to lock yourself inside here?" she asked the young man.

Damion jumped out of surprise (He didn't get a good look around the inside as he came in to hide from the other shrine maidens), and turned to face the shrine maiden.

"Damn it, another one? Why are the religious folks after me because of some magic element I forgot I had known to use!" Damion cursed as he undid the locks he set up to lock himself inside.

"What element would that be?" the shrine maiden with the big red ribbon asked him.

"They're calling it darkness, but I can't remember anything else beyond that! Seems like they want a fight, but it's been a while since I last fought" Damion responded.

"Actually, I was here fighting some persistent and aggressive rats that are relatively weak; they're eating the shrine's food supplies that are given to us as donations. Do you want to help? You might be able to remember something if you battle the rats, and perhaps knock some sense into my helpers and make them stop to listen to you" the shrine maiden offered.

"Sure, I hope I remember something about myself from a battle" Damion muttered softly before being led to the rats.

"Okay, I think you know how battles work, right? You fly around and shoot the enemies with your 'bullets'. Collect red boxes to increase…"

"… Uh, I don't think I've ever heard of that kind of battle. All I know how to battle is with melee and magic" Damion interrupted.

"Oh, like the kind in RPGs that some game companies make?" the shrine maiden asked.

"Sort of, except I only remembering saving a life once with my magic, and then leaving my friend in the care of the hospital to fully recover" Damion explained.

The shine maiden put an arm across the young man, and asked if he'd like to do battle with the rats that have been eating the shrine's food donations.

Damion replied, saying that distracting himself in battle might help him remember more about himself.

In the storage area part of the building, sure enough, small rats were almost littered across the ground and started to scurry out of the place, save for the more aggressive kinds.

The shrine maiden took out her gohei and began explaining the basics of melee and magic fighting. The young man, Damion, paid very close attention to remember the details.

The friendly shrine maiden used her gohei to smack the first aggressive rat, and demonstrate how fighting works through demonstration.

The attack was strong enough to take out the first rat in one hit.

Damion's turn came and he took action by attacking the second small rat with his fists. The attack sent the rat flying back, but it retreated after recovering.

"Some enemies might retreat after being weakened, but you can run to block their path if you're quick enough and prevent their escape" the friendly shrine maiden warned Damion.

"Thanks, I'll remember that" Damion nodded as he prepared himself for the next turn.

One of the remaining small rats ran up to the shrine maiden and tried to bite her, only for said shrine maiden to jump out of the way. Then came another rat's turn and it headed towards Damion. Damion, in response, dodged the rat's attempt to bite him and he countered with a kick to the rat's face. This was enough to kill that rat.

"Alright, taken three down, a few more to go" the shrine maiden said as she took her turn to whack one of the rats with her gohei. The hit knocked out the rat, and now the rats were starting to lose their aggressiveness after seeing their comrades being easily swept aside like nothing. The last remaining rats stopped being aggressive and fled the battle.

After the battle, Damion leveled up one level, and he remembered a few important things.

"Okay, now I remember a few things; how I was able to use that darkness magic, and one other that causes instant death sometimes" Damion said to the shrine maiden as he remembered things bit by bit.

"Death spell? Now I KNOW you are someone that is evil, but I'll give you a chance to prove you're not evil" the shrine maiden said in response. "Try to convince my helpers that you aren't evil by NOT using that death spell, and MAYBE I won't try to exorcise you"

"Fine, I'll take my chances on that bet. What else do you religious folks have against me anyway?"

"We believe your arrival might've been the reason why the monsters started pouring in and rampaging with the youkai. Perhaps the monsters are attacking while looking for you since you know that death spell" the shrine maiden explained.

"I just got here, and the monsters attacking is news to me in this world. Besides, don't most worlds have monsters of their own?"

"Monsters and youkai are different; monsters have little or no intellect or ability to communicate with us humans. Youkai are similar to monsters, but have the intellect and ability to communicate with humans. Don't put youkai and monsters on the same level. I'm just going to give you heads-up about that since you're new to Gensokyo"

"Wait, before we continue, what's your name?"

The shrine maiden bowed politely and apologized for neglecting to introduce herself. "My name is Hakurei Reimu; manager of the Hakurei Border and Hakurei Shrine. Now then, prove that you aren't evil by beating some sense into some of my disciples; they're quick to jump to conclusions anyway"

"Okay, but I'm not sure whether or not I'd accidentally kill them" Damion replied.

"Just do your best to NOT kill them while beating some sense into them" Reimu encouraged before she undid the locks to the building and shoved Damion outside.

Outside, Damion was ambushed by the shrine maidens chasing him as well as the monks.

The first shrine maiden took out her gohei and ran up to Damion to smack him in the head once before jumping back.

The monk went next and threw what looked like a plastic frog at Damion, which exploded when it hit the ground below the young man.

Damion's turn came up and he used it to conjure up the spell he remembered, Death. From the ground, a grim reaper emerged and grabbed the shrine maiden, sapping all life energy and essentially speeding up the maiden's age so fast it's like forgoing instant aging until death. Then, the shrine maiden was dead and the grim reaper sank back down into the ground.

"I knew it, you are definitely evil for knowing such a vile, horrible spell" the monk said to Damion as he rushed to try and help the fallen shrine maiden.

Damion took this opportunity to try and flee the battle to escape to another part of the shrine where he could hide. Unfortunately, another shrine maiden took the place of the fallen one and blocked Damion's attempt to flee.

The stand-in shrine maiden took her turn and cast a spell of exorcism, Light magic. The spell cast a literal ray of light at Damion, dealing some damage to the young man. Ironically, the spell was very effective against the young man, so he was feeling the hurt badly.

Next up was the monk, and he rushed in close to attack Damion in close combat. Damion was parrying the blows, though failing to block some, and then the monk stopped to return to where he was before.

Damion used his turn to cast the darkness spell he remembered before. He shot a small orb of darkness out of his palm and shot it towards the shrine maiden. When it came in contact with the shrine maiden, it exploded in a blast of darkness, which was very effective against the female shrine assistant.

The shrine maiden used her turn to attack Damion the same way before, casting another weak light-element spell. She shot a ray of light at the young man, dealing quite a bit of damage.

The monk went next, and went in for another round of close combat. The results were like that of before; Damion couldn't block all of the attacks, so he took some damage.

Damion was now weak from the attacks, and he was showing it. Despite the low stamina, he pressed on and retaliated by shooting another ball of darkness from his palms at the shrine maiden. This time, the attack knocked out the shrine maiden.

"Curses, you fiend!" the monk cursed as he took his turn. This time, he used magical energy to encase himself in a shield of magic. This increased his magical defense.

Damion recognized the spell as 'Shell'. In response, Damion ran up to the monk and whacked him in the head once with his fist.

The monk was weakened from the hit due to his low physical defenses, but he responded by casting a spell on himself that healed some of the damage. It was 'Cure' spell.

Damion cussed a little for not anticipating this, and took his turn to whack the monk again. This time, it knocked out the monk.

After the battle, Damion leveled up and rested to restore his health and mana.

Suddenly, the shrine maiden that helped Damion before, Hakurei Reimu, applauded Damion, although somewhat disappointedly.

"I thought I told you not to kill anyone" Reimu said to Damion.

"I… I thought seeing that spell I remembered would help jog my memories, but it seems like it only killed someone. I could help do a burial or try …"

"No, I need to test you to see whether you did it on purpose or not; whether you're lying or not. Fight me, Damion!" Reimu interrupted.

"Give me a break! I'm still resting from that battle I just finished" Damion complained.

Damion couldn't get much rest as Reimu suddenly attacked Damion. Damion saw her coming at him, and he got up in time to dodge the attack.

"I need to determine whether you are truly evil, or if you learned those spells by accident" Reimu responded.

## It was now a battle, with Reimu ambushing Damion. She attacked him with her gohei, and hit because she was more battle-ready than Damion is. ##

Damion was at half-full health by the time Reimu attacked, so it was kind of unfair. He retaliated by shooting a ball of darkness at Reimu. Fortunately, she wasn't fast enough to dodge it, so she took the hit. Reimu was weak to darkness this time around, due to being unprepared for the attack this time.

"I won't fall for that spell a second time around" Reimu declared as she took her turn. She cast the same light spell that the other shrine maidens used earlier, and this time on Damion.

Like before, Damion was weak to light magic and took a fair bit of damage.

In response to the attack, Damion remembered he could combo his attacks, even combine attacks to create a more powerful one, or both combine & combo.

"Might as well give this a try" Damion thought to himself as he began his turn. To start with, he conjured up darkness spheres in his hands and then crushed said orbs; his hands were now coated with dark magic. Damion then rushed up to the head shrine maiden and began attacking her at close quarters with close combat attacks (Mostly punches). Reimu was unable to defend herself from the combo, and fell back on the ground from her weakness to darkness, and the surprise 'Dark close combat' combo.

"I see you can infuse yourself in darkness and use it to enhance your attacks. I guess I'll have to try my own combo" Reimu declared as she got up to prepare for her attack.

Reimu, in response to the attack, moved like a ninja around Damion, shooting light magic at him. Essentially, rays of light magic came from all directions horizontally around Damion.

This combo, 'Circle of light', was enough to take down Damion. Damion was knocked out unconscious.

The battle came to an end immediately. Reimu picked up the unconscious Damion and took him to the building they were in before.

## End battle against Reimu ##

Sometime later, in the living room area of the building, Damion regained consciousness and bolted awake. The rest from being unconscious restored some of his health, but he needed to be healed with medicine OR magic.

Reimu came in just as Damion woke up. Damion, still disoriented, tried to prepare himself for another battle.

"Calm down, now. I have to apologize for attacking you, but I had to know from battle whether you were evil or not" Reimu apologized.

In Reimu's hands were some rice balls and a small cup of sake.

"What are you scheming this time? Trying to lower my guard so you can knock me out again? That's quite underhanded, especially for a miko (Shrine maiden), attacking me while I was recovering from the battle I just finished with your 'disciples'" Damion replied, still on his guard.

"Here, eat these and drink some of this, and let's talk this out since I now understand that you might not be evil that I thought you were. Shall we try to clear this misunderstanding and start over?" Reimu offered.

Damion cautiously took one of the rice balls and began eating slowly; he pushed the small cup of sake back, saying he's against alcohol.

"Geez, just because I know a darkness spell and a spell that supposedly causes instant death, people of this world automatically assume I'm some killing machine or evil wizard out for destruction" Damion began the conversation.

"Sorry about attacking you without warning that time; I had to make sure you weren't evil or a 'killing machine' as you said. I've already talked with my disciples and told them to leave you alone. They should be convinced you aren't evil… for the time being anyway"

"Sorry, but I just got to this world, and I don't know what's going on"

"I only recently heard that monsters from other worlds started coming in from the Hakurei Border into Gensokyo and started causing trouble by rampaging, causing mischief, and generally harassing the humans and youkai that live here peacefully" Reimu explained.

"Monsters? Rampage? Other worlds? Hakurei Border?"

"I guess your state says that you aren't responsible for the outbreak then. That's another reason why I attacked you; it was to confirm whether or not you had control of those monsters or was the ringleader behind the chaos that suddenly hit Gensokyo. If you were responsible, you would've called some of the monsters for backup against me"

"I guess that makes sense"

"Anyway, the Hakurei Border exists above the Hakurei Shrine, and acts like a gate into Gensokyo. Youkai, monsters, and even humans come through the border from time to time, and it's kind of my responsibility to help them get used to Gensokyo"

"Sounds hard"

"Changing the topic, you did okay fighting me, and I guess you lacked support magic, otherwise the fight would've lasted longer"

"Support magic? Oh, like that barrier that monk used"

"Yeah. I can teach you some as my way of apologizing, though I have to ask you a favor in return"

"What favor would that be?"

"I need you to find Marisa Kirisame; she's a witch who's usually stealing something or flying around on her broom. Chances are she's noticed the rampaging monsters by now and has a lead to why the monsters are ruining the lives of humans and youkai"

"Alright, so where do you suppose she's at?"

"That's the thing I don't know. She could be running her magic shop, or at the Scarlet Mansion talking to Patchouli about valuables, or stealing from Rinnosuke's shop, or out practicing magic in the Forest of Magic. I suggest you ask around and get information from the people in town; they love to gossip and talk about each other"

"Alright, I'll ask around and find her"

"Thanks, now let's get you up to speed on some basic support magic.

## Practice battle against Reimu ##

"Let's teach you the most important one first; healing magic. Focus the magical energy around you into a form of healing and apply that to yourself. It's called 'Cure' by most people" Reimu explained as she demonstrated how the spell worked.

She made a small prayer and called upon the magic energy around her. The magic energy turned from neutral to healing, and engulfed the shrine maiden in said magic. Since she was already healthy, the magic didn't do much to heal her.

Damion began trying to learn the magic by imitating Reimu's actions. He focused hard, and managed to make the magic around him become that of healing. Damion's health increased a little bit due to the spell.

"Now then, the next one is similar to 'Cure' spell, but only gets rid of status ailments. It's called 'Esuna' in another world, according to Yukari Yakumo" Reimu explained as she demonstrated. What she did was something similar to the 'Cure' spell, but made the magic specialize in healing status ailments; a white glow around the body instead of green.

Damion repeated what Reimu taught him, and he learned the spell after five times. He accidentally focused the magic in healing instead of curing ailments, so it took him a while to tell the difference between ailment and healing.

"No, you need to focus on curing ailments, not healing. There's a difference; healing is restoration of health, curing ailments is to restore health to normal from other ailments" Reimu tried to explain. It took Damion five minutes to learn the difference, but he managed to get the basics down soon.

"The last spell I hope you know or learn is the 'Scan' spell. It's using magic to literally scan your opponents and learn about their battle specs. To do so, just focus your magic on heightening your senses like sight and insight about your target" Reimu explained as she demonstrated the skill.

Damion followed her instructions, and tried to use the spell he was being taught, and it worked on the second try; he had a hard time figuring out what to do the first time. Eventually, when he used 'Scan' on Reimu, he began to start seeing info about her; including battle level, magic she knew, resistances, weaknesses, immunities, elements and spells that she repels, and various other bits that are irrelevant like interests and dislikes.

"That was… a very informative spell. Might as well remember this in case I come across tough enemies" Damion replied, somewhat hesitant about answering.

"So, what did you learn from using that spell?"

"Resistances, immunities, spells that you knew, overdrives, and information that is too much info that a spell should give"

"Info like what?"

"I'd rather not say; it'll get me killed just for knowing it"

"Wait, the spell even tells private information like the 'Three Sizes' or ideal person!" Reimu asked in surprise.

"The first of what you said came in when I used the spell, but there was no 'ideal person' info. I hate to say it, but I really need to be careful about who I use the spell on" Damion tried to calm her down.

"You tell anyone those measurements and I will throw you back into the Border. Don't even think about me in that way" Reimu threatened.


"And why aren't you interested in romance? It's one of the most important things to girls"

"If I get too close to someone, especially a woman, I fear they may try to extort more out of us guys than we can actually give; like money, or luxuries, or even using the powers we guys have for their own desires"

"That's just being paranoid" Reimu assured him "Then again, I can't say that Marisa and her thievery would help his case or paranoia" she thought to herself.

"In some comics back in my home world, there's a famous saying that I hold true and great respect for because it is VERY much true, and that is 'With great power comes great responsibility'. I learned how important it was to keep one's powers a secret or used responsibly, because it was through experience that I learned that using my powers irresponsibly caused the death of some close friends"

"I'm sorry to hear that"

"The situation was a separate issue as to what really happened; my home world was so unstable that the 'game' one god set up to find a successor was arranged… it's a VERY long story. I'm just going to give you the short version: I was created by a god to be a contender in a 'game' the god set up with 12 other human contestants to compete to be the successor to the god's throne and powers. The instability of the world was unknown to us at the time of beginning of the game, but we learned about it late in the game when most of the contestants were 'eliminated' literally" Damion began.

"Eliminated? You mean like killed?"

"More than that; it's more like wiped out from existence altogether"

"That's horrible"

"I know, but at the end of the 'game', I had to make a choice to erase my friends from existence, who were also contestants in the game, and try to restore stability, or be wiped from existence and whatever the winner chose would happen"

"So you chose to abandon your friends?"

"Not quite, and this is the most important part… After I eliminated my friends, I vowed to reverse time and try to restore stability to the world, but I was told by the god that the course of action I planned was something the god already tried, but failed to do with no progress made. I gave up on my friends and decided to move on after hearing the results the god told me. I regret not being able to help my friends, but I know I'm not responsible because the problem was way out of my control even if I won the 'game'. Long story short, I moved on and chose to obtain a power as my prize instead of becoming the successor to the god" Damion concluded.

"That's so sad" Reimu nearly cried.

"That's all I remember, thanks to this talk we had. My memories came rushing in during this talk. For that, I'm very thankful. What happened after that, I still need time to remember. Also, it means a lot for someone to hear my story" Damion thanked her.

"No, I'm moved by that, though what you did to your friends is still unacceptable"

"I KNOW, but it was either they try to do what I planned, and fail in the end, or it was move on knowing that there's nothing you can do to help them. If you were in my shoes during that crucial moment where you had to make two VERY difficult choices and was required to make one decision, it's pretty much a trap where either choice is morally wrong"

This caught Reimu off-guard as she realized her mistake.

"It's called the Heinz Dilemma. That is when you have to make a choice between two very painful choices in an 'evil' situation. The best example of such a dilemma is the story of a man with a sick wife in a poor village, and said wife is terminally ill with a rare type of cancer. The doctor that comes into town has the medicine, but will only sell it for ten times its actual worth. The dilemma is whether the man should try to STEAL the medicine, or ask the village for the money, thereby putting the village in deep debt or unable to maintain its economy; there is no option to let your wife die, as that will brand you as evil" Damion explained.

"So this dilemma…"

"Right. I was faced with it at the end of my time in my home world"

Reimu looked down sadly upon hearing this.

"You're quite strong for making that decision and moving on after that"

"The thing is, I don't remember what happened after that"

"I see"

The two of them remained silent for a while.

The silence was broken when a shrine maiden disciple arrived to bring bad news. "Reimu-sama, I hate to interrupt, but I needed to inform you that the monsters in town are headed their way up here to the shrine"

Reimu cursed the bad luck situation they're in, but apologized for the cuss later.

"Can you do me a favor and find my friend, Marisa Kirisame? Ask around town and hopefully someone might tell you where you can find her. I just hope she's learned something about those rampaging monsters by now" Reimu asked Damion.

"Why can't you go out there and find her yourself?"

"Because I need to protect the shrine"

"Fair enough; I'll be back, hopefully with some leads about, or with your friend" Damion promised.

Both of them nodded, and went their separate ways; Reimu to the front of the shrine to help defend it against the monsters, and Damion leaving the shrine on his quest.


(Author's Notes and tidbits you might want to know:

Not the best start, but I had to set up an introduction chapter. Important battles will be clearly indicated by borders. Damion's slight memory loss is intentional to help newcomers understand that he's not just a random character created on the spot. I WILL be borrowing magic system from Final Fantasy series as basic magic attacks for this Touhou RPG fanfic, but it's NOT a crossover since I'm not using any characters from the series. I might borrow elements like magic and overdrives, but it is NOT A CROSSOVER between Final Fantasy and Touhou. NOT INTENDED TO BE A CROSSOVER! I will, however, add in monsters commonly found in typical RPGs like trolls, rats, rare monsters, fairies, elemental entities, golems, you get the idea. When you think about it, the Hakurei Border is acting up and bringing in monsters from lots of places into Gensokyo. Shout outs to other series is imminent in this fanfic, so see if you can spot some of the references (at least half of the shout outs will be minor, like stuff found in … someone's shop, will be shout out to other series but have no direct impact on the story)